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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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any couple going to be snide if you want them probably most of the. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin hurricane dorian devastates the bahamas one of the most powerful storms on record unleashes its full fury on the islands killing several people and leveling thousands of homes in the u.s. over a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes as the storm preps closer also on the program. a tragedy at sea of fire tears through
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a california diving boat in the dead of night killing at least a dozen people. me 8 people dozens more feared dead. hateful displays italian football fans taunt star romp of the congo with monkey chants for strikers demanding more be done to eliminate racist abuse. plus it's twins and a 1st for germany a giant panda has given birth to not one but 2 cubs when zoo officials say it's a major breakthrough for its breeding program. i'm william blue cruft welcome to the program at least 5 people are dead in the bahamas as hurricane dorian slowly batters the islands. the storm has weakened
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slightly but it's still packing winds of 220 kilometers per hour in the u.s. residents along the southeast coast are holding their breath as the storm inches closer over $1000000.00 people in florida georgia and south carolina have been ordered to leave their homes it may have been downgraded to a category 4 hurricane but dorian continues to do its worst review every fish it is cars were bashing the bahamas the 2nd strongest storm on record has crushed cars snapped trees and ripped the roofs off homes floodwaters continue to choke roadways making it dangerous for residents to survey the damage the slow moving storm is expected to keep thrashing the island chain but henry and prime minister hubert minutes called the devastation unprecedented tweeting during remains an extremely dangerous storm our focus right now is rescue recovery and prayer just to the west and up the coast the southeastern u.s.
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is bracing itself and taking no chances airports canceling thousands of flights. we had to change our flight every single flight and we changed it again yesterday we changed again this morning so we're hoping this is once the charm we just started out by doing 6 mil plastic all around the house and people like brittany patel are boarding up their homes in the hopes that they'll have something to come back to once the storm passes if it works it's totally worth it but florida's governor is warning residents against sticking around. when if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia border all those coastal counties may be issued evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls get out now while you have time. for the south carolina and georgia have all issued evacuation orders during it's on track to reach their coast between late monday and wednesday night until
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then people here continue to prepare for whatever durian brings. now to a tragedy unfolding off the california coast at least 8 people have been killed when a fire swept through a boat packed with scuba divers dozens more remain unaccounted for and are feared dead this is really serious serious this this early morning just driscoll sounded the alarm but there was little california's coast guard could do the fire quickly told through the boat as it sleeping passengers recreational scuba divers were trapped below dig 5 crew members who were awake jumped into the water and were rescued but more than 2 dozen people are missing fia did authorities don't get know what coles the fi about they say the defense will was see would be. the bessel has been complying and has been in full compliance we are working we are working to liberally with the vessel owner operator who is with us at this time the
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23 may have bought cold conception was all paraded by. i the truth aquatics diving company a floor plan shows passengers slept in a single room packed with bunk beds below dig the vessel has now completely sunk the coast guard has recovered a number of bodies from the ocean floor and is continuing to scour the area with so many still unaccounted for sadly families and locals are having to prepare for the worst. there are some other news making headlines around the world. at least 16 people have been killed and over 100 more wounded in a bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul the explosion tore through a large compound housing international organizations the taliban has claimed responsibility. in hong kong thousands of students have gone on strike it comes at the start of the new semester and after months of anti-government
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protests there's little sign of tensions easing as protesters pushed to ensure hong kong's democratic freedoms are protected from china's central off there were tarion government. worsening fuel shortages have sparked protests in haiti's capital port au prince gas stations have been empty for days as the shortages further inflame tensions in the country haiti is already facing high inflation sluggish growth and widespread political unrest. spanish authorities have rescued nearly 200 migrants trying to reach spain from north africa in several operations near its coast on the mediterranean some 18000 migrants have arrived in spain so far this year a 40 percent drop from the same period last year. the greek government has started to move 1500 asylum seekers from the island of lesbos to the mainland in an effort to ease overcrowding in migrant camps
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a recent spike in migrants arriving to greek shores means 11000 people are being housed in buildings designed for 3000 people. on the move again these refugees on the greek island of lisboa anxious to be leaving the overcrowded conditions of the morea camp behind them albeit 2 conditions on known in a different camp on the mine last. i knew later i arrived and the 9th of july and it's been one month and 20 days that i'm leaving noria and out of that i got my ticket so now i'm moving to new. and racial because more is not that good laziness very hard to live in such a and vitamin k. and trucks and buses transported the 1st 650 people and their worldly positions to the hobble with the ferry whites and the massive logistical operation is the last resort for a processing system and a g.
