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the fact. of this is d.w. news coming to you live from south korea's protest as japan ups the ante in an ongoing dispute with seoul tokyo crosses south korea off the list of trusted trade partners korea his faction demanding to move as a reckless decision. uses a rally to push his aggressive china trade policies but the u.s.
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president stopped short of doubling down on the racist attacks the democrats. and the u.s. is set to formally abandon a key cold war arms control treaty by the end of the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement raises concerns about a new global busy arms race. and the candidates focusing here adding a touch of glamour to the hong kong pro-democracy protests denise photo is putting her own career at risk with her outspoken attacks on china. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program a trade dispute between japan and south korea has escalated japan has removed south korea from a white list of. favored export partners citing security concerns that could affect
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exports of goods such as military equipment the move has prompted protests outside the japanese embassy in seoul south korea's president when j. and said japan was being reckless and threatening global supply chains comes amid a dispute over japan's use more time to forced labor. and he threw them here. for more on this let's bring in our business correspondent rob watson good morning rob now this sounds like a historical dispute between japan and south korea why should it be affecting trade relations between these 2 countries in the 21st century and you're right i mean this goes back a long way more than 70 years to the 2nd world war because during the 2nd woodward japan had colonial rule over the korean peninsula during that time it used south koreans for forced labor so last year
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a south korean court ruled that. japanese companies that was that had benefited from that at the time and it was still in existence now should start paying compensation to the south koreans affected now to pan feels that that issue was settled a long time ago back in 1965 when they signed a treaty normalizing relations and so japanese companies have been refusing to pay this compensation as a result of that we've had trade tensions building they boiled over really a month ago when japan started to impose restrictions on certain items going from japan to south korea in response to that we saw protests in south korea and south koreans stopped buying certain japanese goods it's escalated very quickly and then we reach these latest restrictions so real chain reaction going way back up tell us about this latest step that your pen has taken by taking south korea off its list of favored trading partners one of the business implications of this situation well
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being removed from this list of 27 nations that includes the likes of germany and the u.k. as well will mean that south koreans if they want to buy stuff from japan if they want to scream businesses this is then the japanese company will have to seek permission to send them those goods now that's not you might think you know a huge deal but it's highly symbolic on the sort of items it's going to affect the likes of ball bearings the machinery things that are crucial to south korea's highly important tech sector the likes of samsung. for example and as a result of that it means that. we end up with south koreans funny's hottest trait with japan and so these tensions escalate it really throws a wrench into the supply change up supply chain very quickly if you can what has
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south korea's reaction of this been so far what we've already seen protests outside the japanese embassy in seoul as for the south korean government themselves they've said that they will stay only respond to what they call a japanese unfed is in they say it's unilateral an arbitrary and gravely concerning so has hinted in the past that if the situation does escalate further that they might reconsider that intelligence sharing ties with japan it appears to have just escalated further rob thank you so much rob watts from d.w. business meanwhile u.s. president used a rally in ohio to push his aggressive policies on trade relations with china ahead of the gathering trump announced a 10 percent tariff on the remaining 300 $1000000000.00 in chinese imports that he hasn't already taxed the president also attacked leading democrats but as the w.'s alexandra phenomena reports from cincinnati to truck stop short of making any more
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remarks that could be seen as racially offensive. diane ridden things are falling into place right now born and raised in cincinnati she has been a republican for decades she even met her husband and a party event and stay and read and is an ardent supporter of president strom she says there are plenty of reasons for him to get reelected unemployment as an all time low employment at an all time high the stock market is as high which means all of our investment accounts are all very high right now he believes in secure borders i believe in secure borders i think to have a country you have to control who comes in and out of our country in downtown cincinnati the crowds began gathering hours before the rally as they already chairwoman the if they hamilton county republican party diane redden entered the arena through of the ip entrance i'm excited about and excited about it all day it
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was hard to concentrate and work this morning to get that out of the way so i can god be freed and join the effort it usually trump uses he israelis like he uses his twitter accounts to praise his accomplishments and to rate he's opponents last month he attacks democratic congress women of color urging them to go back to where they came from and do more then a year before election day president john make no secret of the element of piecemeal like. they have a very right to make sure i have no concern for stability and political correctness and that is what he supported terrorists like about because they fear he tells it like it is on like and the al there are all these. democrats lawmakers care more about illegal aliens then they care about their own constituents they put foreign citizens before american citizens they would love to see
