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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2019 12:30pm-1:01pm CEST

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new correspondent susumu. tempo is to basically the fox for the fairies flavors of the exotic crazy i am a challenge for you all during him and during. the food confusion and fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on d w 5. the brakes if the clock is ticking but german chancellor angela merkel is convinced an orderly departure from the e.u. can still be negotiated with britain as well mrs nakul said after a meeting with british prime minister boris johnson in berlin on wednesday how can it be achieved. and iran is renaming its currency and cutting 4 zeros off it
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will that help ordinary iranians struggling with the effects of international economic sanctions. pulls on the show welcome to the robot restaurant china's biggest fast food chain now opened its 1st branch where kitchen and service stop being placed and she says. this interview business is welcome when i go home at bars johnson the public focus was all on bragg's it back stop and political will but underlying the talks was the question how do you avoid destroying one of the most important trading relationships in the world both national and johnson no germany is britain's most important trading partner in europe and the u.k. needs germany more than germany needs the u.k. it was a threat of recession looming nakul does not want to see further pressure on the trading relationship tens of thousands of jobs are reportedly at stake if there is
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no deal breaks. no let's bring in all this hoping he's with a german british chambre of commerce and joins us from london all of you convinced like merkel that a deal can still be reached. it will be still be reached but i think i'm good on that as on that i believe she's put the ball back into both conference call because she's actually said there within 30 days something may well be possible to the u.k. to come up with the workable solution and that's really remains to be seen but of course on staff and in disable to come up with a solution for the backstop which satisfies the crowd and if you pay union so that at the heart or is supported in or not what would you reckon what happens on 31st of october do you believe all the horror scenarios that we've had i think some of the also now is might well come true and nothing else for the likelihood of it looks like the sense that will happen no deal gets it because it's by no means sure that if you can be reached and also it's not quite clear whether the british
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parliament can actually stop you know if you will that's fine if you do but it's not yes that he ever that up for a week and a half or so this scenario that you know the benefits come out and it is my feeling that he companies don't have to be powerful but that it will be bottlenecks in the house in the polls and that there might well be moments in terms of supply of fresh food and promise to keep the products medicines and so on so i think it's policy now you should be taken seriously you've been following the negotiations and all the turn strong for a while now what has changed since johnson is in power has anything changed. i think the position of the british government has hardened so all its government has not tried to sit in there all the converts yet if there were kids in the 1st place but it is the negotiations will become tougher for the liberal and more successful remains to be seen i think there is a willingness to be given unit on both the focus of our post office and government
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and they are willing to at least that they force it to develop the cost of any note . but it's not what you it might will start isn't it now is says that up to $100000.00 german jobs are on the line in case of a no deal bracks and as a lobby group for german business that you represent in london do you think you have done enough i think we've done whatever we could talk to the british government but they for the last 3 years they were not your partner themselves finding out the position are they want 2 feet would be best to go off and actually want which you and i still haven't really made this clear future relationship will look like it's all off you were no to focus on the actual detail and that was a problem for business but it was the british political establishment which had to sort itself out and now they're still in this process of sorting themselves out so there's only so much we can do as a business organization vice government we can actually tell them of the
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consequences of nokia principle and what should really be done to ready support business grow and also to keep the trading relationship in time but they have to listen to it to some extent but there's a lot of people difficult issues that they want to make that happen because that after the for end result and they want to actually put this into action about this political problem what business can and they do it has a limited influence over the top with german british chamber of commerce in london thank you. to iran now where president hassan rouhani wants to delete full zeros for the national currency of the rio and also rename it in future it will be called tall man that's a story the rain in currency was called tom on until $925.00 the proposal is part of a plan to curb the rapidly rising cost of living bots experts step tickled that the move will really change anything for. everything has grown more expensive here and
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many iranians know struggled to afford even basics like fresh produce the country's spiraling inflation is driving prices up faster than incomes inflation has now hit nearly 40 percent the many zeroes on the banknotes are deceptive the iranian currency the real has fallen dramatically in value a single u.s. dollar is now worth over 116000 reales that's just a quarter of what it was worth 4 years ago when iran signed the nuclear treaty it's since been dropped by the us. most iranians view the president's plan to eliminate 4 zeros from the currency in order to lower the cost of living as little more than a deception. a go before a step further trouble for nothing will change by knocking zeroes off the currency . nothing will change by reviving coins in transactions nothing will change by lowering the price of dollars we saw that even when the dollar price fell prices
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didn't decline for you. to just point. out money and this move can have a psychological effect on people who are well off because they might feel that the value of their money has shrunk that way and that's the psychological impact in my opinion but it won't adversely affect the economy in fact nothing will change in the current situation. by. fiddling with the currency won't solve iran's economic woes since the u.s. imposed new economic sanctions the country's economy has been in the doldrums and iran's bloated bureaucracy isn't helping private companies to create jobs even though they're urgently needed unemployment is hovering at around 12 percent and almost a quarter of young people are out of work. the u.s. sanctions have discouraged almost all foreign investment further worsening the situation especially for iranians who didn't have much in the 1st place.
