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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin the climax in italy's game of thrones this is just have become defense to address the senate in the hope of staying in power the other key here and this can be bill seen is mocktails salvini he's accused of trying to bring down condit and take over the government himself or to coming up. places of worship become places of slaughter in
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a village that many religious centers targeted by terrorists laws religions gather in germany to debate their social and political response abilities. and if you're feeling blue go green an academic study has found that there's nothing better than a bracing walk in the park too high to have. shot and welcome. it's really could soon be without a government the country's parliament is due to hold a confidence vote in the coming hours on prime minister just sepic on day kong is expected to address lawmakers shortly amid speculation that he could resign before the vote he's facing a leadership challenge from the rightwing office. governing coalition far right
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interior minister. threw the coalition into chaos when he reduced support for the government and demanded snap elections salvini hopes new elections could see him become the next prime minister. in that story and a soon as it comes in there but 1st let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world. migrants are jumping off the spanish humanitarian rescue ship. in a desperate bid to show they've been blocked from entering port for 19 days deteriorating conditions italy's hardline interior minister few sports access to the ship. an armed man is holding dozens of people hostage on a public bus in rio de janeiro and threatening to set the vehicle on fire brazilian police say the man to 37 people hostage on tuesday morning at least 6 hostages have
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been released so far. russia and china have warned that a u.s. myside test on sunday has heightened miter tensions and risks fucking an arms race washington said it had tested a new medium range cruise missile the test comes just weeks off the u.s. mcgrew from a treaty with moscow that banned all land based missiles let's return now to our top story in italy where a vote of confidence is due to take place i have on the line our correspondent max in so let's if the government collapses today where will this leave italy because we know that a vote of confidence is due but it's it has to take place. rita there's there's a few options how this could play out today the prime minister counter is about to address the senate
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a after his speech there is no direct no immediate vote of confidence that he will go to the presidential palace right after the debate and talk to the president is that it's all up to the 2 person author rela to decide to either try and find a new governing coalition and this could happen tomorrow where he could talk to the other parties or again he could call for snap elections with could this could take place tobar and november until then prime minister concer would stay in charge but then called also could wait for the no confidence vote to happen resign after that so there also is a chance that started like i could get back together this probably would only happen if somebody doesn't go through with the no confidence vote so all options are still on the table all options to at the table for now but and new coalition could shake out into the ministry much to solving the out of power not destined reason he's been wanting to have the snap elections what is his plan actually. so
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it's always thought this was at the gates to come to power and easy way to profit from his popularity. not just bringing down the government and then calling for to elections in the property from that but you simply does not have the numbers right now without new elections to form. governing coalition of his own so the 5 star coalition which is stronger than agree pretty good actually form a coalition with a. party of the center left party and they could focus even more colorful government so that will be it in the end so he would stand there without a plan having lost at his own game so we have to see how that would pans out max and to thank you very much for that update from jill. and of course we'll keep an eye on that story and bring you the latest a soon as it becomes available now in a year when places of worship across the globe seem to have become particular targets of terrorist attacks the once biggest interfaith assembly in is meeting in
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southern germany the $900.00 representatives from many religions are debating their responsibilities in society and in politics with special emphasis on the role of women in bringing about peace president from germany delivered the keynote at the was assembly of religions of peace. is at the assembly in the town of linda i am 1st to tell us why this interfaith conference is so important. as you've mentioned there are oval over 900 senior religious leaders here today in lindau's but the sheer number is not what it is not the only reason why it's a big deal in this instability the most inclusive religious gathering in the world and certainly being at the opening ceremony this morning one can see the sheer diversity of the attendees this is on the one hand on the other hand this this
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assembly really has a focus on women and young people so in addition to bringing these very senior religious leaders they have a chance to listen to the young people that are here and listen to the women that are here because these 2 groups are often the 1st a the 1st to be affected when when conflict breaks out at any part of the world one could see that that was really the message of the assembly today as it was there was the opening address by president bush time mayor but also there was a interim faith prayer by children and basically they pleaded to the world leaders that they that they that they pay attention to the decisions that they're making because at the end of the day it is their generation that has to bear the brunt of these decisions essentially and i are defeat it seems and also be discussing how to protect places of worship at a time when attacks on some science appear to be on the rise before we talk for the let's take a look at how some religious science has been targeted. disbelief
