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i am a challenge for you all very giving and doing. so the fusion. from street food the fire star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on d w. you can figure. they attacked a jewish boy with a knife here. they stripped the american left him like that. a growing number of jews in france no longer feel safe there. thousands have already emigrated. askaris a pig's do we really have to flee to you to anti-semitism. just because we jews. it makes me want to cry. that. we give the victims of the virus and accompany them
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to the police. we also provide them with a lawyer and psychological counseling were necessary the people who should watch the signature for. and afternoon in november some egos learn and his wife winnie have just landed at child of god airport in their old hometown paris. 4 years ago the couple immigrated to israel after so many had received a series of death threats but he comes back to france every few weeks for the 77 year old former policeman the fight against anti semitism has become a personal mission. for the c.p.l. players this time they will be spending a whole week in paris well monique will be enjoying time with their grandchildren some me. as always has no end of appointments he spent months planning
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a meeting for victims of anti-semitic attacks. so you prefer course that of course my family would prefer me to stay home. but i'm going to be very busy all week for sort of there won't be much time for. most to start with this. are for myself a mission 101 i have to complete. all of the 7 a family used to it i'll be happy to see him but i know he won't have much time. because loans will be staying with their son and his family as they always do when they're in paris. first they catch up with their grandchildren school grades a bit like in the old days when they all lived in the same city. believe me. but you sure it's hard being so far away but we talk on the phone
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a lot to keep in touch. deciding to leave the country like the garden state is something a lot of french jews do these days france is home to the largest jewish population in europe and the 3rd largest in the world after israel and the us. in many parts of paris jews express their identity and religion openly and it would seem confidently. kosher bakeries side by side with kosher butchers and restaurants. and all the dots jews who pray openly on the streets. past a series of fatal attacks has left an increasing number of jews now fearing for their safety and from. the district of south now has a memorial to commemorate the attack on a kosher supermarket in 2015 in which 4 jews were murdered. around 30000 jews are reported to have already left in france. israel others have been moving
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from the suburbs to city centers because they feel safer there stu's. it is now 8 30 in the evening semi grassland has come to the levy large area of the city to meet the victim of an anti semitic attack. levinson your moved here only recently. i love an image with all of the mylar but never in our back yard in the place i haven't packed my things for the bathroom these are my plates and everything i need fish about i mean. a few months ago unknown individuals broke into her apartment and vandalized it. the perpetrators scratched and she semitic slogans into the
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doors of her car and slashed the tires the police advised her to leave her apartment immediately. takes time to really settle that. under lots of worthless as it would be the most important thing is that you're now in safety. or will. we pay a high price for the sunday semitism. ok we weren't physically injured. but i have to ask myself why just because we're jews although that's actually what the problem is it makes me want to cry. we used to have a quiet life. sometimes i can't take it anymore. you have to be strong. at least you're here now. because law won't leave us alone here ever since it all happened he sent me messages every single week asking how we doing he also wants me to talk about my
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experiences at the meeting with other victims. i think talking about i'd use a form of therapy. the next morning goslin is on his way to the office set up with some like minded friends. his mobile phone never stops ringing effectively his own hotline for jews in distress. new cases arrive on an almost daily basis as the work continues to pile up for the volunteers. and. it is hurting me even when sam is in israel he calls several times an hour he might be history but essentially he's with us here in the office the local people. they gather here every day providing advice and comfort to victims and putting them in contact with lawyers they work also involves raising awareness
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about anti semitism among the public. with. some of the alerts they receive coming from the general public like this cartoon they've just received by email. well in a few someone sent me this poster asking us to do something about it. you can see an arm with the name which is supposed to symbolize jewish financial power . and that arm is controlling president my cong like a puppet human threatening a french citizen. the post is by a right wing nationalist group that posts from an address outside of france. they discuss what to do they say jews in france are threatened by both islamists and right wing radicals. is wrong. one
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group accuses the jews of being on the side of israel and such against the palestinians but. the other group believe that the jews rule the world they put. this into a young. to some degree. but it's the same $800.00. both groups want to see the jews disappear. and to dominate and destroy them. but sometimes the paperwork has to wait because somebody is eager to hit the streets where the people are. he feels that paris has changed a lot in recent years a number of jewish run stores have closed he says especially in the bond years. and the few that do still exist have military for protection.
