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random births and sounds to me hoping to get enough support to remain on top. and leaders from around the world to taking part in the ceremony calling to mark to be a anniversary of the start of world war 2 term as president both baltic shimei are describing the war as a german problem it's nation will never forget it's. watching news from berlin coming up next dr bill with tasty taipei a look at the food scene in the taiwanese city and lots more news at the top of the hour stay tuned coverage of the launch of the cut. coming on sunday adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. too soon to bring to the public some dough from him books from 250. marking on the floor of the discovery. next preditions inboard genome oz.
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last of ensconced their ballots in the eastern states and stocks in the in the problem japanese big 10 parties are bracing themselves for shifts to the right this boat cost the potential to be made whole great triumph i'm going to map all final us german chancellor. instant analysis of tonight's results tune in to d w news. today. the island of taiwan is perfect for food lovers diverse cultures influenced the cuisine join me as i'm dark on a fun filled and tasty journey of its capital taipei.
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taipei's inhabitants enjoy a rich cohen area history including popular night markets as well as top addresses for handmade dumplings. i once capital is located 180 kilometers southeast of mainland china a thriving and modern metropolis its cultural identity has been strongly influenced by both china and japan. i have traveled extensively through europe africa and of course united states but i've never been to taiwan and i hear that taipei is a foodie's paradise so i am super excited to get a taste of the city. my colleague so it's one caused from g.w. in taipei gives me a warm welcome he's going to show me lots of fun restaurants around the city. 6 here i've made it more i mean my goodness look at.
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day one for me begins with an overview of this city. tower one no one is taipei is mainland marked with 101 floors it's ranked among the tallest skyscrapers in the world taipei is surrounded by green hills and mountains and has developed rapidly over the last decades from an almost insignificant small town to an internationally important metropolis tell one is famous for its team. of which there are 4 main types black. white and launching the country produces some of the finest montes in the world these are traditional semi oxidized. but there is another famous tea from taiwan which is now available around the world. and my colleague so introduces it to me that is bubble tea. i don't know this german you can get them overly hard germans actually overdid it in taiwan and.
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you know it became so popular it all from this the shop owner would try to put a white top yolk up into the teacher and everyone knows what we see at least reliable t.v. i did ok but i cannot have you get bubble tea so easily i have a challenge for you all during him and. well to 2 cups to see to come i'll be me on. the. war nights focus on ok now thinking all. i'm ready for this ok. as i clearly asked they prepare my poti with ice cold glass research since the base with milk and tapioca pearls tapioca is derived from the can solve a plant all together it makes for a refreshingly light treat is
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a different very different than totally. one of all the. drink it without choking. you got to be really careful you are going to have this one couple day yes yes here. and here the living space. here in taipei is quite limited many people here don't even have a full kitchen so they eat their evening meals at the so-called night markets and i'm going to visit one of taipei's oldest a popular route one night market it's open daily from 4 pm to midnight there are over 340 food stands as well as 140 stores here. i come across some interesting snacks which i have never seen before. and they like to leave you. as passionfruit get me i guess. it's
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very pushy in your mind. the food you find at this market is very fresh and mostly from the region may be prepared quickly but by no means is this fast food. so we know that taiwan is an island in up itself but what is the real difference between the time we need beam and chinese cuisine we have all of the chop hunch chinese moving here from the 16th century and then we also we were by japan for 50 years employ a lot of influence from japan and then at the same time we also have lost more than 60 up original charts here in 149 the nationalist party we traded to taiwan and it brought a lot of chinese ships so until today there's still a lot of influence of the chinese cuisine like why now the main dish we're going to try that is think it'll ok well i can certainly now it just to give you guys an
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idea of. mulling around here is a mansion a farm. time one. that is are you know it's not that bad but think it over i mean come on the name alone doesn't really get your appetite going all say that's my favorite here so i guess i have to try this yeah so where is our singular . raeburn t. tell your friend. here it is yes i think you told him as you can see this deep fried version ok so you have the total here they have all crowded gaul a costly and taiwanese kimchi give it a try the 1st think you tofu your 1st bite of pinky toe food. so choose seafood. how old does
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a really good really you like it you are your life is really good it's very girly the whole one of. our faces mild it's not. no it's not too it's not too pungent like the taste you can tell it's it's been fermented by here not really mild and from the farm to happen to me that ok now i'm getting the farm taste back i'll talk to take you if you're actually as crunchy outside in the soft inside when you look at it it's the fright its golden color you know it's good. c really nice i like it and i'm not the be. so scared i have a little dish it's wonderful. stinky tofu is seasoned with garlic and kimchi can choose cabbage which has been fermented for 2 days to one week.