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in christ church new zealand. it's march 29000 and a white supremacist has just shot dead 51 people in consecutive attacks at a mosque and an islamic center in the city. what is especially horrific many of the victims were killed or injured while praying the mosque a place of peace turned into a site of slaughter soon after the u.n. secretary general makes this play i am making a global call kenya for the sanctity of all places of worship and the safety of all worshippers who views it reverent sides 1 in a spirit of compassion and dollars. people everywhere must be allowed to observe and practice their face in peace. yet just several weeks later on easter sunday terrorists carry out attacks in lanka among the targets
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a christian churches nearly 260 people are killed. churches or other places of worship are not immune from violence on the contrary attacks on religious sites are commonplace all over the world. in october 28th teen a gunman killed 11 people cheering prayers at a synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania it saw terrorists target congregations to kill as many people as possible but killing people at their place of worship also sends another message that religious communities are at risk even when they're remotely supposed to be a place of sanctuary. was. so high as we saw places of worship are coming under attack the delegates of many big problems to deal with now what is being planned there how to deal with these issues today. well every time i mean almost all of the delegates that i've spoken to today they are aware of the
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size of the problems that the regions face because of faith at times and it seems that these challenges are being tackled head on in at the conference here there are so-called peace consultations that are be go at that are going to take place throughout the 4 days of the conference and they bring senior religious leaders from countries that are now in conflict because of religion so one peace consultation will be between me and maher and bangladesh to discuss the crisis and the possible conditions for the return of these refugees and another consultation involves north korea and south korean religious leaders to try and see what can be done to create a nuclear free korean peninsula of course these are very high level talks with very senior religious leaders and it remains to be seen how they might translate into action but the workshop but the assembly is also organizing a number of workshops that have to do more with the grassroots level i met women
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yesterday from the middle east and north africa region who have recently. launched an initiative in jordan a solidarity initiative to empower syrian refugee women not the so that they wouldn't feel excluded from the host who society so i as you said this is an interfaith gathering what are they collectively hoping to achieve what is the key message that they want to give to the world. i think that for many of the delegates that i've spoken to you know they are kind of they're not happy with the fact that religion is often perceived as a precursor of conflict and violence and they want to come together to try according to them to find the commonalities between the multiple religions that are represented here at the assembly but also it's very action oriented so you have a lot of young people here that are attending workshops yesterday i got to attend one for young religious leaders to better to use social media to send their message
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but also some of the women that i met yesterday said you know it's important for especially from the middle east that we have this ability that we come here and that we are able to network with other women of faith from across the world to see that you know we can make a change with our religion. right i am at the religion school peace assembly in lindau southern germany thank you very much. you're watching the news coming up ahead goal is at the heart of an election campaign in the german student got it but it's the major employer look at how the far right if t. is fighting to keep the industry going against government plans to close it down. but 1st in a landmark case in the door a young woman whose baby was found dead off she gave birth has been cleared of mud a village and none this has always maintained her innocence she says she did not
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know that she was pregnant and lost consciousness during the birth a case has been closely watched for dried scoops calling for a critical and for a change in el salvador stuff antiabortion. freedom for evelyn hernandez after 3 years behind bars a court in san salvador acquitted the young woman of aggravated homicide charges she had been serving a 30 year sentence. planck's by her supporters a moment of huge relief. thank you for being here and thank god justice was done i also want to express my gratitude to those who have protested on might be half as well as my supporters and other countries and i want to thank my mother for it being there for me all along. all of. hernandez had been imprisoned after suffering
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a miscarriage and being found guilty of murdering her unborn child. the woman's lawyers argued she had been raped and was unaware of her pregnancy when an emergency at home resulted in a stillbirth woman convicted under el salvador's draconian anti abortion law usually face sentences of 2 to 8 years but often those who seek medical treatment after a miscarriage are charged with aggravated homicide. and 2017 commandos was sentenced to prison but in february el salvador supreme court overturned the ruling for lack of evidence over the past years the struggle of evelyn hernandez has become a symbol for women's rights movement and the fight for a more lenient abortion policy in all of latin america that's why scores of activists outside the courthouse celebrated the ruling as a collective victory and a long overdue step in the right direction. in less than
