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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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but she played on and she took the 2nd set 6 full to make the semi's it watching daily news from berlin up next data reporter which this week follows a young mexican volunteer who works in addiction support and here in germany mariana evan stay will be out with you next hour thanks for joining us today w. . curious of. yourself. don't miss out. carefully. don't know who simply choose to do good.
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discover. subscribe to the documentary to. go and there were hopefuls and i'm doing something social and i'm very proud of it . i mean this really is from mexico which is poor now he's living in germany which is rich he's volunteering at an addiction treatment center in vain effort. led pets the german government's volunteer exchange program made it possible. for.
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me since that yeah. shirts which means a print here is one of the 1st german words that moore says learns he'll be spending the next 18 months working in this kitchen at this addiction treatment center in p.d.f. it at him and i'm sure i'm super sexy. it's his 1st day and the 1st customers are about to write. locals with drug problems can come here for a cheap breakfast moises works with children back in mexico he chose this job deliberately because he wants to know how to help addicts that he. knew. is that i had an uncle with alcohol problems. he lived a kind of vagabond life and one day he was found dead in
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a ditch. and i don't know what happened to him i think. maybe he was run over by a car or thought. we had that. plate. then you have to ask them if they want plain rolls or whole grain once. i will take a plain white yeah. really the 1st customer who good morning. in cologne hello good morning and. i too want some breakfast and just one run efficiently is my says. ok. nobody here is charged for taking drugs. my idea is that addict should be helped with no strings attached. that i'm often in germany like in mexico people with
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drug problems are frequently ostracized by society and. their kids because of the day you're welcome you speak spanish spanish people. are the funniest though i want them both guys. in the other one maybe. it's time to prepare lunch now. everything is new for moises the 24 year old is from the indigenous transfer maya community in a mexican state of chap us. few people that can afford further education. moyses this family saved up so that he could study social work. staff and often the domino it was
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a big complicated but i had the biggest motivation in the world. and i wanted to study and conquer the world. yet the café is only one part of the center. both luisa last man is the center's manager and we all know to. his past support and there's also a room here where people can talk about their social or legal problems. here are 2 of our colleagues calling us. oh are those who come here can also take a shower and wash their clothes and they can even take drugs in a safe and clean environment under supervision. ok arky succumb to unless the only people can exchange needles here and many of
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them get substitute medication. about $100.00 people a day come here for almost $100.00 people per day. although there's no way to verify. 3 weeks later. mr vickie. yes thank you. doug you're welcome to shoot we want to eat and then food. room for 5 minutes yeah. we went on i get on really well with most of them. they know that i don't speak german so they just use different words to describe what they want like a big coffee until i understand. see. some people come here for lunch every day. just.
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kind of it would look. like their bread growth. would you like bread. big. there's one other little. dessert bread no. no certainly moises is all learned. what's going on. record i think they're fighting but that doesn't usually happen here it's the 1st time i've seen it. all. the scuffle scene comes down the security stuff on site. noises has to harvey off after lunch. and other vets volunteers take a daily german class and benefit. the as a from nicaragua zimbabwe or suffer africa for example.
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but what do you wear at work. if i wear a gray pullover and blue gym shoo. shoo. shoo. yes shoe. and. the benefits program was originally for young germans who wanted to volunteer abroad but since 2013 people from other countries have also been coming to germany to carry out voluntary service. the idea is that they take the skills that they learned here back home. and as if they're good enough for me it's been in it well i've never yet saw anything is a culture that's was very interesting it's different if meant a thing do it in c. it's not too late to do things because yes it's right i mean. me.
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who told me it's raining yet it wasn't easy for me to get here. moore says his relatives had to walk for an hour to talk to him this is the 1st time they've spoken since moises left mexico they speak insults more says parents don't speak spanish and he did at school. made known. music is he says that he's very happy because it's what he's always dreamed of for me he says that only a few people would make it this far only those who are intelligent. he says i am intelligent. in theirs and here in the hindu.
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along now and always has brought some photos with him from home one of them is of him as a little boy in the middle. and this is his father cooking at home. that such a community is very deprived there's a lot of poverty and hardly any work young people try to leave if they can many want to go to the us and germany noise us receives 400 euros for his food and accommodation every month he sends some of that home to his family to support. it. take care of course. oh god i've got to go now. as a comic about you know what chimeric is and one. more is and then a share a flat dennis has a social worker he's been to mexico before a knows the country well while they cook
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together moises can improve his german and then his can brush up on his spanish if it was. developed that program has its critics something that the volunteers come because they want to stay in germany after bestand but this is certainly not the case for more is this. the right price is more i would never exchange my my in roots not for anything i'm very proud of them of being part of an indigenous community. i know what it means to not have much to know how difficult life is. i feel a big responsibility to return to my people and help them. with a nap at the when i pitied the broadway turn. mine broke my brother's name in mexico. horn earth is han us
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you're on us. it rides. the 1st. time i know it's just jonas right yeah yeah join us in spanish its horn us. through. it's the 1st time that noise is a supervising the center's weekly forest project for children affected by alcoholism and addiction. however who would like to show most years the housewife. in mexico is this what a kindergarten for indigenous children. is a unit this is my 1st experience of working with children in a forest it's fun. well. out. there are notoriously and the children don't receive any instructions instead
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they're encouraged to come into contact with their own creativity. this time in the forest gets them away from that difficult daily lives at least once a week. or. more just plans to put these nature related educational concepts into practice back home. what else is he acquiring in germany. and just experience a lot of work and life experience that i can share in mexico put up with it but here for your. dream is to go back home after a year well equipped to improve the lives of his fellow tuttle my are people. living in.
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as long as. i know just you know who today. you know the banks you know why and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters w. made for mines. last season sets up the highest goal tally in nearly 3 decades. and the 2nd of all its top goal specials kick off has selected more of the.


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