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think insects are pests think i get stuck film will show you why bugs are nature's little superheroes and as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock at d.m.u. dot com and follow us on twitter at units. and follow the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. too soon to be racial politics on the fun while it's 250th birthday we're importing the no 4 huge discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.a. .
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we could live in the world for the last place. if we had drugs again simply. said or did something millions of years ago by someone very small. changes little superiors. insects. with about $6000000.00 species of the most successful creatures on. it make up 90 percent of the animals on our planet. they are specialists with superpowers so. we could not a lot of homo. you just have to look very closely. or. the
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air. in the. lead. it's early morning in the mountains named canada and southern france in summer dawn is the best time to catch insects and later in the day gets to fox may hide from the suckers just listen to. this push to talk hosts try. the german insect reception i'm dressed coach in skirts his friends colleagues on no i still don't know how to. professor and dress code. is one of the world's leading insects biotechnology
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specialist. particularly interested in later because they are very now i mean so. much is cast once to discover measure. and use them for the development of new drugs. he's looking specifically for the asian lady. in the phone about so at the. unconvinced that nature has already been the is the best and sons it's a question is how do we do that so we need clever ideas these are example we can let it is. but i guess if it does he mind it is much harder must it pathogens absolutely it's not an admission this much of it must have to put the fence make knowledge of the actual contents that we can do a lot of money bucks to do you know maybe come at that sort of bigger than the in. the area around. perrier is originally 6 loco varieties of ladybirds interbreed
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with alien species and species bred especially for biological. when it becomes too hot to hunt insects but if scientists return to the lab to analyze they catch. on a mystery is an incentive to existence he travels around the world including. the nothing of a d.n.a. he can determine how they have spread over time. these finals are important fundraised coaching staffs are just symbols for new drugs. on the one like that ok ok. yes i'm only up and. the ancient lady that was introduced to europe in america has a form of biological past control b.s. just a 5 eighth's because an asian lady bird eats a few 1000 of them during its lifetime. the green
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arrows show where and when the insect was artificially introduced the best control . but in the early 2000 something unexpected happened. the asian lady that began to spread uncontrollably and displaced native species. to survive hosp lets loose their southerly propagate i love abide and we like to tell it what is not is this a new world of widespread dozens of what i need that has did that but also a central asia god is what we want to find out if we are dealt with an issue that's missed money in actually an. address coaching scouts will take some lady bows to germany to analyze them. tufts university boston usa. the so-called silk lab is one of the university's more exotic research departments. here everything revolves around smoke
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and around los producing most fascinating material silk. fiorenza so on my next joins tufts university in 2005 here began to get interested in simplicity. and started to see silkworms in a totally light. it's pretty amazing actually if you if you take a look at it. you can actually see the see the so it's red so right now it's right it's been. this is a 3 d. printer that this right here that if there comes out of it has out of out of here as a 3rd of
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a tensile strength as the oil and that is beautiful. and that is a professor of biomedical engineering ringback. he's interested in the properties of the material silkworms produce. a believes that cells can help protect the environment sulfide plastic waste. and also in that city could soon replace many other materials. silkworms produce about one kilometer of sent to build they could use humans have used silk fibers for thousands of years to produce textiles. but now the boston research is it succeeded in transforming silk into a new material with breaths. taking a bet it's a case. of this the silk needs to be transformed back into with liquid similar to the fluid taken 6 produces before it spits extract. first the researches comes up the can do so the alcohol. extract the silk proteins of the course of
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several tanks. and so now it's proven impossible to artificially manufacture the substance and the insects producing these glass. is a mixture of silk find a decent cool samson and more so. when the soap one spins its trunk it removes the water from simply to the 5 percent servicing then stick together and light it extremely strong. in a certain sense you go back to what the what the silkworm does so and so you take you take the native fibers and you bring them back to a liquid suspension of of silk fibroid protein and water and then and then depending on how the water evaporates or how you remove the water how quickly how slowly and under what conditions and what temperatures you get different material outcomes and so and so the material came together in very very amazing