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and out in some of the other business stories making headlines today georgia has tightened up hiring procedures from now on c.e.o. christiane's even will have to approve any new hires according to bloomberg only critical jobs should be submitted for the move comes off to the bank introduced a sweeping restructuring plan last month cutting a 5th of its current headcount. ryanair is hit by strikes all over europe a court rejected a bid to block today's strike by its u.k. based pilots walking out over pay and benefits beginning thursday the budget carriers portugal based cabin crew also lost the strike on wednesday accord an island though has granted ryanair an injunction to prevent its irish pilots from going on strike. after 3 years of negotiations israel and south korea have signed a trade deal boys really it's the 1st with an asian nation after deals have been
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reached with the united states and the e.u. it excludes israeli settlements in judea samaria and the golan goods and services from companies located in these regions will not enjoy any concessions on cost on its duties remove the international space station is open for business during the 6 and a half hour space walk to u.s. astronauts have built a docking port for commercial spacecraft the international docking adopt will allow the likes of space x. and we're going to send crews up to the i assist with the crew dragon and stalin and trips 633. now robots we're constantly being told to take away all the jobs many of us like me think that in our particular line of work robots will never be able to replace humans but it's crazy looks like no job is safe to take china's biggest restaurant say it's no opened its 1st branch but
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kitchen absence of a stuff being replaced by machines. it's not easy to grab a quick snack on weekends in beijing you need luck assertiveness and a lot of patience but waiting is all part of the game on a typical evening one of the largest restaurant chains has perfected the art of waiting as heidi loud customers buy their time getting their nails done of course everything on the house management doesn't want anybody to get bored and now the company is committed to its 2 point overs in opening its 1st smart restaurant in beijing everything here is digital the waiting room is a big computer game with a cinematic atmosphere everyone plays against everyone with the winners getting a discount on their meals this is the interior of the smart restaurant with a vision of tomorrow small robots are the attraction here they bring the food to
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the tables. customers place their orders with a tablet a few clicks on the pictures and the meal is ordered. the data center director to the kitchen the restaurant doesn't prepare fresh vegetables or meat itself the robots pack the orders on a tray. everything is already prepared in small servings and then thanks to a lot of i.t. and many scans it's delivered directly to the customers table. maybe a future we would like to put some very smart cs in the read the table and then you can very easily to communicate to weave the device but the even much more funny . the founders shang young a publisher the shy dropout started with the snack bar 25 years ago now he and his wife are billionaires their empire is worth more than burger king and he says he
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doesn't spare any cost on good staff. people who do route with a move from the circle to others less such kind of a new open the restaurant was so instead of 4 we have. multiple in fact we have less people we need the more people in progress at any rate the food is delicious that heidi loud there's only hot pot a kind of fun do a chinese national dish and that in all variations and with everything the customer desires. business for now you can find. though for. that's up next on the front of global markets at this.
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10000 years of human history will soon disappear underwater. john hassani jason southeastern turkey will hold a huge reservoir behind a new hydroelectric dam what will happen to the local residents will become of the region's unique cultural heritage. a sunfish waiting for the flood.
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frankfurt airports. this is news coming to you live from berlin bristling for a showdown britain's prime minister is in paris to talk breaks it with french president emmanuel mccraw johnson is demanding concessions on the banks into greenland but crawl has already said this is not an option so what can we expect from the meeting.