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but i mean from a few people this is ruefully produce in the 11th hour on busy mall. nor lived an elderly woman who was murdered. she was stabbed to death. to. holocaust survivor reportedly killed by a muslim neighbor of north african descent the murder in april 2017 caused outrage across the country and divided opinion. some attributes of the crime to drug addiction for others it was murder fueled by anti semitism. learn one thing is beyond doubt the case further increased many jews fear of being attacked. down yoke noir can still not believe what happened to his mother in his apartment outside paris he has boxes full of treasured mementos. how can you kill an 85 year old woman she was old and sick and disabled. so
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much hatred. for. his mother had managed to survive the holocaust as a child and the need to be murdered in old age probably on account of his jewish heritage for the neocon or intolerable. there's nothing worse than human stupidity and racism and anti semitism there are so many issues that are genuinely important on there but people fight each other over stupid things like religion. paul tibbets is. it something terrible. since you got the. deal pharmacies would never able to clarify the killer's motive sunny cousin tells us as he heads off one small for the ball here. but nobody can dispute is that the
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number of attacks on jews in france has been on the rise but almost 70 percent in the past year i love. it it looks like right here is where $93.00 begins or an hour in 3 of. the 93rd step up north is notorious for its concrete housing projects unemployment and fun and crime this is the area where some negroes learn spent almost 40 years as a detective. should be or should be attacked or jewish boy with a knife here. they stripped him and left him lying there. and on it it took off his pants and his shirt. and they left him there all night. it all for you know the semi himself received threats while living in paris his car was set on fire and 2013 he and his wife decided to leave france. and it to be cheap. i was the victim of an anti semitic attack he said i also read threats from
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isis to an islamist organization which. these things were in the short list i missed you can eventually i was scared that my family and i would get into serious trouble. should be because of my foreign to grandstand to some attention and unfortunately. that's one of. today's somebody is missing his old friend has some child gomi the imaam at the most in the suburbs. he's one of the few months to speak out openly against growing anti semitism among muslims and fronts. the 2 used to meet every few days. so that they look on me and my son was the 1st to recognize the danger for french jews. who actually made me told me about
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young men involved in criminal behavior who said they wanted to repent he would. throw a bomb and i asked him if killing jews would allow them to enter paradise. i was shocked i thought things are that bad when jews in france are genuinely in danger well you know they would pop bottles from the school sadly it's something a lot of people don't want to hear what they think they're talking about it will play straight into the hands of right wingers but the opposite is true you know i mean you know if french people don't hear muslims condemning anti semitism and the murder of me. then i can understand them becoming prejudiced towards muslims. it's that kind of frank talking that has also put the man himself in danger you know has police protection after being repeatedly tracers and attempts by radical
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islamists this photo is from 2010 with bodyguards bringing child gurney to safety after an attempted attack his family now also live abroad due to the danger they face in france. to do this limits don't like this camaraderie their sex like the muslim brotherhood and the salafist they don't like seeing any mom reaching out his hand in dialogue. and they've broken into my place twice which is why i swap apartments every 2 days of course will move won't be. the group that attacked him was the shakespeare scene collector. the father of violent terrorist palestinian islam isn't but you know if you long it will be extremely dangerous you know we ask the police for out of. what is the market for 4 months they protested right outside here they broke down the door and came in sight they shouted that we ought to die.
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it was a difficult time. why did it all happen. because i'm a mom reached out to the jewish community. his commitment has earned him to rishon among certain parts of the muslim community who dismiss him as the imaam of the jews. unperturbed he is sure as something of that he will be attending the meeting the next day bringing together victims of anti semitic attacks. sami takes a spontaneous decision to pay a visit to the small arab market outside the mosque this is his old patch a place where he still known as the kosher cop for some locals. he's wearing traditional jewish headgear not out of religious conviction but rather out of defiance in response to the attacks in recent years. one
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wearing it as a test to see what happens. i don't think it will bother anyone who. saw me grew up in algeria and he always felt at home among analysts. that. one vendor becomes aggressive after seeing our camera team filming it's not us but some me that he threatens forming a mock this law with his hands and pointing it at him. what are you doing here. are you threatening me why. i pay for this stand i work here. there's no need to start threatening people because it was. then so me diffuse the situation with something that also helped him in the old days his algerian heritage and fluency in arabic the man is suddenly much friendlier. where were you from constantine. oh i'll cheerier.
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the vendor is reluctant to explain his aggressive behavior. bias it's certainly had nothing to do with the me being jewish. people for the pleasure i don't care if you're jewish for me everyone's the same with you they're all brothers for me to see me. with a preferred discipline home with a lid on them speaking the same language and knowing the same codes makes everything a lot easier back then when i was in the police speaking arabic was always a big help. plus knowing about islam or the political what to respect and or what is forbidden you. always take the. gift of.
