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the be . this is deducted news coming to you live from poland she survived the holocaust and has now been rewarded for effort for trying to stop the rise of. situations that would was in you know very difficult to describe to people nowadays who. lives. we speak to 94 years old cellist and. fish on the day she receives a special prize from the country the bronx try to kill her. also coming up did
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she or didn't she hong kong's leader denies offering her resignation over the protests look at her 3 daughters live recording implies she could have been having doubts. and at least 5 accused as hurricane dorian devastates in the bahamas full cost as are all of the damage done to suggested in the u.s. over a 1000000 people have been ordered to leave their homes. to fight in the face not just one but 2 big big giant planned trills have been born to make the berlin zoo's giant pandas the 1st for the animation great school choice breeding program. germany has been holding events to mark the start of the world war 280 years ago
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when the country invaded poland 94 year old cellist anita fish survived the concentration camps at auschwitz and back in belsen since then she spent years speaking to schoolchildren about her own experiences today she was awarded a prize for her efforts to prevent the rise of anti semitism. she is one of the last holocaust survivors alive today and his her last go office was departed to our streets concentration camp in 1943 by then the nazis had already murdered her parents there waiting to be put in the gas chambers it was a situation that what it was in you know very difficult to describe to people nowadays who live normal lives it was music that safed last couple 1st life a talented cello player she was chosen to play in the r.
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schmidt's women's soccer struck glasgow office has now been recognised for her relentless fight against anti-semitism with the german national price the award honors those who strengthen the bonds between chairman me and. the cut us off with me when i left germany after the catastrophe i swore to myself that i would never stand on german soil again that i would never buy things from germany to kill my children can confirm that german was a synonym for murder and manslaughter for robbery and everything negative that you could imagine. after the war lost khobar fish and paraded to england where she became a successful cello player it was decades before she was able to step foot on german soil again and to tell her story. beacons and the silence was literally a deathly silence a completion of
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a murderous work. we should be ashamed of that even today that's the longest to thanks to people like you put to sleep silence in this country could be broken. glasgow wolfish sees it as her responsibility as a survivor to warn about the current political shift through the riots in many parts of the world like here during the holocaust comma moderation in the german parliament. i think everybody is going completely mad you know we had 7 years 70 years of peace nobody remembers what it was like not to have peace yeah but i mean this is saying what goes around comes around i mean it is very very depressing and i think you have to be very very careful flask of officers she has little optimism for the future and her view what matters most now is trying to mag young
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people understand the danger that's in the air. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world the british prime minister bond's johnson features a rebellion from within his own party to do it over his breadth of strategy that's despite his warning that he would respond to any defeat by calling an early election some lawmakers are pushing for a parliamentary vote that would ban a no deal bragg's it and delay britain's departure from the. streets at least 16 people have been killed in a massive car bomb blast in b. of khan capital kabul that left smoke drifting over the city through the day the taliban claimed responsibility just hours after a u.s. envoy confront a peace deal in france of. the former 1st lady of guatemala sundra told us has been arrested as part of the ongoing corruption probe taurus is
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a 2 time presidential candidate but she lost both in 2015 and the 2019 elections she says she's the victim of a political vendetta. here watching the dublin is still to come. this is him in an italian football stadium some fans taunt star striker kakul with the wrist monkey chants the striker is demanding more should be done to stop racist abuse. the 1st at least 5 people have been killed in the bahamas as hurricane dorian inches its way towards the u.s. east coast the storm has weakened and slowed but it's still packing winds of over 200 kilometers per hour dorian's long and destructive path over the bahamas has already left a trail of devastation and ruin. they could only watch as
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hurricane dorian blew their home apart. from. the target as the calm descended this family all on heart struggled to process the devastation i knew me and malakai their lives like thousands of others here on the abaco islands to pieces the prime minister said help was on the way. in the midst of this tragedy the. mission and focus now on. this search. and recovery. hurricane dorian sat on the bahamas for 36 hours pummeling this island chain with winds of up to 350 kilometers per hour bringing record storm surge is this the