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my tasty diary day one night market impressions lively and colorful various smells to say the very least stinky tofu deep fried is delicious all in all i give this market 2 thumbs up to date 2 starts with a visit to a temple buddhism is one of the major religions of taiwan there are hundreds of temples throughout. i paid but the bow on temple stands out after 25 years of construction it opened in 1830 and was named by one meeting protection of the people. one way of communicating with the gods is through gelpi or red crescent shaped pieces of wood if the 2 pieces fall on opposite sides then the gods answer to the question is yes. today my journey leads me to
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a special restaurant the top one pot. maybe you know what what eating hop has been called a national pastime fit for anything here and i want you know what i heard that taiwan is the number one destination for hop yeah and you know why we have more than 40025000 help us that is small in the world i was way more than any other restaurant more than 5000 i'd say that's a lot of pot and it and i've chosen a very special one so you see. old ones who go away and will have to go through a transformation from let's turn from our to. look at your. art but tell me again why are we here just like this all because we're here for the hot and they have the bases from the recipe all the engine royal family wow or are you going to dress like progress. for me
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i am the unit. in an online survey of the top one top restaurant has clinched the number one spot for spicy hot coffee. the restaurant serves many different kinds of hot hot sets including royal spicy hot chicken pot pickled cabbage pot and dual pot . it also has private rooms named after palaces built during the ching dynasty. tell me why. popeye is so popular among the taiwanese people it's so important because of the idea of getting together you know the warm remind people of family gatherings doing a little new year a lot of important family events people with the day old and share the hop out together ok so it's very communal and very social yes then right now it's a tool. but it's ok because it will make it interesting that's because i'm going to have another. challenge ok
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except left all so today we have 3 need. crossed for you. but i see. you know i better listen to your drinking your i've read are disobeying your entrance. so 1st. you know that maybe what they are going to. request to bring on is the part of. we are the jewel chick and then we have our own ing 3 d. and including meat bones a lobster boat works next slices and so called be from have. you have to try it so i'll just call the for you. and my unit i ordered to try the 1st
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5. of. snow so. it's like a reverse. i mean we have you know the tenderness of the beef is the one that you can never imagine before we continue on just a little bit more of the history of nothing and that's all right. so the empress is eating food from which dynasty wall and actually from our office is change dynasty in the king dynasty which is from the 17th century and the last long to the 20th century the early 20th century since you have the chinese community. everywhere you go around the world whether it is think up or. mainland china so many different places but chinese communities people enjoy hotpot.
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so that the emperor typing. this list. my tasty diary day 2 hotpot reflections a feast for the eyes a celebration for all the senses a meal fit for a king or in my case in amphoras no wonder this sets the standard for taiwanese cuisine. many of taiwan's inhabitants have close relations to mainland china when communist leader mounts a don't proclaim the people's republic of china in 1949 some 2000000 people fled to taiwan today its capital has an estimated population of 2700000 people even with so many residents getting around the city is easy the metro system or the m r t serves millions of passengers daily and it's how we get to today's just
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a nation. today we're going to the restroom by in large t. let's go even for visitors using the m r t's easy. music is played when the train approaches the station here it chopin's nocturne. over to. here. you see this stage. where the famous didn't tie from the restaurant. and they're all here we didn't. i've heard a lot about this place or over a 160 of them worldwide from 16 to los angeles yes and it's all region is from ty k. all right let's check it out the dim sum here it in time phone is unique it takes
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the trained staff 10 to 15 seconds to make 1800 fold dumplings but don't confuse these with western versions. this is a very popular restaurant thanks to its basket steamed buns i'm always amazed by the group of tourists probably have an interest there and a line a mile long time this is certainly part of the slaves were lucky if that we can get any on weekdays the staff makes 728000 child long bow dumplings and 12000 on the weekends they pay close attention to detail and to the balance of the ingredients when i'm noticing is a delicate fold they have 18 forwards for each cell 18 full ok here is how you eat it you will open a small hole beside it and you have the juice coming now and then leave it on the 4th. go for. us wow that is so like silk in your mouth. it's so
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smooth and so do you see the fork is. very minute on. this thank you to. the dumpling containing little pockets of gelatin lines broth made from chicken pork and cured ham i think for some of the cuisines they only have a. few truffles like to be. but yeah what's the black card that's in trouble i mean like i have a lot of. things this is case of the mushroom was 10500 like a mushroom and also kind of like that to taste but that's a that's a going to out it's very light a couple garlic i'll say makes it as if there's a. link in there as well but the couple i think like so it doesn't overpower yeah
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i alread like. mine tasty diary day 3 didn't i phone reflections this is taipei's number one address for shallow power which means finger food in a basket there are many secret recipes and methods including 18 folds pursuit dumpling a true work of art definitely to sums up. thanks for starts in the dark tong district or taipei's old town its most notable for its ching in japanese period architecture each house was designed so the merchants could have their shops on the ground floor and live above them. through. here dried foods are a best seller. there are dozens of shops specializing in dried fruits and nuts. dried meats and lots of dried seafood snacks. these
