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ai will experts be able to agree on technical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapons systems. place robotics starts aug 14th on t.w. . freighter. she'd almost forgotten feeling. in fact there were times she thought she'd never experience it again. but here in istanbul on the banks of the bosphorus good hard to lean over has
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rediscovered what life and liberty is like. today i feel free i feel good at the man at amazon i can breathe again and feel the sun on my skin. i believe has a lot of man. good the highs and ethnic weaker. she was kept in a camp in western china for one year 3 months and 10 days. her ordeal began in may 2017 when police arrested her in her hotel room building just took a and i was exhausted could have they took me to a cell with heavy metal doors. they made so much noise whenever they were opened to
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much later look you come out of. this cell was about 20 square meters in size and had no windows. it held about 40 women. half of them would stand while the others lay close together on the floor. with all of them had heavy chains around their ankles the. conditions inside the cells were unbearable assess no sanitation no water no food and then there was the brainwashing. i had to swear loyalty to china's communist party. and the little bit at the bottom says of them because once a week they showed us a video about xi jinping. and if you. were forced to write self-criticism essays they wanted to make sure our mindset had
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changed her and improved in the given the book every monday morning at 955 we had to get up and sing the chinese national anthem the rest of the week we had to sing 5 songs a day. and the thumbs. go may just go you know me. i've forgotten the rest. most of us like to like those are the kind of songs we had to sing. if we refuse they wouldn't give us any food.
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it's believed that there are about 100 can sing western china and like the one good behind describes. sprawling complexes which are quarter to several rights groups detained over a 1000000 weekers. mostly a muslim turkic speaking minority that we girls are native to this she was young region the territory is almost 5 times the size of germany and only autonomous in name in reality china has turned it into a police state. beijing is sought to subdue the beakers and deep set conflict that reaches far back in history. in past years riots have become increasingly violent as chinese authorities respond with brutal crackdown. that weaker is rose up to protest cultural religious and economic discrimination.
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in recent years under the pretense of fighting religious extremism and in response to a series of terrorist acts carried out by readers the chinese authorities introduced what they termed reeducation measures. today an estimated 10 percent of china's we good population is locked away in these camps women and men from all walks of life it seems no one to spare the repression. even prominent cultural figures have been targeted popstar average on our 2 songs promoted we go identity and culture has been missing since his arrest in february 28th. 9000 kilometers away from the zhejiang bank canada is the seat of the prestigious university of british columbia this is where 29 year old chinese student shawn chung studies law shawn was one of the 1st
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able to show evidence of the internment camps and john. talking about politan feeling a lot of it. at 1st i'm actually just kept qabala head because i had that. kind of thing to fall so i decided to check it on my self and research. in his dorm he collects official documents from chinese authorities available on the internet public tenders building permits orders for construction materials. with the addresses on the documents he locates the camps on satellite images and compiles an accurate map which he publishes on his blog the most a campsite find. things like cache lisa see ya can't at least it's. not
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a complete. because i only have. images fall of thoughts so i found major. sean believes there are about 100 camps across john they're easy to make out their design differs greatly from conventional prisons for out of pictures i can definitely tell it has that attention facility like to see. you know you can see it out west how here yeah yeah yeah and and at least wall is like it's up out of surgery to a 5 metre high if you feel compelled to wade through the shadows off if every typical i think. least feature in many odd cans high security blocks and they're expanding rapidly in 2016 there were only
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a few apartment houses on this open plain 2 years later he's become an enormous camp. in just a short time new buildings were erected over a space of 166000 square meters according to one secret document shown obtained more than 8000 people are here no. obvious lead pan piece expanding i think. one reason if. they are. they are detaining him on the mob of hole there. they have to build new cabinets to accommodate you know detainees. we traveled to sion jongg repeatedly in the hopes of getting a closer look at these camps.
