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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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government and. selling our country. don't use fear no he knows. september 18th on d w. shocks and surprises that's the best way to describe. well guess what. there's plenty more where that came from let's have a look at what we have in store for you today. in sunday's match. their 1st win of the season well frank but we're going to get. to winning ways. and we'll be bringing you a special report from saturday a sensational match here in berlin but we will be on the pitch we'll be getting
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a behind the scenes look at what it's like to be a. welcome to the. mechanic client and i'm not alone joining me to break a 3 is a very special member of the bonus to get team hello yet expect. yanick was at the game yes they will be going to that soon however in frankfurt which is where travel to on sunday when they were there last season. scored 5 goals in a $71.00 thrashing of you know which is a real madrid but would someone else take over the goal scoring responsibilities. track for took 6 points from their 2 encounters with last season but they went behind today when alfredo morale is found an unmarked proven headings in the 36 minute and experience strike alike henning's needs no 2nd invitation when offered such time and space by standoffish center backs his header made a difference in the 1st half and dusseldorf went in in front at the break. an
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equally simple move in the 2nd half produced frankfurt's equaliser new striker has just with a powerful header on his debut to bring things level just shy of the hour. and in the 86th minute frankfurt completed their comeback gonzalo passy and turning the game on its head and securing the home side a 2nd home win of this season. that have lost both of their matches this season good thing they're up against a side they've beaten in their last 3 encounters this match has goals written all over it since february 2043 or more have been scored and every single game between these 2 sides spoiler happened again. there's a brain in coach florian co felt received the backing of the fans after a bad start to the season they were looking for their 1st points against outspoken with europe their aim this turn. and the home crowd soon had something to shout out
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asako making it one nil after just 6 minutes out those defensive line was far too high. but the visitors hit back stefan lick china finding fellow swiss ruben vargas for the equaliser the 2 recent arrival showing a great understanding. braman though continue to frighten and josh argent * showed she purred skill to put them back in front on 21 minutes the 19 year old american is already making a name for himself in northern germany. it got back to the host when luke china picked up a 2nd booking and was sent off just after the half hour mark. but instead of falling apart regroup for the 2nd half. and vargas got his and his side 2nd right after the restart. game on. brandon's extra man began to tell however and japan's all summer cold snaps the
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window for 32 on 67 minutes his 3rd goal of the season the same amount he managed in the whole of the last campaign. out spurs are still to get their 1st win but bremen are now off the mark. so braman finally get off the mark yannick or they'll be a previous side of relief after losing the 1st 2 games of the season yeah 100 percent i think the club and the coach for a bit of criticism of the style this is not a losing the 1st 2 and didn't take too kindly to that he didn't really understand it he is young he's 36 or so and it will have to get used to the scrutiny of the german press but i think. with his success comes that scrutiny because oh so impressive last season they just missed out on europe and so everyone is expecting them to make the european places this season and so with that i think they have to step up a notch and yes they got a win against. the strongest team though so they really need to use this is
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a springboard to kind of make that quest for europe especially as brahmins goal of the season is to finish in the european places their lead goals for that and there's a spectacular goal in this match and i want to look at it becoming up in a 2nd it's from josh sergeant yannick do you think he actually meant to control the ball the way he did look i think the 1st such is quite cross but he definitely didn't expect to bounce back often like that but this is what i love about this goal in particular he senses the opportunity after that touch clicks it over the keeper makes the round around the keeper. and then also finishes with aplomb quite calmly it's a very very cool finish for a 19 year old and there is a lot of hype around this young kid and i think he's just showing that he deserves to be in the starting line up and he's thinking of the ministers and minutes in the starting line that really to get those goals flowing under so we're moving away from burma now we're moving on to you in berlin it's hard to figure out the scenes after the newly promoted side be dormant on sunday we know what happens on the pitch but what was it like as a fan what was what makes
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a match of the book is that his newest member so special and it went to the match on saturday to take a closer look and you brought us this report. cool i . think. here we are in copenhagen ace and part of lynn and this is where all stops when you're on ballin fans we're here to check out what makes this match day experience so special and why the fans love this song. ok. ok that's the way to save the band lots going on hundreds of on your own and make new play. things when you add the atmosphere is amazing and the crowd really and i really
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like the team because it's pretty good timing. is a cult club and you can see that some of the fans help to build the stadium when they want to think of shall co-op the teams when players get whistle in foods we don't do that in the. context playing it you have to be here to see if yourself it's amazing as. it would be german football without a beer and a bra full so i don't know when you get the cheapest in the bundesliga. i'm done but i think a little. bit you would see those in many stadiums anyway i. think.
