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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin bangladesh is calling it paradise but refugees say for them it means death. the government in dot com threatens to send tens of thousands of britain troops by force to a remote. town children drowned to them it's another trap when i lose them if we go they will help us to stay here and i do believe that. the government
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though says the refugees have no choice a reporter was one of the 1st western journalists to gain access to the subject also coming up. at least 5 were killed as hurricane dorian devastated the bahamas and forecasters are calling the damage unprecedented in the u.s. over a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes. plus tragedy to see the fire tears through a california diving boat in the dead of night killing at least 25 people and others are feared dead. and not just one but too long for twins have been born to making making the balloons use giant panda it's a 1st for the zoo and a major breakthrough for its breeding progress.
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hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program the government in bangladesh is threatening to send tens of thousands of britain's refugees to a remote island by force despite warnings from environmentalist's and rights groups accommodation on the island a bus son char has been specially constructed for the refugees the government says it will offer a new start for the written job but the low lying island in the bay of bengal is bonner a bull to erosion and flooding and critics have condemned the plan our correspondent naomi conrad was granted access to the site. in the world's largest refugee camp in southern bangladesh fear is rife 2 years ago the government welcomed the influx of breaking into a fleeing me and mom today it is planning to send tens of thousands of them to an island in an area prone to slightly. that does not matter now
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we don't want to go to a match because it gets flooded and then people will die children will be drowned for them it's another trap where they'll lose their lives if we go they will die help us to stay here and get it back you will let us but i don't we lost our parents here to save our lives don't send us to pass on char just kill us here. no western journalists have been granted access to the island until now d.w. was taken to about one child by bangladesh navy which is overseeing the construction works throughout our stay we were accompanied by naval officers it took us 3 hours to reach presidential on a naval ship the sea was choppy but relatively calm for this time of the year. what is the longest period that you think ships might not be able to reach the i did in one really bad weather conditions leave the 2nd talking warning that maybe one or 2 days or 3 days maximum. nobody would
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be evacuated from this. that is because the navy says they have built sufficient protection against floods under roshan including a 3 metre high embankment. inside this base 410-0000 housed in clusters of identical shelters human rights organizations fear that refugees may be contained on the remote island for years. sometimes this island is described as a jail does that offend. yes it. but people who mix common like floating island. and yes the they don't understand the island they didn't see the island and they don't know about us and if you are providing. the islands 120 cyclists in shelters can be used as hospitals primary schools and community centers to provide security there will be police posts and cameras
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monitoring the island we will put part something to the knowing they will remember it for their life and if in the crisis we help them if they come here it is paradise for burma is the no doubt about that from what we've seen conditions here do seem to be better than in cox bazaar but questions remain around what daily life might be like will there be secondary education for young people what will they do all day can the refugees earn their own living and will they be able to leave the island without a special permit and of course what happens here when a cyclon hits. didn't exist 20 years ago islands in the bay of being called well formed by sediments and make up an ever changing ecosystem we showed the footage we took to an expert in sea irrigation.