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and welcome back shima british prime minister barak johnson is in paris for what are likely to be what johnson is calling for the backstop the insurance policy to prevent a hard border on the island of islands to be removed from the begs a deal but the french president a man in macross says has category ruled this out already mccraw is receiving johnson at the palace as you can see live pictures there they're expected to have lunch they're known to have a good working relationship johnson met mccraw during his much maligned stint as britain's foreign minister so those are live pictures coming from they're expecting both leaders to address journalists and make a statement and of course we'll take you live there when that happens but for now let me introduce you to our briggs's analyst alex for us why i think she is with me
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in the studio. what are we expecting from this meeting. will be a friendly but frank discussion so i don't honestly think that boris johnson is going to come away from the any cepat palace with very much that is going to be different from what we know at the moment though in a. boris johnson a day earlier and she was courted she was also very friendly and frank but she didn't slam the door shut on doors she offered him the option yes if you want to get to the back stop find another alternative and we'll listen and we'll talk about it yes what did she mean by that yes it's a good question because this is been the sticking point for the u.k. and particular this backstop this arash backstop to prevent a hard border returning to the island of ireland and that is the point that boris
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johnson and his government and those back cities do not like for various reasons and they want to go on from the deal altogether not so far they have been told by the other 27 members of the european union that is not possible but angle americal stuck to that line but said listen if you can come up with an alternative to the backstop that will ensure the integrity of the single market and keep peace in ireland then we are open to that and then in a sort of throwaway line she said maybe it could be within 30 days but it was a throwaway line it's been taken by the british press to mean that anglo-american is giving boris johnson a 30 day deadline to come up with a new brics a deal that is not the case he's just saying we are open we will listen it hasn't worked so far there have been no will turn into arrangements that would replace a backstop but if you can do something quickly before the real deadline of the 31st of october then please be my guests exactly this is
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a very. interesting point that she made this true a remark it was a seized by the press to say that she's given him a deadline and he picked it up as well i think that the ball and ran with it before we continue our conversation let's take a look at the bar as john says meeting with angle america that was yesterday and what came out of that. no bracket protesters shout as british prime minister boris johnson arrives investment for the 1st time since he took office a month ago he met with german chancellor angela merkel his goal to reopen negotiations on brics it we in the u.k. want a deal we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do shop in the us i think is that is the phrase but clearly. i've clearly. we cannot we cannot accept. the current.
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agreement johnson wants to scrap the backstop a clause designed to prevent the return of customs and security checks along the irish border the new however has ruled out renegotiating the existing bricks agreement in berlin merkel said johnson the challenge of finding a solution quickly to fix up the back them has always only been a last resort if we don't need the last resort and if we're saying that we might find this agreement in the next 2 years perhaps we will find it in the next 30 days why shouldn't we start on food bottlenecks both merkel and johnson seem optimistic that a solution can be found in berlin however no solution in that time is running out if no side moves the u.k. may head for a new deal exit at the end of october. because it turned into a big fight analysts alex forrest whiting alex we both watched the speeches is
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there we saw what happened and we heard what the outcome of the meeting between johnson and. johnson but what the tone expected in france is said to be quite different the amount of mcchrystal has a much tougher line on rex it doesn't yes and he has not be being scanned to after it even yesterday he was saying lines such as if there was a no deal bracks it it will be the u.k.'s fault whatever happens with bricks in the u.k. must pay the divorce still of $36000000000.00 euros of the lines such as there is no will tentative to the backstop we haven't seen anything that wasn't doesn't is going to be one so it cannot be removed from the dale and we are not going to reopen the withdrawal agreement so very strong obviously he will listen to barra's johnson he will be cordial just like angela merkel was but he's under no illusions that anything different well happen. he is happy obviously to accommodate
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johnson as much as possible and to show that france is doing that bit you know with this much talk that the 2 leaders a minute mcchrystal and chancellor up playing the good good cop and the bad cop and it comes to bragg's it other have a different in their kind of approach to this or are they completely united but is this a different route that they're taking i think that's correct i think it is a different role american was saying or the elysee palace was saying there isn't a cigarette paper between the 2 and that is because they do not want to undermine the european union and they certainly don't want to let it be known to the rest of the world that the european union can in any way be undermined by the likes of boris johnson and that they will act together and that they will protect the smaller members of the union most notably island and that whatever boris johnson says whatever the threats that come out from the you came from downing street they're not going to change that but of course that open to any other alternatives
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that might be out that so far though in reality nothing has been forthcoming right so we actually see rating for a man in mccrone boris johnson to appear and talk to the press and tell us what the discussions have brought up with one we read this move on to other news for now thank you very much and it's forest waiting for your assessment as i mentioned we go straight to the easy part as a soon as the 2 leaders appear before the cameras but let me now being you some of the news and we go to brazil the rightwing president general it's anonymous accused non-governmental organizations of deliberate lee starting wildfires in the amazon rain forest he says they're doing it to embarrass him and his government environmentalist. accusations are outrageous there's been a record number of fires in the amazon this year. more than $72000.00 fires this year and 80 percent increase over the same period last year smokers
