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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2019 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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international talk show it's been a tumultuous week in german politics in europe resolved bitter divisions over migration the government it is said step into the abyss could friendly fire from president trump defeat one of the strongest military alliances in history kano might get some to say on quadriga. closure on. further escalation in the us china trade war over the weekend has been followed by both governments doubling down at the start of the week but its consumers will likely pay the price. also coming up things go from bad to worse in argentina as fears grow that a left wing anti austerity candidate complains next month's presidential election.
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this is the w. business i'm john nelda mullen in berlin welcome china has once again filed a complaint with the world trade organization against the united states its 3rd following further escalation in the trade war between the world economy the chinese ministry of call. said in a statement that washington that latest terrorist actions violated the trade truce reached by both governments in june on the sidelines of the g 20 summit in osaka. but how did that escalation look like in case you're losing track here's a refresher this weekend the united states imposed levies on an additional $112000000000.00 of chinese exports while beijing is countering with tariffs on $75000000000.00 in u.s. goods smart speakers headphones and shoes are among the chinese products to be made
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more expensive by new u.s. tariffs beijing meanwhile will hit u.s. crude oil with a 5 percent tariff it's the 1st time oil has been targeted in this dispute and this isn't the end of the u.s. plans to raise existing tariffs on $250000000000.00 in chinese exports from currently 25 percent to 30 percent and in december a further 15 percent tariff on chinese cell phones laptops and clothes that will mean that virtually every product made in china will be subject to tariffs in the u.s. now here's what donald trump had to say about those roundup duties. we are dead gyrated reading your belongings you know that there that they have again we have the what are the we care they are generated or it was just very very good we cared . to take 500 gig and here out of their garden we care through that.
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our correspondent our correspondent in washington pablo folly joins us now pablo this latest round of u.s. tariffs on chinese products is of the 1st to directly impact consumer goods how badly will they affect american households. well we're talking about you know more than 2 thirds of consumer goods which american consumers are buying from china and like he said just before we're talking about everything from smart watches to t.v.'s to shoes sporting goods and actually j.p. morgan has said that the average american household could be paying up to $1000.00 more per year on those goods that are affected now u.s. companies are saying that they're going to be forced to pass on those price increases to consumers but of course we're talking about a very complicated consumer market because a lot of retailers have been sort of in competition with online retailers who have
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this ability to have perhaps a lower prices so there's been a battle going on there over who can hold on to you know consumer buying and what they've been trying to do is avoid passing on those price hikes to consumers but it is you know at a point now where it's proving at particularly difficult for and particularly smaller retailers who are going to have to you know somehow deal with these increases and you know it's a particularly complicated situation and also there's a lot of fear that later this year when we could see those further trade tariffs cake in that we're talking about anywhere up to 99 percent of consumer goods that americans buy from china being affected so particularly at very worrying times here for the for the consumer market. potential for american shoppers up ahead there but john pozza insisted that the talks with china this month are happening amid
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continued escalation so is the resolution closer or further away what do you think . that's like the $1000000.00 question you know and it's a it's very hard to know exactly what direction we're going to go donald trump you know adamant that these talks are going to go ahead now china on the other hand has said that it appears and a lot of analysts are saying that they're playing perhaps the long game donald trump who is facing reelection next year is you know worried that the economy is being affected let's not forget that in the 2nd quarter of this year you know the economy slowed considerably so i think we've got a long way to go before a resolution is. reached between donald trump and china. there for us in washington thank you very much the argentina crisis has taken a turn for the worse investors are already fearing
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a repeat of the 2001 default which threw the country in one of its worst economic crises the government is grumbling to do what it can to keep the country above water. capital controls that's the argentinean government's latest response to the country's worsening economic crisis since sunday ordinary people have faced restrictions for foreign currency exchanges and many our ready queuing to withdraw u.s. dollars for as long as is still allowed. that will that's when the way out of it and this takes me back to 2001 is you start distrusting bags if you have money you want to take it out of the bank and keep it at home until the trust in the bank has been we established. and. businesses are also affected exporters now have 5 days to exchange their foreign currency into pencils that's something the government hopes will stem the passes for. the argentinian currency has been falling it has now tumbled nearly 24 percent since august 11th
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that's when conservative president lost a primary election against the left leaning better financed it is investors now feel they could lose the runoff election in october and last wednesday argentina's finance minister said the country would be unable to meet some of its debt obligations the country's delaying payments rating agencies say that puts the country closer to a default that would also be bad for the i.m.f. it negotiated the bailout and economic reforms with a mockery of ministration but a continuance seem to want none of it most of them are against the reforms which have hurt the poor they want higher wages and potentially a new government. now to some of the other global business stories making news front starting can bid for public contracts in the us again after reaching an agreement with environmental authorities the deal requires the car giant to accept
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external auditing and monitoring it comes almost 4 years after the diesel emissions cheating scandal broke. the u.s. and poland have agreed to cooperate to develop a 5 g. technology after meeting polish president duda vice president mike pence said the deal would quote ensure the security of digital infrastructure washington has been warning its allies not to use equipment from china as well way. when the oil spill is at sea the clean up usually involves oil booms floating barriers intended to contain the slick from spreading but that doesn't always work especially in high seas and bad weather now researchers have come up with a new idea. the sinking of the freighter ground america after camp fire off the atlantic coast of france in march was an environmental disaster heavy oil leaked and due to bad weather it was only possible to contain part of the kilometer long
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slick. following accidents like this hold their own but how and from tracing technical university and his team decided to look for ways to make oil spills harmless. so-called oil booms only work during good weather during rough seas the oil splashes over the booms. and in the top end think we've developed a method to absorb oil oil binders can be deployed by plane or helicopter even in bad weather they can then be used to absorb the oil so the oil binders are made of absorbent wood fiber the procedure was developed in cooperation with researchers from the university is of rostock and leipsic and it's incredibly simple the wood chips are thrown onto the polluted water and begin to absorb the oil after a few hours that oil is completely absorbed and no longer a danger to marine birds the procedure also works in conditions like those found on the high seas the oil burners have been tested in
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a way for what the university of rostock after nearly 4 days and artificially created oil spill was completely removed. it was meant as a solid does that is a moment this is done is being tested in the baltic sea as a kind of model region there we can really show how well it works and train employees on how to use this technology and we hope that in the coming years it will be deployed in other regions of the world and in this moment in the dozen on the battlefield and that's because there has already been interest from iran the persian gulf is home to the world's largest crude oil and natural gas reserves no where are more oil tankers on the move scientist giovanni york times is from tehran and is working together with the drapes and researchers oil eating bacteria on the wood chips help speed up the cleansing of the water surface. water is 47 times more polluted than the average of one point ocean out and see what white
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and the water of present over is used with this study mating to produce drinking water for people in your own so it makes it very important to purify and to plan to clean the water from the petro down phase. in the baltic sea the researchers have shown how the oil binders are deployed by plane and later collected again in a few years the technology could be a standard procedure and a lucrative investment for the developers. that's it from me and the business team here in berlin for more business news and check out the dot com business or follow us on social media i'm on in berlin thank you so much for watching.
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we'll germany's car industry survives. mobility is picking up speed. around the world the market for the cars is good. but germany has been putting on the brakes. the automotive powerhouse is stuck in the slow lane.
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profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. tax creation. our mental destruction starvation. the selling out of a country did donkey's fear. start september 18th on d w. this as d w news africa coming up on the show international can send grows over the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo during a trip to the country the head of the un i'm so new to tatters from a support office where it's often carries meant for the community east west it's fired about us also coming out. spreading information about spread.


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