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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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this is a doubly newsline from britain's new prime minister faces his 1st parliamentary showdown breck sets. for yet another thing this. polish olson fights to keep the option of leaving the e.u. without so withdrawals. to prevent it if the vote goes against him said i'd. call for a snap election also on the program she survived the holocaust and. assets to fight
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anti semitism t w talks to 94 year old. french on the day she receives a special award from the country that tried to kill. her resignation of the protests in the territory despite a. step down if she caught. at least 5 people baghdad his house from door in devastates the bahamas the government says damage is extensive and unprecedented storms now heading towards the united states where more than a 1000000 people have been told it to me that helps. i'm phil welcome to the program. but this new prime minister barr is johnson will 1st face his 1st parliamentary showdown over bragg's within
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a few hours some lawmakers are moving to stop the possibility of the u.k. leaving the european union without a withdrawal agreement they believe this would be disastrous for the british economy but mr johnston says he needs the possibility of no deal to strengthen his negotiating hand there were rival demonstrations outside the british parliament again on tuesday some 4 breaks it and others vehemently against it. and against prime minister barak's johnson inside parliament last ditch power plays are getting underway many lawmakers want to introduce legislation which would stop a no deal break that at the end of october and possibly delay it by 3 months prime minister johnson says he's determined to get bragg's it done i would everybody to know that there are no circumstances in which i would ask brussels to do that we're leaving on the 31st of october no gives bots johnson met with some potential
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rebels on tuesday in the hope of deterring them they've already been threatened with being thrown out of the tory party if they vote with the opposition and i think there's a there's a group of conservatives who feel very strongly that now is the time when we have to put the national interest ahead of any threats to us personally i want to encourage speculation is rife johnson could call for fresh elections the major opposition labor party says it's not worried their primary concern is to stop and no deal breaks it let's see what happens after this legislation is gone through this election is called i'm absolutely ready to fight it our party is ready to fight it but m.p.'s have very little time to prevent and no deal bragg's it in just one week parliament will be suspended until mid october. i will take you live to london in just a moment to 1st let's hear from british prime minister barak's johnson and opposition leader jeremy coleman been exchanging verbal blows in the house today.
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to push on that's what they want. to undermine our decision to force us that's really what will solve too big to force us to yet another point please. if that happens all the progress that we are being make you go to be for nothing today we had expected the publication of the government's no deal preparations this government is hiding from scrutiny hiding from the people and trying to hide us from their true intentions. as constraints on the man to his side to die because for them to get mass outside of very noisy houses of parliament welcome back it mr johnson suffered a setback today as a conservative m.p. switched parties how big a blow is that. well of course that was a dramatic moment when yes another conservative m.p.
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thought that he just could not stand behind this government we have had other conservatives leaving the party but this time it means more because boris johnson is losing his working majority it also shows that it was his with his strengths too conservative m.p.'s in telling them if you do vote against me you will not be selected again you cannot stand as conservative m.p. again he might have a.v. and they did them even more he might have alienated more moderates ad tory m.p.'s and he might have actually strengthened the hand of the people who are at this very moment trying to stop him. to stop him in doing what he wants to do which is to put pressure on paul a vent and he wants to say we can we leave it at. the table no matter what and several parliamentarians here and it looks like a majority of them want to prevent that at any cost so walk us through what we can
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expect today in parliament. well today is yet another historic day here in the u.k. just due to the brics a crisis parliament wants to make sure that the u.k. doesn't leave the e.u. at the end of october without a deal there are so many parliamentarians who believe that this would be catastrophic for the country they just regard the economic consequences as too severe they're afraid of fish food shortages of the security implications so they want to tell chorus johnson the prime minister that he must not allow that course johnson of course on the other hand he says that he needs to have the threat of leaving without city or he needs a threat in order to further negotiate with the european union and to say i want to leave no matter what at the end of october and for the e.u.