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so. it can. do. without an embankment but one child would be too dangerous for habitation experts g.w. contacted disagreed whether the barrier is high enough but the government seems adamant to relocate trucking get to the island. that. we don't have space here. if they're not really for them. once the decision has been taken refugees could be relocated in a matter of weeks even against their will. and d.-w. sami conrad who filed that report is with us here in the studio great to see you know me so what's your impression of the camp when you were there were you not
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thinking well this is going to be a lot better for the refugees than coxes bizarre were hundreds of thousands are living in really difficult conditions well if you look at the settled back to itself yes it's an improvement the people would have more space the rooms are airy they've come a stiflingly hot in the summer i mean i went inside some of the huts it's really difficult to spend for me to even just spend half an hour for an interview inside these huts so if you look at the settlement itself yes the infrastructure is a lot better the security the roads are secured but then you have to look at the island itself and the questions that you know we tried to silence on the reports of whether this island is actually safe whether the flood embankment is high enough so the settlement itself looks a lot better but the bigger questions around the island and also whether there fiji's would be allowed off the island of the they would have free movement those are the questions you spoke with numerous foreign minister about the relocation
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plans he suggested that the route hinge or could be moved to the island even if the u.n. objects let's listen to what he had said. what is the most extreme step you could take if the u.n. disagrees would you take the u.n. agencies out and. we do. that's and to be. there to be clear if they don't support your plan it doesn't char you will tell them to we have to make a decision them we'll talk to them and see. so it sounds like bangladesh government is absolutely determined to send refugees to this island what is the u.n. saying about it is i mean bangladesh built this settlement for the right they spent a lot of money on it so of course they want to move the remainder there but it's difficult because the u.n. i mean the agencies the footing the bill of this multimillion dollar humanitarian effort i talked as big as bizarre so they they depend on international donors to feed the refugees to provide schooling for the refugees to you know provide all the
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basic health care all the basic necessities that the refugees needs it would be incredibly difficult to force the refugees to leave against the against the un's wishes it's a difficult situation diplomatically very sensitive at this point apparently a number of the refugees really are saying that they do not want to go to the island they are afraid to go there for the reasons you mentioned what if not enough volunteers are found among the refugees how would the government go about forcing them to go yes it's very difficult to imagine them sending in tanks and soldiers of course but what they seem to be doing right now and this just came a couple of days ago is that they want to make the living conditions or difficult in cox's bazaar so we just heard that they are forcing the telecommunications providers to turn off the internet not to sell some cards during the any mall which would basically cut them off from any kind of communication so there seems to be
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that kind of pressure you know putting pressure on the refugees to make the living conditions even harder in cox's bazar which may then lead to a certain number of ringgits or maybe sign up voluntarily to move to this island which spends on their looks may be more attractive than it does now very quickly how soon do you think we could see those refugees move to the well and there was talk of after the monsoon so in the coming weeks ok naomi thank you so much correspondent and we can read. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today in hong kong thousands of students have gone on strike it comes at the start of the new semester and after months of anti-government protests there's little sign of tensions easing as protesters push to ensure hong kong's democratic freedoms are protected from china's central authoritarian government. at least 16 people have been killed and over $100.00 wounded in a bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul the taliban has claimed responsibility the
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attack occurred just hours after a u.s. envoy confirmed a deal in principle with the taliban that would see $5000.00 u.s. troops leave the country within 5 months. and spanish authorities have rescued nearly 200 migrants who were attempting to cross from north africa to spain the migrants were saved from distressed boats in the strait of gibraltar and the boran sea on monday some 18000 migrants have arrived in spain so far this year down 40 percent from a year ago. the greek government has started to transfer 1500 asylum seekers from the island of less balls to the mainland to ease overcrowding in migrant camps a recent spike in migrants arriving in greece in greece means that 11000 people are being housed in buildings designed for 3000 people. on the move again these refugees on the greek island of les boss are anxious to be leaving the overcrowded
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conditions of the morea camp behind them albeit to conditions unknown in a different camp on the mine land i knew later i arrived there and the 9th of july and it's a mild one month and 20 days that i'm living in orient after they got my ticket so now i'm moving to. immigration because more is not a good place and it's very hard to live in such a and vitamin k. on trucks and buses transported the 1st 650 people and their worldly physicians to the harbor where the ferry whited the massive logistical operation is the last resort for a processing system under g. rist from a recent spike in arrivals. all 5 of greece's island detention centers were already full to bursting when more than $7000.00 more refugees arrived on their shores just last month it was the tipping
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point for the greek government to hold an emergency session and announce plans to tighten its border controls and speed up deportations of rejected asylum seekers as for the now departed residents of lisp are seeking asylum in greece or further passage to europe there were a few words from the greek government that suggested this temporary change of location would be accompanied by a change in fortune. the united kingdom could face a crucial vote breaks it today a showdown is expected in parliament as lawmakers move to try to block prime minister strawn since threat to leave the e.u. without a deal and as opposed to a no deal breaks it including some from johnson's own conservative party say they'll force a delay of the u.k.'s exit from the european union now set for october 31st if johnson cannot security he'll with brussels. well if the vote succeeds in opposing johnson's position the prime minister has signaled that he
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might call a staff election which he says he doesn't want here's johnson speaking after an emergency cabinet meeting on monday i say to show our friends in brussels that we are united in our purpose in peace should vote with the government against cool be pointless. election you don't want an election let's get on with the people's agenda let's get it done want to. thank you very much. for hay from minister boris johnson there now at least 5 people have been killed in the bahamas as hurricane dorian continues to batter the islands the storm has weakened slightly but is still packing winds of over 200 kilometers an hour with and is hovering over the territory more than a 1000000 people on the southeast coast of the u.s.
