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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 6:30am-7:01am CEST

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they are supposed to treat every. chance. to. be true as you start september 2nd dwi. whole welcome to your destination for solutions for cleaner greener and a more sustainable commodity every week we introduce you to change make us people like you and i while making a significant impact to change out environment for the better songs that are coming to you from mumbai in india. ahead of the show let's look at how one nonprofit in demi uses bill handing green action among the city's residents. or game can get you
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to be more involved mentally conscious and how enjoying animal welfare charity is attempting to change mindsets in tribal tradition. first let's head to a city which has become synonymous with doc sick air pollution the capital cities green cover however is only increasing even if it's only the open forest category of fortis with the less dense canopy this means that he continues to be home to rich biodiversity or flora and fauna one nonprofit organization in the city is making sure its residents are well acquainted with the natural treasures that he holds. the. bellies colorful and the crocked around 19000000 people live here he stops to give him. 1000 more people come here every day from all over the world delhi has the
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highest proportion of migrants of all indian cities but the sense of p.c.'s and connection to one's new in one seems to grow slowly. that is something the team behind the internet blog daily greens knows only too well they gain hardly any supporters for the environmental campaign for the young. so they have to come of the solution according to the greens found saying. new life the city doesn't have a stake or you know and then it's missing in states or the places and law for a lot of discussions. we're going to project back to the urban eco tourism project and the object of this when you go to the project is through big people who are living in l.a. for 203040 years and big name wonders when you could do them experience showed them the many systems i was in that supported them and can run them and transform them
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into. the biodiversity park is one of the biggest attractions of delhi's i could to approach it in campuses about 10000 hectares. for young. scientist suppose watches the fall when he started his work here in the land along the banks was bad news about it is simply somebody asked me that. during the election and actually in many fist oh no political party has put the environment as a priority you have asked broader or your boss hospital you have asked metro government have given you everything but you have not miller that you need. you need the dolphin should be jumping you need a very bad there are 72 piece of that you need to even be a lot of migrating birds you never asked so this part is a please with if you pull leg open bring. a lot of students and other
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people from the society they get to the police questions how to frame questions how to design a question because question becomes very important your life and in the scientific world also when you design an experiment you least many many christians invited down. the deli. found it going to be years ago it all started with a blog to this day go and sing growing it and it whenever he comes across environmental problems. in the 1st blog post 1st published in march 2007 and then it will be published on interesting stories you know got the momentum it's actually i mean there was a. segment that had been spotted in january so there was a friend of ours who was spotted in the scene a professor and he shared the photograph and also many and then immediately asked permission and posted in the blog saying look a common bombs haven't spotted in any and then at the end when i buy it i was going
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to pick up a snake and this for information and for you know the fact that you know how the park was being really showed the photograph in us and we immediately took it the mission and then publish it on the blog saying look this is what it's all about it's not just you know and it's also about and by that it's not just people it's all to having biodiversity and i. love to become a campaign by page for an environmental action the reason. some things on his grave one day that he did not like it on. one fine day we were walking back to university from the field and we found that all the trees in the university had been numbered and they would also numbered in any brutal manner so this marking old box had been scraped off and a number had been written on all the trees each tree had a unique number of cars so we went to various offices of the university to find out what's happening and then somebody said we don't know who's done this but. it is a given knowledge the number of trees that we probably fell in later. so there. and
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then. there's an. on. the blog about the inappropriate making of the trees and the plans to cut them down aroused people's interest that's how the university's management found out and halted the plans to cut down the trees. deli greens and the luck the brits have now made a name for themselves as experts today they visit the garbage dump in brewery about an drive away from the city center residents complained to the organization about the down. it suspected that the dump is illegal and that the people who live in the neighborhood at risk of developing health problems.