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then to cave in because they also don't want no deal it's really bad for every side so boris johnson wants to maintain the fred but there are assuming here in parliament who don't want to have this happening and they are trying to force the prime minister's hands and they want to legislate against this so who looks like it's a win this showdown the prime minister or the so-called rebel alliance. at the moment it looks like the rebel alliance the circle rebel alliance might win but this is a very fluid situation so it's really a very very exciting to be here you can see that really tensions you can see and hear feel i think behind me you can see that tensions are really high there are protesters free side and and. and really things that they are and they're right there are people who are for bret's it and they fear that in the end there will be no breaks and so they fear that this is and i'm
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a they say the sun democratic there are others who say this is so bad for the country to leave without a deal that they really want to do anything and that my it's a make this happen and we'll see we'll know more whether they will be successful at the end of today or the end of today's parliamentary session will get much and i thank you. but hong kong where the embattled the chief executive carried on has insisted she has no intention of stepping down this despite a leaked recording of her saying that she wanted to quit after 3 months of unrest in the chinese territory protestors have expressed mixed feelings about this recording some suspect that mum supporters have leaked it. kerry lamb was given the task of smoothing the waters 24 hours after her own candid words made waves at an incredibly tense and delicate moment in the region's history. i have never attended a recitation to the central people's government. i have not even contemplated
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to discuss a recitation. with the central people and. the choice of not resigning it's my own choice. under the gaze of the t.v. cameras the chief executive said words were clear but completely at odds with what she was recorded saying to the region's business leaders. in the. first thing is to. just. the source of that recording is still unclear so too was the motivation for its release. in a private session i just attempted to explain that as an individual given the very difficult circumstances might be it was an easy choice to leave.
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but i told myself repeatedly in the last 3 months that i and my team should stay on to help hong kong in the recording the hong kong chief executive appeared to refer to the strain of serving 2 masters she has since received the backing of the central government in beijing but not to protest us i think. government really leaked their message on purpose and. i think because i think most of them are standing with us. and. fighting for universal suffrage but why should it be a mistake and. she's trying to pull back some. scaling with her. she's getting it right and i think if. things. make it. up to the business. and trying to get. not for the 1st time in this ongoing power
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struggle another tense moment has come and gone but neither side has changed position. let's hear more from v.w. china correspondent misuse of bullet injury who's reported extensively from the territory welcome mathias. is carried in control issue calling the shots well the recording obviously gives us the impression that he's not calling the shots she has said several times that she could not step down even if she wanted that is of course. admitting something that many people have suspected that beijing is calling the shots and we've seen other evidence we've seen leaks of other people saying that kerry lamb has in fact proposed to beijing to meet some of the demands of the protesters in order to solve this crisis is that beijing has said no of course at this point we don't have any evidence whether it's it whether it's because she
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feels she cannot or whether she has been explicitly told that she cannot step down but it's very clear that and that's what she says actually her scope of action what what she can do is very limited ok so now this is this is out in the open as you say many people suspected that was the situation anyway what impact will these revelations are on the denials have on the protests i think at this point as it is something that many people have expected the demand for her to step down has become less important for the protests. it's still there they wanted to step down she's the face of this crisis she has have been handling this very badly whether due to her own. bad response to the protest or whether because her hands were tied by the beijing government but she is in no means just
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her stepping down would resolve this crisis at this point imagine that there would be somebody else coming in and then there would have to be an election held an election held at this. system that election system that is perceived as non-democratic as controlled by beijing so this would maybe give the city if at all as short a breath but it would not resolve this crisis only meeting some of the demands so this leak this is this voice recording of caricom talking to business leaders where's it come from well we know that she has been talking to business leaders there as we've just seen people speculate whether it was herself who leaked it it could have been also the beijing camp the business community is mostly still supporting this beijing camp although on this extradition bill there have been a lot has been a lot of discontent in this camp as well and what we've heard from proponents of
