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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2019 4:45pm-5:00pm CEST

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and why firefighters in thailand's capital bangkok a movie scene dealing with snakes than extinguishing actual fire. come to do their business asia want to get jones and good to have you with us i'm starting with something of a surprise chinese internet commerce platform alibaba has delayed its listing on the hong kong stock market amidst the ongoing protests there the company a chinese version of amazon is currently listed on wall street and was estimated to raise another $15.00 to $20000000000.00 by issuing out shares in hong kong it's unclear when the listing growth curve but insiders see the timing of the withdrawal as crucial some say it could send a signal to the rest of the world on the state of hong kong as a business and financial center. well for more on that story let's bring in our business correspondent in singapore under a hangar andrea what is the region making of ali baba's sudden decision to cancel
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the hong kong listing. i think that asian markets won't direct were not directly hit by this news because i think the general consensus is that people understand why this landmark listing had to be delayed and they seem pretty optimistic also the ali baba will go through with it eventually infect the c.e.o. of the hong kong stock exchange was quoted as saying last week that he's confident companies will. will come home to hong kong and that they will find a home in hong kong he just didn't know when and he sent this without alluding to ali baba because technically the listing is confidential all right but we wish to talk to a representative of german business in hong kong yesterday and he told us that despite the unrest there it's more or less business as usual but on the bus move just now seems to tell
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a different story doesn't it. it does and you know what monica ali baba's move to do this is actually a very smart move imagine if they had gone ahead with this thing this month it's going to be seen as being giving a big gift to hong kong and that's almost certainly going to annoy beijing now ali baba could also be waiting for us trading volumes to stabilize because they just finished the sale of this 11 percent stake in the tub which is a yahoo offshoots now the a lot of analysts are speculating that the new listing could be up as early as october and this is this date is based on the presumption that things will die down by then and analysts say that this date could also be taken as a sign by investors to take a look and come out of hiding and bring back the robust activity to the hong kong markets you know right under their reporting from singapore thank you.
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turning to aviation because airlines have come under criticism here in germany both from consumers and politicians and that is why industry bosses are meeting with chancellor angela merkel today in life germans are increasingly worried about the environmental impact of their holiday flights this even a new german word for that called crew war i am off flying and that's because planes emit more carbon dioxide for the distance traveled to than any other form of transport on average around 201 grams of the gas per kilometer an hour in comparison that is higher than cars which average 139 grams of c o 2 per kilometer and over 5 times the emissions for a train now c o 2 isn't the only emission that has an impact on the environment at high altitude particles the jets engine eggs or to form so-called contrails and cirrus stratus clouds which also contribute to global warming and the number of
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lives within europe is growing steadily last year there were just around 10000000 of them between destinations on the continent pedia that is expected to more than double by 2050 up to 25000000 so everyone talks about climate change but that doesn't stop people from flying what to do our correspondent kate ferguson is of that aviation meeting in light seek for us hello kate and i believe i mean this is a national aviation summit and i believe it's also part of the grand coalitions genda so didn't come out of the blue chancellor angela merkel was speaking there what did she have to say. monica well i'm glad americal arrived by helicopter she landed just metres away from where i'm standing now on board with her were the economy minister of. transport minister and i asked scheuer now of course i'm going back to has a very busy day today she came to life safe to talk about the future of german
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aviation and she's ready on her way to meet british prime minister forrest johnson to talk about the future of europe in her address she reiterated the economic importance of the aviation industry which employs 850000 people in germany she also made reference to the industry's own responsibility for talking climate change and she did reference germany's weakening economic outlook as well and said that industries now had to fight us for economic growth so if i understand you right it's not just about flying is it. absolutely not i think if there's one thing that industry leaders and lawmakers here can agree on is that flight shaming is not a good idea i actually was talking to transform an attorney just a few moments ago and i asked him if he felt guilty for arriving in a helicopter he answered with an emphatic no he said there were 10 people on board it was at full capacity but he did also tell me that he was going to get as he was going to take the car home now of course the demand for air travel is rising all
