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the be . this is do the obvious coming to you live from but in bangladesh is calling it paradise or joining gold refuge you say for them it means death to the dog our government threatens to send tens of thousands of broaching go by force to a remote island. children will be drowned for them it's another trap with them lives if we go they will die help us to stay here in the back you would like that. our children that will be drowned says this woman now the
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government says the refugees have no choice did the journalists on the 1st 2 games explosive access to the site also coming up to. at least 5 by killed as jorian devastates the bahamas took also the touring the damage on precedented in the us over a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes and not just want but to baby giant panda trends have been born to make men the villains zoo's giant panda it's a closed for the zoo and a major breakthrough for its breeding program. this isn't in an italian football stadium fans taunt style striker may do it with rhesus monkey charms the belgian is demanding more be done to stop the priest abuse.
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and a warm welcome to you. the government in bangladesh is threatening to send tens of thousands of looking a refugees to a remote and by force despite warnings from environmentalists and rights groups accommodation on the island of basha on charge has been specially can constructed for the refugees and the government says it will offer a new start for the rohingya but the low lying island in the bay of bengal is vulnerable to erosion and to flooding and critics have condemned the plan our correspondent nyoman conrad was part of a d w team granted exclusive access to the site she sent sent us this report. in the world's largest refugee camp in southern bangladesh fear is rife 2 years ago the government welcomed the influx of breaking a fleeing me and mom today it is planning to send tens of thousands of them to an
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island in an area prone to slightly. bank that's not a matter that we don't want to go to bars on char because it gets flooded and then people will die children will be drowned for them it's another trap with lose their lives if we go they will die help us to stay here and get it back you what about i don't we lost our parents here to save our lives don't send us to pass on char just kill us here. off to lengthy negotiations with the authorities d.w. was taken to pass on charge by bangladesh navy which is overseeing the construction works throughout us day we were accompanied by naval officers it took us 3 hours to reach us on char on a naval ship the sea was choppy but relatively calm for this time of the year. what is the longest period that you think ships might not be able to reach the i
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did it in one rainy bad weather condition leave the 2nd biggest talking morning that maybe one or 2 days or 3 days max of not want to have you have. to stop nobody will be evacuated from this. that is because the navy says they have built sufficient protection against floods and to roshan including a 3 metre high embankment. inside this space 410-0000 housed in clusters of identical shelters human rights organizations fear that refugees may be contained on the remote island for years. sometimes this island is described as a jail does that offend. yes. the people who makes common like floating island and saying yes to they don't understand the island they didn't see the island and they don't know about us and if you are providing. the
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islands $120.00 cyclists and shelters can be used as hospitals primary schools and community centers to provide security there will be police posts and cameras monitoring the island we will put heart something to the looking they will remember it for be alive and if in the crisis we help them if they come here it is paradise for burma is there no doubt about that from what we've seen conditions here do seem to be better than in cox bazaar but questions remain around what daily life might be like will there be secondary education for young people what will they do all day can the refugees earn their own living and will they be able to leave the island without a special permit and of course what happens here when a cyclon hits. didn't exist 20 years ago islands in the bay of being called by sediments and make up an ever
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changing ecosystem we showed the footage we took to an expert in sea irrigation it's. not. so easy. it can be lost because their. child needs at least. to be among them. without an embankment but one child would be too dangerous for habitation experts t w contacted disagreed whether the barrier is high enough but the government seems adamant to relocate rohingya to the island. that we don't have space here. if they're not willing for them. and once the decision has been taken refugees could be relocated in a matter of weeks even against their will. joining
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me now is. one of the journalists who got access to. the we just heard the bangladeshi foreign minister say if they're not really into really. we force them with a government really force them and if so how but we don't know yet to the foreign minister of the country has given us the impression that their government can force their going it refuses to move to that island so those sources have indicated that there is a possibility of sorts of relocation in november and the government has asked us to include a pashtun saw it their plan for next year but it's not here. that the government will send them or we'll look at them and ireland. now there are more than a 1000000 of the higer refugees going to be living at cox's bizarre and conditions they are said to be quite horrible so why are so many refugees still so hesitant to move that when you refuse have some specific demands to the myanmar government that
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those include you called knight saying rohingya as citizens of the country if those demands are made that they want to return to myanmar that's why it's easier for them to is staying near the border the idea of others and myanmar moving elsewhere would fade to this whole returning to the land that they think they belong to. and the new location on bhatia unshod island has room for about 100000 people but they have 10 times as many rohingya refugees living in bangladesh how is it being decided who would have to go to this island and who can stay on we asked this question to. foreign minister of bangladesh he did not give us a clear idea about the math to choose the names so it's not yet be shifted to so nobody can tell us the names. looking at the bigger picture bungler there says it wants the ring a reference to eventually go back to me and ma now just setting up the settlement.
