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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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party at my desk the prime minister imitator south even said it would call for a no confidence motion in its own government was to salvage the senses coalition with a populist 5 star movement has collapsed of a policy differences. business update with a legend is that next time sell for a good day. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on what. don't expect happy ending. the church. are fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of the planet are you sure. that the children who have already been there.
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and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. i'm they could be the future of. granting opportunity global news that matters to late. president donald trump says he's not ready to do a deal with china to resolve the u.s. china trade war tax i've always been caught in the fray for a while and now it's taking steps to shield itself against the conflicts worst effects. as india cracks down on the disputed region of kashmir migrant workers they are fleeing for a whole. give a man a fish and you feed him for a day teach a country to sell fish and you create a viable export industry we take you to croatia. can rupees make you rich
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not if you ship them overseas for processing cambodia tries to put some sparkle into with domestic junk there an industry. this is your business i'm joined on in berlin welcome u.s. stocks fell after the white house says it's not ready to make a deal with china to lay the trade war to rest meaning companies will have to work that much harder to future proof themselves against the conflict while wafer one has unveiled its own operating system and its chosen to name it harmony and then to devote to discord as it were the new software is crucial for the telecom company survival that's the trade tensions threaten its access to google's android operating systems for. the white house is reportedly delaying licenses for u.s. companies to really start taxing us to walk away. we're headed next to wall street where our correspondent. is standing by. good to see you know is this move from
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wall way away from google's android is that going to be enough to insulate it from the effects of the trade war. it is tempting in the right direction when it comes to control and i look into the future but does not solve all the damage from the young going trade war between the u.s. and china especially as a new operating system will 1st be used on its mars green products such as televisions will initially only launch in china also according to u.s. media the white house is also holding off on decisions about licenses for you as a company and say to be able to restart business they say with what way. toward that sense that it hurts in what way but also u.s. companies such as micron and broadcom. the chinese a company involved around $11000000000.00 worth of competence parts from u.s. friends it almost seems ferric somehow but stay right where you are luis because
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there's more news to discuss and that's because malaysia has filed criminal charges against 17 current and former bankers linked with goldman sachs one of the biggest banking frauds in history the bank has been under growing scrutiny for its role in the ranging a series of high worth bond issues for the malaysian development fund prosecutors allege more than $2700000000.00 were later embezzled used to buy luxury items such as yachts and art last year a lead of goldman banker on the deal pleaded guilty in u.s. court to participating in money laundering schemes. it's back to luis haro in new york luis what sort of reputational damage are we looking at for goldman if any at all. you know all day new charges sign old davis to gay shooting to goldman sachs is widening and so it seems they want him to be case will exacerbate their potential reputational damage chair for did bank step back for goldman which has been working to rebuild its image sensor 2000 a but let's not
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forget india after months of the financial crisis the bank got to be described by some as a great job as we wrapped around the brains of humanity for its role in the in a crisis since then there's been a lot of effort to clean up how main street perceives that bank and also default from demolition. could have some impact in several senior pay i would like for example c.e.o. david solomon and his predecessor lloyd blankfein sends in february goldman's board adopted a provision giving eat the ability to reduce some of their bait packages depending on the outcome of their wanting to be best to get. a giant squid indeed a say luisa haro there in new york with us with some very graphic metaphors. it's and looking to markets elsewhere it's been a bad week for investors on pakistan's stock exchange the stock market there has
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its 4th straight day of falls thanks to the india pakistan tensions the corruption stock exchange plummeting 2000 points to its lowest in 5 years on tuesday india passed a controversial bill stripping the statehood of john moon and kashmir and dividing the region into 2 territories one of which will be governed directly by delhi. the flare up in tensions has sparked a mass flight of migrant workers india has shut down mobile networks across the region and done public gatherings. a train platform in general filled with laborers eager to leave a tense situation many say they were told to leave their jobs some report never receiving their salaries the challenge now scraping together enough to get out. a little dirt that would come from the kashmir valley we don't have any money and my wallet is empty we don't know how we'll travel further we have no money and then you are kashmir is a magnet for migrant laborers they travel from india's far flung provinces looking