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a man house and child only as likewise a champion of dialogue. he's come to the main synagogue in paris with a group of young muslims. who could quote it's very brave of you to come here today i imagine it can't be easy for you. but. it's a nice gesture. and there are probably a few people in your neighborhood who aren't too keen on you going to a synagogue and talking to jews i can imagine that's how the response would be. if the young muslim visitors say he's right they know people who would never consider doing such a thing. stuff is that this is my 1st time going to synagogue i had no idea i would look down the insights on this. one of course if i expected it to be smaller a mole compound. for all policies it's amazing of particular
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significance. it would not. give. me. if you took on took a little of my really glad to see you all here today we're used to seeing jews and a lot of christian visitors on our tours for the public. school groups. but sometimes muslim parents don't give permission for their children to come along . by the time so many arrives at his son's apartment for dinner the pitts was called
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that is something his family are used to but he was always busy when he was with the police department. these family get togethers have become red since the parents moved to israel. reduced cost and his wife talk regularly about the pros and cons of also immigration to israel for now at least to this day but we can cause them to cover. we have jobs here when i could you know which i like the schools. only for school with friends it will be difficult for us adapting to the culture and the schools over there they can choose to notice it if you see there was. some ease granddaughters tell him they have not yet had any threats. and your friends have never experienced anything like that for once i guess but it wasn't that bad there was this man outside the
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synagogue who called us dirty jews. their mother has a different take on events and reports on developments at the jewish school. lesson for the movie it's crazy to see how people numbers are decreasing. they used to be $22.00 kids per class so they were full probably now it's only 16 or 17. less i wanted to vandeven one like a song and after each school year they say goodbye to pupils headed for israel. plus your increasingly hearing about someone else who's gone. but. you didn't used to hear that so often. and you say what him to
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use he did but you know a lawyer who has now left it really successful and an expert in their field here. and now they'll have to start from scratch in israel. you know it's serious when someone like that leaves. it shows the gravity of the situation. every one of us. but you don't have to go to israel but if you do you shouldn't have to flee. if you have to leave leave if you want to stay stay. but jews shouldn't have to leave like they used to be because they were driven out. when we left algeria we fled to.
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the meeting of victims is scheduled to take place this evening the conference that has been planning for months. to meet you in this early stage and that's the news on the radio about the apparent. belief. in. obviously new. semi cause man has brought together victims' families and lawyers for the meeting and journalists they hope to finally make and to semitism a big issue in mom house and child go me is among those attending. and stella benson your she'll be taking to the stage to talk about the attacks she suffered but 1st she takes the opportunity to have a heart to heart with the government's commissioner for anti semitism played a bit put here inside the hall 400 people listen attentively estella gives the
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moving account of the burglary the slashed tires and the star of david edged into his car. before the board is met then the police told us to leave the apartment right away i had to start all over again i just wanted to get away from there so it does exist and i am one of these cases i had to flee because of anti semitism. here are the photos of my car at 1st i didn't get it before a gas station attendant had to explain that it was a star of david israel written big across my car door sort of what your. earthly eventual was to an end the government commissioner promises that action will be taken for a new law criminalizing online hate speech and especially selected team tackling anti semitism in schools for some me and his fellow volunteers
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a success when the girls learn set off for the airport 2 days later they have more luggage then they arrived with. suitcases a full when we get here in full when we leave as well. but one of the cases is packed with french cosmetics and french chocolates home comforts when she misses her old life in paris. if you will. the 6 day trip was packed with meetings and appointments. a little. bit ago that the couple do wonder how much longer some me will be able to keep up this pace confident when he gets home in the evening he's normally pretty tired. but for some a bit tired. we're going to have to keep going. over the unfortunately the fires to continue. but i think we'll make it i hope we'll write it. down
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because lance had already put their next trip back to paris.
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kick off the broom in the stadium subsisting the bay is that the big. bad law based on the big. family comments above some surprises in store the bombing of.
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the brining tradition the trick is to come a club. to see some rain sleet to. find someone to beyond. the. 30 minute. that. play a male and i'm just looking at a brand new zealanders nobody knows it's person it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all water pollution climate change and the churning.
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play. colibri says check out the. s.o.s. europe. is in crisis. if it still has a future it will need champions young champions. of optimism but that's about spirit now for a long time i took a piece in he thinks we value about europe for granted that now i sense this need be something that we don't people in particular need to find out from the. template . for activists from for a new country. they are pushing for the dream of a united church. to stand a chance. can they save the european idea.
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what's behind it isn't stand up than most and contribute to something important i know that should come up see if. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. leaders of 7 top industrial countries are meeting in the french resort of b.f. gets brought disagreements on issues such as global trade and climate change may consensus unlikely for the 1st time in more than 4 decades there will be no joint statement at the end of the g. 7 summit.


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