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minds. not all think that well i guess sometimes i. think the printer jemma culture looking at the stereotype cracks but if you think it's leave the country. because grandma. it's all the. time rachel join me in the. post. this. coming up on the program the diplomatic rift over japan's wartime past as the japanese emperor speaks of remorse. to atrocities south korea remembers the women forced into sexual slavery the 2 sides reconcile their history also coming up . on the front forged to meet a new challenge chinese women hope to excel in
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a sport that's been the domain of south asian teams for many years. and it's crispy and great with. grilled wrapped is miles ahead when it comes to stacking options. are ribs. i'm british welcome. it's good to have you with us japan today is marking a solemn anniversary 74 years since the end of the 2nd world war. it announced it's around. noon people across the country observed a minute of silence led by newly crowned. the anniversary is
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a time of reflection for japan which lost roughly 3100000 people to the wall now he is japan's 1st emperor born after the wall he expressed his country's remorse what its water actions. we hear by reflect on our past that happened since all and with feelings of deep remorse we sincerely hope that the misery of the war should never be repeated then. i sincerely express our condolences. to those who perished in the war well how could you know you still know what they want you know he must. a number of those who perished what informal japanese colonies such as south korea hero of the days mocked as liberation day as it ended 35 years of brutal japanese colonial rule but the shadows of that time remain especially the abuse of south korean women forced
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into brothels for imperial japanese army troops sex slaves known by the euphemism comfort women south korea's demanding japan apologize for this dog episode in its wartime past japan says it did so in 2015 but in south korea it is still an emotive issue and it only at around 20 so-called comfort women left alive in the country time for consideration is foster running out. they say is for the victims. like lee young. looking for just a girl when she was forced to work as a sex slave in japanese military brothels. they saw more unveiling said in many parts of an emotional day of commemoration i'm protest leader like many koreans once japan to feast up to its past so in the news
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that there is none i mean the more i will never give in to the demise from japan. i've been the month so i will fight until i get an apology and. it is not the money i want to side of i guess it's an apology. elsewhere in seoul thousands to the issue to the door of the japanese embassy. to compensate investigate punish they chant the anger here reflects renewed hostilities between the 2 nations japan recently imposed trade barriers in a dispute over compensation awarded to forced wartime laborers only hardening their resolve. we've been asking japan for an apology for
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a long time but they're still not owning up to the past and instead of apologizing to the victims of forced labor they're instead retaliate. engaging in economic retaliation which makes me really angry. with distrust and animosity running so deep laying to rest the legacy of colonize ation may take many years yet. the sport of cricket is huge and popular in south asia more than 200000000 people tuned in to watch the recent wild cup clash between india and pakistan but across the border in china the sport is virtually on shankar though it has one women's team which is on a mission looking to change all that they have a lot stacked against them but they see plenty of potential for girls. china's
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cricketers are up against it with next to no media coverage and next to no facilities they've a long way to go to gain serious domestic recognition for their sport they've made headlines outside china recently for their record breaking li pulled 3 scores in international competitions but in shanghai the women's team are out to change the reputation of chinese cricket with a modicum of success so far oh you know people say to me you play cricket well that's the one india and pakistan are really good at and i tell them about its origins and how it's developing really well now and invite them to come and watch i invite people to let them see it directly it makes things easier when i want to go in. with the nearest grass cricket ground 1500 kilometers away shanghai's team are forced to play their games on an artificial football pitch the international cricket council estimates that 80000 people play the sport in china half of whom are women and has made growing the game here
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a priority considering china's population of 1400000000 the current numbers are still meager but there's plenty of potential for expansion and plenty of hope that the game will continue to grow sean paul is a cricket expert and author of that i'm told books and he joins me now from beijing where he lives and works strong glad to have you on how popular is cricket in china . before i talk border for get in china i would like to tell you that one of the most popular cricketing term is actually china man kind of bowling so cricket and china are correlated for a long time and cricket was played for the 1st time on chinese soil way back in 8858 when in shanghai a team of officers from the dr dean dr h.m.s. highflyer a ship from the u.k. that landed there the dock there and their search on high level so cricket has
