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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2019 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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discover who. subscribe to documentary. formations he swears by a different variation than him. or him. everything's been tried but which tactic works best and what does yoga champions league win have to do with
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this strike from days of alms which technicians have had the biggest influence on modern football and how have tactics evolved over time the tree roots and football has to. find out everything you need to know about tactics and now on kickoff life . the development of human beings is over brains have reached. political history just over an architecture that's dead to one about football every already seen everything. that 235 systems 352433 we get the liberal midfielders faults non's possession count oppressing and. i don't know everything's been tried better bowl champions with 7 strikes on the pitch but none. that was
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taken russia. and. the big 345 there were these and the and the. what's next. was there something new. every reached the end of football history. it's worth taking a look at the trends of the current football era there are coaches who rely on the extreme suppressing the pressing your clubs liverpool is the best example and if it's paid off. and also the red bull teams have it in their d.n.a. . then there are coaches who a lot of circulation. sorry develops sorry but only if you choose to go. and then of course there's the king's position.
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and 3rd there are teams with extremely defensive system. no one on the team in the world placing their steam and coming in unison legal. teams also don't take many risks. but of course top teams don't rely on just one tactic. the word game plan for the bundesliga about 10 years ago when he was coaching mine every week he gave. information depending on the opponent. that standard now every team asked us every tactic. the ring is defensible works for example it can also play offense of pressing like reale here against pasha and teams that for decades made the magically with the bank for the switch to bank 3. so everyone can do everything this football now like chess but how is it a variance but all of them are already trying to get closer to the answer we have
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to look at. every few decades humanity has spawned groundbreaking revolutions fundamentally changing life steam engines electricity of the. television and the internet. and football there has been technical revolutions at similar intervals fundamentally changing the game the innovators dominated world football for years. a look at the history of tactics might help to see where it ends. 872 1st international match england's field of the 118 well the scots were almost walled in with a 2 to 614 strike us on the pitch the result newman. a few years later the so-called pyramid it emerged that 235 the usual system for several dickheads. in the early thirty's arsenal coach herbert chapman was incredibly
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successful with his more defensive w m system. no one could beat arsenal at that time. they probably thought they had found the perfect text. from back then people also thought telegrams were the hardest communication the world would ever see. the permit and the w m system were also the most common formations in the 1st world cups and then came behind variance. the pro english were stunned when they lost 63 at home against hungary a national team in 1953. i love was the last one was a technical twist hungary's center forward under a hit it could simply drop back a little this completely confused england's men marking zonal marking hadn't been invented yet but it could be scored 3 golds at the 1st false 9 in football history was cool with that and this is now highly relevant again at the end clubs liverpool
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for example. they made a decisive change before last season the 433 remain in place but for minas role changed dramatically again and again the nominal center forward dropped back like it equal to back in the day while sellout money moved more into the center and it worked quite well van gogh rience tactics didn't last long however in the sixty's defenses took their turn in the spotlight and particular cut the natural. it was invented by the swiss colored upturn in the thirty's but became a real phenomenon with coach. and disgruntled inter milan the top european team under 60. 9 she has more than just a strong defense of walls the crucial element is the ball oriented movement of the opponents are taking down the flank one defender shifts over while another covers the speccy leaves of the illusion that is still important today. whether into success was more down to the special coffee the players drank before every game is
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another matter what cut the nacho the finer or no. the seventy's renos the general mitchell established total football with i asked the dutch national team and later about. the playmaker in each case one tried. the principle each player can play any position on the pitch but the white formation always stays the same rule the force read 3 was born mitchell's later became chief a coach of the century. i axed 0 place kind of told. well football today has to barcelona with a few exceptions and even walk by on place today is still based on louis from girls for we from the year 2010 with the winners extremely sticking to the touchline when and possession. pressing high up the pitch also derives from total football today it's no team has played the system as consistently as the dutch in the seventy's maybe in part because it turns out you don't become world champions like that and