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trying to recycle. the problem but we were concerned about is that. because the amount of dust it is the. action of one of the vets and information channel about environmental issues like delhi greens has read as throughout india. already about 1200 people have taken part in. the delhi youth comment on climate change and the campaign to promote segregation in projects. as you know was called and used like the one oriental apartment in north west delhi's rohini district where new role materials are created from recycled waste. are almost on the lookout for those initiatives which workforce. effectively it's money spent and once i finish it even if i was. a woman
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we heard that there was this one company. and is now. and has made an. oriental apartments so music from. delhi greens is a nonprofit organization financed by donations and the revenues from its workshops . with the funding and my members tried to make a little bit more livable. now regularly ecosystems like the ones in the biodiversity park has a variety of plants and animals big for example the red crested book the large duck breeds in southern europe and central asia and makes its way all the way to delhi for the winter but what makes the wetlands saw attractive this experience will help you answer that question. spread over a combined area of 12100000 square kilometers from the far north to the far south
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there is an ecosystem that is richer than even rain forests wetlands. they support at least 100000 species of animal. what makes wetlands the most productive among all the ecosystems on the planet. to appreciate why that is it's important to 1st understand what makes a wetland. firstly continuous saturation by surface or ground water for most of the year secondly characteristic vegetation with a question of plants thirdly a unique type of substrate known as heidrick soil. it is the sponge like ability of the wetland to withstand different levels of water that makes it more productive than other ecosystems the physical properties of heidrick soil in one to absorb a higher proportion. of nutrients that makes wetlands home to many rare and endangered
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species of terrestrial and aquatic plants and animals that are found in no other ecosystem. there is also a natural flow through and filtration system of nutrients a characteristic unique to wetlands. it's these properties that help called grass in a salt marsh for instance to produce more plant material and store more energy per acre than any agricultural crop. healthy wetlands are crucial to all wildlife and humans throughout the world many birds use wetlands as a pit stop in their long distance migration many animals there to reproduce wetlands provide great volumes of food especially the species that form the base of the food where acting as natural water purifiers they absorb many pollutants in surface waters their ability to trap and retain water protects land against floods
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and the impact of storms of the 600000000 people are dependent on wetlands for fisheries and farming rice which is grown in wetland is the staple diet of nearly 3000000000 people what is worrying is that the world may have lost as much as 87 percent of its wetland since the years 1703 times the rate at which natural forests have been lost not only a wetlands a vital source of biodiversity they are also a source of livelihood for one out of 7 people on earth that means protecting all regions worldwide where water meets land brings benefits for all for the environment and the economy. now whatever your life situation gave you the option to save or to take any of that environmentally conscious decision various lobbies are working against you to prevent that from happening a fascinating give you that experience. as it's called challenges to strike
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a balance between protecting the environment and pursuing your interests. this game is about climate change and the politics involved players build black factories or eco friendly green ones the dice can ruin a. players economy it all depends on a cart and the natural disaster it represents. it was important for us to designs the games that you are doing socially best thing we wanted to reproduce the real world tension so when you have the oil industry card in the beginning you need to play for the oil industry to win while if you have so green growth card you need to produce green growth. when germany's climate politics are played out and where german scientists are continuing to develop the game keep cool to give players a peek into the world of climate policy. clowes eisenach is an expert on the
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economics of climate change and one of the brains behind keep cool i was always a game into the just so i could see swings to bring it in if you look in the real world climate change policies what's going on it's like a game. and as in the real world this game pits different players against each other. and it changes and serious issues but being afraid of it it's not the solution you need to creativity to solve the problems we have and the game is one way. that can games really help us to combat issues like climate change and industry lobby gnc on their studies the science behind toys and games. leaders and media. gamers are a medium that allows us to learn about new subjects. in the learning impact is in direct because the point is also to have fun. when we look at these games and play
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them as an emotional involvement. so it's possible that we take that experience with us into the real world to. the humble the university is one of countless bad news hosting balance that neuroscience institute open. right and events where researchers present their work new technologies experiments and games. there's also a mobile version of keep cool. students here play with climate enthusiasm from all over the world in english or in 4 other languages. the mobile phone gives you control over how to develop your city. i think it's a great simulation and it really shows you all the intricacies of different interest. standing in the way of climate change this is just it so maybe there is very different things in reality players also have to factor in rising
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temperatures just like in reality green factories are black the choices that and our climate change is one of the big threats we have in the 21st century and be every huge urgency to deal with this problem and we have lost too much time already i think we need to get the message that we need to do stuff individually that we need to change all behavior but it's the same so if you also need to have political change going on we need to engage and cooperate globally in class and his team have funding to take that game to the next level they just hope it can inspire players globally to make a change in the real world. shifting focus now poverty illiteracy a lack of awareness and an absence of better know the services for farmers in india's eastern state of it into their animal wonderful to be a sphere to the seizes the farmers often priests and quacks of the windage who
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killed their animals and german animal welfare charity w p g is trying to bring a shift in the mindset of the tribal areas of the state where the community manage program for the long term improvement of the health of the animals. from. what it about one of. it is sick and these. families live. fortunately a team of mobile rates has come to. the lymph nodes are stored and probably because of an infection so the cow is given an antibiotic injection. the veterinarians came to our rescue they treated us sick animals. there is no other animal clinic here. they treated my sick go give the animal medicine and now all is that. the mobile rats are funded by w d g a german animal
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welfare and you get things travel to places where there is no where the studios of red really care or where it is too expensive places like some of the village in the eastern indian a state of. news that ins are i will have to spring foremost be a small fee for treatment the skin diseases and parasites a common sometimes the animals need surgery the vets get this pharma spray that can treat lice over. you know these are people's individual households own livestock for many families livestock on an important supplementary income source it's a poor region malnutrition means animals are vulnerable to disease preventive measures against diseases such as foot and mouth disease which is widespread here are can. be very good if you love pretty well if they keep livestock at home we had 20 to 22
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cattle washed away by the recent cycle and they are fairly. well i have. been needed treatment for the remaining animals today i got medicine for my animals. a few kilometers away in my heart. here the reps are training family how to keep their animals healthy. the. activity around 70 locations and. partnering with the local animal welfare organization. the poor country poorest parts of india so in this way or do we are providing right now to talk based on a modern serious ones. he will if yards away out of. here in this bone the training has led to changes it used to be that mosquitoes and flies made animals restless and carry disease.