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technological form and so you think about a lot of things and you try to connect them and i think that's the beauty of the beauty of working in this and this may. seem a little plastic liquid still can be shaped into lumps of different phone was. the 1st research is trying to spin a simple phrase just like the someone. that's right just can't leave extracts from a drawing them while going to a real. doc to keep something. or someone just assume do differently. to lose from. the trade to such as our way to work by bicycle. she doesn't come she doesn't even have a driving license and yet she's very much interested in trying to get to the
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special kind of traffic. studies the behavior of. the sooner you learn just thinks of these. and never come up against the truth. with. andre wants the whole song traffic. on inside some ideal research objects because they have particularly sophisticated systems. they can see. that they have kids sense of smell. and smart their trails with sense of those. different discovers food it runs back to the next to get refocused vince and in doing so it marks its prime the others followed his
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trial and also among. the answerphone the shortest of the nicest dead pakistan for mark more frequently after a short while it smells. so this route. a simple yet brilliant way to solve for the just tickle problem but how failsafe is it. outrageous to talk once to put the little transport geniuses to a test. where at the university of geese in germany. in the universities greenhouse and driest their chins cast breeds ladybirds. one lady is up to $380.00 states and. this is why it's centuries. considered good luck in. the luck of the stakes
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of the race it's a tactic everything out of. their advertisers and sense of. this is especially true of even a patient made. it displaces them a species well jack right but why. in the barn 300 s. coaching staff and this team prepared experiments. because unknown to bigger lab of a european made goods together with the younger small amount of plantations writes . the result is what researchers have expect the people who eats the small. event something happens. to be 60 find the few mother biggest enemies inflated herds our other lady birds
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who is or about the larger i've heard of the final exit or small or large they'll leave them out and either the surveys that were never heard in the birds in ladybird's they died of a pleasant thought saddam stuff but in the deep other way around it does out that nothing happens often or the idea that i'd honestly office plus the next. apparently the office of the asian lady bird has a powerful bio weapon the kills anyone that tries to be to use. drones poaching scopes examines the blunt. of the insects it's full of microscopic parasites. the shores of the skull which was about last hour that spawns a cell and i couldn't believe my eyes i was so surprised how often. i've been researching insects and their immune systems for 20 years i've investigated thousands of insects on hooks and 4 never seen anything like it was just i've only seen those images like flies and i guess i guess i will jet in full capacity of those you feel i've never seen this on a fly by animal doesn't fly the story produced it all seemed so awful. the
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asian lady bit must have an extremely powerful immune system. but how it does its defense may consider. the tufts university in boston the scientists who can manage to extract the silks right from the true. secret just finding the right man for the past human history is going to be a way to maybe build a. little even if i might have a micro micro unit. now they are able to spin a continuous strong pressure from liquid fights. but a few goes further down they're already working on the next exciting complication is a bit of the in the inside the inside prosody yeah. if 3 d. printer is programmed to produce an artificial from liquid since. the advantages of the human body just don't cut it. still makes trying the printer is the site itself
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after a few months. until the body has covered the suit scaffolding with bugs created to keep the open in until the advent i do become a green body and then after that was interesting and that's when it really gets the fabulous. it's a beautiful process the transition from a liquid suspension to to a solid format of material but the pragmatics are that our balls our organs are very small to scale complex organisms and so and so out of that wide array of possibilities you need to match something at all sky. order for it to integrate as if it were part of the living system that is a very significant challenge so is it going to be a reality. probably is it going to be hard absolutely.
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the implant only exists in the lab. but the research isn't substituted versity have achieved a breakthrough. they have proven that in principle soft snow can be transformed into hot about. interviews both are a discipline wants to put around just because skills to the test 1st she prepares a special meal for the red liquid contains 30 percent sugar but the green police erode point one percent the insects are offered both food sources at the same time on identical tables the pass to the food sources are also of the same length so this time the ansto have to find the shortest why but discover the best food source . first beyond speaking to explore the new structure.
