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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2019 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices. the 77 percent he told me to shoot. this is where you cut. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. the world watched today as u.k. prime minister or boris johnson lost his majority in parliament one impi got up and walked across the house and with that the numbers were suddenly against boris johnson tonight westminster winning back the power to steer brags that lawmakers vowing they will not allow the u.k. to leave the european union without a deal and what about the prime minister what does he have to say now i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.
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your last few weeks i believe the chances of a deal prison it's becoming increasingly clear that this reckless government overly has one plan to crash out of the e.u. without a deal there is any one way to think of this for this deal it is jeremy corbin's surrender point also rained during the bush rope war with europe they are surely. we will be the final table the 31st. century says. will meet. the point of this day that this is a government with no no morals and as of today no majority. also coming up bangladesh is threatening to send tens of thousands over him to refugees to a remote island a new home that there are a hinge
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a do not want to call their own. that's not. we don't want to go to china because it gets flooded and then people will die. or be drowned for them it's another trap when i lose them lines if we go they will die help us to stay here and evacuate the nets that would. own to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world. welcome we begin the day with that showed down in london britain's new prime minister boris johnson faced a make or break parliamentary vote over breaks that tonight he lost the battle but there is still the war the members of parliament they won control today to set the brakes it agenda moving forward and tonight we're learning that tomorrow members of parliament some members of parliament may actually try to resurrect the withdrawal deal that was negotiated by a former prime minister the former prime minister to resign me here's what was said
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today in parliament. and of course i think one of the most remarkable things that took place to a misstatement was to see the member for blackmail cross the floor prime minister you have lost your majority. my right honorable friend has assured me that he's very keen to get a deal with the european union last friday chancellor merkel of germany somewhat acerbically the 9 days into the such a days that the prime minister has requests she's during his visit to burley she had yet to see the new proposals from the united think what she also said what she also said is that there is no point towards what what my friends across the e.u. have said is that there is no point in having a negotiation as long beginning full talks as normal as there is a risk that the parliament will make bad situation this
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a bit it's not just chancellor merkel because that no should stand she proposes has been put forward last week a the irish deputy prime minister has said and i quote nothing credible has come from the british government and of quote i will turn it into the backstop provided the right preparations are on taken by government business and individuals risks can be mitigated significant challenges can be met and we can be ready to offer a threat which actually home zones many times more than those against whom the threat is supposed to be leveled is not as i say a credible negotiating strategy. and what you're watching there was the 1st battle that we've got complete coverage of what happened today and what could happen tomorrow and talk about that i'm joined by the w.'s barber vai's all she's covering the story for us from london tonight and our brakes of analyst right here in the studio with me alex forrest whiting here at the big table. well i mean today was
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a day that was full of political drama at westminster and there was an. stored mary's seat during prime minister boris johnson speech in parliament when a member of his party stood up and defected to another party i want to take a look at that because i think this is really a moment when the whole world was watching him was speechless so he's the prime minister's policy of restoring our rhythm their feet you see right there the servant of philocles gets up and walks across the house. people realize what's happened including the prime minister which. i don't want to alter. and it was a shock wasn't it was a shock in the way that he did it i mean there's been talk about phillip lead to defecting for some time but he definitely chose his opportune moment to do that
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when the prime minister was speaking and he got up and he walked across to the opposition party the liberal democrats to make the point that he could no longer sit with a posse that he has been an m.p. for for many years and some of the lines that he said in the statement when he quit saying that the government had been using political manipulation bullying and lies and that was why he could no longer stay a conservative m.p. and that was the start of the day where the power dynamic changed absolutely because then boris johnson had a majority of just one m.p. and he lost that and that majority let's just remember includes 10 m.p.'s from another party from the northern island d u p party they're the ones who are propping up his government so it's a very very difficult situation for the prime minister who is new to the job that's remember him was hoping that he could bulldoze his way through with support from