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international airport submerged by the cut to be unseen. leaving streets fit for boats not cars the foreign minister arge the residents to stay indoors. want to say to the citizens here the coal fired improperly it is not safe. our lives are down in front of our cities across the street it is very. little out of order. as night fell again u.s. coast guard evacuated several patients from the washed hotel and emergency services here working in the most extreme conditions. meanwhile the images captured the eye of the storm as dorian threatens to unleash chaos on the united states next. meanwhile in the southeastern u.s. people are preparing for hurricane dorian's arrival the storm is expected to
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receive. u.s. coast by wednesday night in florida and lines have canceled thousands of flights from recent international airports authorities in florida south carolina and georgia have ordered millions to evacuate residents are boarding up their homes and businesses other residents have moved into shelters with all of their belongings. the greek government is started to transfer 1500 asylum seekers from the island of les moss to the mainland to ease overcrowding in refugee camps a recent spike in refugees arriving to greek shores nene's 11000 people are being housed in buildings designed for just 3000 people. on the move again these refugees on the greek island of less boss are anxious to be leaving the overcrowded conditions of the morea camp behind them albeit to conditions unknown
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in a different camp on the mine left. i knew later i arrived there and 9th of july and it's a mild one month and 20 days that i'm living in loria and after that i got my ticket so now i'm moving to. integration because moria is not a good place and it's very hard to live in such a environment tale trucks and buses transported the 1st 650 people and their worldly positions to the harbor where the ferry whited the massive logistical operation is the last resort for a processing system under g. rist from a recent spike in arrivals by me feeling 5 year. old 5 of greece's island detention centers were already full to bursting when more than $7000.00 more refugees arrived on their shores just last month. it was the tipping point for the greek government to hold an emergency session and announce plans to tighten its border controls and speed up deportations of rejected asylum seekers as
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for the now departed residents of lisp or seeking asylum in greece or further passage to europe there were few words from the greek government that suggested this temporary change of location would be accompanied by a change in fortune. hong kong media carry llamas denied reports that she would resign if she could after a leaked recording lumb told reporters she'd never offered her resignation to china over anti-government protests that have the country since june hundreds of thousands of joint pro-democracy protests there kills a bit more of what lum said at the news conference. i have never i have never attended a resignation to the central people's government. i have not even contemplated to discuss a resignation with the central people's government. the choice of not resigning
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is my own choice. but if you want to understand because in a private session i just attempted to explain that as an individual. given the very difficult circumstances might be it was an easy choice to leave. but i told myself repeatedly in the last 3 months that i and my team should stay on to help hong kong. so that was hong kong music carried on talking and yet today in denying that you have a want to design this uncle so to a correspondent in hong kong having the line on a token been shell of this stock with the least told you that i talked about what exactly one of the comments made enough recording. i'm going to sink felix gave myself raining extremely hard and if i haven't been there
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already a chuckle there right now what she said in that press conference earlier on today also have very different narratives very different. to what we had in that we're reporting that was really fine you say the royces yes i think they reviewed that in it she said that she would not i knew that downey but that she would step down with quite a deep apology to give it to happen now in the press conference that you had a short time ago she denied that she had ever planned to just to resign or resignation but in that we have according to what they said that felicity to resolve the crisis had become very limited because the beijing this is the coming national security and some pretty issues for them that back about something that we had from a separate voices report last week which suggested that a report has been issued by authorities in hong kong with ways that they believe that they could result this one has already come the time is not apparently was not
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something that they would they would not willing to take up the suggestions that was issued by hong kong also or he's one final point that she may be not what they're reporting which many people are talking about is she's. she believes that beijing has no plans to send in the people's liberation army she said that that would come at too high a price of course has been a lot of speculation about whether or not beijing was planning to do that would resort to that to seize these protests didn't and she said she didn't think so. but you know it's quite kiddie calorie man is in a very with situation and lots of questions of what are you hearing from people in hong kong. well as a lot of people were surprised by the hand that was that she was heard speaking in that would be a recording that not many people would see surprised by the content of it to suspected believed for a long time that the home come with or safety essentially have their hands behind