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for work in masonry carpentry and agriculture instability is a given here kashmir is claimed by both india and pakistan when tensions flare migrants pack up for india itself the region is economically negligible accounting for less than a percent of g.d.p. . a bigger concern is that escalating tensions out of kashmir could ripple through the indian economy. investors have been restrained so far a slight currency dip aliev this week might just as well be from global trade issues as the situation in kashmir for workers however the latest tensions are already hitting their pocketbooks. in the natural beauty of eastern croatia sustainable fish farming has become a growing industry and jobs generator when it comes to fish consumption croatia has one of the lowest levels in europe with around 8 kilograms per person
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a year that represents an export opportunity to other european union nations. pulling the fish net is not an easy job each cop who weighs about 2 in the hopper kilograms that's the ideal market weight and the fishermen say they're touches of the highest quality they want to be certified as ecological producers. very good in the growers with regard to 2 years of production fed with locally grown grain from this fish farm good quality. they can almost be classed as ecologically produced. much of. the local fish farms are waiting for funds from the door opinion so that they can make the investments needed to be fully ecologically sustainable. plan is to invest an additional $4000000.00 euros and we are waiting for the project to be approved where in the final stage of the battle and that has important ramifications for local employment
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. for those more. culture employees the most people per unit area we have no financial support today for. the fish produced is exported to the e.u. so the farmers hope to expand once croatia joins the schengen area. cambodia is rich in rubies and sapphires but the country lacks the expertise to make big bucks out of the johnstone's most are exported to thailand to be cut and made into jewelry which is where the real profits are being made. a 20 car dark blue gemstone that's what khaitan spends hours each day searching for were he to discover one he'd be a rich man the pile in province in western cum boat has long been known for precious stones but heavy exploitation means discoveries are now rare still now and then someone will get lucky and stumble upon
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a soft fire or ruby. i earn $500.00 u.s. dollars some months other months though i don't find anything and so i earn nothing it's all a matter of luck. the miners have been waiting for this man leap oh he's a gemstone dealer and is going to examine today's whole. shows and what he's got he's hoping for a good price to get an accurate valuation the stones would need to be tested in a lab but the dealer can make an estimate based on his experience. this stone isn't anything special we call it on here i'll say it's worth about $150.00. over the past few years has posted solid growth of more than 7 percent this is given rise to an expanding middle class with money to spend on
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things like gemstones this store specializes in red sufferers and blue rubies price tags here begin as a 1000 euros the store's owner grew up in the u.s. his most expensive examples are either bought by western tourists or exported to china. this blue they're called as an example. right now people go around and call it the diamond open body also is a very beautiful stone and the for example this piece right now is weighed 19.89 carat which has come down to 10000 u.s.d. and this friday's is still going up. compared to vietnam in thailand cambodia is gemstone industry is still in its infancy but in recent times dealers have been coming together in an effort to market the country's precious stones abroad if we have that new technology. really yeah and ability that can
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sit on this i think cambodia can recovery all that in the mind but finding precious stones is a matter of luck and many international mining companies aren't willing to make large scale investment based on serendipity so for now the search for gemstones continues to be led by enterprising individuals hoping to strike gold. thanks for watching and have a good week at. the
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international auto show for journalists to discuss the topic of the sun though which really run in the u.s. in the persian gulf continues with each side accusing the cut off aggression of so can you or play a role in. the crisis or is it stuck helplessly on the sidelines find out 1.3 go shortly. 16 minutes on.
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trying in all with to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in through migrants your platform for reliable information. this as d.w. news africa coming up on the show there's a creep across the lab we look at the goods act to me that's trying to stop the sudden jeems as the march towards the capital in the army. but it isn't those only signs left nothing grabs here anymore is that it's a real desert it'll be a big deal if it keeps advancing to the end reaches the people living on the river that it will all be over go to jail hum.


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