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have been ordered to leave their homes. bashing the bahamas the 2nd strongest storm on record has crushed cars snapped trees and ripped the roofs off homes floodwaters continue to choke roadways making it dangerous for residents to survey the damage the slow moving storm is expected to keep thrashing the island chain. the hangman prime minister hubert minutes called the devastation unprecedented tweeting during remains an extremely dangerous storm our focus right now is rescue recovery and prayer just to the west and up the coast the southeastern u.s. is bracing itself and taking no chances airports canceling thousands of flights. we had to change our flight every single flight we changed it again yesterday we changed it again this morning so we're hoping this is one of the charm we just started out by doing 6 mil plastic all around the house and people like britney that dell are boarding up their homes in the hopes that they'll have something to
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come back to once the storm passes if it works it's totally worth it but florida's governor is warning residents against sticking around. when if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia border all those coastal counties i'm going to shoot evacuation orders and and it's important that residents heed those calls get out now while you have time. for the south carolina and georgia have all issued evacuation orders doreen is on track to reach their coast between late monday and wednesday night until then people here continue to prepare for whatever dorian brings. it watching data news still to come. racism in an italian football stadium broke fans top star striker romelu lukaku with monkey chants the strikers demanding more be done to stop racist abuse.
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to a tragedy unfolding off the california coast at least 25 people have been killed when a fire swept through a boat packed with scuba divers 9 other people remain unaccounted for and are feared dead. it is really serious for serious this this early morning just driscoll sounded the alarm but there was little california's coast guard could do the fire quickly tore through the boat as it sleeping passengers recreational scuba divers were trapped below dig 5 crew members who were awake jumped into the water and were rescued authorities don't yet know what caused the fire bout they say defense oil was sea worthy. the bessel has been complying and has been in full compliance we are working we are working to liberally with the vessel owner operator who is with us at this time the 23 may have boats called conception was
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operated by the truth aquatics diving company a floor plan shows passengers slept in a single room packed with bunk beds below dig the vessel has now completely sunk the coast guard has recovered a number of bodies from the floor and is continuing to scour the area we can many still unaccounted for sadly families and locals are having to prepare for the worst . the berlin's zoos giant panda has given birth to twins a 1st for the mother and the zoo and a major breakthrough for its breeding program banging on the cubs are said to be doing fine. they are no bigger than the size of your hand but they are of ready the new stars of the bird. after years of trying to pretend the cups without success mother is now taking care of not just one but 2 new bones even though the mom and
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her babies still be shielded from the public visitors at the berlin zoo i'm more than thrilled. i want to see them but i was assuming i would get to see them quite yet but so so exciting especially for the kids that are running around and being able to see. these animals that you would only see on television have their eyes actually be able to see them is such a wonderful thing. i think i think that in time as a born it's fantastic isn't it you know or hope so the programs and the populace and all the rest. is good for the 00 draw people who. spend all this on t.l.i. i am an animal lover so of course i'm just thrilled it's just a shame that we can't see them today they're probably too small. and like his young family members. charging is already out in trying their son and his daily portion of. he's done his job because of the pandas the mother praises the
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offspring the management is happy to see her fulfilling her mother for the 1st time . for me it was important meaning immediately do the right thing instinctively she got into a good routine of behavior from the very beginning and that's just a great thing that's what i'm going to put on because. pandas are notoriously difficult to breed as females are only fertile 3 days a year that's why artificial insemination was used to compliment papa davy personal efforts mom and dad arrived in germany 2 years ago on loan from china and they are due to return there in 13 keys just like the cubs who will only stay in berlin for up to 4 years whether they will ever be released into the wild is unclear. to many visitors here in the balance to the news about the new bumpin the cups to highlight but animal rights activists criticize that there are only of economic and political interest many of the pandas bred in zoos well wide and never of released into the