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here there's been a lot of 200 show media about the fact that they think that there is suspicion that this was really delivering all this is gone and sympathy but carry on so much anger has been directed at hong kong allstar he's carrying a knife that this is part of a deal if there was a deliberate plan to release today he said the leak was unforgivable but certainly not one is feeling any more sympathetic would have been previously a lot of people picking up in particular on the fact that kerry lamb says that she wasn't even able to go shopping had that town strong the anger is in hong kong people saying. that. they're not feeling to sense that they can about that and then one legislator here pointed out that either she was lying in the recording business leaders last week or she was going to the hong kong people in a press conference today the 2 stories simply don't tally and you should know what's beijing said about all of this and do things a chance we could see the default chill carry beef if you ken. well beijing couple
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up at the hong kong gave a full press conference since this protest movement today reiterated his support for carry them to the police there is no suggestion as it carried resigning but what it does say is that it believes that. the current that is that it couldn't allow that movement to go on indefinitely is that he would not sit on a tangent allow it to continue while national security in beijing so pretty that. right sean a chance and bill in hong kong thank you very much for your reporting from the euphoria at the buttons its giant panda menang has given birth to twins a 1st for the mother and a zoo and a major breakthrough for the zoo's breeding program mangan the comps are said to be doing just fine and they're attracting a lot of attention. they are no bigger than the size of your hand but they are over ready the new stars of the. after years of trying to pretend the cups without
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success mother is now taking care of not just one but 2 new poems even though the moment her babies are still being shielded from the public visitors at the berlin zoo i'm more than thrilled. when i see them but i'm assuming i won't get to see them quite yet but so so exciting especially for the kids that are running around and being able to see these animals that you would only see on television or their eyes actually be able to see them is such a wonderful thing. and i think i think that in time as a born it's you know it's fantastic isn't it you know. the programs and the populace and all that are. good for the 00 draw people. on t.l.i. i am an animal lover so of course i'm just thrilled it's just a shame that we can't see them today they're probably too small. and like his young family members. churching is already out in trying the son and his daily
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portion of. he's done his job because the pandas the mother praises the offspring the management as happy to see her fulfilling how much for the 1st time we can give up everything for me it was important maiming immediately did the right thing instinctively she got into a good routine of behavior from the very beginning and that's just a great thing with it and life went on because. pandas are notoriously difficult to breed as females are only fertile 3 days a year that's why artificial insemination was used to compliment. personal efforts mom and dad arrived in germany 2 years ago on loan from china and they are due to return back in 13 kids just like the cubs who will only stay in berlin for up to 4 years whether they will ever be released into the wild is unclear. and we're now joined by martin the author and critic of the chinese government now which is the pandas have to go back to china so how does the system work and is it
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a part of what the court found diplomacy. well. it's really fantastic to see these beautiful babies and i still remember 2 years ago in july 2617 when the parents of these 2 babies were singed to billions do the chinese government want is just it's just a loan is not a gift so any babies who are doing this 10 years time born they have to be sent back to china and i think it is the idea behind it china wants to how do you say monopolize panda and do the panda diplomacy ok so that doesn't seem to be
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a symbol of china in 2017 when many lang and help fought now the 2 giant pandas came to berlin or they would loaned to butt in by the chinese you protested why. yes exactly at that time the very very famous. chinese dissident liu xiaobo who was or so noble peace prize winner from 2010 he was dying and that time in he's 1011 years imprisonment and. we protest we standing i and my colleagues stand in front of the berlin zoo and appealed that the chinese government just release. and that him go to germany or america this is his wish to get it was his wife and to get medical treatment but it was rejected so it is
