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since it's. your platform information. this is. britain's prime minister president hold talks. britain's withdrawal agreement to scrap the irish. president says. indispensable but he did hold out hope that the deal could still be done. on the program nearly 10 years in jail for my. death of
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a german last year an attack that sparked riots in the city of catch. on brazil's. president. trucks his accusation of environmental activists behind the number of fires consuming his country. i'm from welcome to the program. british prime minister barak johnson has been in paris today for breakfast discussions with french president emmanuel macross both leaders said they believe in a way for the u.k. to leave the european union with a deal should be possible though a number of obstacles remain chief amongst them is the so-called irish back stop the current fallback plan to prevent the hardboard on the island mr johnson insists
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there can be no deal unless this is removed from the withdrawal agreement here is spelling out the u.k.'s position when you look at the border with northern ireland just repeating a point that bears repeating under no circumstances will the u.k. government be instituting imposing checks or controls of any kind at that border and we think i understand your desire to protect the integrity of the of the single market of course we understand that but we think that there are ways of protecting the integrity of the single market and allowing the u.k. to exit from the e.u. whole and entire and perfect order sean's behave in paris let's go to paris where we join max hoffman welcome max did we hear anything new from the new british prime minister today. the little bit that was new and it's been new actually for i believe since since berlin was the clip that you just played you all know that
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boris johnson the u.k. prime minister wants to get rid of the backstop but he 1st the really outlined what will happen if there is a no deal bragg's it saying that the u.k. will not enforce border controls right there and that's tricky for the european union because that means if they want that border there to preserve the integrity of the single market and again this is only case of a no deal breaks it then they will have to do this by themselves as johnson really keeps that promise that he made here and you know the history of the borders so that you could be held accountable for any violence to occur in the future that will be a difficult decision to make by the european union if it really comes to that ok so that sounds like the british prime minister sort of putting the ball in brussels coat what was president macro's message today. it was more of the same just like we heard from. the you know the contrary opinion here is to keep the
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backstop because he says is indispensable and i quote here to the integrity of the single market but again the problem here is that the alternative would be if there was no deal bragg's it to immediately have a hard border between northern island which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and i say theoretically you because in order to really have a hard border you need to enforce it so we're coming back to what i said earlier this is obviously a new bit of strategy of boris johnson who is clearly willing to play hardball but call seems to be willing to play hardball as well so this is really a high stakes game of poker right here and we'll have to see who blinks 1st if anyone really does blink. deadline if the end of october which is fast approaching that must mean fear is that these meetings today in paris and yesterday in a less about finding a workable deal and more about and boris johnson to blame the you when
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a disorderly brax it happens. i think you're exactly right there phil but the problem is it's not necessarily about finding a solution anymore although we'll have to wait and see they have about 30 days to work something out because as you know you need approval of the house of commons back in the u.k. you need approval of the european parliament but maybe it's already just about who is to blame at the end is that the e.u. is fault or is it the u.k.'s fault boris johnson really is a spin doctor we know that because he was a journalist in brussels in the ninety's and some of the older colleagues personally experience how he's able to spin a story and spin reality in the direction that he wants it to be so not all the cards on the table be really don't know where he's heading at the moment so that puts us in the position that we were before with theresa may but he added that little bit of strategy to it to put more pressure on the you regarding the border between northern ireland and ireland so how have these meetings today in paris or
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yesterday i think changed anything knox. it's just that we had little bits and pieces of information going forward it really hasn't changed the fundamentals the fundamentals are there was a withdrawal agreement a legally binding were withdrawal agreement some people also call it the divorce agreement between the u.k. and the european union and boris johnson wants to change it because the backstop is right in there and the european union does not want to change that they have repeatedly said so and the message coming from the new and i call him paris was the same as ever backstop indispensable we're not going to open up that withdrawal agreement so of both stay in that position then what happens next and that's where we get the added value from today boris johnson said we don't care we will not enforce that border it's up to the e.u. so like i said pressure might have shifted a little bit towards the european union at a 1000000000 trysting to see how they react but really if there is any change it'll
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come down to the wire. that's often in paris thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world it's a lace democratic party says it is ready to form a new government reform opponents the 5 star movement deputy prime minister mattel's salvation he withdrew his league party support from the governing coalition with 5 star earlier this week. lawmakers in kosovo have voted to dissolve parliament triggered fresh elections and this comes after the prime minister promised what i do not resigned in july over a war crimes investigation is likely to further delay stalled talks between the cost of oil and serbia. researchers have visited the wreckage of the titanic for the 1st time in 40 years they say the ship is deteriorating rapidly because of salty erosion and the rust eating bacteria that lives in the bus tickles of the wreck the ship was described as unsinkable back in 1912 and went down fighting the