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that's why it was in the end of football history of course. argentina and germany dominated the eighty's with the defense of football germany won the 9090 world cup final by having their defender do for a do nothing but mark madonna for 90 minutes even though man marking had long since been abandoned by them same for the liberals this then was to play the wizards of the next great technical trend at eagle soccer a large part of today's football is based on his technical visions at the end of the eighty's when we talk about the man in context mean the principle ac milan's used to win the european cup in 1989 and 99. the distances between the lines wish he was the 1st to play consistently with the next 4 and with an aggressive top side trip at that time. today standards with every football team among the major revolutions to change the game or even sarkozy innovations can be described as the
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end of technical development. in order to develop techniques for their teams today coaches are not inventing anything new but taking elements from the past and put them together if we take again class champions league winning side from last year what are the building blocks of 433 formation pressing high up the pitch all in the seventy's the high back line and expanding or contracting the lines when and procession are nuts every go sucky and from you know as a center for. moving between lines hungry 54 it's all been done before. so isn't there anything new in football all the cards already know. not completely what pep guardiola has been doing with a school backs in recent years it's kind of a mini revolution. sometimes they play so far in time that the form is 235 systems when they are into
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a century creating an enormous number of triangles in the center of which in turn facilitates his extreme ticky tack. it's no coincidence that the all invested 140000000 euros the new full backs up to not winning a title in this 1st meant city season but that still wasn't enough for him this summer he can seal the most expensive right thing in the world. so are the players perhaps the key to further fundamental development and football tactics in any case the trend in transfers is towards expensive defenders because they are essential for implementing technical refinements. during clubs high risk game has only worked perfectly since virgil funded i came along to safeguard against the risk. real madrid hadn't won the champions league in years until they found the right defensive pieces to the possible danny cup a hollow and cost me role in 2013 and bang they won the champions league 4 times.
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and this summer the top cups are pimping their back lines like never before millie tunnel to reality for 50000000 delivered to you before 75000000. are not just to buy on for 80000000 and make wire to manual for h 7000000. but aside from expensive defensive transfers no technical revolution have taken place for years like in technology the i phone 5 looks like the i phone 6 looks like 7 like 8 like now. so if there isn't anything new you need to celebrate. in football too the trend as a rattle free phenomenon that had long been forgotten can currently be observed in top class football the good old kick and rush why deal with a complicated build up play on your own half. the lights aren't afraid of long risky goals because sometimes they work quite well. for returning
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to liverpool champions league season once again similar tactics help them destroy barcelona. they let him die in scholomance he repeatedly sent long diagonal balls to short left back quality of. the 2nd refined man that can make a difference in such fast pace perfect games it's. a pause. a technique from the old times kelly has a tate's and lays on carlos alberto in the 970 world cup final. illness he is the main for tiger knows the pulse. and also david silva used to change of pace as a weapon. and perhaps the most important means of gaining advantage to get technically accomplished teams in charge. at the 2018 world cup almost half of
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the goals were scored from deadbolt situations more than at any other world cup in coach southgate spent help of their preparations practice in corners and free kicks the result the english scored 9 of their 12 goals from set pieces. at last season's most important champions league matches were all decided by corners are us against. tottenham against man city. and of course liverpool ago. barcelona. so to sum it all up yes the history of tactics has switched so what else can there be a defender who plays as a 2nd goalkeeper the team that only plays on the left side of the coach only fields 9 players and yet the mc is not the end. the best positions the once we have learned the most from the past. is the best ice
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cream big goldfish and the middle of just outrun she gets. the best coach the one who best internalizes the great revolutions and it's his own touches to been. some of the best tactics to be seen in the champions league now that the greeks faced heads predict. with. champions league absolute fire we saw some ridiculous things happen come back like liverpool against barcelona. bar drama. eliminated city.