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what a game and what not to see that was a 31 victory for you on that. with the only. experience. sensational it's not just a fantastic experience for the fans it's also interesting for our viewers as well because they would have seen something like this before necessarily get your season ticket holder what is it that makes this club so extra special yeah look i mean there are so many special clubs in german football that's for sure i've seen amazing atmospheres of places like cologne dortmund rostock you can name them all but when i went to my 1st on your match i was completely blown away and i bought a season ticket on that day you know it's just even when they lose our member a particular game 4 nil against norberg a loss it was pissing down rain and the fans just didn't stop singing it was incredible and i think that is something that is unique to you and i think we heard a fan in that piece so something similar like other fans will whistle to that scene when the not playing well well that would never happen when you and it's never
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happened and it is a cliche to talk about being this big summit family but it does ring true to some sense most of the fans are very very welcoming it's a credible atmosphere when you get there very inclusive as well and you don't just go for the football it's a big event you go there few hours before the match you share stories with your mates you sing for 90 minutes and then you share a few more stories for a couple hours after it's a pretty emotional atmosphere even if you're not an on your belly and fan of if we saw a match day one would guess leipsic that they stayed off of the 4 nil defeat and sang for the 1st is right stephanie very unique you know some people saying that you know when is a bit of a statement the rest of leap coach was fisher says you know it's not what you think yeah he did kind of come out and say it wasn't a signal sent to the rest of the lake i do think he's downplaying it a bit and i think he has good reason to think i don't think when you're going to play better than this for the rest of the season that was an incredible formants and a team what this shouldn't be beating a team like dortmund they really stepped it up a notch and so i think fisher is just trying to keep it real they've got 11 new
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players coming in in the off season but they've all bought into his tactics into his system and it's looking very well. good at the moment after that early blip against lovesick and despite what he's saying to the german media i do think that after that victory fisher will be a little bit more confident that they can escape relegation so we've heard the story i want to hear somebody else's side of the story nevin super teach spoke to us after the game on saturday. our only chance would be to really. get behind of those quick as possible and put pressure on the board and we were able to do that. almost all game and that's why the low dose to really. feel secure and also one of us to be dangerous was. the quick transitions to the forwards. getting fast to the groove you had it straight from the horse's mouth and that is how you beat dortmund i'm looking at you by leverkusen you're playing a match day for yanick so early in the season is fall for the man for the job
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sharing surely he needs to be able to beat teams like a new one if doormen are going to be champions at the end of the season yeah 100 percent and i think some people haven't been convinced with even last season especially after they basically threw away the toddle when they had it in the grass and gave it to byron and they had 2 criticisms last season one was giving away points to weaker opposition and also for julian the fets and the problem that i've seen in that game against well known is both problems still exist added to that the attack was also a bit fresh for truth in against well known in the 2nd half and as well the previous week in the 1st half against cologne they really struggled to create chances and when you have an attack of players like jaden stan show marco royce and talk in hazard for instance that doesn't cut it and as i said before attain what dortmund has to be beating teams like on your own well well better and it wasn't a performance of a german champion thank you the german chap because they are really dogs biggest rivals. by and watch huge win for them on saturday but let's not look at let's look
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beyond that scoreline a 2nd squad only one has said they're strong enough to compete would you agree disused it depends what we're talking about the bonus they get yes if we're talking about the blunders they get the champions league know their starting 11 looks incredible looked at the team sheet that they played against months you go to new level dusky incredible players but looking beyond that the depth just isn't there and apparently the rumors are dry. he's going to the ventus so i think they really going to struggle into the depth and doesn't look good for competing on 3 fronts or the transfer deadline could be over but what is over a monday we'll see if anybody new comes to by me nick i want to say thank you for joining me that's all from us this week we'll be back after the international break see you then.
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i. bring to me. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list 100 you must reads. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes aquatics if you think the future of the country that i don't. feel needed to be taken as grandma there you go it's sold out ok. i might show join me to meet the gentleman from d w post to know that 77 percent. are younger than 60. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time no voice
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is part. of the 77 percent he told me you should stop. this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. you know one after knox odyssey has brought him here a police station in tokyo he's hoping to file a missing persons report for his children the police aren't keen on reporters. stop the recording please here in this field. he owns a wife abducted their 2 sons. but 3 hours later nothing's happened damn it's in its head we haven't filled out any forms or reports of us and they just gathered
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information and called their boss to ask what to do. with music dying for vince all . this was once home but no longer. be an act and has since moved to berlin. the family lives here. now the house holds nothing but memories. his wife went back to japan taking their children with her. john has just returned from tokyo he's been there several times before but still hasn't managed to find his children the syndicate saying to these are the presents i took with me to japan for the.


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