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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 4, 2019 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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there's a robot going to start aug 14th on d w. this is state of the news live from but in the united states reels from 2 mass shootings just always a pos the latest in dayton ohio comes off remand open fire in a popular nightlife area a suspected gunman has has been killed his sister was among the victims it follows another shooting in el paso texas.
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and i'm christine will walk into the program to separate mass shootings in the united states has left 29 people dead 9 which killed in dayton ohio when a gunman opened fire in a busy night. the suspect sister was among the date 27 others were taken to local hospitals with injuries police killed these suspects to choose death at the scene it came just i was off to another mass shooting in el paso texas left 20 people dead. it was just one minute of shooting but the rampage in ohio claimed 9 lives along with that of the heavily armed gunman. just boom boom boom boom you could still miss a big good you can get those. you know. he's identified the shooter as an unemployed man in his early twenty's he opened fire in the busy date night life
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district in the early morning among the dead his sister and yet the death toll could have been higher. in less than one minute's dating for the 1st responders neutralized the shooter but this is a terribly sad day for our city i am amazed by the quick response of dayton police that saved literally hundreds of lives. just hours earlier in texas police cleared a shopping center as a gunman opened fire at an adjacent wal-mart store leaving at least 20 people dead witnesses described harrowing scenes. that said he saw somebody shot another shot. and it was like police arrested a 21 year old and found an anti migration manifesto online authorities say they are treating the shooting as domestic terrorism and will seek the ultimate penalty. that the charge the state charges capital murder and so he is eligible for the
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death penalty we will seek the death penalty. the loss of life is so great we certainly have never seen this in our community. to texas shooting alone is being called the deadliest in u.s. history but which it leaves the country yet again in shock. ok for more on the story of going across official washington now where correspondent called a black is standing by and reporting on that story for us call the police in days and have recently given a briefing what more can you tell us about the victims what do they say about that . they have released the information that 6 of the victims were african-american 3 it were whites 5 of the victims were men and 4 were women and among those is the shooter's sister she was the youngest one at 22 years old the oldest was 57 and there have been 27 people
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injured. a color what more do we know about the suspect. well we do know he is 24 year old man and he seems to have been very well prepared 3rd is are saying he was wearing body armor when he went on his shooting spree and that he had a rifle and additional high capacity magazines so as the mayor of dayton pointed out if police had not been there he could have shot hundreds of people with the ammunition that he had on him call it have we heard anything about a motive at this stage. well aside from the fact that this seems to be well planned in advance because of everything that he had on him there hasn't really been much official information that has been released. right that state of the car spun cloud of black in washington for us on that story thank
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you. and i'm now joined by dee to have me report to arran. aaron. the case just moving over to texas now. we have a stand that that's now been treated as domestic terrorism initially talking about a hate crime when does a hate crime mystic's him as well specifically what they're looking at right now as allegations that this attacker posted a manifesto online where he detailed a rather virulent migrant sentiment and referred to what he viewed as a hispanic invasion of the of texas and of the southern united states and this really kind of the heart of the matter it seems that this attack of that manifesto turns out to be genuine was really geared towards spreading fear hatred and terror among a certain population that's really the difference between domestic terrorism and
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a hate crime and i think this shift by prosecutors to focus on that you know within 24 hours really kind of indicates a change in understanding of the threat that white nationalism is really portraying or. is the threat that is that we're actually seeing from white nationalists united states because previously they've been the labeling this is in individual events individual hate crimes but we're seeing the same modus operandi the same attempt to use some of the online troll factories to spread this racist propaganda either in the minutes leading up to the attack and then shortly thereafter not foreseen here again ok so you seem to be talking to pass and but we know that this this shooter in texas he purchased he's fired just how easy is it to fish is what is essentially a military weapon in the u.s. well i mean it's it's like anything involving a gun control united states it's a really complicated issue because people who are pro gun control would say it's almost impossible or very difficult to buy military m style weapons people who are
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against gun control actually who are. against gun possession in general. would say it's actually quite easy because there aren't a lot of standard definitions for any of these terms it's really difficult for both sides to actually find common ground on this issue so we're talking about fully automatic weapons which could be used in the military they have been restrictions in place and that since 1906 it's still possible to purchase them but it's quite difficult and very very expensive when it comes to semi-automatic weapons which some people in the more left wing circles america describe as military style weapons it's very very easy to get a hold of those and that really kind of shows you that this issue is so contentious that it's hard for both sides even find a way to talk to each other i want to say that there's been about $250.00 mass shootings this year and. we still don't have the gun control laws so much even though there's public appetite for that why is that the case well i think it's because the country at this point is so so diametrically opposed to one another it's so polarized that it's almost impossible to have an adult debate about these