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a very ironic contradiction to people of the 2 president present from china and angela merkel to china at the german chancellor they are toasting and celebrating to accept these 2 pandas and we are standing outside an appeal for the dying lucille ball and he really died is tense days later on 13th of july and was never left in this country china. the current it is a lot of concern over whether china will intervene to clamp down on pro-democracy protesters in hong kong and sadly now everyone's got distracted by pictures of these cute baby john pandas does it make china's whole kind of operation a huge public relations success for the chinese government by giving respond announcing that the babies come from them. no actually i
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feel on the contrary i think it's really ironic i just as i described 2 years 2 years ago now this dispute of who. nice babies spend babies are born and tens of hundreds of thousands even millions of hunk own citizens are protesting the ash shouting they really want to have their freedom and press of. freedom of press and freedom of expression and they don't want that chinese system. authoritarian or totalitarian system to be practiced in hong kong so i think even if we have this beautiful picture of dependence was still have to really closely watch the live situation in hong kong and to show our concern in our
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sympathy to the hong kong people rise to and she might in liao from the independent chinese spend center thank you very much for talking to the devil you think you into milan striker a man you know who has called in football authorities to do more to combat racism your kaka was subjected to resist chance before taking a penalty kick against a cowardly oddie in the italian league match on sunday in which intimate on was victorious 21 other footballers have also send messages of support to look. racist taunting of a black footballer in the sardinia capital calgary a mistake of all but sadly not unfamiliar after interest scored a penalty for his side a chorus of monkey noises rang out. back in april more as the king received
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a similar treatment at the hands of the same spectators italian football's problem with racism is a persistent one. and if you sold your. i can't comment on this episode because i didn't hear the chance to converse in many other situations i believe that in italy we must improve a lot and be more educated in respect for authority. who arrived in italy just under a month ago after his big money transfer from manchester united in a statement on instagram lukaku said it's 2019 instead of going forward we're going backwards he called for professional footballers to unite in the cause of anti-racism in an e-mail to d.w. the italian league syria condemned the abuse of luke aku but failed to answer whether or not they intend to take any measures against the club or issue any penalty as a result cal hear of themselves say they intend to identify and ban the fans
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responsible for the racist abuse directed at luke kaku italian football is under pressure to show that it's taking the issue seriously. the rugby world cup begins in japan later this month and the popularity of the sport has grown considerably since the national team's 1st world cup appearance of his back in 1987 and some veteran plaza still using this rough contact sports to keep fit after retirement. this full contact rugby club in japan is for athletes over the age of 40 but some of the guys out here are more than twice that age like 86 year old naga yama he joined the club to not only stay active but also for the close knit camaraderie. so you tackle and vassal each other. but getting together after the game is so enjoyable and.
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we talk about the match no one gets angry about how we play into the atmosphere is great in short there is nothing rugby for me not to ensure that there is not a yama is well aware of the risks involved of playing a high impact sport at his age as a doctor yet he remains dedicated to giving his all to the sport even after having a few physical setbacks. since joining for a walk or club i have broken ribs many times and broke my collarbone. and it was along with. quite a few other things that happen to when i noticed i had in the regular pulse i would take medicine to adjust it so i can still play on my konstanz not doing it since if you do. not really sound strange but i lost my wife
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a few years ago and now i would say i don't mind dying playing rugby. in japan around 150 club stage full contact matches for players over the age of 40 giving athletes an avenue to prolong their playing days. that's it for me i'm touching my destiny is next.
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natural richardson a precious resource it's. going to room or doing investment. farmland that's because ethiopia is a gringo and the country has enough funding some of the places it took international giant. government to try to exploit. and the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming
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business. creation. are mental destruction starvation. selling out of the country dead donkey. starts september 18th on d w. describing. as it seeks. to understand those. we need to take a closer to. experience knowledge. today. calling w. well i guess sometimes i. think sneak into the culture of looking at
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stereotypes a question that anyone think is new for the country that the time. needed to be taken as drama. because it's all about. i might show join me to meet the german fundie you. post. this. coming up and i don't. want to send thousands of refugees to. unsafe so why do want to restrict refugees they're. also coming up. and giving him.


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