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just listen this is the sound of times as forests the size of 25 football fields are lost every minute adding to greenhouse gases but what is the sound of a tree not for us the sound biodiversity tourism community development food and water. the united nations development program is listening and working with communities to protect forests for the future we want if you're hearing what we're hearing. this. coming up an island. wants to send thousands of refugees to this city but it's. unsafe so why does. the refugees that. explain also coming up. just living in fear.
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has made life harder for them. welcome. it's good to have you with us. of this complex off the shores of bangladesh could soon be home to some 100000 rohingya refugees who fled ethnic cleansing in myanmar these shots sure the sheer scale of the project and on the ground the extent of the problems are also being bored into focus the low lying island of charter in the bay of bengal. is vulnerable to erosion and flooding human rights organizations have condemned the plan saying it amounts to sending the wrong to prison so what is it really like on the island
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a team of reporters were granted access and here's what they found. in the world's largest refugee camp in southern bangladesh fear is rife 2 years ago the government welcomed the influx of breaking into a fleeing me and mom today it is planning to send tens of thousands of them to an island in an area prentice likely. thing that's not a matter we don't want to go to. because it gets flooded and then people will die. drowned for them it's another trap where they'll lose their lives if we go they will die help us to stay here and had a thank you but i don't we lost our parents here to save our lives don't send us to pass on chance just kill us here. after lengthy negotiations with the authorities d.w. was taken to pass on charge by bangladesh navy which is overseeing the construction
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works to day we were accompanied by naval officers it took us 3 hours to reach us and chart on a naval ship the sea was choppy but relatively calm for this time of the year. what is the longest period that you think ships might not be able to reach the united in one rainy bad when the condition of the 2nd is talking warning. maybe one or 2 days or 3 days max if not more than that. we have never should never stop nobody will be evacuated from this. that is because the navy says they have built sufficient protection against floods and a revolution including a 3 metre high embankment. inside this space 410-0000 housed in clusters of identical shelters human rights organizations fear that refugees may be contained on the remote island for years. sometimes this
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island is described as a jail does that offend. yes. the people who mix common floating island. and they don't understand where i learned they didn't see the island and they don't know about us and if you are providing. the islands 120 cyclists in shelters can be used as hospitals primary schools and community centers to provide security there will be police posts and cameras monitoring the island we will put part something. they will remember it for be a life and if. we help them if they come here it is paradise for burma is there no doubt about that from what we've seen conditions here do seem to be better than in cox bizarre but questions remain around what daily life might be like will there be secondary education for young people what will they do all day can the refugees in
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their own living and will they be able to leave the island without a special permit and of course what happens here when a cyclon hits. didn't exist 20 years ago islands in the bay of being called performed by sediments and make up an ever changing ecosystem we showed the footage we took to an expert in sea irrigation. so it can be in orbit it can. do. without an embankment but on char would be too dangerous for habitation experts t. w. contacted disagreed with the barrier is high enough but the government seems
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adamant to relocate to him get to the island. that we don't have space for them. if they're not willing for them. once the decision has been taken refugees could be relocated in a matter of weeks even against their will. and also asked bangladesh's foreign minister about the refugee plans he suggested the rohingya could be forced to move to the island even if the un objects what is the most extreme step you could take if the un disagrees with you kick the un agencies out and. we. will do so to be clear if they don't support your plan of doesn't shy you will tell them to we have to make a decision and we'll talk to them for. as one of the authors of that report he joins me now for more good to see you know we just heard by now this is foreign
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minister there what exactly has the u.n. said about above. we have contact at the u.n. he said a spokesperson in krakow but the person declined to comment on pashtun thought however we have got some off the record comments from some of the shells of the international aid agencies are working with rowing if you see it in his budget they told us that there had been pressure from the government to include that island in next year's plan several sources have indicated that there is a possibility of such a relocation in november but nobody off easily confirmed it to us is therefore the only option that the bottom of this government has to do can just crowded the corpses was all. as you know bangladeshis you know one crowded country so the government doesn't have many options other than to look at ing them to die land prone to cyclons and natural disasters what surprised me is that that will give you food yes we're living in the boxes but that camps are not complaining marty about
