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i am. i am. this is good of the news coming to you live from berlin upon kong climb down leader carry long announces she's scrapping the controversial extradition bill that has sparked months of violent protests in the territory but will the move be enough to appease pro-democracy demonstrators. also coming up the richest violinist advanced johnson comes out fighting the day after he suffers a defeat always gregg's the plans he challenges the opposition to agree to an election next month and they accuse him of trickery. and xenophobic violence
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scripts across south africa several people are dead after rioters attacked foreign owned businesses and migrant workers. plus a clash of cultures and japan prepares to host the rugby world cup players from abroad are being told to cover up their tattoos and explain why many japanese have a problem with the skin. on unwelcome. hong kong leaders bowed to demands of pro-democracy protesters and were drawn a controversial extradition bill the proposed law had spock months of till mornin the territory under it suspects would have been tried in courts run by the communist party in mainland china media carry law announced the decision in a televised address. i think for what it's
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a moment of the special administrative region will officially withdraw the bill and eradicate the ruiz of the people the security chief will propose in motion to withdraw the bill after the legislative meeting is back. to what i saw on what happened in the last 2 months has shocked and saddened the hong kong people and made everyone worried and upset about hong kong. everyone is worried and hopes to resolve the current situation i got the whole silk up hey ma and for the very latest i'm joined now by william yang in hong kong will a surprise statement by hong kong need to carry law what do you make of it and why is it coming it coming out now do you think. so i'm retired as we know tensions on the streets of hong kong has been really escalating over the last few weeks and this whole movement has been on. people have been coming out for 13 weeks in a row so the government is worried that if this continues to go on the way that it
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is right now hong kong society is really going to fall apart and the a growth law is really going to be nonexistent anymore so they believe that this is the easiest way for the government to peace that anger with a hunk of civil society right now a prominent pro-democracy activist joshua long came out today saying that the announcement was a little too little too late this listen to some of what to what he had to say we didn't do that claire that our protest must call that you listen to. the child that's national day we strongly aware of the tactics behind beijing government beijing and chinese authorities just strike you saw a protest by i don't think it's such a troll with droll. at best just though a strategy for beijing hope to. reduce the number of participant approaches in the next few weeks especially on 1st of october. so within
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a judge one says all of this is just a strategy read you see this going what needs to happen for these protests to end. so many reactions have come out of popular social media platforms and telegram and as well as a pro-democracy legislators have also come out to basically a highlight the fact that the withdrawal of the bill does not really solve all the demands about the protesters making over the last 3 months they have made bike demands and this is only one of them so the most important thing right now they believe is what the governments are really address the issue of police brutality which has really played the hong kong civil society at the moment. mainly jewish 11 the sense of openness is a german chancellor angela merkel today all skinful has what does he expect from her. so as we know uncle necker is expecting to meet chinese
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president xi jinping very soon and hong kong protesters have been very good at. rallying support from international communities so i believe she is using this open letter as a chance to really push the german chancellor to really. 5 raise the issue of hong kong and then express her concern over the situation right now to the chinese president zine of william yang in hong kong thank you very much for the latest on the developments that. let me have been up to date with some of the stories making news around the world iran has announced that it would release 7 crew members of the detained british flags tank of the stand and betto the ship was detained by iran's revolutionary guards in the strait of hormuz in july 2 weeks after britain seized an iranian tonka off the coast of japan alter. russian president vladimir putin has met indian prime minister in that interim or the for talks on boosting investment and trade the 2 met in the run up to the eastern economic forum which
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russia is hosting in a bloody bus talk which aims to boast of partnerships with an asian countries. the test isn't an easy have rallied to demand the release of media tycoon and presidential candidate and now bill curry this offer of court on tuesday rejected an appeal to free him from jail curry was arrested on money laundering charges an organist shortly after announcing his presidential candidacy he says the charges are politically motivated. the u.s. defense department says it's diverting $3600000000.00 from military construction projects to fund president trump's controversial border war with mexico trump declared a national emergency in february to gain access to defense funds after congress refused to grant him money for a war. to the u.k. now why a rare prime minister abbas johnson is facing a 2nd showdown in parliament over his drags it strategy is demanding
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a snap election on the 15th of october if you'll make us try to prevent a possible you know deal back said johnson says such a bill would undermine the country's ability to negotiate with the european union but the e.u. says it hasn't received any new proposals from britain to negotiate in the break. the deadlock. now here's some of what barnes johnson said in the house of commons a short while ago in response to a question. from the leaders to leave a party generally called the only thing that standing is standing you know it all away is the under more of the they think they should by this surrender bill which would be to me and we delayed in march we delayed a bit and now we go to that he wants to delay again for absolutely no purpose whatever what does he intend by that we are spending in the stop what's been the 1000000000 pounds 220000 new police officers on the street was.
