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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 28, 2019 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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quote insults against him. corporate greed over human lives us pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson is found guilty for helping fuel america's opiate crisis what does the ruling mean for the future of big pharma in the u.s. also coming up church charities are working overtime in the u.k. looking after people who cannot afford to buy food and clothes one of the richest countries in the planet. i'm chris colfer welcome to the program it's a landmark ruling in a crisis that has the united states and they choke hold blaming aggressive and misleading marketing in oklahoma judge has ordered former giant johnson and johnson to pay over half a $1000000000.00 for its role in the opium crisis now it's the 1st time
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a company has been found guilty fueling an epidemic that has ravaged the country the case could shave negotiations in $1500.00 similar lawsuits. gail boxes son austin is one of $6000.00 oklahomans believed to have died from an opioid overdose since the start of the millennium a promising american footballer he died in his prime. i was living a nightmare the nightmare at prescription drug abuse. now the 1st of thousands of lawsuits aimed at holding money fractures and distributors to account has made it through trial cleveland county district judge thought baldwin said prosecutors had proven johnson and johnson helped create a public nuisance that would take decades to repair. and i judge bachmann has affirmed our position that johnson and johnson motivated by greed and avarice
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is responsible for the opioid epidemic in our state johnson and johnson will finally be held accountable for thousands of deaths and addiction caused by their activities. prosecutors in oklahoma and italy hope to secure a $17000000000.00 in 3 companies however one of them to have a pharmaceuticals settled out of court for $85000000.00 a 2nd pardieu pharma which produces oxycontin also settled this time for $270000000.00 now after the johnson johnson ruling the state says it'll have to be satisfied with the almost $1000000000.00 raised johnson and johnson was accused of flooding the market with painkillers and deceptively marketing them the firm denies wrongdoing saying its claims are backed by science it plans to appeal against the oklahoma court's decision we have sympathy for
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all who suffer from substance abuse. but johnson and johnson. did not cause the opioid abuse crisis here in oklahoma. or anywhere in this country. for thousands of more claimants around the united states disagree. well for more on this story let's bring in court on wall street johnson and johnson is paying over half a $1000000000.00 and this is tory case shares of the company ended the day up is there no fear that the verdict could damage the company's reputation for years to come the stock of johnson and johnson actually was the biggest winner in the dow jones industrial average year on tuesday well if you look at it from the wall street perspective often the market reacts of positive ones you have a price tag you can play around with and then johnson and johnson in general is not
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necessarily known for having the greatest exposure to the. oil crisis in the united states if it will be a problem for the image remains to be seen but the market reaction was pretty clear on this topic now there are $1500.00 similar cases still pending at an ohio judge how are they likely to go ahead and what are drug companies bracing themselves for . well i mean 1st of all it's not to be expected that johnson and johnson will pay $500000000.00 in each of those cases then actually johnson and johnson is probably going to appeal the verdict what is likely is that we might see a settlement in one way or the other talking about them settlements there were reports here on tuesday that put you farmer that we also heard about earlier is
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trying to settle their case for up to $12000000000.00 so the crisis in the u.s. it's a huge problem and now we will see more and more companies facing legal challenges companies like johnson and johnson are claiming that they have done nothing. they were not breaking the law so that's what the pharmaceutical company johnson and johnson to say and scored in new york thank you. and from pharmaceuticals to tech fair phone is a minnow on the smartphone market industry giant apple sells more i phones in a day than fair phone has managed in the past 6 years now the less the dutch company is hanging in there and this can then stay that sustainability is finally becoming an issue with mainstream consumers you can use it to take nice photos check your emails and of course make
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a phone call but there's one thing you can do with the fair phone 3 that you just can't with smartphones from apple while away or google disassemble it and swap its components out like the battery for example when the old one is too weak and with fair phone buyers know the supply chain is clean from say child labor or poor working conditions so we added a new responsibly source supply chain still to our product and also under recyclability we build further on our recycling program so it becomes more and more sustainable and fair over time at $450.00 euros for rather mid-range components the fair phone isn't much of a bargain but the customer is also paying for peace of mind including an assurance that the raw materials in the phone the 10 tungsten and gold don't stem from dangerous mines so far fair phone has found only a small niche in the massive smartphone market it sold 175000 model since 2013
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there's hope that the newest model can broaden the appeal. it's possible that fair phone was a little early with the 1st and 2nd generations but now there's this whole sustainability mindset that's really entered the mainstream and that's why they could have a success here the appeal for the phone has gone beyond environment minded consumers and into the wider masses who run on an all i think near quarter for. growth is now the focus for a fair phone with it the hope of greater sway over suppliers. and staying in the tech sector u.s. prosecutors charged a former google employee with stealing company secrets and selling them took over the former high ranking robotics engineer is accused of downloading thousands of files from way more service before joining 2015 charges stem from a trade secrets lawsuit between google spin of way more and over which the right having firm 7 last year for about $250000000.00 was just beginning itself driving
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unit at the time. now with so many economists predicting a downturn in britain's economy after it leaves the european union it is easy to forget that a growing number of many britons are already living in heartbreaking poverty many municipalities are struggling to look after the needs of the poor so church groups such as the hope house in nottingham are mobilizing to provide really. lunch is served. pigs in blankets pasties english specialties jokes nigel adams the founder of hope house which provides food for people in need in nottingham. on the cross the u.k. the 5th richest country in the world the number of food banks is on the rise and adam says they do with they can but they're just scratching the surface nobody's
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going to accept any other help whilst the hungry so you have to deal with a media crisis but then the next job is to make people feel welcome make sure they don't feel judged on and invite them to come back really and build friendship with them. hope house is goal is to help people help themselves to have nice clothes for the next job interview or can help with filling out complicated official paperwork . there's computer course life coaching a kind of all round support the goal of help to get people back on their feet and many find a 2nd home at hope house people like joanna els could one of the 40 volunteers here . come a single parent so sometimes i do find that home so that's why you saw it i was comin on telling them my problems and help me with it as she would not that this was a pope made for these ism and i just want to give snowball. in the last
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9 years who pounce is taking on tasks that the local council no longer has the money for 11 years of austerity and social reforms as a result of the 2008 financial crisis has taken its toll many jobs have disappeared . before the crisis there were 2 dozen food banks in the u.k. and now there are about 2000 according to the united nations 8000000 britons do not have enough food on the table every day half of those people go without it on a daily basis and e.u. wide all time low if we look to politicians to provide solutions i think we'll be fighting. the only people that can provide from strong labors the only people that can provide a safe community where everybody is welcome in those hope houses waiting for donations which will go some way to repairing the roof as always as far as nigel is concerned there is no reason to give up hope. and that's our show for
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much of god to d.w. dot com slash business or better yet follow us on social media i'm chris called thanks for watching and have yourself a success. i
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good shape. d.w. . with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom for global news that matters. made for minds. this is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the cameroonians on the move people in the english speaking region are leaving their homes in the thousands often safer says rebels threaten the lock down. and we'll introduce you to men's involvement as south african taxi driver who's become an opera singing sensation.


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