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and underdogs like. all. the way to. dismantle. the good stuff but. the most concern now all of that was called in what was probably the most spectacular final. between top and liverpool with liverpool coming away with a top. pick. ok. let's see. the champions league is back. and the stage is set for the road to istanbul i'm here and ghana and i'm here with very own head whose champions league radio last season managed to trigger what like half a 1000000 people the champions league is flawed it's becoming boring and utterly
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unfair half a 1000000 very angry people. they were they were very they were very pissed off. yeah look you know sometimes people might be those people aren't happy about i was one of those people willing to the far more selfish right. ed is going to get a chance to defend himself and we are going to take a look at the groups and what could possibly happen next season so 1st things 1st though we have to talk about. our boy average event a big bird you deserved we know i'm just really buzzing finally to see a defender get some recognition we've seen for so long and rightly so all the plaudits of you going to messi and ronaldo and messi and ronaldo and finally you know who totally deserves it finally we're seeing you defend. not only you know win an award but actually probably outplay you miltie of an elder for once and it's a rule of hark back to the old days where defenders used to get a little bored recognition of buzzing for him because of what a season there's no way liverpool would have won squat without him and he's
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transform the whole side and totally deserved that event well on your cell. phone with all the waiting for our groups here we go oh my goodness ok let's start with group the liverpool reigning champs now do you think they can defend the title i think this is probably a team that can do it all real madrid do 3 on the bounce but i don't think they ever looked so good going into defense as little to no real signings in the summer but it's still clocked they've still got that heavy metal football that was cultured at dortmund and i don't see a single weakness in the side so why not napoli a little bit of competition for the top spot but i don't think either of those sides are going to be too worried about salzburg or game. i think liverpool going to breeze that and none of these other sides are going to fancy a game against clubs boys in the 2nd round ha ha ha ha ha no definitely not but
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what about the premier league do you think that you know their focus might be a little bit more in the premier league since they've never won it ever but they always seem to have wired one on the premier league that's the one the fans want obviously and it's understandable because it's been 30 years almost since they've won that i don't think any of them are complaining about winning the champions league last season and. klopp sides always seem to have a bit of a look of a cup team about them you know they can really get themselves galvanized to single matches you know these big nights and. so while there's certainly in contention to get some domestic glory i think they're going to be an absolute force in the champions league even more so again this year and then they will be domestically i think this is their biggest chance of a big trophy clott did say after to visit final. this year that they were playing in istanbul again and the last time liverpool played in istanbul we all know i had this written isn't it so essentially have to win it going to win it ok you're.
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going to get so now group of death here i think we can agree that it's pretty much a group that one group of has got 3 absolute big his and there is. no one wants to play barcelona no one really wants to play dortmund all. are due for quite bad for prague down the bottom that you know that's the thanks for coming out exactly i mean if it's probably get through it's going to be really funny but i think i think of those 3 big teams in there if any of them drop points against prague they're. all going to need 6 points to have any chance of going through in the 2 games against prague so if we see an early slip from one of the big boys against prague then the other 2 to be licking their lips because like we say is the group of death and it's going to be fine margins in that one but there are a couple of other groups i think which are pretty tricky i mean i wouldn't want to be lokomotiv moscow in there what we live accuse an athletic own eventers and by and of course fairly tough task all seasons runners up want to be plain sailing
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in there i think is a few nice groups actually now what a good group because we're talking about this before and it's kind of like evenly matched for evenly matched squash my favorite group. how were these not in different parts how are they how were they separated in any way to send it benfica leon and like to know exactly and how did lights it come out of part for i don't know how this happened though they're all googly is good isn't it for sure here and they've made good signings in the summer and leonora d.c. . side feet are a good side very evenly matched i would want to bet on that one or you could probably make a lot of money if you've been out on blowing i really know it's a cracking group that one almost the opposite of a group of death yeah anyone would want to be in that group with those teams but they've all been stuck together so i mean 2 of them i mean i fancy possibly leipzig and send it to the. book i wouldn't be surprised if benfica were little go through it so it's a cool group yeah it is a really cool group ok so german teams now last year we saw