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they quickly discover the 2 bridges on the tissues are 2 different sugars so. there's a lot of traffic on the bridges but after not being pulled strings by concentrate to read the solution. the other is virtually certain to. secure into the songs just to stand the interesting thing that is the still a city of the system if only i absolutely have to compare the fates of missing off if all the kind of the root of the more intensely the mark the path that doesn't add to climbing up the feeling just a bit out that's just the end of one of us reaches there is food if you don't like that quality it doesn't leave us in that bubble that long it's simply follows the stronger things about introduced the show the system is not really simple so like they did according. the quality of the film has led you similarly if you are fairly apollo it's a system that's very easy to communicate and it's also been calling me something. i took up to. be at scale state system is of particular interest to logistics
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engineers. and the engineers that are from there because that you can tell you plug the sticks in don't mean just the banking swimmers are going to translate oh great cost to transport and still good luck to. the robot speak you can translate. those under nomic foursomes not if you think about dynamics as a horse where the fast changing conditions for a gardener shall try to exam or sizes and then so our arms are superior one has there are plans it's a lot of consequences our nails i'll take i'm not prince of and i'll just want a regular quite like joe namath only respond to challenges of again all for. the good stuff to fix but the same take 2 kids should. it's a competitive system they need to fit for every job. the 1st machine signals it's
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a close call the 2nd one has a full of doctrine but the good ones make it the job because you can claim along the way. however is sometimes least a strange she says the system looks just like our robots from the trunk of other meat but these are marked with wife i see that if you found slain. however if the robots encounter an obstacle the right place. for security reasons to stop immediately when something blocks that one. small amounts look around to try to discover a new. market with. the robot however needs a little help. the
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asian lady bird still hasn't revealed the secret of its powerful immune system but the scientists are close to solving the rental. they want to infect the beetle with particularly aggressive germs to do so they fix it under the microscope. they suspect that the beatles' blood it's hema lymph contains effective substances against multi-drug resistant bacteria so-called superbugs. ladybirds immune system media the reactions to the just germs. discharges small molecules which attack the intruder is rendered harmless. these molecules have huge potential for the development of new drugs. what is the exact nature of these substances 1st the researches used obtain
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a small amount of the ladybirds blood however they don't need to prod it with a needle it's enough to briefly shake it as a defense reaction the beetle releases small amounts of its bitter tasting he with them and with it tiny quantities of the unknown germ cutting substances. while the ladybird recovers from its white knuckle ride the scientists prepare the mass spectrometer in the universe to slap. this machine is the sharpest tool in that box . this bomb bomb. bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb this is one of us and so the us is pure savvy a certain way and you know it is that we didn't have before before had not wished america but this is one side and survived doesn't take us can also make a c. on others learning into the sky wintel storm soup opened under one star you are going to miss this news in iraq it's small details most all of us even the
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climatized would know astronomers may also all basic chorale also normal or doesn't didn't well go tits up and by some point we got into the might get cross-examines name we call possible things where all those use of a substance in the sand to help and would never see them have the benefit of humanity it's been rough. back at tufts university silk lab in boston. the silk worms only need one thing to grown produce them miracle material. non-police. 6 for 4 weeks the chump their way through the photo huge increase in their original body weight 10000. the fact that the researchers have found a way to make simply quit again has opened up completely new possibilities. the likud vice material can be easily combined with medicines and shaped into new forms. the researches of discovered drugs integrated into the silk structure state
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active for longer. this opens up new possibilities for transporting and storing vaccines for example without having to worry about refrigeration. and since silk becomes hard unstable when dry that this is the back occasions seems endless. speculating about the future there is a medical side that is really predicated on the fact that you have a material that interfaces well with living tissue but beyond the medical you know if you really think. same forward you'll have you can eat some seed sensors and they will communicate and tell you how you are you know tell you something about your food whether their food is good or not whether it's time to throw it away whether you're healthy. and it's not only about so i think it's going to be about a general platform based on naturally the right materials you may have a phone that you can plant in your garden when you're done using using it or not.
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so i want to still could become an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and that's how some waste. the natural history museum accounts were just an unusual meeting takes place the architect of the link has come to see the insect researchers thomas might because. he's interested in sex but considering. 6 which. they're interested in
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a colorado potato beetle that wouldn't. actually mangas is a professor of architecture and computer aided design at the university to class in germany. by studying insects he wants to discover new design principles and create innovative structures. thomas fear the colorado potato beetle because it can cause serious cropped up. it also has a very hot shot. it's striking yellow and black when cases protect the sensitive hind legs which it uses to find. the wing cases must be both tough and light otherwise the beetle couldn't fly the architect is interested in the structure of these cases. they're not often mindfucked guns on the human nature we find totally different construction pressures the dust is found in the history of engine or
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asian or african texture. this allows us to think outside the box in the outside fix to ignore it and question the way we look at things consequences. floggers a stand we discover noise principles instead go beyond what's going already knows. in order to uncover the secrets of the beatles wings the 2 scientists take the insects to the constituent technology cultural. institute has a gigantic particle accelerator that produces extremely precise x. ray radiation. the scientists want to use it to analyze the beatles wings for which . this is the speciality insect exposed thomas monica 2 2.
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the x. ray images show that the case of the potato beetle consists of 2 separate shells. that is hollow in such. an undercurrent that. an extremely lightweight construction the cutting edge where the guy is or that it was all countries are going to disorder small columns connected copper and lower house of the way up a shoddy between themselves and a large cavity a science cannot us business design us into see it as the bright spots show the places where the 2 shells are connected. to one of them on my skin. and it's on the seen on that's also. the one case of the contains a beetle consists of closely interwoven find. the architect is especially interested in the columns between the 2 shots which of holmes by thick bundles of mind. to transfer the forces between the unknown and the lower shall. come is
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covered by the spread out in many different directions this network of mind makes the structure of our lives at stake. i think it's something some of i don't and i think there are a lot ahead we marvel at what nature is for you that some of the other hand would wonder why this idea has a crust as an engineering has worn off to tell thirdly we realize that this is this is about evolution that we can call the relatively easily and with the design that it's this on this is what makes it so exciting would absorb it all and just lots of them so fond. coffee mangas plus to use the beetle wings design as the basis for a new structure. just like the wing case of the potato beetle the structure must be light and stable. however the architect is know how to design the load bearing components. the beetle has not yet. feel the exact arrangement of fighters.