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rist from a recent spike in arrivals. this. whole 5 of greece's island detention centers were already full to bursting when more than 7000 more refugees arrived on this shows just last month it was the tipping point for the greek government to hold an emergency session and announce plans to tighten its border controls and speed up deportations of rejected asylum seekers as for the now departed residents of lesbos seeking asylum in greece or for the passage to europe there were a few words from the greek government that suggest that this temporary change of location would be accompanied by a change in fortune. in the united kingdom a crucial moment for bracks it a high stakes showdown is expected in parliament today as some lawmakers move to try to block prime minister boris johnson's wish for the u.k. to leave the e.u. deal or no deal m.p.'s opposed to a no deal brecht's it including from johnson's own conservative party say they'll
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force a delay of the u.k.'s exit from the european union now set for october 31st if johnson cannot secure a deal with brussels. if lawmakers succeed in blocking johnson's plans the prime minister has signaled he might call the snap election which he says he doesn't want here's johnson speaking after an emergency cabinet meeting on monday. i say to show our friends in brussels that we are united in our purpose m.p.'s should vote with the government against cool beans pointless delay. i don't want an election you don't want an election let's get on with the people's agenda let's get it done by. the 31st thank you very much.
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enter milan striker romelu lukaku has called on football authorities to do more to combat racism akaka was subjected to monkey chants before taking a penalty against calgary in their italian league match on sunday which enter one to one other footballers have sent messages of support to the kako dortmund jaden sancia said the racism quote just has to stop. racist taunting of a black footballer in a sardine in capital calgary a mistake of all but sadly not unfamiliar after interest scored a penalty for his side a chorus of monkey noises rang out. have. i am back in april moyes the king received a similar treatment at the hands of the same spectators italian football's problem with racism is a persistent 1 am and if you sold your. icons
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comments on this episode because i didn't hear the chants and many other situations i believe that in italy we must improve a lot and be more educated in respect for g.e. . who arrived in italy just under a month ago after his big money transfer from manchester united in a statement on instagram lukaku said it's 2019 instead of going forward we're going backwards he called for professional footballers to unite in the cause of anti-racism. in an e-mail to d.w. the italian league syria condemned the abuse of lukaku but failed to answer whether or not they intend to take any measures against the club or issue any penalty as a result calgary themselves say they intend to identify and ban the fans responsible for the racist abuse directed at lukaku italian football is under pressure to show that it's taking the issue seriously.
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berlin zoo's giant panda mang mang has given birth to twins a 1st for the mother and the zoo as well as a major breakthrough for its breeding program main man and the cubs are said to be doing just fine. they are no bigger than the size of your hand but they are over 30 the new stars of the. after years of trying to pretend the cups without success mother meaning is now taking care of not just one new poems even though the mum and have babies still be shielded from the public visitors at the berlin zoo i'm more than thrilled. i want to see them but i was assuming i won't get to see them quite yet but so so exciting especially for the the kids that are running around and being able to see these animals that you would only see on television that their eyes actually be able to see them is such a wonderful thing. and i don't think i think that in time as a born it's you know it's fantastic isn't it you know. the programs and the
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populace and all the rest. is good for the zoo as well it draws people and. i am an animal lover so of course i'm just thrilled it's just a shame that we can't see them today they're probably too small. i'm like his young family members. cho ching is already out in sowing the sun and his daily portion of pam who shoots he's done his job because pandas them up. praises the offspring the management is happy to see her fulfilling her mother lead for the 1st time. for me it was important meaning immediately do the right thing instinctively she got into a good routine of behavior from the very beginning and that's just a great thing we're going to put on because. a notoriously difficult to breed as females are only fertile 3 days a year that's why artificial insemination was used to complement property personal
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efforts mom and dad arrived in germany 2 years ago on loan from china and they are due to return that in 13 keys just like the cubs who will only stay in berlin for up to 4 years but that they will ever be released into the wild is unclear to many visitors here in the balance the news about the new bump on the cups to highlight but animal rights activists criticize that their only of it cannot make political interest many of the pandas bred in zoos well wide and never released into the wild and if they are they die there shortly after. they say true animal wildlife conservation looks differently. is convinced that there habited office everything for successful breeding which helps guarantee the species survival in the future. don't forget you can always get your news on the go just download our app from
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