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the base of the pro paging camp is that of course they are all very unhappy with her she has maneuvered the city into this crisis in the very beginning and they of course suffer from her actions as well their reelection is going to be is on the table for next year and you can imagine that the chances are very high so if the pro beijing camp. is carried and the. pro-democracy camp is also anti carol why is it in china's interest why is it in beijing's interest to keep in place i'm not saying the whole china probating camp is against kerry land but part of the we've heard of personhood from some proponents. i think it's. the the fear is that it would cause more trouble it would be giving in to
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a demand it would make beijing appear weak beijing is trying to avoid appearing weak beijing is trying to avoid making any concessions in order not to set a precedent for may be for the protests and. did a breach of the corresponding thank you thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 16 people have been killed in a massive car bomb blast in the afghan capital kabul more than 100 others were wounded the taliban says it carried out the attack which came just hours after a u.s. envoy confirmed that a peace deal been struck in principle with the taliban. an iranian oil tanker at the center of a dispute between tehran and the west appears to have switched off it's tracking they can they. already know the grace was last recorded off the coast of syria it was impounded roger brought up for more than a month amid allegations that it was carrying oil to to syria in violation of
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sanctions. 8 reports from south africa say 5 people have been killed in xenophobia taxes urban violence extends into the for the widespread looting and awesome attacks are for targeted foreign owned businesses across johannesburg and pretoria police arrested more than 90 people south african president several poses as described the violence is totally unacceptable. and germany has been remembering the start of world war 280 years ago when he invaded neighboring poland 94 year old child just a need to ask a valid fish survived to concentration camps and since then she spent years telling schoolchildren about her experiences so they she received one of germany's top awards for her efforts to stop the rise of the semitism. she is one of the last holocaust survivors alive today and the telescope office was departed through the auschwitz concentration camp in 1943 but then the nazis had already murdered tell
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parents their. waiting to be put in the gas chamber that was a situation that's what it was in you know very difficult to describe to people nowadays who live more or less normal lives it was music that's a flask of office life a talented cello player she was chosen to play in the our streets moments aka struck glasgow wolfish has now been recognized for her relentless fight against anti-semitism with the german national price the award honors those who strengthen the bonds between germany and. enough to cut us off with me when i left germany after the catastrophe i swore to myself that i would never stand on german soil again that i would never buy things from germany. my children can confirm that germany was a synonym for murder and manslaughter for robbery and everything negative that you
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could imagine. after the war lost khobar fish and brightest to england where she became a successful cello player it was decades before she was able to step foot on german soil again and to tell her story. because the silence was literally a deathly silence a completion of a murderous walk. we should be ashamed of that even today that's the longest told thanks to people like you silence in this country could be broken. glass called wall fish sees it as her responsibility as a survivor to warn about the current political shift to the right in many parts of the world like here during the holocaust comma moderation in the german parliament . and i think everybody is going completely mad you know we had 7 years 70 years of
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peace nobody remembers what it was like not to have peace. yeah but i mean this is saying what goes around comes around i mean it is very very depressing and i think you have to be very very careful lascaux welfare says she has little optimism for the future and her view what matters most now is trying to mag young people understand the danger that's in the air. and these 5 people have been killed in the bahamas as hurricane dorian moves slowly towards the u.s. east coast despite weakening and slowing dorian is still packing winds of more than 200 kilometers an hour its long destructive path over the bahamas has left a trail of devastation and. they could only watch as hurricane dorian blew their home apart. from. the bus
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finally as the common descended this family all on heart struggled to process the devastation i knew me and malakai their lives like thousands of others here on the abaco islands shlash to pieces the prime minister said help was on the way. in the midst of a disturbed tragedy. and bombing. mission and focus now. is search and rescue and recovery. hurricane dorian sat on the bahamas for 36 hours pummeling this island chain with winds of up to 350 kilometers per hour bringing record storm surge is this the international airport submerged by the cut of being seen. leaving streets fit for boats not cars the foreign minister arge the residents to stay indoors. want to
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see the citizenship of people by proxy or it is not safe. down in front of our cities across the street is a very. powerful old boy. as night fell again u.s. coast guard evacuated several patients from the washed hotel and emergency services here working in the most extreme conditions. meanwhile these were images captured the eye of the storm as dorian threatens to unleash on the united states next. to the central african republic where their boulder virus killed more than 2000 people and the fear is that more will die if the outbreak isn't contained amongst the challenges of fighting the disease are mistrust and misinformation some people believe that in both the diagnosis is