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the time it's expected to double in the next 2 decades to 8000000000 passengers on uli and that means of course that you need a solution that doesn't involve people flying less because demand is growing all the time and there are some options for making this this industry less environmentally damaging one of the of course is to boost fuel efficiency by building lighter waste machinery another is to invest in alternative bio fuels and of course longer term as well and electric mobility is an option the car industry has already embraced and there is no reason that the aviation industry won't follow suit especially according to the people talking here today another option of course is about cargo so while people might not be stopping to getting on planes there are other options for transporting goods and we're already seeing a lot of investment in drone technology with major companies like amazon already investing in the technology i think we're likely to see
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a lot more drones flying around in the future mara and i expect you're not going to board one of those planes behind you but you will come back to berlin on train. for the train. for it is and thank you so much. ok just mention in the head of the british chamber of commerce in germany has accused british prime minister blair is johnson off a chaotic political strategy and issued and such a warning against a no deal breaks it comments comes just alice ahead of the meeting between johnson and german chancellor i'm going to back here in berlin johnson is seeking support to reopen parts of the brakes of negotiations otherwise he threatens britain will leave without a deal on october the 31st but even the most hard line breaks if he has had his government by now seems to have realized what a no deal bricks it could mean for the british economy as one insider told our reporter it's going to be hell. the trucks are still rolling swiftly through the port of dover but soon there could be long traffic jams at the end of october
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britain intends to leave the e.u. with or without a deal prime minister boris johnson never tires of stressing but a break ship without a deal would definitely mean customs controls in ports like dover and long waiting times 10000 trucks 220000 through 30000 very very kind of imagine it's going to. help for everybody and it's kind of bankrupt the british economy fears of serious economic consequences in the event of a no deal brigs that are growing not only here in dover last weekend secret government documents were revealed they warned shortages of food medicines and petrol in the event of a no deal bragg's it. the fears are not exaggerated when you consider the formalities that are common for goods in customs clearance with countries outside the e.u. internal market. everybody doing papers like me. for
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my hours not our job a bit too much time meanwhile the bricks of supporters in the new british government still hope to renegotiate the divorce agreement they don't seem to have a plan b you appear to be putting up a barrier is the saying that they do want to talk i'm sure they will change their mind i hope they will change their mind but we are ready to leave on top of the 31st deal new deal in a 4 page letter boris johnson has just made demands on the e.u. but demands are not it doesn't look like new negotiations are on the horizon. that's not my job description that's something you might regularly hear in your office lot of bangkok's 5 brigades there where firefighters have to adapt to any situation they might face on average one or 2 fires have to be dealt with but the rest of the time they usually busy handling hundreds of snakes the python is 5 metres long and weighs over 20 kilos and it's pure muscle the reptile has wound
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itself around the beams of a home in bangkok and it won't let go who are quite content in that i need to remain steady and calm this snake is very strong and if i make a wrong move i could because it has a very sharp fangs. there's just another day in the life of putting your poop in your one of thailand's fire men turn snake wranglers he catches 800 snakes a year most of them non-venomous. wow i'm really impressed with his skills how he can catch a snake that long with this bare hands and i fit it in such a small bag that. handling snakes was not what poop in your had in mind when he applied for a job at the city's firehouse i did a porno that bangkok didn't used to have so many snakes but since we've been neglecting them their number keeps increasing but how. last year bangkok
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firefighters received 37000 reports of home intrusions by snakes they live in underground canals and enter gardens or toilets in search of food. in your deals with the intruders with love he even feeds them he likes how his job description changed as a fireman here trouble coping with loss now he finds solace in his recent tasks. and that is your business update your india for me on the team in berlin thanks for giving us company.
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is the end of the news live from berlin britain's prime minister heads to the german capital to try to persuade the. change the facts and agreements and scrap the irish backstopped germany suggest boris johnson's mission it will be impossible and he is one of the reasons why. what i'm concerned of is that the people will try to use a result. from this reporter pose as an excuse to start another war between northern ireland.


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