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to a living condition there this seem happy to live in the overcrowded camps near the border radio of bangladesh and myanmar which indicates that there is still hoping to return to the country they think they belong to at some point during it if you do say that we talked to one quick stay in those camps unless they get that chance to return to myanmar citizenship provided what a lot of that doesn't look like is going to happen just recently in the past there was an attempt to return them to myanmar and hardly anybody turned up to go back so is it that is of bangladesh is looking at a continuing problem with the regulators none of this has been doing a commendable job in managing more than a 1000000 refugees i would say and many international aid agencies have been supporting the country in this regard how about that attitude poor is slowly changing in bangladesh 2 years ago they are welcomed by the government but now it looks like consider them as
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a bargain and wants to get rid off them. thank you very much for explaining that to us. and there's more no website for what's left on how buying others is coping with its refugees. how does india's move to revoke indeed administer this autonomy what the women in danger of those we've spoken to say they are living in fear of sexual abuse and harassment and statements such as this one from a lawmaker from the governing hindu nationalist b.g.p. government have only made things worse. muslim bachelors should rejoice as they can now marry the white skinned women of kashmir. and that their social media posts from indian men wanting to. media women the double reporter and sophie brandon from
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us or 3 d. a team has been following that story and we welcome what have you found out so we really deep into a variety of social media platforms and especially on tech talk that's a fast growing video platform but as of june had roughly a 120000000 active users in india that have videos popped up by indian men who are declaring the intent to do 2 things a by land on kashmir and be merry kashmir women we have a few examples. how. many . very. so twitter was also flooded with tweets of indian men the clarendon intention to marry kashmiri women and on top of that day have released certain music videos and songs which they call patriotic pop and which have been shared hundreds of thousands of times these videos also celebrate the idea of getting a quote unquote fair skinned kashmiri woman like she's an object without any agency
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remember you've also spoken to some media remember what of they've been telling you well the obvious if you really objectified and fetish as upon it's pretty hard to actually reach anyone within the region because of the lockdown but i spoke to a woman near a woman who was there until recently visiting her family she's based in delhi and she actually cannot she says that women there are few really under threat take a look you have a quote if you if you very up if you take a piece of land. and it's like do you know i remember. i have a control over your border you know i look good who are you and they know you might be you know so she says that there's a sense of fear among caution a woman that they'll be sexually assaulted entourage it's really hard to know what's going on within the region because of the lockdown but there are independent journalists and reporters on the ground who actually have talked to women and they also say these women say that the indian military forces have barged into houses
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and they have harassed girls and women so these women are actually preparing for the worst as archie told me they would be them says they would stay you know call where you've been since and they would be doing so that they were able to create noise and people from around the neighborhood could come and. force these are women and so the sense of fear of being harassed by the indian forces coupled with the reaction by the indian man on mainland india they really are leaving these women in fear and making them feel really anxious and sophie pregnant thanks so much for coming in and breaking that down for us. and you can now go to ultra to address news to watch that report from and cerebrum them and feel free to tell us what you think that's all for now we leave you now with pictures from a festival which celebrates the birthday of the elephant and to garnish thanks for watching.
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us thank you nothing. it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about ok i'm going to do this because we can't stay on his way and i'm not i don't know that. closely global news that matters g.w. made for mines. the fact it's all happening. pretty.
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sure link to news from africa and the world. your links to exceptional stories and discussions came the most comes after cutting programs night from born in germany. and while with safety deputed called snatch africa join us on facebook and africa. also a must. of drug bust in the u.s. law enforcement officials point to china claiming most of the little is being produced in secret chinese labs to donald trump to another front in the ongoing trade war with aging. and they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery but now a textile brand from cuba stopped western rivals from stealing its designs. this
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is business as usual on the w.r. as well when we talk about the trade wars usually about tariffs on oil or oil or tronics or soybeans but it's also about one of the biggest drug problems the u.s. is facing at least according to u.s. president donald trump the opioid crisis in america is costing thousands of lives every year just days ago u.s. pharma company johnson and johnson paid a record fine for flooding the market with legal painkillers but trump says most of the illegal drugs especially fentanyl comes from china it's not the 1st time the u.s. has made here is asian and beijing says its basis paramedics in western pennsylvania are checking they have enough medicine available during the shift for people who overdosed on fentanyl the synthetic drug is 50 times stronger than heroin and kills thousands of americans every year. u.s.
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authorities have long accused china of being the main source of the drug but the narcotics control commission in beijing says it's investigating a chemical in dust.


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