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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is. the people of dayton ohio tell us president. don't you hear the president visited his condolences after last weekend's mass shooting but he was greeted by demands for stronger gun control and. to his divisive rhetoric also coming up tonight the taliban inflict more carnage on kabul several
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scores were injured in a bombing came despite peace talks. and pakistan suspending trade with india and downgrading diplomatic relations. and political leaders are under arrest following india's move to scrap the region's. good to have you with us president has arrived in el paso texas to meet survivors and family members of the victims of saturday's mass shooting in which 22 people were killed he and the 1st lady flew in from dayton ohio after a similar visit there to victims of a 2nd rampage on sunday as. shooter in that attack killed 9 people including his
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own sister protesters chanted demands for stronger gun controls and voiced opposition to the president's divisive rhetoric about immigrants trump made no public appearances indeed. as he was leaving washington d.c. at the start of today's trip to trump was asked how he would respond to critics who say that he is in both inning white supremacist and inciting hatred. of. others the u.s. president speaking earlier joined now by our correspondent alexander phenomena she is on the story for us in el paso texas good evening to you alexandra there's a lot going on behind you there tell us
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a little bit about where you are right now. so right now we are in a community park here in el paso where activists and transit gents have come together to protest against president trump's visit to their city and you can see people holding up signs reading not wellcome or racist and i talked to many people here and they told me that strom is not welcome here because from their perspective he is to be blamed for their horrific events here in el paso because this majority broadsides migrants in particular have created an atmosphere of hate that contributed to those horrific events that's what they say and at one point you could even hear them chanting send him back amazing. so we know he's going to get a warm welcome there in el paso what about his 1st stop today and how the.
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dr very well i would say you just mentioned that that he just didn't. do talk to the press he didn't talk to the press he didn't have a public appearance there he talked to the 1st responders in dayton ohio he talked to the victims he visited a hospital where the victims were treated were he also think the medical staff for they work. as well as here they were protesters protesting against his physic people holding up signs reading you are why or do stan think urging him to do something about gun control. and despite all of these negative feelings the u.s. president is traveling to both of these cities today what she hoping to achieve with these as. one of his press secretaries told
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us that the president is aware that this is a very important moment in the u.s. history and that is he's cute yes you asked presidents to come here to try to honor the victims to comfort their families to show the communities that he is with them that he is ready to do everything that it's needed to help them but as you can see at this most people i talked to really don't welcome him here and. they don't they don't really want to be there so what do people expect from the president at this point. people i talked to told me that they want him to change his administration's immigration policies that they want him to stop his inflammatory rhetoric of nuttiness and immigrants and some of them even told me that actually they just wants him to resign all right our correspondent always on
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a phenomenal story for us tonight and you know pouncer texas alexandra thank you in afghanistan 14 people have been killed and 145 wounded by a suicide bomber in the capital kabul the taliban says it carried out the attack now with raises questions about the group's commitment to peace as negotiations with the u.s. to in the war in afghanistan seem to be reaching a conclusion. it was one of the worst attacks in kabul this year. the car bomb detonated at a checkpoint in front of a police station during the morning rush hour. officials say the majority of the victims were civilians including women and children the blast could be felt over much of the city just a day after the taliban and u.s. representatives reported progress in their talks on ending nearly 18 years of war in afghanistan despite an expected east deal in kabul government remains
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pessimistic. naipaul of. taliban attacks indicate that they have no commitment to peace unfortunately how many taliban attack will impede the peace process. marnia that policy so that the. the u.s. envoy negotiating with the taliban condemned the blast saying the focus needs to be on immediately reducing violence. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world danish authorities are investigating an explosion that walked the headquarters of the national tax agency on tuesday night police say they are treating the blast as an attack 2 people were inside the building when it happened but no one was injured a kenyan politician has been ejected from the parliament chamber after bringing her baby to work. his son was ordered to leave after the speaker noticed a child in her arms during the session and other lawmakers and criticize that decision hassan herself has called for the kenyan parliament to become more family
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friendly with. the u.n. says north korean cyber experts have circumvented sanctions to raise $2000000000.00 for the country's weapons program the report alleges north korean hackers have stolen funds from crypto currency exchanges like bit coin and have found ways to make illicit bank transfers on loan. officials in kyrgyzstan say a serviceman has died to during an attempt to arrest the country's president special forces stormed the compound of almost back. on wednesday the former leader had his immunity lifted back in june authorities are seeking to prosecute him on corruption charges. pakistan is expelling india's envoy and suspending trade as a result of the indian government's move to revoke the old ptolemy of the part of
