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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is news live from berlin poland marks 80 years since the 2nd world war began. commemorations take place in the town of unity to mark the moment hitler's forces carried out a bombing raid that left more than a 1000 people dead and launched history's deadliest conflict also coming up. after a night of clashes with police in hong kong protesters plan to block access to the airport as pro-democracy demonstrations continue for
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a 13th consecutive weekend. i'm michael o'connor thanks for joining us on september 1st 1939 germany invaded poland the date is regarded as the beginning of the 2nd world war in the early hours of the morning a german warship opened fire on the polish garrison on the vesta plot the peninsula in what was then the free city of dunn sick at about the same time bombs rained down on the small polish town a view in killing 1200 civilians it was the german 1st air raid on poland and the 1st of many war crimes to come ceremonies have been taking place in viola marking the moment 80 years ago when history's deadliest conflict began.
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4 35 am indeed. those sirens are the same as the ones that sounded 80 years ago announcing the bombing of the town by nazi aircraft an attack which would start the 2nd world war. no words could ever make up for the disaster that followed but today india early hours poland husted its former attack of germany in the 1st of a series of ceremonies of a member and also aimed at highlighting the friendship between the 2 countries. after the war it took decades for the neighbor countries to normalize their relations and reconciliation is still an ongoing process to such a device. that the us why do you think it is easy. she had to tell me i
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was to go to the ocean just on blocks to a town that desperate for our schools and it was destroyed in the blast best yalit fashion by the people see if not all dog from their own nation from previous generations goats of egypt from the generation of their fathers and grandfathers to mention egypt bicycles do you think it is easy star not just for his age to stand here and look into the eyes of the survivors to look into the ah it's all over for us as the children's and grandchildren of those who have died just get. commemorating world war 2 when a country which lost 6 millions of its people to conflict will never be an easy task and german president. called or deny is he underlined up germany would face its past. signs or give this kind of rest assured that there is not a single german who is not moved in when they reflect on this trail of barbarism
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this also holds true for those who reject these memories this feel such a strong sense of shame that they seek to escape into denial and aggression you know what german could only look at today doing what it was saw on pound. or at auschwitz other places where the show took place without feeling shame. and they exercise in contrition and a show of unity there does get as president so so stressed a necessity of finding new ways of remembrance at a time when fewer and fewer eyewitnesses remain to recount the horrors of the war. i'm joined now by a correspondent simon young in warsaw so i mean greetings to you what does this anniversary mean for poland after all these years. well i think this
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is incredibly important anniversary for poland 80 years on since the start of the war and poland of course was the 1st country that really faced the onslaught from nazi germany hitler's plans to seize laden's room for the german people as he described it in the east of europe and the waste wastage that was laid to cities like but also here in warsaw another city that was very largely destroyed. with hundreds of thousands of people here and as you said up to 6000000 across poland who lost their lives the memory of that has not gone away and it's edged into the personal stories of many poles that's well they'll be focused on not just this event here in warsaw today but i think at commemorative events that have being held across the country something how important is it for
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germany to take part in events like this. because. well i think it's extremely important for germany to be here it's something that's been happening for a number of years now the german president. has been in poland on this occasion a number of times in the past this year it's going to be an especial focus because certainly not only president xi dine mile will come from berlin but also chancellor merkel as well it's very unusual head of state and the head of government to be here together or to indeed to attend any such function together so that's a special sign i think of the respect in the deep importance that germany feels and the message that they want to send to poles on this occasion. you know in his speech the polish president said that frank. presence there was
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a form of moral compensation is that enough or should germany do more. well there are. in poland the particularly from the. polish government under the law and justice party that's now in power. to make financial reparation and say you have a parliamentary commission here in poland that's been looking into exactly what kind of demands might eventually be made its future very soon and that. which germany italy rejects saying that these matters lie in the posterior being dealt with in a formal for ridicule sense financial sense. should even if they haven't been dealt with in a moral sense of course in the past lives on those claims do you cost something of a shadow perhaps over these ceremonies it remains to be seen whether that issue
