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in the polish town of utah the side of the german air raid that began history's deadliest conflict. you're watching news from berlin coming up is dr phil with a look at the amazon retail empire more coming at the top of the hours always and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that steve dot com thanks for joining us this year for. the natural riches of precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland yes because ethiopia is a gringo. the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international coverage from china. the government says after high export revenues come to corporations from high profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the booming business.
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tax cuts ration. fire mental destruction and starvation. the selling out of a country donkey's fears. start september 18th on t.w. . virtual reality has been promising new and bigger adventures for years. dream trips from the comforts of our homes exciting fun. and thrills galore but what is the reality of virtual reality i want to pick on shift today. in 2018 the global be our revenue was $3200000000.00 euros peanuts compared to
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gaming which made 120000000000 last year still we are technology is making giant strides then you had said new software new games but this stuff is only for hardcore gamers and couch potatoes right wrong you can also use vi to work up a sweat by boxing for example slip on the head said and go. beyond boxing is perfect for me if i get a black eye here i don't get in trouble with my makeup artist. virtual reality boxing training. and b. are big fights. they can be just as hard as matches with real opponents but without running the risk of injury more and more sports are showing up in p.r. . at the v.a.r. institute of health and exercise scientists from san francisco state university are studying the health impact of b. our sports they measure a range of physical functions and calculate how many calories per minute using
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a given game burns so far they tested over 50 of your applications with different headsets to determine their effects. on the treadmill with the wii your headset can definitely get players working up a sweat and burning calories. just like the wii our music application electrolytes where users can become d.j.'s. you can make your own music and how easy is it to forget your exercising when you're dancing. dancing at a virtual festival to my own music pretty sweet i don't need anyone else for that but there are times when i'd like to share the experience with others all too rare option v r besides the headsets often clunky the cables get in the way and many of the graphics to look pixilated to really work the software needs to respond to my
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actions immediately and right now that's often aleck. an amusement park north of nuremberg is offering we are bumper cars. all over the world. i went there for a test drive and to find out what technology goes into making the perfect be our experience. tokay next dive in the in vietnam looks count resolution and image quality are crucial when it comes to graphics as is field of vision the wider the field the more intense the experience. another decisive factor is how well heeled real movements are reproduced. is really important because of how you move your head and whether the matches your position and view in the virtual world. full shape sensors on used in optical tracking
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the sensors reflects infrared light in the dark which is picked up by cameras is just one of the tracking methods the institute is developing for the beyond the driver in coffee did with 14 senses and the uses position is tracked by 32 infrared cameras the aim is to minimize latency the delay between real life action unfit representation. from 0 as it has to feel good when my real movement has to be in sync with what i see if it isn't you get a kind of motion sickness or virtual reality sickness. you feel nauseous. developers are also working on adding more senses to the virtual reality experience like feeling wind or taste and smell that would make the experience more authentic and of course the multi-user apps liven up which will surroundings.
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i have to admit i was pretty terrified driving a blind but it was really one of my best experience. with. every movement. without. but not this time. of science research how the brain reacts to what happens exactly when i move in. direction for instance. from the. 20 physics. reality we see space. and
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a large part of our brain is dedicated to image processing. it is enough to rely on visuals alone to create a surround. there's more to genuine experience. different inputs from our senses to create the whole reality. when it comes to brain studies with when the. activity. experience the more it generates neural firing patterns. brain activity. the rats were placed on the spherical trap which meant they had to move and balance as a result of the rats brains showed similar neural representational space in the virtual world we use a lot of sensory clues to navigate have a look. studies show that beyond needs to include. not
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just. his sound taste and touch missing from the v.a.r. experience the illusion is weakened. even so the brain treats real life and nation similar. patterns of how the brain responds are similar our brain will process fear in a similar way whether i'm in a real life or of. a similar psychological response. rate increases. conductivity changes. in the reward is activated we can be scared own rewarded in. real life. the porn industry is often quick to use new technologies and we are is no exception the point company in north america has registered over 20000000 downloads from his range since may 28th the gaming platform steam also does
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a last part of its business with offerings but what is virtual 6 like a tester reports system i'm sitting in a living room like i actually. feel as if i were actually inside the felt. like i'm part of it. is the. girl sitting on me right now. she's right here you know here. could. be the next sexual revolution how close should we be getting with technology . futurologist and internet pioneer. phone sees a time when we will become so united with the tech that there will be a paradigm shift. very where people would prefer sets the preferred section to
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gratify were never to be gratified your life. does not. he was underwhelmed by the experience. you all are a part of the action and that's incredible this is a but then again you're also not something i was also you're moving to touch something with your eyes closed i see things but there's nothing there for you than this and what's really missing is real life emotions. you just can't really feel it some developers are working hard to make the experience more real but so far it seems very odd doesn't come close but we are goggles are great when it comes to traveling the last time i went on vacation i explored my destination 1st with this model. strictly speaking it was a 360 degree panoramic view and not the are which is usually more interactive but
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tourism industry has shown great interest in the technology to operators in the u.s. state of nevada have tested we are travel advertising with success. slip on a v.a.r. headset and you can be off to a far away land. you can instantly be in nevada it doesn't matter where you were before. there are even apps with which she can book the matching flight from the comfort of your fiance but you see also. make sure you do it with amazing precisely because i was under water for. days you hesitate to travel can experience the world for. paris's. park hosts an installation called while in motion it brings visitors even closer to the wild animals than african safaris without disturbing real animals in their natural habitat. really want to use new technologies so that we can be teleported
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to be among the animals to be in the midst of this wild life in the ocean with chimpanzees see brothers and be amazed that visitors curiosity is a rationalist and they learn by seeing and being that this is another potential application of. is don't you balance 360 degree. tanks of us all around the gym and unesco world heritage sites with virtual tools. i can travel to various places virtually even interact with them that's an important feature directing that enhances the immersion in this virtual reality if i can interact a bit i've got something i can do and not just be a spectator for. what are your thoughts on the are when is it amazing and when could you do without personally i couldn't get enough of the bumper cars but of all the technology still has a long way to go ahead says need to be made lyda the cables are
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a nuisance and the technology is still too expensive now simple of yasid for your smartphone which cost only $1.00 euro but if you want something decent they had said alone costs 199 euros what do you think join our discussion on facebook and on our new you tube channel you'll also find explain as their information on the latest tech topics gadgets and my full report on the. take care and see you next week.
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good shape. temptation. addictive poison. why. the constant takes on the why should we need all this sugar and how harmful to consumer and how we should i enjoy food without any for in good shape next on p.w. . when the water starts losing people like yourself. it's really dangerous. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver. mass migration you could look right any couple going to picks night if you want and probably more the book on. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . we speak different languages we fight for
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different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds.


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