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where foreign journalists aren't welcome here. as soon as we arrive in the region we're followed by several cars like this white vehicle or this much air. in plain clothes agents are openly tracking our every move. out in the streets were prevented from filming. we share. over the course of 3 trips to the region where arrested a total of 7 times. like on this rural road near a chance. were stopped at a police roadblock. i i i got fed up. because i was here and. then we were brought to this police station where
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officers check our documents and contaminate us while we secretly continued filming . so you're a journalist from shanghai what are you doing there. we want to film the camp in dublin saying. there's no reeducation camp there there's no camp and. no yes there is a big camp with many and makes no there's no camp. the camp end up on chang is clearly visible on the satellite image. we're not allowed to pass the police force us to turn around. she jennings reader population of 11000000 already lives in what amounts to a giant open air prison. there are police stations and checkpoints everywhere. the people
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here are under constant surveillance they're searched everywhere when entering train stations and supermarkets are boarding a bus. their mobile phones are also regularly monitored. jean jennings has pioneered facial recognition software a system used throughout the country a surveillance web of hundreds of thousands of cameras film streets and mosques. cameras can also be found in taxis or at the entrance to public toilets. but the readers are not only subjected to round the clock surveillance they also live with the ever present fear of being arrested and sent to a camp at any moment. on one of our trips to. be managed to approach the
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camp on this satellite image using g.p.s. coordinates provided to us by sean chung. we succeeded in driving there and filming these extraordinary images. we're in no time in southern she. has at least 8 camps this one appears to be brand new. some 10 buildings razor wire and security cameras everywhere watching every square centimeter there are bars on the windows. yes. we were not granted access to any of the camps but one chinese journalist managed to secretly shoot this video in a camp in western last august it was still under construction at the time today more than a 1000 people are held here. inside dormitories that look like prison cells
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and on every floor 3 such classrooms banners like these trumpet party ideology official doctrine is that she jingping socialism with chinese characteristics will ring in a new era. across china's border in kazakhstan we need a woman who knows exactly what goes on inside these camps i. say raul signed by the chinese citizen and member of the ethnic minority. in nov 27th teen she was arrested transported to a camp and forced to teach mandarin to inmates for months later she was released she was not told why today she lives in exile. this is the 1st time she
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recounts what she experienced there on camera. made can boil day after day i have to work with the inmates baby and the 100 or a 1000 times i would make them repeat i am chinese and proud of china. as it was have gentz they had to stand up and loudly were slightly his lines i make a call though and i have to instruct them thousands of times they have to say how much they love she paying on the communist party now go think of that and i would tell the whenever i entered the classroom i was followed by 2 armed policeman. they stood behind me while i taught for the entire class was recorded and there were policemen at the door to vacation. the campell some to wonder how 1000 inmates cause attacks and we. say regel witnessed violence and abuse. sometimes armed policemen would storm into my class. every 2 or 3 of them and they
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would seize inmates and drag them out and getting caught for lack of i never saw those people again for the most it will save you wacker drive which saved me sometimes in the evenings as we age we would take cries for help so . of a short stay so long and charles of. copeland i'd never heard such voices so desperate. and full of suffering junction we were sure they were being tortured . so. the authorities say the inmates are being reeducated but evidently they're being tortured and abused. i don't know how come the inmates were given injections but i think it's not as medicine as torture. you see the injections we used to when control over their brains. over the people in the camp had no strength anymore to rebel against anything. forced injections to make
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inmates pliable in istanbul the love our confirms the practice she says she herself was forcibly medicated during our internment. of they gave us an injection once a week here or here we had to put our own through a small opening in the door we women soon noticed that because of the injections we weren't getting up period anymore i stopped menstruating one month after i was arrested. the injections made our minds go blank we didn't even think about families anymore i couldn't remember where i was born we didn't feel the cold or hunger we felt like a lifeless piece of meat that had been dumped there. i initially china pushed back against international condemnation of the mass detentions by flatly denying accusations. but then it changed its approach.
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to it you know what i'm helping in. the prisons were to be given a legitimate sheen. in this report on state television shows men and women in a camp learning mandarin. well i. should you know it's a show that's been on come to you the report says camp inmates are receiving vocational training and seamstresses are carpenters the rooms are all clean and everyone looks grateful to be able to be there. and i used to be an educated but those days are over now widening my horizon. i don't even want to think about where i would be if i couldn't study here. maybe i
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would have fallen prey to religious fanatics and become a criminal. if the government and the party found and rescued me just in time. i'll get. to. the just. we show the report to guba. the camp i was intended look totally different we would never let us about 20 square me syringes this report says 10 to 20 people and says look how well they're doing. but in the other camps people are crying. i've only just been freed and i can assure you where i was is nothing like what they're showing here there's a reason the little your it's a long it's not true at all. good about how i won't forget the women she left behind women like herself arbitrarily detained and deprived of their
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freedom in her notebook she lists their names and the reasons for their arrest well then i assume as i remember a name i wrote it down. the. alley i looked up because she traveled to turkey. 52 years old arrested for being an english translator that's what they only some detained because a photo of a praying go was found on a smartphone i miss them to reform the food at the mall i mean there was a move for us arrested for wearing a headscarf but at the film alone the. good $111.00 is a cause i citizen and ran a company exporting clothes from china to kazakhstan she was arrested while on a business trip to the chinese city of order. her release came after the government of kazakhstan intervened on her behalf. remember. i been doing
