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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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they saved the european idea. from i guess i'm here to stand up for european values and contribute to something important. to the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. british prime minister forrest johnson is expected in berlin today for talks with the german chancellor as fears mounted to europe's borders can he get last minute concessions from europe's most powerful woman to avoid a no deal breaker. and allies have come under fire in germany today bosses are meeting with german chancellor merkel in leipsic to discuss what the industry can do to help fight global warming. also on the show the czech prime minister under a bob this is facing protests over his involvement with scandalised company that.
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this is the new business as and berlin welcome british prime minister boris johnson is expected here in berlin today seeking support from to reopen parts of the brics it negotiations otherwise the controversial pm threatens his country will leave without a deal on october 31st but even the most hard line breaks it is in his government now seems to have realized what a heartbreak is it could mean for the budget colony as one insider told our reporter it's going to be hell. the trucks are still rolling swiftly through the port of dover but soon there could be long traffic jams at the end of october britain intends to leave the e.u. with or without a deal prime minister boris johnson never tires of stretching but a break shit without a deal would definitely mean customs controls in ports like dover and long waiting times $10000.00. 220-030-0053 can you imagine
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it's going to be. hell for everybody that's going to bankrupt the british economy fears of serious economic consequences in the event of a no deal brigs that are growing not only here in dover last weekend secret government documents were revealed they warn shortages of food medicines and petrol in the event of a no deal brags that the fears are not exaggerated when you consider the formalities that are common for goods in customs clearance with countries outside the e.u. internal market. everybody doing papers like me. or . not our job is that too much time meanwhile the brakes of supporters in the new british government still hope to renegotiate the divorce agreement they don't seem to have a plan b you appear to be putting up a barrier is the saying they don't want to talk i'm sure they will change their
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mind i hope they will change their mind but we are ready to leave all over the 31st deal new deal in a 4 page letter boris johnson has just made demands on the e.u. but demands are not it doesn't look like new negotiations are on the horizon. let's talk about that with our correspondent comrades booze in the who's the frankfurt stock exchange for us come out as merkel is meeting jones today discussing to avoid a no deal breaks in our markets confident that this can still be achieved. not very. you know boris johnson keeps insisting that the sovereignty of the united kingdom is at stake he seems to ignore that also ireland's sovereignty is at stake and of course the european union too has to make sure that its sovereignty is respected its territory its borders and all things also of course the rule of law at its borders so it's not very likely that common ground can be found quickly here
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meanwhile people here in german businesses are really nervous at what the outcome can be 100000 german jobs are said to be in jeopardy if it comes to a break said it's very likely that chancellor merkel today will want to know from boris johnson what he intends to do to secure those german jobs meanwhile also we're getting reports from the united kingdom that her majesty's chancellor of the exchequer tries to make sure that businesses in the u.k. can continue to do business with europe they about 240000 jobs will be getting special certifications numbers that they need in order to do business with europe after a break that a hard one or a soft one contribution from france thank you. well the back in germany allies have come under fire both from consumers and politicians and industry bosses are set to meet with chancellor merkel later today in light sic
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germans i increasingly worried about the environmental impact of their holiday flights there's even a new german word for that through shane of flying that's because planes emit more carbon dioxide for the distance travelled than any other form of transport on average around 200 in one grams of the gas per kilometer travelled that's higher than cars with which average 139 grams per kilometer and over 5 times the emissions for train trip and c o 2 isn't the only emission that has an impact on the environment at high altitude particles that jet and engines exhaust come forms so-called contrails and several stresses clouds which also are said to contribute to global warming and the number of flights within europe is growing steadily last year there were fewer than $10000000.00 of them between destinations
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on the continent per year that is expected to more than double by 2050 to $25000000.00 so it's high time to talk and our reporter kate ferguson is absent that meeting in light sic kate aviation doesn't seem to have the best reputation right now in germany it seems to be particularly bad why is that. well once upon a tie in the aviation industry was associated with glamorous voyages facilitating cultural exchanges and international business these days the 1st thing you might associate with flying is climate change and there's a really good reason for that as you mentioned already here's a concrete example of just how big the environmental impact of flying is if you were to take a rank trip between london and new york you would it make it more c o 2 than the average e.u. citizen does he sing their home for an entire year and of course statistics like
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that has really added fuel to the loop in this flight shaming that you mentioned already and the german aviation industry hasn't responded too well to that it's come out quite defensive and even defiant earlier this month the lobby group the german aviation association came out with quite a provocative statement they said they were ready to scrap all internal flights in germany on one condition and that condition was that the country's national rail operator deutsche bahn were in a position to replace those services now of course toward japan certainly isn't in a position to fill that gap and the message there from the aviation industry was that air travel is not going away yeah definitely is not going away neither will climate change where is the industry gone from here. well i think one thing that lawmakers and industry insiders here can agree on is that
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there should be less emphasis on getting people to stop flying because it's not realistic air travel demand is actually rising in the next 2 decades passenger numbers are expected to double to 8000000000 annually so that's not the right strategy but what they do want to do is limit the environmental impact of of flying and there are a couple of ways of doing that one of them is to build lighter weight aircraft another one is to look at alternative biofuels and then in the longer term there's also electric mobility the car industry has already embraced it and in the next few decades we might see the same happening in the aviation industry as well and while people will probably continue to fly in planes there's main not be as much reason for cargo to do so you're ready seeing a lot of companies including ours on experiment with drones so it's likely that in the future we'll see a lot more of them flying around as well. ferguson for us thank you.