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m.p.'s and has no time to very well and the. week that he has been prime minister today in parliament in the house of commons one m.p. leaving he signed and walking over to the opposition in parliament today basically rowsley back you know the right to control the boards the agenda is that enough to prevent another deal brinson. we are now waiting for the vote that might be imminent because a lot of the old bricks it arguments have been rehashed here in palm and during the last hours bought also as alex already said there was a new layer of arguments and that was directed against boris johnson because his opponents are telling him you are lying to us and they're giving in order to prove that it's not only that he says bracks it negotiations are swimmingly even though
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they aren't effectually existing but it is beyond that that he is sort of pursuing a heart breaks it and not telling them about his intentions that he once you do something else on the cover of talking about the european union and that it needs to be blackmailed into submission mol this by britain in order to make enough concessions for boris johnson and his hardliners to be satisfied. after all this has been exchanged we'll see if those and all of service here say the figures out there it will go through it will show that not only does boris johnson not have a majority bought the opposition reinforced by rebels from his own camp can just vote him down. and. some indians are trying to resurrect or which rolled you know bridge the withdrawal deal that. you know was
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what shut down 3 times threw him in parliament the work of former prime minister to resign yes us. right that's the irony in all of this where we've talked for months and months is a reason may dio day yes it seems to be dead but could it possibly be coming back in a different form they are labor m.p.'s are they are opposition m.p.'s they are m.p.'s who are want that to be bracks they do not want it to be a no deal breaks it but they are in favor of being bracks it because of the referendum so they want it to happen and they feel that the only way it can happen is if there is a deal so they want to try to change this motion is going to be legislated tomorrow by m.p.'s to say that the government the boris johnson must bring back the latest deal to parliament so they can get another chance to vote on it which will will be interesting as to whether that happens if m.p.'s will agree with that and i think many probably will because they don't want to no deal bret's for it but they many
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of them the majority feel the house to be bracks it because that is what the majority of brits voted for back in 26th in that referendum i wish we could read the mind of theresa may tonight so one thing we know is a break right now in europe is watching i want you to take a listen to what we heard today from the french secretary of state for european affairs about works we consider but brooke since it is not the end of history the british islands we would still be the 1st neighbor in the northwest of from we will have to work very soon on the future relationship to the british people and the british government and british authorities want to be a with the european union and the people and the industries and the companies and the researchers and all the people on the european continent we'll still be looking at the u.k. as a place to have exchanges and relationships. i mean how do you read that message
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there from france it is almost as if she's saying this is all much ado about nothing after you know history does it end. and brant i couldn't understand you because there's so much noise behind us because the end tell you bricks of tears having a party here. just before parliament and not challenging and seeing as you can hear so i didn't lose you over it so it is ok barbara fortunate we're out of time but i think those people behind you i think they've called the spirit of the evening at least for this evening barbie's well they are in london alexander i mean why did here at the table with both of you thank you very much. well people in the bahamas have begun venturing outside and this is what hurricane dorgan has left for this waist high water as far as the eye can see dorian the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the bahamas has claimed at
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least 5 lines but that number is expected to climb the storm not only slammed into the islands with winds at 300 kilometers an hour but it did it basically sat there for a day and a half dropping unimaginable amounts of rain. meteorologists say that dorian earlier today was moving at one kilometer per hour you and i we could walk faster than that snail's pace has apparently helped to weaken the storm dorian is now a category 2 hurricane and it's on its way to the u.s. east coast the states of florida georgia and south carolina have issued evacuation orders dorian is tied for the 2nd most powerful hurricane to ever be recorded in the atlantic ocean and it is one of the hardest to predict the models used by meteorologists continue to update and reissue the expected path of the storm which we see there but even now dorian could just as easily veer to the west and collide
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with florida instead of skirting the coast of the carolinas and going out to sea to die all right for more on this now we want to pull in the media ologists who is following the storm with us matthew compute she he is watching everything from washington d. c. good evening to you matthew i understand correct me if i'm wrong there are more variables to consider. more than we would usually be considering when it comes to predicting dorian's path we've heard of the bermuda high being a factor but that's just one to be one of these variables that are making it so hard to predict. it was sort of immune to hi it's off the east right now and it's been sitting there and the question for a while was how close would that come to the coast that effects the steering currents that dorian will be susceptible to so there's that over the ohio valley there's a trough kind of a big area of low pressure and that's storing up the closest and look to be kind of