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business in china for 20 years i'm not a terrorist i'm just a normal business woman and the mother of 3 children. almost as well in the book might mean that you had a real am when i came home my children told me they petition tirelessly for my release. i'm very lucky to have escaped from such a place where i was accused of terrorism hold them and that's when the hope of. our own a 1000000 weekers live in exile outside of china like the roger you know. some are afraid of being forced to return to regime john. beijing's oppression extends beyond its own national borders. it's even targeted members of the weaker community
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in france for example. for months the chinese embassy in paris has refused to give members of the diaspora the documents they need to extend their identity papers. one week or woman has agreed to talk to us on condition that she remain anonymous her family fears reprisals. she says she's the victim of attempted blackmail if she doesn't return to shane jiang to pick up her birth certificate her residence permit in france will expire was a perfect office i'd rather live here illegally then go back and walk right into their trap that they want to force us to return and then they'll find some way to send us to a concentration camp they're trying to pressure as many leaders as possible into coming back since. that's exactly what happened to goodbye. she did go back and was arrested. the engineer had
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been living near paris for 10 years when she received a call one day from her former boss in december 26th seen it was a trap he called again and again insisting she returned to china to sign paperwork for her pension. do you want your greed to go at the time reports on the existence of the camps had not yet emerged. well in someone's if he called or incessantly for a week and told her with a stern voice you have to come back you have no choice you have to sign your paperwork we can't wait for you any longer so it's like you have to come back. to return take it all and plan to stay for 2 weeks she was supposed to be back in france on december 10th this all. when she arrived in china her passport was confiscated and her husband and 2 daughters could no longer reach or for 6 months
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they knew nothing of her whereabouts sifu closure of a room was it was a very tough time then in june or july of 20176 months later my aunt called and told us that her mother was in a reactor cation camp i think she said she was being retrained she's in vocational training or she's in school. back then we simply couldn't imagine what that meant and that it would take so long we never dreamed there could be such camps with thousands of prisoners. the french foreign ministry says it can't intervene because unlike her husband and daughters. is not a french citizen. but her family won't give up hope. i don't dare to talk about that. as.
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of. today they're welcoming a weaker activist visiting from finland for months without hardy has been travelling around the world meeting members of the diaspora. 1. 100 on how to use a general practitioner whose parents both civil servants back home were interned for 2 years they've since been released and placed under house arrest. yet. no more on his fighting for the many others who have disappeared into detention. since it's eerie or turn and significant for us all of us that they seem to experience this and encourage. show or supersede to each other and lit each other feel
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that the ammo and. if you like to get there you'll be powerful. should get. more out hardy you left ching john when he was 19. now he's 35 and lives in his reader wife and their 2 children in a helsinki server. and it's. we really enjoyed tell you here and the feel that there. was a culture and they were saying because freedom here relieves or human dignity human rights. the last time he travelled to sheen jiang was in 2016 that was also the
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last time he saw his relatives look i show you something like i'm sure there is a picture so. it's me and my beloved life. it's leader traditional. closing we took the picture when the last dying. because it. all of our parents into punk. alarmed by the threat to his people on or on set up an association that compiles the names of people interned in china i want to let the world know what happened to my people to my parents. he regularly organizes demonstrations to raise international awareness of china's campaigning against weaker muslims. today bigger is from all
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over europe are rallying in helsinki. welcome thank you for coming. the flag they're carrying is outlawed in china it's the flag of the east turkistan the geographic area they came under chinese rule in the 18th century the chinese renamed the region change on the weaker is staged numerous uprisings and twice established an independent east turkistan state before she jiang was incorporated into communist china in 1989 some weaker say only independence will save their people is that the solution that's the solution we will like to highlight the reason as we have stablished independence and it has within the 20th century solved 1st time in 1933 2nd time in 144 years so we're not a country that has never stop wishing dependence war or war never never were able
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to run a government we have a track record of showing. everyone here knows someone who's interned in a chinese camp. has been living in europe for 9 years his nephew stayed in shanghai jiang and is now also detained. there are also some. we feel we are this stuff. so few of us as you can say that. very few to serve as a voice for all people there to do. exactly the people who are suffering immensely dying and i'm not even exaggerating it exists he bought the farm without hardy industry and strangers have vowed to continue speaking york on what rights groups call the largest mass incarceration of the 21st century and to ensure the victims are never forgotten.
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kick off. the past season with the highest scoring sings on its millennium and among. them was some great one. such for your edification once more with feeling that barry bass skills all of the scenes that. kick. minutes on d. w. . ch to. early the google tourist guide germany's booming capital i love berlin discover the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series. like. i love the show what a space and looks like the focus was like me spices 50 nations 50 stories.
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and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best. now in atlanta every week on t.w. . india's government says it's revoking the special status of the muslim majority state of kashmir which is disputed between india pakistan and separatists hindu nationalists have been advocating for the change for decades have been protests in pakistan muslim activists say this is a land grab by india's hindu nationalist government. hong kong has been brought to a near standstill by a general strike activists.


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