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cover nearly half the country e.u. satellite data show as well as parts of neighboring countries president has a theory about the fires cause. i am under the impression that it could have been set by the n.g.o.s because i had asked for money. a stunning accusation he had no evidence for environmentalists have called the charge sick and pitiful the real cause they say is both own policies which have slashed environmental funding and dismantled protections. when brazil space research center reported an 88 percent increase in deforestation in june compared with june last year its director lost his job. those who call the amazon home are the 1st affected by the destruction. indigenous groups suffer with the impact because if enough food source begins to
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change. hunting is further away which forced us to go to the city for industrialized food. these groups may be the canary in the coal mine the amazon produces one 5th of the world's oxygen and absorbs one quarter of all the c o 2 taken in by earth's forests losing the amazon could mean losing one of the world's greatest natural defenses against climate change. a new push to repack rejoining the refugees from bangladesh to me and ma has apparently ended in failure after a new one turned up to board the waiting buses mean one has given the go ahead for more than a $3000.00 refugees to be returned to the country and issued them the documentation but none of them had to choose and to follow through with it fearing what might happen to them on their return this is the 2nd creation attempt after a previous push in november. 750000 of the persecuted muslim minority
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fled a military offensive in 2017 in kind of state. and iommi condron is at the main refugee camp and the bangladeshi city of cox's bazaar on the border with a me and ma she told us more about why the refugees are refusing to return to me and ma some people here told us that if they were forced to go home they'd rather kill themselves 1st because they don't trust the governments of myanmar to actually provide them with safety to give them their land back you have to remember this by this muslim minority has gone through what some people close to ethnic cleansing their villages were bombed in some cases women were right they simply don't trust the government backing me and ma to provide the safety and provide the human rights that they want a lot of people say once these. 7 months have been fulfilled they would go back but
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at this point they all prefer to stay here and no one we talked to and no one has talked to the u.n. so far wants to go back willingly. that was. from cox is. not the latest controversy over immigration in the u.s. the trump administration wants to give authorities the politic hold migrants and the children indefinitely while the economy quests are considered the democrats say the proposals amount to child abuse and they're planning to fight it in court and. keep families together this was the protestors edict when the trump administration began separating micra children from their parents at the us mexico border people across the u.s. took to the streets to protest the policy now the u.s. president has essentially said ok we'll keep the families together in detention indefinitely. reporters press trump over concerns about the negative
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effects the tension could have on miners. that. they're there. but we're big bird strong at the border you see the numbers are way way down and i want to i want to go for that. the new rules replace the previous court decision to put a limit on how long immigration authorities can detain migrant children it will mean that because they cross the border with their parents they can be held for much longer the administration has insisted all families will be released as swiftly as possible there's no intent to hold families for a long period of time in fact we have the prior experience of shows we were able to average under 50 days. for what expeditious immigration pursuit. but an asylum claim can take an average of 5 years to be processed this means that people could potentially be kept in detention camps for even longer. and
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returning now to our top story and british prime minister barak johnson is in paris for 2. with president money in a book role the 2 leaders are going to address the press after they finish their talks and of course we'll go live to the soon as it happens but with me in the studio is the exit analyst at its finest why i say welcome again alex tell us more about what is expected out of this meeting because boris johnson was in berlin guess that he talked with mechlin now he's in paris talking to amman and mccraw one of the expectations of what this meeting would bring well it depends who you ask that's deal with boris johnson and his domestic audience the conservative party and the country at large what he's trying to prove is that he and his government will do what they can to try to prevent and no deal breaks it which could happen on the 31st of october that is the deadline so he's saying flying to berlin which he did
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yesterday now to paris to talk to the to those latest makola macron to try to persuade them that this irish backstop this sticking point particularly to get a deal with the e.u. it has to go and that i would do everything to tell them we've just got to put so targeted arrangements in place for getting to the point that at the moment they're on tenney so he's proving to the u.k. that he's doing that but also many believe that if he doesn't get anything back that he's concrete he can go back to the u.k. go back to parliament to his conservative party and say look i've tried my best to get what i can from these leaders they won't budge this is all the useful if there is a no deal bricks it it's not awful it's down to brussels and they're intransient on this whole issue and particularly of the backstop which he said in a letter to donald tusk the president of the european council earlier this week would be anti democratic so that is the line that he is playing we want our
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sovereignty we want our democracy and brussels will not let us.


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