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a long history but 150 years later the gentleman scheme still stands where it all began so quick it hasn't got its launchpad yet say a dog i mean it's been played quite sporadically but. for a long time cricket is still trying to rule us tickets in a coat or in china because other sports especially the olympic sports have kind of a predominantly. popular in china and where it has to you know that's it for the time being you're you would you say it's taken a back seat but from the as you sort out of port of the roughly 80000 people who are playing the sport in china of them about half are women why is it so popular amongst women. yes as you mentioned the feet you're 80000 people are getting china at this at this point of time but i must tell you most of them have
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been playing it. very amateur with professional cricket you still are not existing to china but yes there are since september 2005. 100 to several she began some fairly training courses. still from beijing do and bleeding in 9 cities across china primarily getting is clean in china by various school students and university students especially i must tell you bought this wonderful city that shane young young province in china which has a curriculum on pre-k. and primarily the chinese we've been speaking fees are comprised of students from she was doing what the land if any to develop their game in china. the plan has been in place for quite some time later today in cricket council when
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it was founded under the laws you would ship off india's legendary cricket i'm going to stricter gentlemen dali our so that time he had tried to invest it in china but since then we have seen little progress as far as disconcerting here that for example in china at this moment the most popular sports and games there are of course a little bit because china's focus is primarily on the olympic sports so limp explodes it always be embittered from various quarters support from the government support from the youth it does but also basketball east the most popular sport in china so useful or spark it ball and football soccer as you don't call it so these have been dominating the chinese school scene right and here's hoping that cricket gets a leg up so in your own part of cricket expert and author thank you very much for
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joining us now southeast asia is known for its rich and diverse food culture which can use let's say i'm convention ingredients field rats my tub everybody's idea of a tasty treat but in cambodia's bottom bunk province there are cheap and increasingly popular snack. a barbecue with a difference here in western cambodia spicy rect is served fresh off the grill with a selection of dipping sources it's an unconventional snack but if you believe the sales pitch one that's good for you. these rats are healthier than pork or chicken chicken a given commercial feat but these rats. and mice during harvesting season. once a fruit of necessity and harder times field rats of becoming an increasingly sort after meeting cambodia local red hunters ensure vendors have
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a steady supply. i catch these rats in the while and then i sell them i can make up to $30000.00 or about 7 u.s. dollars a day more than twice that if i catch a lot of rats. the roadside stalls do a brisk business with van loads of travelling workers with its drive through or dining in it seems plenty of customers crave a simple meal of rotten rice with their favorite beverage. when we drink beer or wine this rat is a much better match than chicken or beef. red may not be to everyone's taste but for the true converts it's an undeniable delicacy. wonderful if you're. on. where you can watch the.
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yes marking it 72nd independence day today and reverberates and commemorations across the country in the capital delhi prime minister more the lead the official ceremony at the airport relieve you with those visuals today were to fix that but. i'm scared that the they were not hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story.
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ready on what numbers of women especially in victims of violence and. take part and send us your story we are trained all waited to understand this new culture. are not of it or not and yet you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. is there a solution in sight in the standoff between western nations and iran over oil tankers ends it but it's unlikely to do much for iran's shrinking economy inflation takes its toll we'll get the latest from our correspondent there. undressed president obama once again threaten to leave the world trade organization but the
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u.s. is. already paralyzing it blocking appointments of top judges to the trade regulator . and possible answers into the growing friction between 2 neighbors and rivals as south korea has to talk to japan. this is business. as welcome after a british tanker was seized in iran britain appears to retaliate course in the british territory is meeting to discuss the fate of an impounded iranian tanker the vessel has been at the heart of friction with the west over economic sanctions but the ones bearing the brunt of iran's international isolation business owners ordinary people their lives have become very difficult. from the iranian port city of the whole line of tankers can be seen transiting the strait of hormuz they come from the entire region kuwait bahrain and the united arab emirates supplying the whole world with oil container ships are also in transit. bringing important goods
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to the sanctions stricken country shipowner and trader abdullah suffer already has just.


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