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traditional products are popular among the tilings both young and old for their healing properties and that also includes a popular dish t.v. my co-host introduces me to taiwanese porridge. i think the restaurants that get a fright really aren't getting. oh you have the. playing origin front of you i want you to give it a try. terry. sometime . it. is not that infected actually discipline has much to take because we keep porridge with the side dishes which when you want to taste 1st i guess i'd like to try this because this find no in taiwan is a delicacy yes it has over 600 year old history so from maine dynasty there
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was this construction worker he found this egg has a duck egg in a chemical poll for construction ok and then he suddenly felt like the egg looked very interesting so i tried it and of course that was not really had a ball so i changed the recipe it has some salt into it you can't eat the 1000 year egg 1st time 1st for may. i. say seems like the next thing with manning's murder case i see so he's good he can definitely is an egg it doesn't taste anything else it tastes like an egg to 1000 year and is a delicacy made by preserving dark chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay and ask for several weeks to months. there are more than $100.00 signed dishes in this rice porridge restaurant including
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a large selection of delicacies. my tasty diary day for a time when nice porridge reflections mild but tasty various dishes with interesting names and signs are a must nothing taste as i expected not salty or sugary not so sure why the egg must be preserved for 3 months when i basically get the same. taste after about 3 minutes but all in all of very tasty experience. day 5 is dedicated to street food and it's no secret that the taiwanese love to eat and you can find delicious food pretty much on every street corner there are all kinds of cuisine from chinese to southeast asian and tourists will also find arguably the best japanese food outside of japan. street food is really great here
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it's fast healthy and inexpensive that's one reason many high we knees eat their meals out. the flip side of street food is the 5 star restaurant in the w. hotel this is where chefs really show off taiwan's diverse collinearity tradition. where we all. and the restaurant. kind of play a really high class cuisine for a high class maybe. we have in the basement or here great actually it's very interesting because telling people used to fall upon eating those because people don't eat cattles in the past because in the culture family we can respect them ok so they were like coworkers and when did this start to change but after the chinese fentora was living in taiwan they brought this recipe here and when they have to
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make a living out of it they start to make really could be from those stuff and started changing groups i didn't want to try it. the chefs at the end restaurant used classical dishes as a base and then the add their own style and innovation to the various meals their creations are artistic colorful and sometimes look too good to eat like the braised beef noodles which are served in a savory so. you sometimes people eat anything at all without beefs all of the beef soup ok because the broth is so special and so. it's very savory. so now i'm going to try the new no. and the sweet noodles. yeah yeah yeah that's a cherry on done yes bringing perfectly advantage is what they say about spaghetti
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you know when it's green like that it's very good to chewy and very very chewy and great perfect for you now it's the key. for a brace brace feet and now feed you. like a honeymoon couple. o. o. o. o. as a. forward just melts in your mouth did you see how to just brush it off to suit. my lesson. from beef noodles and do song to modern creasing the german rethinks taiwanese fried we need it for the executive chef. he's from hong kong and known for his chicken broth. sassy chef how he would describe the call in every scene and . the. season this is how i would have won she owns
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a she says highlights of the hollywood scene and wishing only ship. was a this is how it happens and no way out was all here he combines mushrooms prawns and fried thai rice to make a delicious soup. this is a dish with a taste that's hard to resist and it's only one highlight of my. many on my colon neary journey through taipei. it's hard to pinpoint just one favorite national dish because it seems the time they're very proud of everything with everything that i've been presented is a little work of art in the south and then the different taste and station not one dish tastes like the on the other it's very diverse thank you for coming to this how on it's been a wonderful experience thank you for introducing me tyrolese cuisine i am
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a fan of bad thank you since in this is. my last diary entry my colleague mary journey to taipei is coming to an end now before i arrived i had heard that this place is a foodie's paradise and after spending a couple of days here i can definitely agree with that assessment from street food to 5 star restaurants i have definitely gotten i taste of taipei and i've also learned a little mandarin as well as the cultural influences on the queasy so all in all taipei is definitely the place for delicious food fusion and fun satiate taipei.
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subscribers don't miss out. and on demand. language courses. video and audio. anytime anywhere. media center. and still in cost the ballots in the eastern states saxenian the problem bug $7.00 is the big 10 parties outpourings being themselves 1st to the right this vote has the potential to be make or break time come on the map also final judgment on the. instant analysis of tonight's results going into d w names. today. my 1st boss moses sewing machine.
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where i come from women are ballance by this oceans will remember something as simple as learning how to write them by psychosis and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me mr been there. finally they gave up an invention by me and by psychos but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt pro-create for those than writing a bible as knowledge i want to meet those women back home where bones by the jew jews and social norms and informed him hold the basic rights my name is the about of people home and i war i need a. good
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law. this is state of your news line from germany's far right party is forecasting strong games into regional elections that could shake chancellor merkel's government in berlin polls close soon and the states of london black and saxony both are currently governed by traditional centrist party about the alternative for germany party has been surging in opinion polls that could pull off a breakthrough victory in one or 2.


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