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into the house or drain just the 2 of you still trying to outsmart the time. she storms of something new to reduce the incidence traffic jams again she uses sugar solution to try to be friends with the gang that populates over an hour break this time it's riddled with obstacles. that sound i think that this is a bridge with small pillars of what we want to find out whether these other stalls calls follow they ask whether they'd rather help to structure their traffic and this increased the speed of the ends it along to because the forms. be honest discover the great age and explore the new sarang. lock them up and. then the 1st ones returns of the master. of the game forum are trying to
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meet others to share the solution. more more times run across the bridge the supplies the columns obstruct the flow of traffic. well qualified company i want to encounter is a pillar and i'll surround it concise and the else that comes towards it goes around the other wildlife fluid system called the free. and easy 5 traffic apps can do it the cam way. the women dressed in germany they surf in the woods to see the east coast conference certain especially during rush hour. to. get a good appetite according to bestie addressed traffic planners are looking into the problem. as it is known to this not more than ok we're in the north of dresden to
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see all the distro the national city center were there before is that senator kerry your son just real and presidential to south michigan to the other getting the one to be speedy stephens number one story still a tropical artist could decide for themselves who wants a different just like ounce to or that. is and should listen to what the situation arises when they're stranded at the traffic light is best what is it about their own consulting a central control such an issue instead of an authentic looks at the local situation s. and resolve such as those. just like it uncommonly there is no central control. using census each trying to find her son coming from. the line of 3. cost gets the green light to cause they're coming from the have a direction but since they're promised the other cars go to. the truck you like it's not it's. not just that it also has a soft spot. if it comes to be waiting
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a long time because those are because the world is coming from other directions it's a question. which on the mind when i'm going to do while the pressure of the blue cross is so that the traffic light really changes the release of those who were using. when we. wanted me to be changes my. job you might also words what a joy it was always get a grip. on the circle give all the time we've managed to significantly reduce waiting times for all times of trying to tie this for cars by about 30 percent for pedestrians a fully about 40 percent of the sports and for the 1st offices by about a 3rd. of the sort of public transport whatever managed to relieve us of having their lives oh yeah my deepest just got sent about that cycle to extract. this is and going to get it's best to establish the bedrooms and then to sunday or talking street. over in germany the colorado protective beetle has become the
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architects face for brainteaser. they masterfully analyze its lights get stable wing structures now they try to apply again you shall mange more for that often couldn't. business improvement human dignity can though because we have to check out how we can adapt sure they're going to a system of 2 different geometrical configurations. which is no easy task actually i have to say it was an option on the layers have to touch each other with a decent amount of contact force and it's action never mind computers just asking mendus uses a simple wooden thread model to try out his i.d.'s. mysticism thank you for your. it's important to know that that evil doesn't tell us everything and rattle it allows us to discover certain lasik instruction consequences not wise and now we can apply these instruction principles in a multitude of ways it says that his mother as fast as he how many different shapes
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all know what you're going among and we can guess in a certain way on what's the overall construction might look like i'll see what the outcome is. the architects have used the beetle wings pillars to design pentagons they form the basic building blocks of the structure. of sleeve but here we have simulated the stresses acting on such an element the money you can sue the magnitude and the direction of the stresses so you can meet some of the wheels there. and you're going to see us one tire structure will look like an steed. the beetle wing privilege consists of carbon glass pipe and this computer controlled robots produce the individual our. final structure is put up on the university's campus and. normally this would be the end of such an architectural experiment. commissions
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a new even bigger vittia. into the homes beyond simply refuse to get stuck in traffic jams. out of bangkok or drain just to observe something ought to be something handsome is going to the wrong paint system. falls back on such a full moon i don't think the answer away or several example i'm disappointed in a tough week 6 this is something that happens on a individual level of it and if you get over look at albany full my hope is that the end is stop you call case traffic becomes to have a coffee different culpable yet look at your have flipped too many illusions is that all or some one still stock you see in these ads that form the against that structure that if i click on clear how strange to say that or i doubt it. it's not your claim the odds know when to stop it regularly there are trouble you.
