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changing the of the opposite approach would give us better version. of using. plaster. we could have already been sent to the molecules. but. we're just learning this is a new feel. this is news africa coming up on the program un peacekeepers under attack in the democratic republic of congo demonstrations in beni march in protest the un to step in mission feeling that and see the fee had been made that by militia. in uganda an eco friendly business has found a natural alternative to plastic drinking strolls means from the traditional local
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plants used in the country. before it is the peak that's left and then left that. if you let. them and they think feel they can you can clean. and anything. i am eddie my god you're welcome so the show we start off in the eastern. benny where police fired tear gas to protect the u.n. mission in the democratic republic of congo locals marched on when you still had cortez demanding that the force protect them from the few militia afflicting of the country they see that if their mission cannot protect them properly then it should get out. here anger and rage the
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protesters say they're being left to fend for themselves. in the last 2 days alone militias have killed 7 people and mark disappear at just the latest incident since massacres began in the region 5 years ago. people in the remote east congolese province have given up hope that the army is ever going to protect them and they're demanding that the u.n. mission school step in. the world of what we see in other provinces that there's been a reintegration of the local people after the war but in our region there's no end to the war the killing goes on why are we being killed. it's thought that a muslim militia group operating from nearby uganda is responsible for the string
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of attacks the groove cause itself like democratic forces and it's been accused of killing many hundreds of civilians. in an attempt to calm the protesters were no schools had ventured out and met the demonstration. all throughout we are very aware that much more needs to be done to protect civilians. to rally all efforts with our national partners to protect and save lives thank you. 7 militia groups have been battling for years over natural resources in the mineral rich region. and i am joined now by my colleague wendy bashi from africa. welcome to the show when the it's nice to see you now the people supposed to be protected by all clearly angry with the
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organization what in things into perspective can the people's anger be justified. yes of course dippy people can be justified you know in this specific part of the congo the east and bad especially in beni this is i mean most of 5 years 5 year many people died in this part of congo they have been snorted every day if today and yesterday people are going in the street to doing demonstration it's just because they want to tell the rest of the world and especially the people in kinshasa that they want something to happen and they want something to taking charge of the situation and that these massacres and now. what exactly has been the response to this this is not the 1st time let me remind you in 2014 people was against again in the street demonstrating there was asking when you school to do something because new news supposed to be the peace peacekeeping force
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of the un in the congo but according to people in binney if you ask them question they will tell you that they have they feel like muesli is not doing anything but if you go there will tell you that dad giving support to denationalize to congo that helping them to root to walk very you know if efficient way to stop this massacre. have been made by the a.d.f. so that trying to well very odd but according to people this is not enough. they are trying. it's needed now tell us more about the militias why they can. we have to go back in a story if we go back in history you have to know that according to many reports made by the un or many other people dismisses coming straight from uganda they have been in congo since 19 indeed ninety's they called the a.d.f.