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doesn't mean that they're acknowledging that the working guy refuges will probably stay much longer than that anticipated. good question bangladesh wants to isolate some of their differences to reduce pressure from the overcrowded cox's but their camps and the tension between the local community and growing at a food use is on the rise in those camps as well so the government needs to do something to tackle this situation the government says looking rowing i would help to maintain law and order situations of the camps in both places but if the plan fails homeless bangladeshis will be given a chance to live on the island so it's not only for rowing if you choose in the future others can also leave there is this possibility and that often you've been talking to some of the rohingya refugees there what are they saying to you what are their concerns their want to return to myanmar if their rights are given and that's why they want to stay near the border for their concern if it is
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passed on top they think there will be water review and there is a possibility of cyclon there is possibility of a high tide and all these facts kind of make them scared about thailand they think they will die if they go there there's the only concern i would say right and i guess it's different quite isolated the offical islam from a bengali does thank you very much for your insights. they've been are being updated with some of the stories making news around the world british prime minister barnes johnson faces a rebellion from within his own party today over his bread said strategy that's despite his warning that he would response to any defeat by calling an early election some lawmakers are pushing for a parliamentary vote that would ban a no deal gregg said and deliberately as departure from the e.u. . hong kong leader kerry lamb has told reporters she never asked the chinese government to let her resign to end the city's political crisis that's in response
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to a leaked voice recording of her saying she would step down if she could since june hundreds of thousands have joined pro-democracy protests in the city. at least 16 people have been killed and over $100.00 more winded in a bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul the taliban has claimed responsibility the attack took place just hours after a u.s. envoy confirmed the deal in principle with the taliban that would see $5000.00 u.s. troops leave the country within 5 months. and the former 1st lady of guatemala sandra taurus has been arrested as part of an ongoing corruption probe doris is a 2 time presidential candidate but she lost both in the 2015 and the 2090 elections she says she is the victim of a political vendetta. at least 5 people have been killed in the bahamas as
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hurricane dorian inches its way to once the u.s. east coast the storm has weakened and slowed but it's still packing winds of over 200 kilometer. a dorian's long and destructive path over the bahamas has already left a trail of devastation and ruin. they could only watch as hurricane dorian blew their home apart. from. the torrent as the common descended this family all on heart struggled to process the devastation i knew me and malakai their lives like thousands of others here on the abaco islands smashed to pieces the prime minister said help was on the way. in the mid century to start tragedy. itself and then bam. mission and focus now. is search and rescue and recovery.
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hurricane dorian sucked on the bahamas for 36 hours pummeling this island chain with winds of up to 350 kilometers per hour bringing record storm surge is this the international airport submerged by the cut to be unseen. leaving streets fit for boats not cars the foreign minister arge presidents to stay indoors. want to see the citizenship of a coal fired rocket aerial it is not safe to. follow our lines are down probably told our. office is very good it all out orders. as night fell again u.s. coast guard evacuated several patients from the washed hotel and emergency services here. in the most extreme conditions. meanwhile the images captured the eye of the
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storm as dorian threatens to unleash chaos on the united states next. in the southeast in the u.s. people are preparing for hurricane dorian's arrival the storm's expected to reach the u.s. coast wednesday night in florida have been canceled thousands of flights from recent international airport. authorities in south carolina and georgia have ordered millions to evacuate residents are boarding up their homes and businesses other residents have been moved to shelters with their belongings. i have for. the giant panda menang has given birth to twins a 1st for the mother and the zoo and a major breakthrough for the zoo's breeding program mangum the cubs are said to be doing just fine and they're attracting a lot of attention. they are no bigger than the size of your hand but they are over
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80 the new stars of the. after years of trying to pretend the cups without success mother ming ming is now taking care of not just one but 2 new bones even though the moment her babies are still be shielded from the public visitors at the berlin zoo i'm more than thrilled. to see them but i'm assuming i will get to see them quite yet but so so exciting especially for the kids that are running around and being able to see these animals that you would only see on television at the right actually be able to see them in such a wonderful thing. is fantastic isn't it. so the programs and the populous and over. is good for the 00 draw people. here like i'm an animal lover so of course i'm just thrilled it's just a shame that we can. and see them today they're probably too small. and like his
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young family members. churching is already out in showing the sun and his daily portion of. he's done his job because of pandas the mother praises the offspring the management is happy to see her fulfilling her mother for the 1st time. for me it was important meaning immediately did the right thing instinctively she got into a good routine of behavior from the very beginning and that's just a great thing that's what i'm going to put on because. pandas are notoriously difficult to breed as females are only fertile 3 days a year that's why artificial insemination was used to compliment puppet day reach out ching's personal efforts mom and dad arrived in germany 2 years ago on loan from china and they are due to return there in 13 keys just like the cubs who will only stay in berlin for up to 4 years whether they will ever be released into the wild is unclear. and we're joined by the. author and critic of the
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chinese government which is the pandas have to go back to china so how does the system work and is it a part of what the court found diplomacy. well. it's really fantastic to see these beautiful babies and i still remember 2 years ago in july 2617 when the parents of these 2 babies were sent to billions do the chinese government want is just it's just a loan is not a gift so any babies who are doing this 10 years time. born they have to be sent back to china and i think it is the idea behind it china wants to how do you say monopolize penda