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a guy like sleepy joe biden who has no clue what the hell he's doing. in cincinnati trump attacked prominent democrats painting them as leftwing extremists but he avoided remarks that could be criticized as racially charged why are you relieved that the word no send her back chance and he didn't talk about politicians of color very very much yes i we did not want that as the cincinnati and i did not want any of that here so there was no negative about that so that was a big plus for diane read and was happy with the trump rally in cincinnati he was talking to his crowd here she said that these were he's people. washington bureau chief alexander from no one who filed that report will she followed of course the president to cincinnati and joins us now from there it's under what does this rally tell us about the president trail is approaching his reelection campaign. well terry this was
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a very typical really i would say and was quite interesting to see how president trump and he's a reelection campaign how they are trying to fire up he's base he was talking here about a growing economy about accomplishments appointing conservative judges about him being pro choice and pro sick and meant and at the same time he has been a time he has been intensifying his attacks on democratic party on prominent democrats and not stopping short of using inflammatory rhetoric and by doing so he is encouraging and exploiting existing divisions even though he didn't mention for congresswoman of the democratic congresswoman of color here today but he still does is not stopping short of as i said using quite inflammatory rhetoric rhetoric. kills more of alexander about the timing and the location of this rally why
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cincinnati why now. while cincinnati or let's say ohio was selected for this event because trump campaigns it considers a high your along with western battlegrounds as crucial for his reelection he is still very popular here but according to latest data joe biden is leading mr trompe in ohio with 50 to 42 percent so it's important for presidents try to make sure that he space here is still supporting him or john or thank you very much are washing of your chief of xandra from norman there in cincinnati ohio. now to bangkok where ball blasts 3 sites in the thai capital have left at least 4 people injured the 1st explosions
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took place during rush hour in central bangkok 2 more blasts were reported at a government complex on the city outskirts thailand's prime minister has ordered an investigation the bombings and is currently hosting a regional security meeting with top diplomats from the u.s. china and other world powers. our correspondent florian nourish is in bangkok enjoying just florian what more can you tell us about this attack. well there's not that much that we know that is confirmed information what we do know is that there have actually been 6 blasts at 3 different locations and 4 people have been slightly injured so i'm standing in front of one of those locations behind me you can see them on the con tower which is the tallest building in bangkok and just at the foot of this tower 2 explosives have been found i have seen on social media a little holes in the roof off a b.t.s.
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station that has the public skytrain here so there were apparently ball bearings hidden inside a small explosive device that hit through the roof through the metal roof of this this train station so it could have been a lot worse i think only 2 people have been. or 3 people have been injured apparently they have suffered from minor injuries to the next to the eyes they were supposed to be street sweepers so cleaning personnel that was. just doing their normal business around this train station when they were sort of suddenly hit by this bomb. so but the official explanation as to if this attack is over if authorities have the situation under control who might be behind it we
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have no official confirmation about any of those questions ok florian just to you say that the saudis haven't said anything yet about who might be behind it but any idea from from your perspective as a long term resident there now in thailand oh this is the 1st kind of attack of the 1st attack of this kind. well i mean it's not the 1st bomb attack that bangkok has seen but currently there are 3 sort of contacts that all might all all for some explanation as to why we have seen those incidents for once you mentioned it right now bangkok hosts the ozzie on foreign ministers meeting so maybe this was supposed to be some sort of protest maybe it was supposed to humiliate the thai government. and then we have just seen a new cabinet is coming into power here after
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a semi democratic election some maybe this is a protest against the thai government and then we also have a little known terroristic problem in the deep south of thailand so there are 3 different contacts we don't know who's behind this right now thanks so much to do there in bangkok. now some of the other stories making headlines today saudi arabia says it will allow women to obtain a passport and travel without approval from a male relative if this comes into effect the reform would undermine the guardianship system which considers women as equal to children and gives men control over them there have been several recent high profile attempts by saudi women to escape their guardian. britain's pro european liberal democrats have won a by election claiming a seat in parliament from the governing conservative party it's a blow to prime minister boris johnson in his 1st electoral test since taking
