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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2019 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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so they can plant crops and trying to meet. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably more the political. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . markets grapple with new american tariffs and the chinese reaction so are the 2 sides any closer to a trade war resolution or are they just digging in. also on the show loggers and prospectors are combing through brazil's rain forest to get indigenous villagers stop them and protect their lands. and we'll show you a clever solution for cleaning up oil spills and pollution at sea. this is your t w business report i'm stephen beers in berlin good to have you with us u.s.
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china trade war escalated over the weekend with both sides sticking fresh tariffs on the other's exports and no trade deal in sight the united states is now imposing levies on a further $112000000000.00 of chinese exports beijing is counting with retaliatory tariffs on $75000000000.00 in u.s. goods smart speakers headphones sneakers those are among the chinese made products that could become more expensive in the u.s. beijing meanwhile will hit u.s. crude oil with a 5 percent tariff and that marks the 1st time the commodity has been targeted in this dispute and this isn't the end of the levies the u.s. plans to raise tariffs on a different set of chinese goods totaling 250000000000 dollars to 30 percent from the current 25 percent and then in december a further 15 percent tariff on chinese cell phones laptops and clothes and that would mean the virtually all made in china products will be subject to tariffs in the u.s. . we are going to get giant at that meeting is still long as you know the depth.
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that has yet to happen yet we haven't we'll see what happens but we can't allow china to reprise off a force of god we can't go out. to take $500000000000.00 a year out of our country we can't do that now let's take a deeper dive into this with gabriele felt he's president of the keel institute for the world economy here in germany thanks for joining us my 1st question consumer spending as we've seen we've last week there were some very very strong numbers about consumer spending in the u.s. do we really believe then that these new tariffs which are focused so much on consumer goods will change american behavior well we should not forget that the chinese currency has depreciated some 14 percent since april last year and so imports from china of toys food. textiles and so on have actually become cheaper and now we have those tears that make them more expensive so and that the effects
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are likely to be very very small and that i think explains the positive consumer sentiment in the united states to some extent now looking beyond the u.s. and china how tariffs like these affect other economies like the e.u. mexico canada maybe. so there is certainly a fear factor you know we see that when donald trump talks about tariffs he's able to act and impose those tariffs and that imposes a lot of uncertainty on everyone investors hold back with their decisions exporters think twice before they can gauge into big contracts so this uncertainty affects everyone including chairman exporters to the world in particular to the united states of course but on the other hand there is an upside because if you know they marry can swap out chinese goods from their markets that might be an opportunity for european producers so think about the why conflict ericsson and nokia who are being kompany might sell more united states but why it's locked out so again it's in a big was situation for certain products certain firms trade war actually provocative
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but you know these but for most of them it's more than a risk it's more risk. we're trying to lose his reelection in 2020 how easy it would have been to undo everything he's done with trade at this point. you see i think the key factor here is really uncertainty trade policy that has to be stable for many many years has become a source of instability and that will be very hard to be undone we see that the trade policies used viably in many more countries not just the united states and so the genie is out of the bottle if you like and any new president united states will have to spend a lot of political capital a lot of time to get the cine back into it so we have to expect more trade policy uncertainty even without the us president trump very briefly is china likely to be persuaded by these tariffs. very hard to say everything depends on the political
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cost of those tariffs and the time being we must say that the chinese. government has engaged into fiscal stimulus you can use the currency to buffer the negative effects of those of those tariffs if the really the economy takes big hit a bigger hit than what you've seen it will fall then i guess there is there will be more flexibility from chinese side. president of the kill institute for the world economy thank you very much and welcome. the amazon is a commodity and engine of economic growth that if you believe the brazilian president also noro his words have encouraged loggers and prospectors to push further into the region i think spence of indigenous peoples more are now organizing to protect their lands. small group the villagers camped out at nice on the lookout for signs of trespassing in the lush rain forest they call home this is what environmental monitoring looks like in some parts of the amazon.
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this is one of 7 bases installed across the men pregnant terri indigenous territory in the stakes of power in northern brazil locals here say a lack of inspection by government agencies is forcing them to conduct their own operations to stop loggers and perspectives from encroaching on their land in the past brazil's president shire both narrow has described rain forest protection of an obstacle to the country's economic development many here fear that such comments are imposing businesses to disregard environmental protection. you see you can this team discovered this bridge during an inspection that took place a month ago. we're monitoring as. it stretches 8 kilometers along the biological reserve. on the other side of the river fortunately the team found it before the law has begun to remove the trees i don't. suppose they hate you know that you
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might be in the patrols are taking place as the future of the amazon increasingly becomes the focus of international attention last month footage showing large swathes of the rain forest in flames went around the world for sales president accused environmentalists obsessing as a lights on purpose they in turn say their leader is turning a blind eye towards protecting the environment and the life of the hoods off indigenous people. and let's stay in south america where argentina's government has introduced restrictions on currency trading part of an effort to tackle a deepening financial crisis their move means companies will need to seek permission from central bank to buy foreign currency and make transfers abroad concerns over argentina's ability to meet its dollar denominated debt obligations last month prompted rating agencies fitch as well as standard and poor's to downgrade the country's sovereign debt rating. the u.k.