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today mosquito nets keep the best out. used to have cars and fields for farming but badly affected by the cycle. because money and other disorders i had problems my 25 cards died. the remaining animals are all healthy today animal health one tears like good money better are trained and provide medical care once the victory millions are gone the volunteers are given the basic kit with medications. and bandages. if any cows or sheep have any kind of problem their owners call me and i reach out to them immediately and provide medicines that. the w.b. g.
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has trained more than 40 of these animal health will interiors over the past year in india. nearly 4000 farmers have taken part in the training courses dealing with an immigration and care like. this with the new knowledge they'll be able to ensure the veldt for of the livestock and their own livelihood as. again music and care to help bring about change we travel to the couple of us through teaching in the south of children here are helping their parents often farmers to raise that awareness you have the cultural method with the help of songs and one piece and the results seem encouraging take a look. just a few more stitches and this hand puppet will be ready. for a play these children are putting on tomorrow and they have to be sure they know their lines. the play was written by
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participants in a workshop on sustainable farming and the children contributed some ideas of their own. then we have to protect the forest they say by growing plants that are good for the soil and then we cause less damage. than you want to. an hour's drive away in the mountains the scene of a landslide one of many there's widespread deforestation here there aren't enough trees left to stabilise the soil with their roots they've been replaced by corn to grow corn you have to plow the fields but that loosens the soil which can then easily slip downhill. the nearest large town to just rami is cup of us 2 siddhartha gautama grew up nearby he later became known as the boarder the enlightened one he taught that people are responsible for themselves now you are allowed to ask for help. so what is. tell. you the american
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n.-g. o. rare organizes workshops for farmers and local politicians on sustainable farming methods. they cover the ins and outs of organic farming and how to market the new products. the aim is to restructure farming here. this is where the young pup or tears have a part to play. when they talk about think that this is only meant for the children but when it is. and they. love. this is a very powerful and long it's a very. and. i think it would do a lot. back in the mountains my a bun judie is the mother of garnish one of the young property is his at school
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right now while his father sprays his corn with insecticide he knows it's highly toxic but says he has no alternative. we know it's bad financial and for our health but we can only harvest enough corn if we use the insecticide. we had people you know so you know. it is. produced. within the. mohan blues r. and his wife likes me are 2 such champions they now make an organic pesticide with cows urine leaves and herbes it's a natural way of protecting their crops from a range of pests and diseases like. if. they're still growing corn but now they also grow spices like ginger which don't
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require plowing that reduces the risk of soil erosion. the seeds are planted on the surface and covered with a little hay being turmeric or ginger the farmers hope to earn good money with their new crops one advantage is that these plants should be able to withstand the expected changes to the climate. we can see that the climate is changing the rain has become less reliable. but ginger yams and tamarack grow even when there's not much rain where. the big day has arrived for our young property is. but 1st more humble result talks about what he learned at the workshop. tells the audience how the new kinds of plants can help prevent landslides. at least half the village has come for the event including my about johnny. carson ganesh introduces the puppet play.
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the monkey complains about the destruction of the forest and the young girl in the cow explain how women can protect the soil with sustainable farming. a serious message charmingly conveyed. that i didn't know you could also use. and neighbor knows more about it. perhaps we'll try it. then the workshop participants sing a song they wrote themselves to inspire enthusiasm to pursue the changes that are so urgently needed to ensure that people can live here in safety. i hope you enjoyed that story and. will be back with many more. until that
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the bus.
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strong women in africa. the battle against horrific violence. physical and sexual abuse and tradition. in many countries in africa women and girls are still subject to terrifying atrocities. but they're fighting back.
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how it is time on taste to. correspondents on the coast maybe only. for the various flavors of the crazy hours the fusion and fun tasty taipei starts september 1st on. take it personally. with all the wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. become more than football on mine. people say force. is a dangerous. floods and droughts climate change become the main
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driver of mass migration you could not write any are going to fix medicine you want and probably more the federal. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. .
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all we can be the generation that ends it for good men leiria must die so millions can live. turkey's defense ministry says 3 people have been killed and 12 wounded in an answer targeting a turkish military convoy in northwestern syria the convoy was on the way to a key rebel held area where reportedly the syrian army is currently engaged in fierce fighting trying to regain territory at last in 2014. a salvadorian court has acquitted a woman previously convicted of murder after having a miscarriage evelyn hernandez had been raped in.


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