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office a loss reduces johnson's working majority in parliament to just one head of an expected showdown with lawmakers over a possible no deal. medics say at least 4 people have been killed by gunfire in the sudanese city home to amman as tens of thousands gathered to protest it's not yet clear who opened fire on monday a paramilitary group was accused of shooting students at a demonstration. you're watching the news still to come the casualties pop singer at a touch of glamour to the hong kong pro-democracy protests in east puts her own career at risk in the process. the united states is set to formally abandon a landmark cold war weapons control treaty raising fears of a new global arms race the demise of the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement signals the end of legal limits on the nuclear arsenals of the united
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states and russia. 1987 the historic agreement between the soviet union and the united states president mikhail gorbachev and ronald reagan signed the i.n.f. treaty marking a change of course after decades of cold war nuclear tension. the root of the tension was this the soviet s s 20 missile a nuclear warhead that could strike western europe at short notice. that worried those european countries on the other side of the iron curtain were well within the missiles reach of 5 and a half 1000 kilometers. the u.s. response was to deploy its own mid range pershing missiles in europe that was met with protests across the west the demonstrations showed demand for a new direction the result was the i.n.f. treaty. it banned all ground launched ballistic missiles with ranges of between
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$505.00 and a half 1000 kilometers the soviet union got rid of $1846.00 intermediate range missiles in the united states about half as many. by $991.00 a total of $2692.00 missiles were destroyed. now president onil trump has officially withdrawn the u.s. from the treaty washington and its nato allies say russia has deployed new intermediate ground missiles. that violate the ins terms moscow for its part has also pulled out of the treaty charging that washington has breached the i.m.f. by setting up missile defense stations in eastern europe analysts worry a new cold war style arms race could be looming. but for more let's bring in our correspondent in brussels terry scholz terry why have the right united states and russia not succeeded in keeping this treaty alive well terry it's not today
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that the u.s. would say the treaty is dead it would allege that moscow violated the i.n.f. years ago when it started building this missile system and that basically it's not a treaty if only one sided here is to it and it took the us a few years to convince the europeans its nato allies that this is indeed the case and that it's more dangerous to continue to follow an accord that isn't working and now all of nato unanimously supports the united states pulling out of the treaty russia has been given many many many warnings until the very last minute and now while some european leaders don't like that the i.m.f. is dead they understand it now many see the termination of this treaty as a threat to global peace u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists had this to say yesterday the intermediate nuclear forces. there is a landmark agreement. and the cold war when it expires
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tomorrow the world is an invaluable brake on nuclear war and these are likely. threats posed by ballistic missile. cherry is the u.n. secretary general right to be worried are we facing new threats possibly a new arms race. he is right to be worried and he's certainly not alone with no restraints now on intermediate range nuclear missiles there's no telling what russia will do and the united states is very likely to come up with a new system to match or best of the russian missile that said the united states has said that its aim is to create a new framework to to control nuclear weapons development that would also include china which has been far in you know unconstrained by any treaty and really working hard on this so while nobody is really happy to see the treaty go. everyone
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acknowledges that this really really wasn't working anymore so this is an old treaty the i.n.f. treaty was signed in the 1980 s. between the u.s. and the former soviet union could it not be argued that this treaty was actually salit especially given the rise of other powers like china and the development of new weapons systems that is something the united states has argued and others as well but i think the question here was not whether it needed to be updated and certainly not whether russia needed to come into compliance with the existing treaty but whether it would be better to kill it as you work on creating this new accord this new hope for accord and i think that's where the europeans were uncomfortable with declaring the i.n.f. defunct but now that's the deal that's today as secretary general of nato stolzenberg says they simply have to adjust to living in a post i.m.f. world and that's something we'll be hearing from him later on today gerri thank you
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so much t w is teri schultz in brussels. one of hong kong's best and pop stores is bringing a touch of glamour to the city's ongoing pro-democracy protests cantonese singer denise ho has used her celebrity status to address the united nations or work is banned in mainland china but she still plays a prominent role at the demonstrations in hong kong. i think iraq and usually from a story multiple session country pop star denise home when the fans are attending a protest in the suburbs you know. week before pro-democracy protesters were attacked here by suspected criminal gangs 2 days demonstrate is here to denounce the bomb. is telling us police some start to disperse the protest. i.