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appears to be hurtling toward a no deal bragg's it which is making businesses nervous as well as consumers many are now stocking up in anticipation of shortages take a look james clark has prepared for the worst he's stocking up on groceries because many british supermarkets have warned that some of the shelves could be left empty in the event of a hard brock's it in other words if the country believes the e.u. without a deal. onto devol should mean getting a head start putting aside some canned tomatoes things like that and. not because i think there won't be anything in supermarkets but because there might be shortages of certain products so to avoid problems my wife and i are stocking up on some items. one in 5 brits is now stockpiling food a survey shows they're spending an average of $380.00 pounds to do so james clark has also stocked up on medication he's aware that 3 quarters of britain's drugs
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come from mainland europe. what i worry about most is my son he has an epi pen which is for people with allergic reactions. so it's hard enough to find an pharmacies in the u.k. and i really think it'll be harder to find with a hard. so he stayed on call if you see the band but if there were a hard practice at his supplies would last just a few weeks that's one thing james is certain about. when oil spills at sea the clean up usually involves oil booms floating barriers intended to contain the slick from spreading that doesn't always work especially in high seas and bad weather now researchers have come up with a new idea. the sinking of the freighter ground america after caught fire off the atlantic coast of france in march was an environmental disaster heavy oil leaked
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and due to bad weather it was only possible to contain part of the kilometer long slick. following accidents like this hold her own but how and from trace and technical university and his team decided to look for ways to make oil spills harmless. so-called oil booms only work during good weather during rough seas the oil splashes over the booms. as i mean toward and think we've developed a method to absorb oil oil by this can be deployed by plane or helicopter even in bad weather or they can then be used to absorb the oil so the oil binders are made of absorbent wood fiber the procedure was developed in cooperation with researchers from the university as of rostock and leipsic and it's incredibly simple the wood chips are thrown on to the polluted water and begin to absorb the oil after a few hours that oil is completely absorbed and no longer a danger to marine birds the procedure also works in conditions like those found on
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the high seas the oil binders had been tested in a way what the university of rostock after nearly 4 days and artificially created oil spill was completely removed. it was meant as all it does at the moment this is done is being tested in the baltic sea as a kind of model region there we can really show how well it works and train employees on how to use this technology and we hope that in the coming years it will be deployed in other regions of the world in this month and he does open on that if you want and that's because there has already been interest from iran the persian gulf is home to the world's largest crude oil and natural gas reserves no where are more oil tankers on the move scientist of a new york times is from tehran and is working together with the drays to researchers oil eating bacteria on the wood chips help speed up the cleansing of the water surface. water is $47.00 times more polluted than the average of. a lot and see what like and the water of present
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over those years deciding mating to produce thinking water for people in your own so it makes it very important to purify and to play to clean the water from the petro don't trace. in the baltic sea the researchers have shown how the oil binders are deployed by plane and later collected again in a few years the technology could be a standard procedure and a lucrative investment for the developers. and that's it for me in the business team here thanks for watching.
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i'm optimistic. it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about. because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not gonna play that. closely global news that matters g.w. made for mines quadriga international talk show me to tumultuous week in german politics in europe resolved bitter divisions over migration. into the
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a big could friendly fire from president trying to defeat one strongest military alliance. my guests have to say on quadriga. this week well stories. directives stokes fears of new conflict in island a taxi drives and then becomes an opera star but 1st we start off in iraq and much of the world's oil supply passes through the strait of hormuz now the conflict between iran and the us is affecting people on the moon silent. it's early morning
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in the sun beating down on the island of hormuz is relentless there's no natural water source and few other resources for that matter despite that the island has been highly valued for centuries as a strategic location portugal for instance constructed this fortress back in 1507 to control mara team traffic in the persian gulf today the strait of hormuz is once again witness to conflict as the standoff over british lek tankers east by iranian authorities continues. a fisherman takes us out into the straight past the island of la rock the iranian military uses the island to monitor the area which includes the narrow passage all ships must pass through to reach the largest oil ports in the region. currently very few international tankers use iranian waters to navigate the strait many fear being swept up in the conflict between washington and tehran and they run in military is not alone as it petrols this war.


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