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kashmir that it controls the region remains in lockdown for a 3rd day with security forces on high alert and with many shops close residents say they're running out of fresh food telephone and internet connections have also been cut and indian security forces have imposed a curfew over the weekend. in a heated session of parliament today pakistan's foreign minister shah mahmood qureshi gave a passionate statement take a list. then we are linking our independence stay celebrations with the rights of self-determination for kashmiris and from free kashmir to indian occupied kashmir and from it to all the bazaars the street towns villages and cities of pakistan we will say in one voice kashmir will become pakistan got back it's thought. it's earlier i spoke to sean's a lonnie from b. to be used asia desk and i asked him whether a further escalation is to be expected now this is unprecedented what india has
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done in kashmir and the problem for the uk stan is that over the years it has created a very strong domestic lobby which seems very strongly about kashmir and the government is under pressure to do something the government doesn't know really what options it has it has very limited options because the country is in an economic. yes it is under pressure to stop so-called better outfits and their funding so it can go back to fueling conflict in me. that was an option maybe 20 or 30 years ago which box on exercised so that options are limited and the government wants to be seen to be doing something about it taking taking it very seriously. but at the end of the day deaf the government cares not really it's not going to have much impact on their behavior and that was. speaking with us earlier all right they are quick fun and supposedly have the ability to revolutionize city
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traffic in the years to come electric scooters the type that you stand on are zipping to global popularity a few weeks after their introduction here in germany about a quarter of a 1000000 of them are out on the streets not everyone is convinced however that these e's scooters are the breakthrough that they're supposed to be. together with your special someone on a new electric scooter touring through berlin a moment too romantic to bother with traffic laws 1st. but a lot of car drivers in cyclist can share the excitement. well defeat of the kind of there are so many people using them who have never ridden before who have no idea how to ride them and then they even write them on the sidewalk and they could end up really hurting someone this made us feel proud that more people are on the road makes it more dangerous. they just shoot out of the parking spots
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without even looking at them with a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour the fun facts are sometimes which is of commonsense rights have already ended up brutally with abrasions bruises and sometimes even bone fractures since mid june there have been more than 20 accidents in berlin alone to my small one so far most of the accidents have been caused by the east scooter drivers themselves either they didn't understand how the east good or works or they thought they were better drivers than they actually are just because you can ride a bike doesn't mean you know how to use a nice scooter the little wheels react completely differently than the sort of extent but accidents are not the only concern the 1st are already lying around the city some fear they will end up as a waste according to manufacturers' the school just last a year but a us today claims the average lifespan is actually only $28.00 days of them on line
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unless durable scooters are scooters they can easily be damaged by vandalism with a lifespan of $28.00 days is much too short because then new resources have to be used to produce new ones that's not in the interest of the environment and not in the interest of conservation. according to her. or only ecological if they can completely replace trips taken by car. otherwise there nothing was the next hip tie. and we think bikes are cool including this gentleman right here colombia's even bernal he made history when he won the tour de france last month or now he's returned to his hometown of zip akira to a hero's welcome thousands of fans greeted as he rode into the town's central square sporting the tour's famous yellow jersey the 22 year old's victory made him the youngest cyclist to win the tour in 110 years as well as the 1st ever champion from colombia. and is now in the montreal masters
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where 3rd seed alexander zara is hoping to bounce back after struggling at his last tournament in hamburg germany is through to the 3rd round after beating britain's cameron moore. was particularly strong on server winning 80 percent of his 1st sort of points he eventually took the win 7664 have already tasted success once before in montreal winning the masters tournament there back in 2715. all right if you're like most people you probably think sharks these things right here are dangerous actually they're not and the truth is we humans pose a much bigger danger to them new research by london's is a logical society has found that human aggression such as hunting them as push the sharks away from their natural habitat in shallow coastal waters sharks are being driven into deep ocean waters to escape the fishing industry that is pushing down
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their numbers ecologists stressed that far from being a nuisance sharks play a unique and irreplaceable in marine ecosystem. all right you're watching news with and with the sharks coming up next business with genetically stick around for that. so much. i'm still the they were not hard and in the end is a me you are not a lot of the animal we will send you back. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers were lions observing what's your story.


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