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2 weeks voters in the states of saxony and brandenburg go to the polls in 2 closely watched elections that's because in both states the father if tea party could become the strongest one pushing embellished bodies the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. into the background so what's giving the if he can be extra appeal the last major wealth producer in the economically weak. veach and now the f.d.a. wants to keep going fired power plants in operation one c.d.u. and the s.p.d. have decided they must go with thousands of people employed in the coal industry b. if this position is popular in their region. it's half past 3 and stephan kubicki is under pressure he needs to order a crane. and it's me again what kind of crane doing the kind of one was it again what. works in
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a coal fired power plant in the eastern german region of loose asia. lately he's been managing his election campaign qubits he wants to represent the far right alternative for germany party or a f.t. in brandenburg state parliament. 10 years ago i never would have thought that i would get into politics so to speak and with this involved i could have gone fishing and already taken my dog for a walk i could have had a lot easier it's tough to be in the a.f.d. . hostile to you on your point of but the f.d.a. is popular here germany's phase out of coal fired power plants has many people here worried and the a.f.d. backs coal power which is practically the region's only source of income the party thrives on frustration with germany's mainstream parties or. whatever they've done for the last 30 years they make most people sick people don't believe in all the
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promises being made again just before the election. and. after the collapse of communist east germany many people moved to the west sense then the center left social democrats have governed the state of brandenburg. but since the emergence of the a.f.d. many voters deny climate change and use fear mongering to stir up xenophobia this party that's been tied to the nao nazis could become the most powerful force in the former east only a few people here are willing to comment on the f.t.'s rise in popularity school i was in good hands on where they want to go. we won't know until they're in power. then it may be too late but it is my sincere. a.f.d. candidate stephan kubicki who could lure s.p.d. voters to his camp dismisses concerns that his far right party is to extremist.
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when george says issue of what they have something in the f.t. became an acceptable knightly out fast but i don't think that's an issue about adobe commish you mean a far right trend yes that's always the assumption that there isn't one it's well informed and yet some of qubits key's own friends and family criticized him when he joined the f.t. . my family was divided some other relatives 2 were really surprised and some were horrified they said man you're a decent guy how can you join the. concert and. even so other parties have been losing ground to the a.f.d. but not the environmentalist greens they've won supporters on the issue of the climate crisis and say they don't know why eastern germans vote for the far right.
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people are doing well and that's why they're willing to do ridiculous experiments we have 3 percent unemployment and our district is at the top compared with others . but when it comes to the f.d.a. they act crazy and take risks. with us he. has nothing to offer and they don't contribute to solving any problems at all they just make vulgar complaints about their discontent. hearkens this evening another drawn out complaint. a.f.d. party leader alexander galland made an announcement he thrives on polarizing community staff and also knows how to score points with this crowd. the funniest question was what do i think of the climate activist great to turn
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back i was taken aback so i answered i drive a v 8 with 388 horse power do i still have to answer this question. but the party chief gets even more applause added i'm going to ladies and gentlemen if the f.d.a. governs brandenburg we will patrol our borders again. when. we're not even dear friends even if that means things get ugly many voters say gellman's unvarnished frankness compliment steffen could be more amiable style. talks so much like ordinary people other politicians use more of a parliamentary language he talks like the workers in the power plant and of course people really like it. the f.d.a. can do what it wants in eastern germany at least it's set to become the party of
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the people. yes press and donald trump s course is still with this tweet about his reported interest in buying greenland which is a semi autonomous to denmark trump treated an image of the chump talers writing i promise not to do this to greenland the some twitter user praised chunks humor others were scathing in their criticism the leaders of both greenland and denmark have underlined that the territory is not for sale but they have plenty of reasons might want to fly the us flag their. prime location unrivaled views in a great neighborhood for a man who made his fortune through real estate deals this must sound very attractive u.s. president donald trump says his country is interested in buying the world's biggest island greenland. sensually it's a large real estate deal lot of things could be done so hurting denmark very badly