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can ease move has been a familiar face at the anti-government it's. the way that the chinese government they have been trying to. terrorize us into this population where we are. playing clarities and then just giving up everything it's just not going to happen because it's a totally different culture. and he's always a performer of so-called cantle pop hong kong signature pop music style that has made the city's entertainment industry popular throughout east asia including on the chinese mainland who has always stood out in the region's entertainment business in 2012 she was the 1st hong kong celebrity to ever come out as a lesbian. it
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. was. but the biggest step for her came in 2014 when she openly supported the pro-democracy umbrella and there was no she immediately lost access to china's huge mainland market when the music was back shortly afterwards a record company asian music and did her contract i think i knew it would be bad. but then you'll guess you have to you have to. decide what you saw in the situation and the whole people is facing. such a big crisis. since then she has learnt to be their own manager right now she's
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trying to organize a concert in hong kong's biggest venue because easy. i got rejected. the whole 5 times before. i got the application through and 2016 but that was 2016 so i don't know what's going to do. whatever the outcome may be she will not have to worry about being able to fill the venue within the city where outspoken news has won her many fans. did you know their reporting from hong kong now if you've never heard of voc in you are probably not into heavy metal every august the small village in northern germany plays host to one of the biggest and loudest music festivals in the world starts everyone's taste of course but for metal heads bokken is the high point of
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the year. that was the moment these metal fans had been waiting for all year getting the how would tough before the main stage. but the party's already been rocking for days buchan's about the fun's as much as the music. and there's a lot of people here that are absolutely crazy and have loads of beer with them that can only mean fun. a city of tents appears every year for the $80000.00 festival gore's. year they can leave the worries of the world behind. it all began 30 years ago 2 local lads from the village of and plan the festival and provided the entertainment themselves. they still run it today and can hardly believe the success. of village plays along the fans play along the
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bands play along they give amazing performances that mean the world it's a mixture of everything ideas of the mission. key element of special charm it's the locals enjoyment of the occasion from farmer to mayor they all party cheek by jowl with the metal fans. that's why the 30th back an open air certainly won't be the last. just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d.w. news south koreans have protested against a japanese decision to downgrade trade relations with seoul tokyo has crossed south korea off the list of its trusted trade partners seoul has condemned the move as reckless. and the united states is set to formally abandon a key cold war weapons control treaty the end of the intermediate range nuclear
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forces agreement raises fears about a new global arms race. you're watching news from berlin i'm terry martin coming up next africa which takes a look at rwanda is golden monkey tourism and we've got more news for you at the top of the next hour of course you can get all our stories online t w dot com thanks for.
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such a clue. small scale in superior big changes. people making it possible for eco africa.
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fantastic right trying them as they set out to safe environments. to learn from one another. and work together for a better future. next d.w. . robots they're still in the development phase 5 so what's going to happen when they grow up. will humans and machines be able to pass me co-exist or are we on the verge of a robot collapse if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now
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spreading through our society established the beginning of a golden digital age. movie subjected to continuous state surveillance. they are both experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines for willis technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. life's robot collapse starts aug 14th on t.w. . hello and welcome to a new edition of eco africa my name is the but my friends call me z. and i'm coming to you from johannesburg and south africa if you want to find out what a national park can do for the people who live in its state and of course to meet
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my lovely could lead in one.


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