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a squeeze play as to where dorian would ultimately go which system would control it more right now dorian has just sat for a little while because no system is picking it up but now it looks like doron will start to meander north towards eventually as it connects with that high pressure there's been a lot of talk about the predicted path. of the hurricane and what it means and whether or not people are misunderstanding what the cone is supposed to represent taught me a little bit about this i mean are people misreading what the media ologists are predicting. i think the cone people look at that most say ok if i'm in the cone danger of out of the cone no danger at all and in reality the cone has nothing to do with how confident we are and we look at that we might think oh this is a range of possibilities instead the cone is just based on historical error from the national hurricane center so they look at all the paths of the last 5 years how well their forecast did and then that's how they determine the width of the cone so
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it really just shows different areas of the storm might go based on historical performance but torrence been tougher to predict than most hurricanes so don't take that cone too seriously take it with a grain of salt because dorian is much more unpredictable than that and you know i spoke with a climate scientist earlier today and he said that represents the new norm for the hurricane season that because the atlantic is warmer and also because you have more polar ice it's melting then combination is fueling stronger storms and he told me tonight you know you can expect at least one dorrian every season now i mean that's that's that's sobering news right because there's no way really do to make that not happen. to me that sounds a little bit extreme what i will say is that storms are likely to become stronger so we have a couple of greens we're watching you mentioned the warmer ocean waters hurricanes
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feed off this fuel this warmer ocean waters really getting going so more of that will favor stronger hurricanes in the future we're not seeing a trend for more hurricanes but those that form will be stronger in addition you mentioned sea level rise so now if you have the ocean water rising so let's say half a meter over the course of 5060 years all of a sudden it's a lot easier for coastal areas to flood with the same storm so not only is a flooding and all the side effects getting worse but we're also seeing the storms get worse so there's that in addition for every degree celsius we increase in temperature of the atmosphere can hold 7 percent more water so when you have storms like dorian stall they have that much more rain water to tap into and you can get some extreme rainfall totals like we saw in 2017 with harvey so multifaceted threat going forward but the storm dynamics are really shifting and climate change is part of the cos. we know the a lot of people especially in the caribbean in the bahamas on the eastern seaboard of the united states they're going to be watching to see if they're in that cone to see what this hurricane dawns for the next couple of days it's all right and if
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it's good to have you on the show we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight thank you matthew. well the government of bangladesh is threatening to send tens of thousands of or hinder refugees to a remote island by force despite warnings from environmentalist and rights groups now take a look these are the accommodations there on the island of boston charm and they have been especially constructed for the refugees the government says that it will offer a new start for the rich but the low why an oil and which is in the bay of bengal you can see right there it is vulnerable to erosion and flooding and critics they've condemned the plan so how safe or unsafe is this on our correspondent naomi conrad was given access to the island she files this report. in the world's largest
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refugee camp in southern bangladesh fear is rife 2 years ago that government welcomed the influx of breaking into fleeing me and ma today it is planning to send tens of thousands of them to an island in an area pretty to slightly. think that's not a matter we don't want to go to. because it gets flooded and then people will die. or be drowned for them it's another trap when i lose them lives if we go they will die help us to stay here and get it back it limits but i don't we lost our parents here to save our lives don't send us to pass on chalk just kill us here. off to lengthy negotiations with the authorities d.w. was taken to pass on charge by bangladesh navy which is overseeing the construction works to out us day we were accompanied by naval offices it took us 3 hours to reach us and on a naval ship the sea was choppy but relatively calm for this time of the year.
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what is the longest period that you think ships might not be able to reach the. and indeed one rainy bad when a condition of the 2nd is strong warning that maybe one or 2 days or 3 days max if not more than. you have never should never never stop nobody will be evacuated from this. that is because the navy says they have built sufficient protection against floods under roshon including a 3 metre high in bangkok meant. inside the space for 100000 housed in clusters of identical shelters human rights organizations fear that refugees may be contained on the remote island for years. sometimes this island is described as a jail does that offend you yes. but people who.