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on august $21968.00 russian times invaded the former czechoslovakia to crush the emerging resistance against the socialist rulers on the wednesday there will be a demonstration to commemorate the day of the end of the so-called frog spring but at the same time participants want to demonstrate against him the current prime minister andre bobbies protesters claim he's abused the power of his office and that he's trying to prevent investigations into the business our growth or misuse of e.u. subsidies is. one of agra for its cornerstone industries as agriculture the conglomerate was founded by current czech prime minister andre bandish now an e.u. report says the company might have to repay around 17400000 euros in subsidies it received from the block the investigations are still ongoing bobbish has been
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accused by critics of exerting influence to get the funds allocated referred is also active in the chemicals and baked goods sectors. organizes demonstrations against bobbish he says the prime minister has clear conflicts of interest he says that he is not the owner of company but european audit shows i don't he still is the beneficent of this company and he still has influence on the company and that's really the problem he got money from european union and also from czech state and i think that's not acceptable the demonstrations mean a organizes are growing larger and larger the protesters accused the prime minister of using his political office for personal profit many fear he's obstructing courts in an effort to prevent further investigations. i think the demonstrations are good and i'm in favor of civil society getting active and taking action if there are grievances. everyone's talking about a conflict of interest i'd like them to show me where it is. despite the numerous
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accusations bubblicious party won 21.4 percent of the vote in the last european elections i preferred has annual sales of around 6000000000 euros journalist david trauma has investigated the conglomerate and says agra for it is increasingly financing operations with very short term loans from china because european banks are pulling out so the situation of that is getting diverse. and that profit went down from 300 a 1000000 a little us 4 years ago to 65000000 a year or so last year old the debt is growing very quickly mainly bankrolls. expressions are from european commission and opposition and to non-government organization related to conflict of interest of mr bobbitt at the moment no money at all is flowing from brussels to agra for
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a time in prague it's still quiet on the streets here but soon thousands of people will gather again to demonstrate against the prime minister. and that's it for me and the whole business. as usual for more business news features and analysis to check out our rather comprehensive website that's d.w. dot com slash business and make sure to follow us on social media we're on facebook and twitter said you now for us in culture with robin up next right after this quick roundup of global markets at this hour let's focus.
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and the music. to. 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. your. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture singer songwriter james blake slate his tour is about to kick off more about him in a minute also coming up in the next quarter of an. a russian like design company creating 3 d. illuminations around the world. and this week we're profiling some of europe's top line mobs today charles bridge.
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he's going to be one of those soft is saying is it popular music british artists james blake a specialist in melancholy and subtle tons. of he's much admired by other artists can you west is called his favorite artist and he's collaborated with the likes of jay z. and beyonce his songs of thanks and insecurity and his vulnerable male vocals of also struck a note was so many millennia else is new album assume full sees a bit of a change as it's apparent he's old. he's one of the most desired collaborators in the music biz james blake helped shape beyoncé his album lemonade and kendrick lamar's dam. and a duet with spain's pop sensation of rosalia also looms large on his current album .


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