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this is the. president. to renegotiate with. the president. also on the program. in the stabbing death of
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a german last year. brazil's president. accusation activists. to the program. british prime minister barak johnson has been in paris today for breakfast discussions with french president emanuel macross both leaders said they believe a way for the u.k. to leave the european union with a deal should be possible though a number of obstacles remain and chief amongst them is the so-called irish but stop the current fallback plan to prevent the hardboard on the island mr johnson insists there can be no deal unless this is removed from the withdrawal deal and here is
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spelling out the u.k.'s position when you look at the border with northern ireland just to repeat a point that bears repeating under no circumstances will the u.k. government be instituting imposing checks or controls of any kind at that border and we think i understand your desire to protect the integrity of the of the single market of course we understand that but we think that there are ways of protecting the integrity of the single market and allowing the u.k. to exit from the e.u. whole and entire and perfect boris johnson space in paris let's go to paris where we join max hoffman welcome max did we hear anything new from the new british prime minister today. the little bit that was new and it's been new actually for i believe since since brylin was the clip that you just played we all know that boris
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johnson the u.k. prime minister wants to get rid of the backstop but he firstly really outlined what will happen if there is a no deal bragg's it saying that the u.k. will not enforce border controls right there and that's tricky for the european union because that means if they want that border there to preserve the integrity of a single market and again this is only case of a no deal breaks it then they will have to do this by themselves as johnson really keeps that promise that he made here and you know the history of the borders so that you could be held accountable for any violence to occur in the future that will be a difficult decision to make by the european union if it really comes to that ok so that sounds like the british prime minister sort of putting the bowl in brussels court what was president macro's message today. it was more of the same we heard from. you know the contrary opinion here is to keep the back because he
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says it's indispensable and i quote here to the integrity of the single market but again the problem here is that the alternative would be if there was no deal bragg's it to immediately you have a hard border between northern island which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and i say theoretically because in order to really have a hard border you need to enforce it so we're coming back to what i said earlier this is obviously a new bit of strategy of boris johnson who is clearly willing to play hardball but call seems to be willing to play hardball as well so this is really a high stakes game of poker right here and we'll have to see who blinks 1st if anyone really does blink. deadline is the end of october which is fast approaching that must mean fate is at these meetings today in paris and yesterday in a less about finding a workable deal and more about allowing boris johnson to blame the you when
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a disorderly brags that happens. i think you're exactly right there phil but the problem is it's not necessarily about finding a solution anymore although we'll have to wait and see they have about 30 days to work something out because as you know you need approval of the house of commons back in the u.k. you need approval of the european parliament but maybe it's already just about who is to blame at the end is that the e.u. is fault or is it the u.k. fault boris johnson really is a spin doctor we know that because he was a journalist in brussels in the ninety's as some of the older colleagues personally experience how he's able to spin a story and spin reality in the direction that he wants it to be so not all the cards on the table be really don't know where he's heading at the moment so that puts us in the position that we were before with theresa may but he added that little bit of strategy to it to put more pressure on the e.u. regarding the border between northern ireland and ireland so how these meetings today in paris or yesterday i think changed anything that makes. it's
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just that we get little bits and pieces of information going forward it really hasn't changed the fundamentals the fundamentals are there was a withdrawal agreement a legally binding withdrawal agreement some people also call it the divorce agreement between the u.k. and the european union and johnson was to change it because the backstop is right in there and the european union does not want to change that they have repeatedly said so and the message coming from him call him paris was the same as ever backstop indispensable we're not going to open up that withdrawal agreement so of both staying in that position then what happens next and that's where we get the added value from today. we don't care we will not enforce that border it's up to the e.u. so like i said pressure might get shifted a little bit towards the european union the 1000000000 trysting to see how they react but really if there is any change it will come down to the white. house often
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in paris thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world italy's democratic party says it is ready to form a new government with opponents the 5 star movement deputy prime minister material salvini withdrew his party's support from the governing coalition with 5 star earlier this week. lawmakers in kosovo voted to dissolve parliament and triggered fresh elections which comes after prime minister. resigned in july over a war crimes investigation a step is likely to further delay stalled talks between cost of. research is a visit to the wreckage of the titanic for the 1st time in 14 years they say the ship is deteriorating rapidly because of salt corrosion and of rust eating bacteria that lives in the busta coals on the wreck the ship was described as an sink a boat but went down in 1912 claiming the lives of more than 1500 passengers and