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a death sentence and therefore don't seek treatment others accuse health workers of deliberately spreading the virus and that report looks at the efforts of one survivor to set the record straight. to name bill is about to do something that many in this town in eastern congo would consider courageous even finish. he's on his way to take a mother and her child to the hospital even though both are showing symptoms of a bola. most would shun such contact fearing they may also contract the virus. but bill isn't afraid. he says i'm not scared. i've touched many of all of patients don't they i'm cured which means i cannot get infected again 6 more lived in. this is the 2nd biggest outbreak of ebola in history and authorities are struggling to contain it spread
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one reason is that some locals are suspicious of the doctors trying to help them even accusing them of using the moment to infect them this is jim main bill is on a mission to counter such stories he travels to local communities to promote understanding and to explain that a bowler can be cured with treatment. but many locals remain skeptical but. never in my life will i go to the hospital i want friends of mine went there in good health but they never made it out alive yes. i have suffered but i'm still here i was just like you i was like you know you see when you have a fever they take you there then you're already. you see good that's what i'm cured but i now transport people you couldn't transport once you've been cured you can't get the disease again. despite some resistance bill says he's
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determined to keep spreading the information. it takes time for people to understand the disease i'm living proof of that. now is to prevent needless death. in sports and to milan striker romelu lukaku has called on football authorities to do more to combat racism being subject to race is chance before taking a penalty against in sunday's italian league match fellow footballers have sent a message of. fellow footballers have said to messages of support into milan won the game too. racist taunting of a black footballer in a sardine in capital calgary a mistake of all but sadly not unfamiliar after interest scored a penalty for his side a chorus of monkey noises rang out. i am back in april moyes the king received
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a similar treatment at the hands of the same spectators italian football's problem with racism is a persistent 1 am in if you saw your. icons comments on this episode because i didn't hear the chants and that you know many other situations i believe that in italy we must improve a lot and be more educated in respect for g. were arrived in italy just under a month ago after his big money transfer from manchester united in a statement on instagram lukaku said it's 2019 instead of going forward we're going backwards he called for professional footballers to unite in the cause of anti-racism. in an e-mail to you the italian league saria condemned the abuse of lukaku but failed to answer whether or not they intend to take any measures against the club or issue any penalty as a result caligiuri themselves say they intend to identify and ban the fans
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responsible for the racist abuse directed at lukaku italian football is under pressure to show that it's taking the issue seriously. this is life from the top stories of british prime minister boris johnson is facing a parliamentary showdown is lawmakers trying to prevent the possibility of. a withdrawal agreement mr johnson says he needs the threat to strengthen his negotiating. threaten to call for a snap election if he loses the folks and. this is the new still to come a news asia bangladesh falls for him to refugees to this remote island he does believe has been granted rat access to the huge complex which some human rights groups are comparing to a prison. like kashmir if women are afraid of. india tightens its control over the beaches. there as bad as they will have those
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stories are next in asia out. of the top of the. latest headlines around the clock at the. follow us on twitter. thanks. to the actions.
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of. a few times in. the quiet melody resounds mind the weight of the movie. and did zimmerman beams resonate when it saw. the mind and the music. being told in 1st 12019 from september 6th to september 29th.
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most girls took it over now i can say that it was as we are now. almost in support of. what a bit was able. to do we have that. much time to teach strength face to. times of just such the up and up. and fight for the truth was much time to overcome our trials and come natural. to future. it's time for double. binds just listen this is the sound of time tossing this forest the size of 25 football fields are lost every minute adding to greenhouse gases but what is the
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sound of a tree not for us the sound biodiversity tourism community development reliable food and water. the united nations development program is listening and working with communities to protect forests for the future we want if you're hearing what we're hearing find. this. coming up an island refuge of death trap. wants to send thousands of refugees to this city but it's remote. and unsafe so why does want to resettle refugees there. explain also coming up. and living in fear we speak to women who say india. has made life harder for them.


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