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you know what time of course is. the 77 percent. from. the flashes from the housing boom boom time this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this week and v.w. . this is the day of the news asia coming up on the program a 2nd night of protest in hong kong police charged protesters of surrounded a police station in the city district has told punishment is only a matter of time. and when will it act because the view from chinese artist and dissident irate also coming up. the last charge will jennifer aniston follow a 10 year old who spends wrong days not at school but working to support his family
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we speak about the pervasive problem. i'm going to welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us protesters in hong kong are in no mood to relent and if anything it's that they aren't afraid to confront the police either these what the scenes of this week in china are special administrative region crowds of protesters surrounding police facilities unafraid of police warnings projectiles would also hold of those inside. police responding with tear gas and arrests. estimates put the number of injured in these clashes i don't 41.
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the continuing protests over the past 9 weeks i've come to the harshest warning yet from beijing we are khalidi here and i warn all criminals here not to misjudge the situation and mistake our restraint for weakness. will net. hi i shun me here we want to warn the handful of violent criminals and the meddling hands behind them her apartment be holding her usual that those who play with fire will perish by it. while. he threw the punishment will only be a matter of time. joining me now joining his authors understood and i re in the studio thank you very much for coming in irate we just heard young going there on the front will only be a matter of time is this beijing's way of telling protesters that the beijing government can step in directly to stop them well a least
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a tells the inner truths of what's in their mind they have been doing that since that gets you know they happened seen and you play as we see in the land of china they would do it as oh crash it in this tanks or a military or whatever they have and there they can be very brutal and the very bloody and but this is hong kong so they're really bluffing you know they are the in the situation is much beyond they can imagine and under those young people are not scared they are not easily you know to be. forward or to you know this is their life struggle so do you mean a situation like the 1989 telamon square protests would not happen in hama i would not see a war not and i predict it can happen but alby have
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a heavy cost on china and that may be come opportunity for time not to change but do you think china of what is about this cost. or is deeply and then narrow facing problem such as is interesting a game you know it's not is supposed to be one country 2 system. and that car they played very wow to today one system and demand its own. more live independence day and the more clearly does their. identity so is a relief it's a problem but what is the next move of the hong kong government for instance if the beijing government is facing a problem what does the hong kong government do next what are its options the problem is in reality is no cites in hong kong government how come government services up. you know poppy for central government and
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whatever they say is really and they're action from the central government so they're just trying to delay and they're trying to to lead them through asia and sees itself doesn't it we're not have happened if that from everything that you're saying it would appear that the young protesters have the upper hand on the government on the streets of hong kong you yourself have been incarcerated by the chinese government in the past and in a way i understand how the chinese government things what are the debates what are the discussions if at all happening in beijing or for that matter in hong kong if i can put of the about how to end this. so far as that last no. beijing will not lose its face and they cannot allow the hung government to exempt the hung young people's very rational
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demand you know from not to call it does a ride to release of the peaceful demonstrators and to to to have some kind of election. and. same time i never had this kind. to listen to demonstrators they have no. no way even to to to negotiate anything so it's very very difficult to wear one short of water as well as i would just saying it's on for both sides it's very difficult i don't want to go back to a term you used to call them peaceful demonstrations you call them peaceful demonstrators based on everything that we've seen in the past few recent particularly last night's violence and which you have the protesters surrounding produce speeding's would you still call the protesters peaceful i would call it a peaceful because on the other side the you can see the you use. guns you know shooting people on a rise solomons protestors and you know the i.e.
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nish 800 some kind of violence but for hong kong protesters is some umbrellas or water bottles i think that's peaceful you can say 11000000 people demonstrators on straight i mean this is most rational the human clear clean up of the streets after a demonstration i just want to ask you these protests have been going on for about 9 weeks now do you think in your view they have done something to the psyche of the people of hong kong has this been a tipping point have things changed in hong kong. i think hong kong cannot afford to have come demonstrations like they have a more important company stays in thailand which have accused. states in hong kong have a great deal working with china so it's very crucial and enough for those young people they have nothing to do you know they are there and the generation
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realise freedom guarantee their life for equality under this is what they want so this in the way they come back off we leave it there for the time being i really thank you so much for coming into the studio and speaking to us. that are not of the honest on where right now many kids on to school or playing but work joined libertines a widespread problem it's believed that one in 4 of grandchildren between the age of 6 and 14 are working to support their families and the jobs can be hard and dangerous with little regard for work conditions or safety. first in legally the sun rises over afghanistan and these children should be on their way to school but for 10 year old cameron and his siblings it's the start of a day off gruelling work. since their family has fallen on hard times the children
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get up before dawn to make bricks at a factory on the outskirts of couple. who thought. there was a time when my father wasn't able to earn enough money anymore so i had to start working with my father and after i started working when i stopped going to school. cameron family comes from the province where he is the fighting involving both the taliban and in a slum extent affiliate group have left many people with nothing. the international labor organization says brick factory owners take advantage of this by offering loans to families who are struggling to cover lots necessities and then forcing them to work off the debt in their factories. comments father's supports immediate family of 8 as well as several siblings nieces and nephews. he says his entire family has to work a whole day to end the kind of money needed to pay for
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a bag of flour. but my children wake up in the morning right have their prayers and they come here for work so we don't have time for school. these days if you don't work you cannot survive. we are far across around 16 year olds at the market. and if we don't all work we won't be able to afford to buy. a u.n. report from last year said more than $2000000.00 afghan children aged $6.00 to $14.00 were engaged in some form of child labor often at the expense of the education for cameron and many children like him going to school is a luxury they simply can't afford. and for more i'm joined by rules ibrahimi he's a child protection officer junior served gonna start office recently brahimi glad
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that you could join us how widespread is the problem all for charge labor and abroad. thank you very much. yes labor is one of the child protection issues in afghanistan unfortunately. but there is a way. around 29.5 percent of the children in afghanistan. it is a big concern for unicef we know so far the world i'm in. fact not. assume you need to learn in getting child labor but then you also have of gonna sound labor laws which aaa but 18 is the minimum age for employment also says that children below the age of 14 cannot be employed so the laws are there are they not being implemented. yes you are very. very
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comprehensive. and then for the. bottom. what bit of issue with internal mouth the different context of a bunny. because of. issues and your stability in the country and. they would indicate that. to depend on this is. but interim up implementation. fairly issues and. interim of implementation of the funny thing but how. to improve. the laws in the country roger let's leave it there for the time being moment of ruses ramey speaking to us from kabul thank you so much for that.
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discovery. subscribe to the documentary on to. the 1st step. policymakers are trembling as president trumps trade war widens and global spillover from the us china taft dispute is materializing with a trio of central banks announced a surprise rate cuts. experts say female corporate leaders could boost global growth so what's holding them back talk to a safety executive board member in. iran sanctions on iran
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more and more international business is of fleeing the country leaving the economy in freefall. and flying high keep your seat belts on it could be turbulence ahead the warning to investors from cathay pacific. that's the business global trade tensions a sparking central bank is into action rate cuts in a whole host of asian economies this wednesday the moves are also based on poor economic data the latest coming from europe's economic powerhouse germany where industrial production fell back in june german industrial leaders say companies must brace themselves. india cut its spend mark rate by $35.00 basis points a bit deeper than expected and it wasn't the only country surprising investors on wednesday thailand's central bank unexpectedly lowered rates for the 1st time in 4 years and new zealand cut by 50 basis points to its lowest level ever one.


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