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they're coming from there was indeed opposition but we've made and then they decided to move back into congo to prepare their return in uganda but since then that day has been staying in congo they've been using their manner oil resources and we don't know exactly what the motivation of the a.v.f. of killing people you can be in a country and used all their mind their own resources but not killing people and this is the question who is coming all the time we don't know exactly why they're acting dissuade to slaughter people and kill them and to kidnap them. now before you go away for that all of this i mean this has been going on for a while now as i have. we don't know exactly you know if you let me remind you when finished president of the cold war was doing his campaign last year he made many promises that he wants to put the edge of the nation that i meet in benny to stop
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this killing so since he has been elected he didn't do anything could he have since the general i mean in displaced to convince people to stop but nothing is ever and this is why we have all these people doing the most gracious there wonder in kinshasa to remember to be reminded of the promises they made according to dispatch so we are waiting maybe one day give you make a statement and maybe the change will come back for the moment people are still in the streets asking for peace definitely looking forward to that change when the bus you from did of you africa thank you very much for a time thank you. now refugees in south africa are crying foul about what they see inefficiencies and corruption within the system thousands of people mostly africans are fled to south africa in the past decade seeking asylum but one refugee from the d r c is doing his best to
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ensure that refugees are protected from victimization. reports from johannesburg. like i did somebody has decided to stand up for it like him in south africa. he knows how inefficient and fast this system can be seen studios in 8 and didn't know i'm still. in. it if you just it does so i apply for a payment resistance which is 2nd to do for a $607.00 which doesn't come. somebody has teamed up with other organisations. to put on is then across the country the people thought if you g.'s food counseling and legal advice. some of them it can speak the
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local language or english because that coming from a have a french a big round up with a good figure of a big round and you don't the monster is well below all openly gay sions that day in tuttle too so i've decided it must have got been massive today have gone from the d n a c is one of them the on 30 teams shot ted has a refugee pay me 21 year and don't want the best protection step down we don't know it from our country because of the west that is our country and we can be in south africa we still have the west most don't even know where we come from which kind of life is this one why not you die it was done to leave it's better to die than to leave because which kind of life is this one audit everything is difficult for us south africa department for my family it's 40 aware of the problem it got a good system and changes are being made pretty big in this message i'm sending
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full even for the minister if we do all my fees they try your best we african you should have brought africans somebody is now trying to find the funds to stop the community psychology and these 2 hands make investing. he hopes that publication will allow him to open advice and consent definitely give and put his campaign to help them on a more solid 14. finally single use plastics a small sins of the modern world things like straws and stereos i ever wear but they are disappearing in the face of consumer hostility even so the functions do provide something many people can do without but fortunately that's an alternative that is natural renewable and made by hand in uganda.
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going back to their roots these young ugandans of found a way of making money from a free natural resource and protecting the environment comes to mumbo started his business 4 months ago with just 50 euros he only had to remember the wisdom of his grandparents. long ago artists as used for drinking their local booze. in uganda and it is as true as we used to they used to get them from. and other places so we saw that it great opportunity for us to buy single use plastic straws we plant best when. the production process is simple after cutting the said grass is trimmed to the right length. after that it's washed and sterilized
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in boiling water. the natural straws are then dried outside in the sun. the process makes them ready to use and reuse underuse. today this small company employs 13 people. already has 8 regular clients buying his 100 percent organic product they include up and coming restaurants in the capital kampala. we've been seeing a lot of plastic waste pileup actually in our restaurant among others and really in plastic containers with straws and this is one of the forefront items which we see in a glass in front of a client every day and really it's because this is a really great way to start plastic straws need 200 years to decompose so customers here and welcoming the natural alternative. this is the quest they must feel good
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before it is that big this is and that best thing that they could give you a better odets and that is the way that they feel like you can clean them and. then anything supernatural. has its sights set high for his business he wants to see plastic straw usage in uganda drop by almost half in the next 5 years. that's a full hour from didn't even use africa you can catch all our stories on our website for these things so the next show it's goodbye. i'm secure in the world that's hard and in the end this for me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. new smugglers we're alliance and. what's your story. ready
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on what numbers and women especially are victims of violence in. take part and send us your story we are trying all with understand this new culture. for you are not even written. yes you want to become sitting. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. and welcomes the news from culture a literary focus today all illustrated nor a cruel will join me in the studio to talk about bestselling book and never save manuscripts by france kafka how do you know to fail for another life and israel. can see it is
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a form an artist poet playwright all of these and with a new album take tempest is creating a story. about this book all belonging in english is an illustrated memoir written by nor a crook and covers a subject germans have been preoccupied with fall over 70 years the cost of the nazi era what it is to be german today knowing the past generations were responsible for the holocaust you author has traced our own family history and discovered unpleasant truths i'll be talking to just about. illustrator north lives in brooklyn new york she left germany 16 years ago but she hasn't fully left her homeland behind it was here that she really began to grapple with the question of what it means to be german that led her to examine her own
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family's history and capture the stories in her pictures.


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