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you know. it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the wife ok i don't do this because we can't stay home and that's where our. consul global news that matters. made for martin's. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes on the ring to the resilience u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi addressed the gunney in parliament today her visit marks 400 years since the 1st slave shipment from ghana to america. and the men who bear the scars 25 years after one is genocide victims and perpetrators are going through the grieving process.
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i'm christine window welcome to news africa i'm glad you're chandon africans on both sides of the atlantic ocean are remembering the start of the slave trade ceremonies are taking place in the u.s. and in ghana as capital. a delegation from the u.s. house of representatives is in ghana for the departure point or other the departure point for millions of africans a bound for the americas. nancy pelosi the 1st house speaker to address gun us parliament 400 years after the 1st africans when taken across the atlantic into slavery the 400th anniversary of the 1st inflate person to set foot. in america from africa right now today july 31st 2009 we think it's very appropriate that we're here with you
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members of the congressional black caucus to get to lucy visit to cape coast castle there's a sleeves would go through the door of no return. for congresswoman karen bass this visit is crucial. to her. before they left here and are treacherous journey to the united states in. 200. years of conflict. congresswomen men wash their hands whose water from the reverse the slave lost before being taken to america. speaker pelosi said the visit was a transformative experience that had touched this old. my next guest wasn't in parliament as pelosi was speaking today because he's days as an n.p.r.
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over mystical joe he is also an author welcome to the devil you africa mistake you're in the city off cape coast launching your book from jamestown to jamestown lessons to an african child what is the book about and why did you write it well the book was already. struck the love of for all the fire starting with captured the process of our success. doctor. in the 4th of a car full of prague spring a plastic. to us the americas and the caribbean right. struggled over their fall for show doctors and why did you write the book. i wrote the book for a couple of reasons one is that you know you know who we are where busy it's all about after because it's not a hopper he's free to
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a whole box of what are 3 he falls foul talking really hit it from us. i do sort of stewards of research and find out exactly what we said that there was and the african president is the issue at that civilization began in africa and that the origin of markets in africa i mean you get you get all the appropriation out and which is out there for you for about the city that you do but right now the income bases are actually this is we don't have all that much time but i wanted to ask you when you are now in cape coast some of the u.s. and congressman before there was well what is the significance of that city cape could. you have kept cause when he was he aware of the force of the lives of our way taken out so we've become a symbol by the fact that the very last thing on the south was because of our progress of course about me that represent that we have brownsville. georgia of the
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people who are digging out from the consciousness of the evidence ok and so missy and co we really appreciate you coming on we're looking forward to having you here in our studio to talk more about the book you've written called you young colts and for me n.p.n. gun escape codes thank you thank you. not gonna has say so they give off returned to mark the anniversary the government is billing it as quote a major landmark spiritual and birthright journey and an invitation to the global african family to come to ghana the africa made one young american who came home. 26 year old ivory coast miles and his colleagues i getting ready for the deep for the next 2 months the student is volunteering at this school to help children with
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autism and he's motivation is to understand what these kids have to go through and also to give back to can use a site called money it's among almost 2000 africans in the diaspora who have visited ghana this year and a spot of the year of return program to mark 400 years since africa this way taking our cross the atlantic past lives i do decide as a volunteer here because i felt as though this would be the best way to integrate myself with the culture as well as the community in ghana and working with students here and serving it was it was a good way for me to basically express love in the form of service expressed love in the form of giving back but also learning about the african culture and how to remove myself in that african culture. shock force in the james 4 to prison in
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a crowded place lives where kids being shipped across the atlantic served as memorials to the burial ground of one increment epp an african icon is also a key site for other african americans who are inspired by increment and his struggle to end colonialism in ghana. really really really grateful i'm happy to be here to experience the the year for terror activities and be able to reconnect with my ancestors who have gone on before me and i choose to call them now they are enslaved forefathers they were taken without their consent but really the children have returned and we see where our forefathers came from and i'm so contented unrelated to be here. it's been celebrated as the. program across the country.
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for the. african. out of the over $64.00. africa. treat. people to come. and celebrate the story of resilience like african americans. has struck a connection with the country and people hopefully. with good memories. from the good memories to the bad memories from days a country still deeply scarred by the genocide 25 years ago nearly all the killers in the 1994 men many have served time in prison but now want to heal themselves and
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of a community's our correspondent. has been to the city of the same. there she met some of the struggling to come to terms with the past. today these men sit side by side in community based social to share their experiences during. the 1900. 25 years ago when a 1000000 tutsis a moderate hutus were wiped out in just 100 days it would divide it among those who carried out the killings and those who survived it. memories of being on the run and how his pregnant wife had to give in hiding pivot. we couldn't find. the way that the baby would survive being with but i still have friends who i was doing business with they helped me and they took my newborn at night to woman who run an orphanage at. the baby stage but
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a few days later at the perpetrators went to look for him they took my baby and killed him. after no lives a peaceful life with his wife. but he struggles with the guilt of not being able to protect the 12 members of his family who were killed during the genocide similarly from release perpetrators like every easter have served their sentence are still haunted by what they call the shame of their past he says he's guilty of killing 4 people including to members of his own family. i came to realize that i can't escape my judgment i accepted it and went to ask my father in law for forgiveness it was too much to handle the fact that i had killed my mother in law i was in so much pain. many of the men returning from prison have struggled they found their families estranged their role as the head of the household challenged in the image of their very own mescaline a-t.
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destroyed. they say these feelings however cannot be talked about in public. and always has to be strong a man has to suffocate his pain and behave like a man. the way i see it a man should also show his emotions in rwanda in culture i can accept it in public . a man needs to overcome his pain. and swallow their cheers that's a local problem here in rwanda which reflect the dangerous side to all men are expected to deal with their pain and grief alone in silence and internally although the country is hailed as a role model reconciling with its violent past toxic image and let's kill anybody and continues to have the healing process of it's me a population. away from social pressures of the east and i'm glad they have found a safe space to reconcile and work on the psychological.
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therapy helped. because we used to fear each other. whenever i saw a person i had wronged. i could feel my heart racing. we have no problems with the perpetrators anymore because they're part of the families of social therapy. i say when we meet now we are the same we have the same heart. but. the men have the same new social therapy group hope to contribute to the healing of their country so that future generations won't repeat their mistakes by facing their demons together they set an example so that rundown men learn how to show their emotions and their society learns to accept that. and that is it for now
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from africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page has been praised have you along till next time i back. up today don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com highlights. the journey which. any time any place. you have out of the back of the. songs to sing along to download seems to come
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from super. to. have very good causes kind of into active exercises writing about d.w. don't come. on facebook in the app store. and german for free w. . welcome to news from culture and we're marking the 100th anniversary of a very typically job an institution also coming up to d.w. colleagues have been traveling around europe by train and they'll be here to tell those about their and skipper. and in our series on island hopping we visit jersey just off the coast of.
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the srabon in germany a small plots of garden colonies that city dwellers love to have to grow vegetables flowers or just to sit in and relish the simple joys of nature at the weekend this is typically german as is the fact that these hobby gardeners all this year celebrating the 100th anniversary of the rules and regulations of such gardens really rachel stood experts on all things quintessentially. well he's a. slice of calm in the city. welcome to the. owner of a gemini on the outskirts of town. you'll find. lots of divvied up in.


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