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will be mentioned in any direct way in any of the speeches today that was deep in young simon thanks so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world police in the u.s. state of texas say at least 5 people including an active shooter have been killed in a gun rampage at least 21 others were injured in the cities of odessa and midland police shot dead the gunman who was firing randomly after hijacking a postal truck hurricane dorian a powerful storm threatening the bahamas and the southeastern coast of the u.s. has strengthened to a category 4 forecasters warn dorian could be the region's worst storm since category 5 hurricane andrew killed 65 people and destroyed 63 homes in 1992. in germany voters are heading to the polling booths today in the eastern states of
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saxony and brandenburg surveys have predicted a surge in support for the far right if tea party results could put pressure on germany's governing coalition of christian democrats and social democrats. hong kong is braced for another day of disruption after violent clashes last night between protesters and police authorities had banned a planned march on the 5th anniversary of china's refusal to allow fully democratic elections in the territory but that didn't deter people from gathering. parts of the city's subway system down to a halt as police and demonstrators clashed on the metro and on the streets police used tear gas and water cannon the also sprayed blue dye over the crowds to identify individuals who had taken part in the demonstrations protestors responded with gasoline by the our correspondent charlotte shells and phil is in hong
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kong for us now we understand that protesters were planning to close the roads and obstruct rail transport to the airport what's the situation in hong kong right now . well i'm standing on one of the main roads to the f one at the moment as i'm sure you can see behind me traffic is almost at a standstill there is massive disruption leading towards the airport at the moment the rail system is well that's been suspended now buses to been affected we've been seeing dramatic pictures of people walking to and from the airport on able to reach it now this is been the plan of protests for a while purchases for a while this was planned on social media the idea of being that if they disrupt the airport as much as possible they will go on a huge amount of international attention we still see this was the airport hundreds of people gathered trying to blockade the entrance to the airport riot police that people to keep away warning that they will move in to move them out of the way now
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this comes after an extremely violent night last night images going viral on social media of police storming into train carriages and move and spraying pepper spray at people sometimes using back as well to attack it would seem to be against people on the trains it's not clear whether or not they were protesters whether they were passengers caught up in the violence police saying that they were reacting to a protest is damaged because of the train stations assaulted civilians the situation is very unclear there but what is known as this industry made by the night last night that i get a lot of people. killed in hong kong for us thanks so much. german soccer now and in the newly promoted you know berlin that stunned the table toppers dortmund on saturday the high powered visitors were heavy favorites going
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into this match but in your own took control of the game in del dortmund their 1st defeat of the young campaign a historic day for the berliners. party atmosphere in new neon berlin sold out stadium the newly promoted side aiming to do better against dortmund then the 4 near loss to light sigyn their home debut but it was the visitors with the game's 1st chance in the 5th minute you liam bronson cross too hot to handle for. jade and sanchez. when young had a chance of their own with a corner about 5 minutes later former dortmund defender never trying to use his head. the next corner did the trick though. setting the outer 1st stadium on fire in the 22nd minute by minute defense completely lost track of who made history today his 1st ever been just a good goal was also neons 1st top flight goal at home but the surprise lead lasted
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only 3 minutes. making no mistake sanch of feeding him the ball to make it 11. less than 5 minutes after the restart struck again dortmund lucy i'm far less john i and only on were back in front and the berlin newcomers weren't done yet in the 75th minute they made it 315 job back 0 with some nifty work setting it up and and their son finishing the job and the day scoring to the delight of the home for the 3 months after winning promotion to the bundesliga oneone come up with another big surprise dortmund meanwhile unable to come from behind as they've done in their 1st 2 games of the season. tragic news from the world of motor racing now where drive. as drive after a high speed crash in belgium. racing in form. one when he collided
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with another car that was just 22 years old the race at spa was abandoned. world war 2 veteran has celebrated his 96th birthday with a truly special gift to him self a world record well actually it's his 3rd the englishman broke his own record as the world's oldest active scuba diver plunging to a depth of 42.4 meters explored a ship graft off the coast of cyprus for 48 minutes well he says he refuses to accept the fact that he's getting old and has already announced that if he can still dive he will try to bring home his 4th record at $97.00. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the presidents of poland and germany have been marking the 80 years since the 2nd world war began with a ceremony in the polish town of unity the side of the german air raid that began
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history's deadliest conflict. you're watching news from berlin coming up is filled with a look at the amazon retail empire for coming at the top of the hours always and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that steve dot com thanks for joining us we'll see your 45. natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland that's because ethiopia's gringo. the country has enough funding supply and leases it to an international group for.


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