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crew. now a syrian migrant accused of fatally stabbing a man in the eastern german city of candidates last year has been found guilty and sentenced to 9 and a half years in prison the killings spoke to white of anti immigrant protests and riots. guilty of manslaughter almost a year to the day after a killing that triggered violent protests and political turmoil one of the 2 suspects has been convicted both suspects were asylum seekers at the time of the killing one of them remains at large news of the stabbing spread quickly on the rightwing scene and soon germany was witnessing the kind of racist riots not seen in decades. for days protesters marched in the streets of cannot shouting racists as some were seen showing the hitler salute which is a crime in germany. the police were criticized for failing to intervene quickly enough. the cell phone video appears to show a man chasing
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a pass and by and shouting racist abuse. watch the video triggered a debate about what had actually happened was. a common view often we have video footage showing people being hunted down on the streets a crowd rioting and he crimes. this has nothing to do with the rule of law i cannot repeat this often enough to hear but germany's domestic intelligence security agency chief at the time. didn't agree with chancellor merkel he said nobody had been hunted down his comments exposed deep divisions in the federal coalition in the end mohsen was removed from office the conviction may be an important step but politically the case continues to cool shock waves. we'll get more on this from v.w. up political correspondent kate brady welcome kate let's start with the trial
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itself what do you make of the verdict in the sentence well it certainly was shorter than what the prosecution were asking for they were asking for 11 years but this also isn't a surprise even i mean that said it wasn't always a foregone conclusion that. gentleman would actually be found guilty of course there have been a lot of dispute from day one of this court case gaps in evidence and also whether that might be even possibilities of bias among some of the lay judges the defense for example wanted to know if any of the late judges that's basically the german equivalent of a jury they wanted to know if any of the late judges had for example attended any of those far right extremist demonstrations or even some of the counter demonstrations and also most of the prosecution was actually largely based on evidence by one employee of a combat shop who witnessed the killing of danny late last year
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and so there was a lot of public interest in this case as well which is also one of the reasons why it was also held in dresden and not in kemet so was a lot of security around this case and so this was held today in the state capital not in kent ok so there's a trial and as we heard in the report this sets off a whole chain of events not just their income it's public in the public but politically as well exactly not only did these events fuel to the fire of the migrant debate that was already ongoing in germany and still to ascend degree is still ongoing but also that why do police record of a back here in lynn over some of the video footage and also about those events that we saw there in the reports about some. cases of. seemingly attacking and targeting people who the mobs at least deemed to be over for an appearance and now
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the chief of germany's domestic intelligence agency at the time question the validity of those videos and in the end those comments resulted in him resigning but the repercussions of that big political fallout here in berlin are still being felt in his name and certainly one which keep 3 reappearing here in german headlines. briefly vis a verdict comes with a sensitive time it really does on monday just 4 days from now that will be the 1st anniversary of the killing but also just a week away some very important state elections in saxony that's the state where kevin is and all the chemist's has done an awful lot to try and revitalize its image which was tarnished very severely in the international media after this killing in these far right extremist marches if you look at the polls right now although they have made efforts to revitalize that image and make
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a better appearance of being open minded if you look at the polls the political leaning is a very much still to the right in the far right the posse are expected to do extremely well brady political correspondent thank you. this is news still to come brazil has a record number of fires consuming countries that amazon rain forest. president accuses environmental activists of starting the blazes and then backtracks. first germany has called for renewed efforts to end the conflict in eastern ukraine foreign minister heiko moscow made the comments after meeting with his russian counterpart sergey lavrov in moscow the call for a diplomatic solution to the 5 year old war between ukraine and the pros russia grapples 30000 people have been killed in the fighting according to un estimates. this spring and they don't do correspond to any show in moscow welcome that emily
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was there any sign of progress over ukraine today. well the meeting between moscow and lover of yesterday after when they spoke and held their press conference yesterday they both seemed to hint that ukraine had been the main topic of conversation but there seems to have been more words than actual concrete steps there was a lot of optimism from the german foreign minister heiko mosque's who said he expressed hope that perhaps the election of the recent election of ukrainian president vladimir is the lenski could give some kind of a new momentum to the resolution of the ukraine crisis of the war in ukraine and could finally end that conflict he also mentioned the fact that this week bloody near putin men met with french president in my new and my call and putin