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and do the panda diplomacy ok so that bank doesn't seem to be as a symbol of china in 2017 when many lang and help now the 2 giant pandas came to berlin or they would loaned to butt in by the chinese you protested why. yes exactly at that time to very very famous. chinese dissident liu xiaobo who was or so noble peace prize winner from 2010 he was dying at that time in he's 1011 years imprisonment and. we protest we standing i and my colleagues i stand in front of the berlin zoo and appealed that the chinese government's just release. and that him go to germany or america this is
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his wish to get it was his wife and to get medical treatment but it was rejected so it is a very ironic contradiction to people the 2 president present from china and angela merkel to china at the german chancellor they act toasting and celebrating to accept these 2 pandas and we are standing outside an appeal for the ball and he really died is tense days later on 13th of july and poor's never left this country china the current did this a lot of concern over whether china will intervene to clamp down on pro-democracy protesters in hong kong and suddenly now everyone's got distracted by pictures of these cute baby john pandas does it make china's whole kind of operation
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a huge public relations success for the chinese government by giving respond announcing that the babies come from them. no actually i feel on the contrary i think it's really ironic i just as i described 2 years 2 years ago now this is beautiful. nice babies spend the babies are born and tens of hundreds of thousands even millions of hunk own citizens are protesting the ash shouting they are they want to have their freedom and present. freedom of press and freedom of expression and they don't want that chinese system. authoritarian or totalitarian system to be practiced in hong kong so i think even if we have this beautiful picture of dependence was still have to really
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closely watch the live situation in hong kong and to show our concern in our sympathy to the hong kong people rise to and she might in the al from the independent chinese spend center thank you very much for talking to the devil you think you. you're watching the news coming up ahead. this is the in an italian football stadium some fans taunt the star striker who made the cuckoo with recessed monkey chants the strikers demanded more be done to stop racist abuse. but 1st germany's been holding events to mark the start of the 2nd world war 80 years ago when the country invaded poland germany is known for its culture of remembrance of the atrocities it committed but
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what about individual germans in many german families the past is still a taboo subject and we caught up with an artist from cologne who's trying to deal with the discovery that some of her relatives supported the nazis when lena agita nursed looks at pictures of her great grandmother one of the things she looks for are attributes she also half of the trait of noise and this concerns my physical appearance do i look like her i talk like her. but i also look at the mentor lever the metaphysical lever do i feel a connection there. man i can to you was the head of the german midwives association when she was in charge what the nazis called and worth the life had to be reported a little before. that man that children born with disabilities had to be
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killed. off and these are processes my great grandmother was responsible for. that is so cruel that you get goosebumps. even now. leo conti you must not country some innocence grand uncle as the gnat is subduct sure he took part in human experiments knysna learned about her and just this past when she was 14 but she only began looking into trees simply when right wing populist ideas started gaining ground in germany like many families nissen's mostly kept silent about the past. and i feel a very big in the resistance talking about it. i feel this has a lot to do with family loyalty that you don't want to be considered as someone who
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runs down her own family this isn't this part of a group led by peter began event which brings together descendants of nancy offenders and holocaust survivors his jewish grandparents were probably shot by him gary nazis he says this picture of them has always been the carrier of his family's sadness the nazi past is still a taboo in many families he says. perpetrator generation never talked about this process guilt. feelings of shame. they were going on subconsciously they transmitted them to the next generation. as time passes limited to nissen feels the urge to break the silence she has plans to turn her family's nazi history into an art project she feels making this past population is in part super vente it's repetition. that to put them.
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into milan strike. has caught on football authorities to do more to combat racism look at who was subjected to reese's challenge before taking a penalty kick against gagliardi in the italian league match on sunday which into milan one to one the other footballers have also send messages of support to look for example daughter one's own son show said racism affects a player's confidence as well as their love for the sport racist taunting of a black footballer in a sardinia capital calgary a mistake a ball but sadly not unfamiliar after interest the penalty for his side a chorus of monkey noises rang out. back in april moyes the king received a similar treatment at the hands of the same spectators italian football's problem
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with racism is a persistent one. and if you saw your. i can't comment on this episode because i didn't hear the chants and many other situations i believe that in italy we must improve a lot and be more educated in respect for she. arrived in italy just under a month ago after his big money transfer from manchester united in a statement on instagram said it's 2019 instead of going forward we're going backwards he called for professional footballers to unite in the cause of anti-racism. in an e-mail to you the italian league saria condemned the abuse of lukaku but failed to answer whether or not they intend to take any measures against the club or issue any penalty as a result caligiuri themselves say they intend to identify and ban the fans responsible for the racist abuse directed at lukaku italian football is under
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pressure to show that it's taking the issue seriously. and coming up next we stay with the former return to the bundesliga with a show kick off bush will give you match day treat. for me on with such a mother. because
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. this is a football in the past and it's such a way to go. on to say. stuns me that the positives of. this
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