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because they're losing almost $700000000.00 a year there and so they carry it at a great loss and strategically for the united states it would be nice president trump has done the math denmark pays for up to half of greenland's annual budget and that figure comes to around $700.00. 1000000 u.s. dollars greenland is a semi autonomous region belonging to denmark greenland to sit in the danish parliament and sometimes the danish prime minister comes to the capital nuke she's been there since sunday as part of a visit that she insists was planned some time ago. but every. 2 things 1st of all are not currently in greenland because of trump i would have come here anyway i totally agree with prime minister kim keels and that of course greenland is not for sale by the way greenland is not danish greenland is greenlandic can kill since that are quite clear greenland will not be solved the
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same of this rich fossil record. 56000 people live on the island fishing and tourism of the main industries but it is thought that huge mineral deposits lie on the rocks and ice many islanders hope that developing these roll materials will help the territory get richer climate change means the ice is melting this makes mining more attractive in areas that used to be inaccessible a sale to the u.s. right now could be a bad idea that's because the big a deal is still to come. news from the world of football majesty united have called on social media companies to do more after the midfielder paul. suffered racial abuse online french was covering up all but missed a penalty during you not it's one or drop a ball over hamilton wondrous on monday he subsequently received abuse on social media in a statement united said they take the strongest course of action against those
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involved adding quote we also encourage social media companies to take action in these cases i know it's no surprise to see leon and messy and zlatan make the shortlist for the good of the air but this year at the name of billie simpson to that stellar list simpson plays for. to ladies in the northern ireland women's league she volleyed this donna from inside her own half again see on swift's last summer a simpson is about 3 women making up that 10 list the winner will be announced at the fifo offical avoids next. after you want to say happy go green a new study from the us has found that a good walk in the park is an excellent way fatalities to get rid of the blues the or knew that already of course but the research has the notably virgin state of the
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law and took an innovative approach to reach their conclusions have a life can be hard in the concrete jungle and increasingly research is revealing that greenery and open spaces can have a big impact on how urban dwellers feel but how to show that spending time in a park makes you happier in their new study researchers from the university of vermont in the u.s. turn to a popular social media platform twitter and an online tool called a heat and ometer which has been used to analyze billions of tweets the 2 ranks common words typed into the short electronic messages on a scale from one to 9 and assigns them a score words like happy and flowers score high while words like crash and jail scored low the researchers focused on almost 5000 twitter users in san francisco who publicly identify their location the scientists geotagged and analyze tweets from when and where the user spent time the he nominee then spat out
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a score on those tweets and the scientists analyze changes and sentiment before during and after the twitter users spent time in green spaces the results show tweet happiness scores rose dramatically for the users and parks in fact they were equivalent to scores only otherwise averaged across the social media platform on one day a year christmas. as vast numbers of people move to urban centers and the number of city dwellers who suffer from mental health disorders grow sharply proof that green spaces can make you feel like it's christmas could have major implications for both city planning and public health. finally it's been dubbed the brick mattress migration of 2019 the day's strong winds created a viral video sensation. in the u.s. did of colorado big dozens of m. actresses that had to portray lead being laid out for an open air movie night
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captured on video by a local resident they've created across the pocket and finally found a resting place in a pub next time. you're watching the news coming up next on news. ridge on the streets of indonesia's eastern most provinces accusations of racism have triggered drives that. doesn't roll coming up shortly.
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s.o.s. europe. it's in crisis. if it's to have a future it will meet champions young champions. make sure to transfer the country's going to. your fine chancellor the train
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station sure. didn't stand a chance. and they saved a good team in idea going to. get money to stand up for european values and contribute to something important to upset. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. e prison clear up at its most fascinating at its most exciting. most creative cooking class trying to taste innovative brilliant charming. thinking. and feel is a stable. place good. song t w.
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i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room cinema it was hard. i even got white hair. and the gym language hit me a lot this gives me a little push maybe 2 in truckloads of say you want to know their story the muslims are fighting and reliable information for migrants. this is the the good news a shot coming up on the program cracking down on tried dolls disinflation campaign social media. it's like those behind me vilified and targeted hong kong's protesters and now facebook and twitter taking action has the damage already been done. and protests against racism in indonesia thousands demonstrate the
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country's eastern most provinces after police detained some top one students culpable is the indonesian government for the right.


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