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a big match between german teams and english teams and to be fair this german teams they just discontinued it this year dortmund implying they made some pretty big signings so does it look like they could be ready to compete in their teams league finally again what i think i think brian are going to have to do really it's been too long and if they win the domestic title of either way the point is they go almost every season but the yardstick by which the coach barnett is measured is champions league success and pep couldn't do it and the coco that doesn't. or hasn't looked you know this far as if he's going to chance of doing it but they've made a massive sign it's like you say. you know the book is league is one thing but they don't really care as much about that they want to be considered along with the likes of you know barcelona in liverpool competing for the champions league and it's do or die for them they have to go for it this year with the money they've spent dortmund meanwhile i think a little bit like liverpool libbie very happy to win the domestic title and to be
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willing to throw away the champions league if they could do that but they've made some great signings to definitely strength and the problem is some of the english teams they have a strength of more than man city i'm not sure what so i barcelona barcelona out of all one of the other throwing money at everything everything in the mire of many modern medicine that i'm in which is frankly ridiculous like what are they going to do with neymar what i've tried to draw in 11 this was a lone. i've got messages sent back and i don't know what the hell that they do it appears gee i don't know what their plan. is like a disaster and yeah i think that they've hit the wall their project they don't know what to do but this is the thing i mean if when the barnegat have any success they've got to be the likes of barcelona and city who have been this wells of cash and they do it i'm not convinced they care so this actually wells of cash this takes me back to your video your famous video from last season where you said that
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you know tim's the only serve to make the rich teams richer and it was becoming predictable and unfair and boring now ok last season we saw some surprises but do you think that that was just an outlying year or 2 we actually see something like that again well i mean the point of the video was. the point of the video was this it is quite predictable the champions league the same sort of teams win if you know of course little pool hadn't won it for 14 years when they left it last year but they have won it 5 times and as exciting as the semifinals were with spurs and i it's there eventually they were they were brushed aside and a big team might have a poor big juggernaut in europe did win it and ok the likes of barcelona real madrid fell early but a big team still won it and that was the point of the video. and i think even though it's in supposed pretty well last season it was just an exception and i would be very surprised if we saw last 4 involving teams like live accusing or as our group i think we're going to see you know the usual suspects back where they
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belong this season and i hope not and i was very happy actually to get so many comments saying the long outside is the germans the i'm a football fan and i want to see the likes of spurs and i x. and other napoli and. yes tottenham do well. as happily proved wrong last year do i think they get we're going to be up there again this is no i think we're going to see a barcelona or a man city or someone like that but we should also mention too that when. seems like i had to do well the next season people come picking apart their team now look at alex they're barely qualified they said you know they've lost frankie dion what a player he was last year and it is the league's going to events to strengthen in him obviously i x p events as last season with the league scoring for them so you're not saying that you know the look they've lost leaders the last quality players but they still have a cool young team and i would love to see or explain it by all means people are going to see again i would i'm just slightly concerned once again with the likes of
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boss alone to throw money around and see strength needn't real madrid throw money around yet we're probably going to see one of those lift ticket well it's kind of early but prediction before we close this off who thinks going to win it all i think man i think it's between mantis the city and if somehow clicks postle on earth. if they get any more and things somehow work out from there are going to be stoppable going forward. you need to verge of a there with that only one. man city or barcelona for me. you know why come on let's hear it do you want this i mean like you rent this but i'm deuced maybe understands it for the old days of city are when it was so good all the best players want to play in italy they're not going to even get out of this group but it was a water with this prediction that was. i right out must think that they're going to be known for a good show you very good city boss alone i want to maybe liverpool thinking they
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can do it again maybe but i think primarily they've got to win the premier league i would love that if liverpool can win the pennant i really do want to see them do that and. yeah i think i think those before the all right what's going to happen we don't know hopefully will be ridiculous like last season because football fans will really be in for it all right so we could talk about this all day but that's it for now bitches for tuning dossiers so by.
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going above once upon a time to come in the not too distant future. with a match that has everything. by a kid who knows everything. welcome to the realm if you have a soft. spot deep w. . hole.
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poland 80 years since the 2nd world war began. commemorations take place in the town of. forces carried out of. that left more than a 1000 people dead and launched his conflict also coming up. after a night of clashes with police in hong kong protesters.


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