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issues but any political issues dispassionately about gun control if we don't even have a common language there's no way we can we can actually get a hold of a consensus and this is what we're seeing again of course the democrats are pulling quite hard for x. expanded gun control laws at the same time we're seeing the defenders cropping up a line saying you know we don't want to see new gun control laws because this is part of our bill of rights it's a right for every american to have a firearm at home and so unfortunately time and time again we're not seeing a consensus forming after these tragic events and this is unfortunately just another example of that right. thank you thank you. it's not just some of the other stories making news around the world sudan's military chiefs have signed a power sharing agreement with pretty speeches that paves the way for civilian rule a deal establishes a joint council that will govern and so elections in 3 years the breakthrough ends months of violent protests in which over $100.00 people were killed. turkish
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president. has announced plans to carry out a military operation in syria's kurdish dominated north he said he had informed moscow and washington on threat of use the kurdish wife e.g. militia in northern syria as an offshoot of the banned kurdistan workers party as a terrorist group. rescuers in the central philippines have recovered more bodies with 3 ferries capsized during fierce winds and rough seas on saturday the death toll has risen to 31 more than 60 passengers and crew were rescued forecasters have warned of more heavy once in rains and storms. sundays and burying ground pre-sold the end for the fished up and start in pole position ahead of all conquering miss avies drive as fast as endless hamilton formula one fans were anticipating and nail biting affair with twists and turns to the very end and it didn't disappoint. max pushed up in the 1st ever poll saw him
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flanked by relentlessness abs due of felt terry both lewis hamilton about to some a fire if ever there was one but with both times slipping down the pecking order early it quickly turned into an intense 2 horse race. pit stops are rarely played a bigger role the lead changed hands constantly as the cars came in for modification . that $39.00 saw finished up and hold off his rival with expert defensive driving but with more than 30 laps to go the outcome was anyone's guess a hamilton pit stop on lap $49.00 would prove to be pivotal a switch to fresher tires handing the british driver a crucial advantage he remained patient however waiting for the perfect time to make his move. and so he did on lap 67 just 3 before the finish line leaving his rival with no time to recover. and a win for the defending world champion and one which all but guarantees
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a 6th world title but for all hamilton's brilliance this was undoubtedly a team effort by ms sadie's. who really grateful for the day in. and and really for the team for continuing to believe in me and continuing to push. and to be out there for race to be able to push like that and turning heroes has another in the way if a fine performance once again from fresh happen who just couldn't get it over the line. yeah we were just all possible but. yeah i tried everything i could on the hard tire if you had to stay alive but a fortune was just not enough the dutch 21 year old's day will come but on the verge of another world title this era continues to belong to lewis hamilton. boris's dortmund have won the 1st trophy off the new german soccer season in the super cup traditionally a campaign which sees when the champ in spain the german cup win is $5.00 to $1.00
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started the brighter of the 2 sides going close 1st through marco ways he was denied by the thing that sips of manuel neuer and then package. a rush of blood to noise head gave the spaniard a free crack at goal from 50 yards it proved a bridge too far. far more clinical in the 2nd half though jade and sun show impressively setting up castle on the 48 minutes by the teen sensation beating 3 experienced by an men in a dazzling display of footwork before teeing up his teammate. a bit marvin hit says point blank say from kingsley command 10 minutes later kept dormant in the leaves thomas miller couldn't poke on the rebound if foreign were punished soon after rafael guerrero's past finding center with acres of space to run into the englishman stayed cool to double his sides leave my another not make
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to add to his growing collection i clearly rattled yoshua kimmage decided a cynical ankle stamp was the only way to make a stand and was lucky not to see red even off the v.a.r. gave the referee another look to nail a final score to. lifting the 1st piece of silverware of a new season 1st blood to the black and yellows as boy and for short. thanks frank he's a has successfully across the english channel on a jet powered overboard he designed himself a 35 kilometer trip took up after 20 minutes with one feel stop midway in the straight off it was a 40 year old 2nd attempt he's successfully landed on the english soil comes 110 years after newly berrios 1st airplane flight. peck on the lips
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a few last minute checks and frankie's the part was ready to take off. the french inventor had failed in his 1st attempt last week after falling into the sea during a refueling attempt but on this occasion there were no slip ups and the part i managed to avoid taking a bath as the cliffs of dover came within sight of potter was home and dry touching down safely in st margaret's space across the english channel his wife crystal getting confirmation in sangatte via radio. now as i was a void out in there he made it so it's over now. we did it and i'm so happy because there was so much work involved. it was hard but i'm so happy for him because it's been really difficult lately and now we're on holiday. for the party himself it was simply
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a dream come true. i'm feeling happy you know if you had be so happy for my my family my friends and my team is just an amazing moment in my life you know it's just. now i can take some rest. certainly does that an incredible face from the flying frenchmen a good one and states will be back at the top of the alphabet morning see this. first day at school. the 1st climbing lesson. doors grandma's arrives. in turn on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. returns home.


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