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like floating island. they don't understand the island they didn't see the i learned and they don't know about us and if you are providing. the islands 120 cyclists in shelters can be used as hospitals primary schools and community centers to provide security there will be police posts and cameras monitoring the island we will part something to. then remember it for be a life and if. we have if they come here it is paradise for burma is there no doubt about that from what we've seen conditions here do seem to be better than in cox bizarre but questions remain around what daily life might be like will there be secondary education for young people what will they do all day can the refugees earn their living and will they be able to leave the island without a special permit and of course what happens here when a cyclon hits. didn't exist
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20 years ago islands in the bay of being called by sediments and make up an ever changing ecosystem we showed the footage we took to an expert in sea invasion. so it can be in orbit it can. be there. without an embankment bus on char would be too dangerous for habitation experts t w contacted disagreed whether the barrier is high enough but the government seems adamant to relocate to him get to the island they may fold them so that we don't have space here. if they're not really for them.
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and once the decision has been taken refugees could be relocated in a matter of weeks even against their will. and with me here in the studio now is naomi conrad who filed that report good to see you naomi i mean when you when you see these pictures you think well i mean that you know the refugees get brand new living accommodations it's much better than what they have right now right. well if you only look at the settlement then show it's a lot better i'm in the huts and cox bazaar we also spent some times our you know stiflingly hot so we spent you know an hour or 2 in some of these huts for interviews and it was really difficult but once you look at the bigger picture which is that this is a very low lying island in cyclon prone area then suddenly the picture is quite different i mean then we have questions of is the embankment high enough experts disagree so i can't give you a yes or no on that one but with rising sea levels and climate change cyclons are
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most likely increase in frequency and intensity so there are a lot of questions that and a few you know look at the bigger picture it's less clear whether the conditions would be better used by all of this i mean it's not up for. a decision i mean these people will be moved you spoke with. the foreign minister about the relocation plans and he suggested that the rigid could be moved to the island even if the united nations objections was nobody told you. what is the most extreme step you could take if the u.n. disagrees would you kick the un agencies out and why wouldn't we do. that since we will do so to be clear if they don't support your plan above and char you will tell them to we have to make a decision them we'll talk to them and see i mean there is straight talk coming from the foreign minister but he's telling you we will forcibly move these people
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what have been the reactions to that from the international community they've been quite muted so far in fact it was still waiting to hear back from the united nations they've declined to give us a comment so far because diplomatically this is incredibly sensitive. as we had. bangladesh would have the power to kick out all the un agency is but on the other hand they are footing the multimillion dollar bill. house refugees to feed them to provide education so i think it's unlikely that they will actually full strength of the air but what they're doing is more subtle maybe they're making the living conditions in coxless on the refugees camps at the moment very difficult so they just yesterday they announced that they were forcing telecommunications providers to no longer provide internet and sim cards to refugees cuts them off from the rest of the world exactly and from relatives that may still be living in me and must say you know there are other ways to force refugees rather than send in tanks full of
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the army and if the coercion doesn't work and there aren't enough volunteers i mean how would the government go about forcing the are we talking about talking about tanks moving in or soldiers moving in and forcing the people picking the people who are moving i doubt they can do that politically i don't think we'll see we'll see that happening but what is clear is that it's a very difficult very tense situation the aid agencies haven't taken a decision yet by november they do actually have to decide on whether to include this in their planning for net. you know they're under incredible pressure at the moment that's what u.n. sources told us off the record so it's a very fluid situation but i think a decision will have to be all will be taken off of the monsoon finishes which is in a couple of weeks you know very quickly and we can't right now we thank you. well the day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the w. news or you can follow me at t.v.
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don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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in the. place. of the world's population is going to and from. hundreds. stands today many many people can be from china. analysis.
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on d w. played. good player. played. this is g w news live from berlin tonight voting underway right now in the british parliament the prime minister and lawmakers in a showdown over who gets to control boris johnson wants to keep the option of britain crashing out of the european union a no deal brax it many lawmakers however want to.


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