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lives of more than 1500 passengers and crew. now a syrian migrant accused of fatally stabbing a man in the eastern german city of candidates last year has been found guilty and sentenced to 9 and a half years in prison the killings sparked a wave of anti immigrant protests and riots. guilty of manslaughter almost a year to the day after a killing that triggered violent protests and political turmoil one of the 2 suspects has been convicted both suspects were silent seekers at the time of the killing one of them remains at large. news of the stabbing spread quickly on the rightwing scene and soon germany was witnessing the kind of racist riots not seen in decades. for days protesters marched in the streets of kennett shouting racists as some were seen showing the hitler salute which is a crime in germany. the police were criticized for failing to intervene quickly
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enough. the cell phone video appears to show a man chasing up house and by and shouting racist abuse. watched the video triggered a debate about what had actually happened was. caught on video off we have video footage showing people being hunted down on the streets a crowd rioting and he crimes. this has nothing to do with the rule of law i cannot repeat this often enough stephen but germany's domestic intelligence security agency chief at the time. and didn't agree with chancellor merkel he said nobody had been hunted down his comments exposed deep divisions in the federal coalition in the end mohsen was removed from office the conviction may be an important step but politically the case continues to cool shock waves. and germany has called for renewed efforts to end the conflict in eastern ukraine foreign
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minister heiko mouse made the comments after meeting with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov in moscow he called for a diplomatic solution to the 5 year war between ukraine and progress of rebels 13000 people have been killed in the fighting according to u.n. estimates. now the latest attempt to bring patridge range of refugees from bangladesh to me and mine has failed to no one turned up to board the waiting buses men must agree to allow more than $3000.00 refugees to return and even if you want them with documentation but it seems they all fit what would happen when maybe turn this is the 2nd time bangladesh is trying to send the rangers back after the failure of another attempt back in november nearly 750000 of the persecuted muslim minority fled a military offensive in men most rakhine state in 2017. the w's name we called 97 made ranger a refugee camp in the bangladeshi city of cox's bazar on the border with me and
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though some people here told us that if they were false to go home faith rather kill themselves 1st because they don't trust the government of myanmar to actually provide them with safety to give them their land back you have to remember this might they say muslim minority has gone through what some people close to ethnic cleansing their villages were bummed in some cases women were raped they simply don't trust the government back and be a mob to provide the safety and provide the human rights that they want a lot of people say once these. fed amman's have been fulfilled they would go back but at this point they will prefer to stay here and no one we talked to and no one has talked to the u.n. so far wants to go back willingly. now we come not reporting brazil's amazon rain forest to state a record number 5 say here without evidence the country's right wing president accused non-governmental organizations of setting the files in order to embarrass him and his government when they challenge you of
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a cold his outrageous accusations the president said he only had suspicions more than $72000.00 fires this year and 80 percent increase over the same period last year smokers cover nearly half the country e.u. satellite data show as well as parts of neighboring countries president has a theory about the fires cause. i am under the impression that it could have been set by the n.g.o.s because i had asked for money. a stunning accusation he had no evidence for environmentalists have called the charge sick and pitiful the real cause they say is both in our own policies which have slashed environmental funding and dismantle protections. when brazil space research center reported an 88 percent increase in deforestation in june compared with june last year its director lost his job those who call the amazon home are the 1st affected by the destruction.
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indigenous groups suffer with the impact because if enough food source begins to change. no one hunting is further away which forced us to go to the city for industrialized food. these groups may be the canary in the coal mine the amazon produces one 5th of the world's oxygen and absorbs one quarter of all the c o 2 taken in by earth's forests losing the amazon could mean losing one of the world's greatest natural defenses against climate change. in sports the coaches who misbehave in germany's bundesliga will no longer go unpunished the german football league has decided that any country picked up 4 yellow cards in a season will receive a one match ban attempting to undermine and disrespect officials will be just one
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of the ways that leads to a coach receive an unofficial warning the new rules come into effect this weekend and will apply to the bundesliga 1st and 2nd divisions. now the racing's world tour has arrived in south west germany far from the sand dunes and while terrain of other stops in the championship but today's warm up ahead of rally germany if you just drive us flying down twisting country lanes and bumpy tracks between vineyards the defending champion and season's points leader tell knock and will be looking for his 3rd consecutive title when this leg finishes on something. it's time to remind of our top stories at this hour british prime minister boris johnson french president emmanuel mccraw held. in paris mr johnson said he believes there is still time to find a solution to the irish border problem as a macro set the e.q. to protect the integrity of its single market. for sales far right president jack
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balls and has accused environmental activists of starting the record number of files consuming the country's amazon rain forest after critics out called his claims outrageous he said he had no evidence that they were actually true. but next hour here on the prime minister vows to rebuild the country's backed economy after decades of corruption that's coming up with business africa in just about half with . welcome to the what is the game here for detail to try to talk about. every. hole we have. let's have a look at some of the other much surrounding the still shaking in their.


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