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wild and if they are they die there shortly after. they say true animal wildlife conservation looks differently. the zoo is convinced that there have the office everything for successful breeding which helps guarantee the species survival in the future. well karen stanley has contributed to this success he's the architect who designed the newborns home the panda enclosure at the berlin zoo and he's with us here in the studio good morning karen good morning so pandas are rare in the wild so it's really important that they be given a good environment to live in if they have to be kept in captivity so how do you go about creating a good panda environment but i guess it's a team effort really i mean we have a lot of experience in designing zoos and aquariums worldwide but we really are
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reliant on the know how of the team is with south. clear eamonn his team. around and surrounding us basically we sat down together and created a space where the animals can feel. as comfortable as possible and have everything at their means to help them with their more toric with. agility with their comfort so i guess it's a team effort at the end of the day so you course have to work very closely with the zoo itself and people who know a lot about pandas pandas are notoriously bad at reproducing here we've got a case of twins being born and of course there's a great reason for celebration at the berlin zoo can kill a good sue environment maybe the one you created actually encourage this reproductive behavior absolutely i think if we can offer an environment that really makes them feel at home basically it's we want to reproduce their natural habitat
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as much as possible. possible and offer them as much space and as much of. an interaction environmentally richmond as we can do then. automatically see it within their own behavior you would see the reflecting the affection of that was in their behavior so. i think the fact that my man has become pregnant and has given birth to these amazingly. twins i think it's a reflection of the work that we've done i lead a really happy for everybody who's involved i can't wait to see them myself the panda cubs are going to be in the berlin zoo for a couple of years i understand but then i'm told that they will have to go back to china while i write yeah it's all part of a global breeding and conservation program so they're on loan basically. to draw attention to the need for habitat protection and for
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this specific species which is so. they are so sensitive to their environment that we really want to focus on some. basket or species to actually draw attention to this so i guess this is part of a program or fortunately if you can keep them forever they've got to go home at some stage to the natural habitat for they get released to the wild is a different question i suppose only the future and answer that question so finally what 2 pandas like bamboo bamboo and bamboo i guess and sleeping ok and sleeping karen stanley architects and the man who perhaps helped to contribute to berlin having a baby panda the rest of things thank you so much for being with us through our sports interline striker romelu lukaku has called on football authorities to do
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more to combat racism because it was subjected to race as monkey chants before taking a penalty kick against a colliery in their italian league match on sunday which in turn will add one to one other footballers have sent messages of support to look dortmund jayden sanchez said their racism affects players confidence and their love for the sport. racist taunting of a black footballer in a sardinia capital county erie a mistake of all but sadly not unfamiliar after interim lukaku scored a penalty for his side the course of monkey noises rang out. back in april moyes that keane received a similar treatment at the hands of the same spectators italian football's problem with racism is a persistent one. and if you sold your ticket keep icons comments on this episode because i didn't hear the chants and many other situations
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i believe that in italy we must improve a lot and be more educated in respect for those. who arrived in italy just under a month ago after his big money transfer from manchester united in a statement on instagram lukaku said it's 2019 instead of going forward we're going backwards he called for professional footballers to unite in the cause of anti-racism in an e-mail to d w the italian league syria condemned the abuse of lukaku but failed to answer whether or not they intend to take any measures against the club or issue any penalty as a result cal here either themselves say they intend to identify and ban the fans responsible for the racist abuse directed at luke aku italian football is under pressure to show that it's taking the issue seriously. and some tennis at the u.s. open defending champion naomi osaka has been knocked out of the grand slam tournament
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in the 4th round osaka was ousted in straight sets by sorts of wins belinda bench which it was the 3rd time this year the bench has beaten. in the next round she'll face don't have beckett who saved a match point as she beat germany's yulia. you're watching d.w. news coming up next kick off the review of match day 3 in the bundesliga and of course and get all our headlines around the clock at g.w. dot com i'm sorry martin thanks for watching.
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after. 6. cases of football in big. way. to success. thanks to information that touches the banks.
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