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expressed cautious optimism about ukraine after after speaking to the dns key recently so there does seem to be some movement on ukraine but coming out of their meeting yesterday we heard more words than concrete steps they've both mentioned the fact that there could be a meeting soon in the normandy format so between ukraine russia france and germany and they also both talked a bit about the possibility of a prisoner exchange but lavrov kind of said that there were a lot of details that still need to be worked out there of the 2 foreign ministers disagreed over press freedoms let's listen to some of what the had to say. it is not realistic to think that germany or german media would want to influence russian domestic affairs. in the world of you know politicians or even initiate such a development either now or in the future. that is not the task of
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a press outlet or a media outlet such as torture vella it does not engage in such activities i do not believe that anyone would seriously suggest that germany the german government or a german public body would take part in such practices so a disagreement about this war. will. well yes it was kind of the reason that this dispute about press freedom broke out at all and the 2 sides kind of accused each other of not sticking to the rules when it comes to press freedom. now in russia there have been accusations against germany and against. that that this broadcaster and that germany through this broadcaster had meddled in the internal affairs here in russia and that that there had been calls for protests now the background to that is the ongoing protests here
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in moscow over the upcoming moscow duma elections and those have been anti-government protests that not that were not all authorized by the government now lover of insisted though that there had been absolutely no restrictions placed on deutsche vella or any other broadcaster and he again questioned the objectivity of the reporting of german media outlets he mentioned also r t the russian government broadcaster and said that there had been various restrictions placed on our t.v. in various european countries as well so what we saw there was really a war of words over press freedom. in moscow thank you. to brazil president also daughter says his country lacks the resources to fight the record number of fires burning in the forest of brazil says space research agency has recorded more than 74000 wildfires the year and 80 percent increase over the
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same period last year around $10000.00 spots in the last week alone in a speech broadcast live on facebook president possibly also truck to accusations of environmental organizations that started the fires. let's get more on this from reporter alex forrest welcome how bad these fires. well these fires have been raging for more than 2 weeks and nasser actually released an image which showed just how serious the devastation has been it's said that the show that the smoke layer covering an area of approximately 1200000 square miles and just bear in mind that the amazon itself is 3000000 square miles so that is a huge amount of land that has been covered we can also look at the brazilian city of south pollo which lies more than one and a half 1000 miles away from the region that's been scarred by these fires and the
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entire city went dark for around an hour on monday afternoon and that was because of the smoke that even though it was so far away so we're talking about 80 percent increase in these there wildfires this year as opposed to last year what's to blame for this well there are a number of factors but many people are pointing the finger at the brazilian president jibril sonora now he was elected last year and since then has begun to open up much of the amazon including to mining for example mining gold and has withdrawn some of those environmental protections on the amazon including in indigenous areas many of his own ministers are climate change deniers but another huge factor in all of this is before you have to bear in mind that to brazil is a huge exporter of beef a round about one and a half 1000000 tonnes of meat was sent of brought just last year the farmers need
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land they have been cutting down some of the so it's playing some of the amazon so so-called deforestation some of it being burnt and there has been a large increase in this since paulson r.-o. came to power it's not just all about brazil though many people are also pointing the finger at other countries including for example the european union a trade deal known as. cause for cowls has been signed between the 2 countries allowing the use the e.u. to export cars in exchange for beef so bolton are saying look it's not my fault that there have been fires my government can't do anything about it because we just don't have the resources so at the moment they still burn and this is important to all of us not just brazil because they are muslim proof produces something like 20 percent of the air we breathe so how do we make sure that we keep breathing yet it's known as the lungs of the planet and plays a major role in regulating climate
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a simple thing that environmentalist are suggesting is that people stop eating so much meat and in particular beef now now others will say well look if you were to. other thing you know some of the vegetables or whatever they also call them a carbon footprint but it's not as much as beef there are organizations out there that are encouraging people to to try to donate to them so that they can help by parts of the amazon and even ritek some of the indigenous population obviously it's all about money at the moment and so whether people you know farmers can be persuaded that they should perhaps not be farming so much cattle well we will see if people put their money where their mouth is. forest washing. no villages attempt to repub trade ranger refugees from bangladesh to me in ma has failed after no one turned up to board the waiting buses where mom have agreed to