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are a just a tour wants to continue studying the incidents and never hear the ams probably have many more tricks with numbers when i'm trying to. at least 3 now has an explanation for why they have not tried to terms. to double only for me but that will be the ends have a common goal or should learn they're looking for food which they then diaries when the hottest year was there here's a look at woman on their system only works because alone together their interest in it is a whopper indeed it was well if you compare this with a little heart or cholesterol thing with coffee you know like that not only has their own goals and motivations also there's no real interest to have one mornings on the coping. more cooperation and less egotism which probably helps us to. i'm still sure they don't miss mason even highly complex societies come from tuna fish and.
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i think universities look at the fabrication of a new feature pavilion is entering its decisive place. according to a preprogrammed passing base the potato beetle design a robot why expressing a cross copper pipes onto a steep price. an engineer always keeps one finger on the emergency standby in case of threats that song on the robot produces a rat's nest the 5. point construction the stronger the stick the beaver leaving only the harder. they will fall and supporting out most of the bricks. the glass uncommon fine go back below the belt. as a protection against right not much plexiglass cut the top. song
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to also it's question on easing moment to see the structure to prevent stains and seeing because one has if we haven't actually seen its real shape he is or is in steve it emerges during the manufacturing process and just through the interaction of a few files on slavery to anyone such efforts. nothing breaks nothing back. the grace to come. the victorian alex is nothing to me of in. the scots as i decide the fate roof leak everything you see this was about as much as square metres of the facade of this brick building as all the skulls of it was mine i was 2 and a half hours of sleep so i got up and just to give you an idea of the mobs they left joined by special and solid but i'll suffer like i was also as was the last.
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piece by case the elements are assembled into a $200.00 square metre of it. however the workers have difficulties tightening the screws which slows down the construction work. but with each others the because it is better to send it in its structure. they managed to slip a 1000000000. just the body of the exhibition. to the toy store on for i don't think and nature is an incredibly huge is it just as obama give us a d.n.a. possibilities mukesh guy that makes a sense of us all the diverse and active the it shows us how to enjoy things and we wouldn't get done because the company sentient always opposite from pudong than on
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ours and i want to have a lot technical solutions i need to look. the because of it is the main attraction of the culture out of the music. to visitors all whether this building is modeled on the wings of a small piece that is being considered the past the centuries. after odone in hospital tory kinnaman is starting to test the ladybird antibiotic on the white smocks. during our 1st year in college torrijos now we came affects your superbugs because without knowing it she belongs to one high risk group. gymnasts set changing rooms and spoke to cook and they frequently suffer salinger $93.00 points for bacteria and other jackass.
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well being a member of brown university's gymnastics team tory got an infection this 60 centimeters long skull is of course. it was red very swollen very hot to the touch i came down with flu like symptoms and something inside me just told me that something wasn't right so i went to the emergency room at rhode island hospital and they diagnosed it as marsa and i remember turning to my dad and just asking him det are they going to have to amputate my leg and i was so so scared to ask him a question. because i was scared to hear the answer they save my leg but ultimately they saved my life as well. that's right erica dedicates a sound surprising number to try. perhaps she would achieve a breakthrough to reduce the price from radio seems. person substances based on
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other insects have already been seen since we tested it. on the 1st clinical trials are underway. visible globe until such was a critical time it doesn't so much time it was up with more than a 1000000 species to come on something special and i was number one problem the do not buy insects are like that so much medicine can take you like in question of in some piece you go down in your father's will you comes up some one of them in charge to show you some. of the most successful life form of the plans. to adapt to the most diverse environments and found ingenious solutions to seemingly solve problems. we should not just see them as past some points. but also of the. clever survivalist may choose the superheroes and go on.
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for. a. long. come up. to the faces of football a good catcher and shut. up to say. the. dogs need a message that the tough times of the last 6. months. ago. 13. will germany's
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car industry survive. electro mobility is picking up speed. around the world the market for the cost is looming. but germany has been putting on the brakes. the automotive college house a stop in the slow lane. running on empty. most of. the worst streets rising people fight for some little money case out of a moment when there's a flood water comes up to your waist when you close fast and everyone but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. s.m.t.p. can see people not self so they can plant crops and find to meet. floods and
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droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could look right any going to if not if you want the problem or the fickle. climate exodus starts september 5th on d w. this is date of your news here are top stories. at least 5 people have been killed by hurricane dorian as it batters the bahamas dorrian was downgraded to a category 4 storm on monday and is now moving towards the u.s. states of florida georgia and south carolina have issued evacuation orders 1000000 people could be forced to leave their homes. in hong kong thousands of students have gone on strike it comes at the start.


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