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allow more than 3000 refugees to return home even issued them with documentation for it seems that they all feared what would happen when they got back this is the 2nd time bangladesh was trying to send rangers back after the failure of another attempt back in november nearly 750000 of the persecuted muslim minority fled a military offensive in manaus rakhine state in 2017. d.-w. is now we comrade is at the maid range of refugee camp in the bangladeshi city of cox's bazar on the border with memo some people here told us that if they were full as to go home for it rather kill themselves 1st because they don't trust the government of myanmar to actually provide them with safety to give them their land back you have to remember this might they say muslim minority has gone through what some people took close to ethnic cleansing their villages were bummed in some cases
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women were raped they simply don't trust the government backing me and ma to provide the safety and provide the human rights that they want a lot of people say once these 7 months have been fulfilled they want to go back but at this point they all prefer to stay here and no one we talked to and no one has talked to the u.n. so far what's to go back willingly there because a reporter but iranian president hassan rouhani has warned the united states that if it continues its efforts to stop this country exporting oil and international waters will no longer be secure to iran has previously threatened to close the strategically important strait of hormuz which is used to transport much of the world's oil supplies last month iran seized a british flagged tanker in the strait of reports across a trucker sent this report from the island of hormuz. it's early morning in the sun beating down on the island of relentless there's no natural water source and few
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other resources for that matter despite that the island has been highly valued for centuries as a strategic location portugal for instance constructed this fortress spec in 597 to control my regime traffic in the persian gulf today the strait of hormuz is once again witness to conflict as the standoff over british lek tankers seized by iranian authorities continues a fisherman takes us out into the straight past the island of la rock the iranian military uses the island to monitor the area which includes the narrow passage all ships must pass through to reach the largest oil ports in the region. like this a quarter of the global. making it a very strategic location for international trade and an important leveraging point for iran republican. international.
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but so far it hasn't done so but the detainment of the british tankers already. trade in this area. currently very few international tankers use iranian waters to navigate the strait many fear being swept up in the conflict between washington and tehran and the iranian military is not alone as it petrols these waters the u.s. has also deployed ships into the persian gulf the u.s. wants to strengthen its presence here to guarantee the passage of international cargo ships which has angered the iranian government as well as the iranian people . i don't think they would welcome any sort of you know military presence than from the region itself that's a part of iran's political culture not to you know ally with. you know non local actors in the region iran try to reach out to again to you know many
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countries in the region kuwait qatar. and they are open of course to the u.a.e. and i think saudi arabia as well to discuss these kind of issues. there's been no movement on the issue so far iran's neighbors seem unwilling to offer support. few people on the island of a movie seem interested in politics they're just hoping there will be a swift end to the regional standoff. bene's them and again if the tensions are resolved the entire economy may improve and we're part of that because everyone is out of work here in hormuz i don't know what to do with my wife and kids we can't all live on fishing alone. things would improve for tourism more tourists would pay a visit to this island and that way it could develop. without stability turning homo's into a popular tourist destination remains
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a distant prospect. this is d.w.i. coming up next in the deal news asia nepal proposes new qualifications to stop an experienced climbers attempting to scale mount everest but will those been forced. out is action against poverty and climate change a religious duty he doesn't force a question to a democrat out there religion's feast or something yes john. besh benedict will how about next up about the top of the hour.
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i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and when that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here thinks he's a country that i'm not. yet. to take for this drama there
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you go it's all about a box. i might show join me to meet the gentleman from p.w. post. planet burley the global tourist guide to the tremendous booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know your attack series the band and the band it sounds like trying something new i love featuring once shown once again so it's a mix of assaults waste like me inside says the 50 nations 50 story. and 52 very personal to have some berlin's very best features. looking down funny girl and covering with song d w. in the 1st verse raising people fight for some little money out of my money when there's a flood water comes up to our waist going to close fast and everyone but. the lack
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of water these are equally dangerous. this time you can see people not so so they can plant crops and trying to meet the sister. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could look right any going to be snide if you want and probably most of them don't know. the climate exodus starts september 5th on d w. this is the delta news a show coming up on the program making the rush to the top safe up new recommendations hope to avoid scenes like these near the summit of everest up when they walk we also somebody who's been back and seen for preparation kids also coming up. as always represented to the.


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