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it. the leading cause of the fog. you feel like taking the 35 and i will never longer. and that was a british prime minister i spoke to our correspondents a shala thoughts in london and technicians in brussels and i began by asking charlotte 1st what was at stake and bottom line today after a feisty debate absolutely a very heated debate there again questions and answers form for boris johnson there and one thing we can say is that parliament is just extremely divided there are those that want to break those that are against breck said those that want a 2nd referendum those that want break said but are opposed to no deal and it remains that parliament is extremely divided now one thing that they do seem to be able to rally behind is the bill that is on the table today and that would prevent
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boris johnson from. from taking the country out of the european union without a deal on october 31st so this bill would basically force boris johnson should go to the european union and ask for an extension and this time around that would be until january 31st so a 3 month extension and boris johnson if this bill is successful would have to ask the european union for that and terry engrosses what do these developments in london mean for the e.u. and preparations for braggs it. you saw it still continues to say that it is waiting on london to get its mind made to quell all this chaos and come back to brussels with a clear plan on how it wants to approach bracks and on whether it truly will fly to get out on october 31st and that's very much up in the air but in the meantime the european union is basically preparing for a hard for preparing there to be
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a departure of british of the british government with no deal and toward that end today it released what it's calling its final preparedness checklist it's reminding everyone in the other 27 e.u. countries businesses and citizens alike of what it will mean if there is no deal of of what new labeling you know requirements there will be of what new localization rules may or may apply to workers of even how there will be differences in how their private data is treated if britain crosses out without a deal so here they're basically going on worst case scenario that nothing will be arranged rhinestone issues in brussels and the shell of plants in london thank you both very much. and to make sense of what is happening in the house of commons and in british politics to i thought i have a list of this for us watching with me hi alex looked at us what alternatives does boris johnson still have to get his way or you think he would still be trying to
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put pressure on those who represent peace but last night he set those rebel m.p.'s 21 of them 20 of whom used to be ministers for the conservative party so he can put pressure on them it looks like it is going to go through the house of commons tonight but it still then has to go through the house of lords that's the 2nd chamber the opposition and there will be a lot of pressure put on by government to try to persuade those conservative lords to what's called filibuster to keep talking to try to talk this out so that it doesn't become law because everything is about timing this week next week remember parliament is suspended that is what was decided by the government last week so it is all about timing if it goes through the house of lords it still needs to have what's called royal assent that means it has to be signed off by the queen now that is the possibility that against all convention boris johnson and his team could try
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to slow down that process it doesn't get a cent by friday and when the suspension the prioritization happens that bill is no longer around full so there is still much that he can do his main thing he wants though as he keeps saying is a general election despite having said over the past few days i don't it's very clear he does but can he get it he needs 2 thirds of m.p.'s in parliament just support him on that exactly and to get the stupid of m.p.'s he'll have to get the live a body to support him with the leader of the labor party jim mccoll would agree to that a very good question and at the moment it's very clear he wants a general election but at the moment he doesn't seem to be hearing to that core from boris johnson because they are sticking by. this rebel alliance is saying we've got to get this no deal bret's it bill through parliament before we can start talking about an election but pressure is on him not least from his own m. pays him and particularly those on his front bench but also by all the parties the
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scottish nationalists in scotland that desperate for an election and they will be putting pressure on jeremy corbyn to say yes we'll go for an election but we need to say what the data is the problem is can they guarantee that boris johnson or his those people around him who have very strong a will and hit any date that he's set so there is still a lot to play for with in parliament. wanting to thank you very much for shedding light on this rather complicated issue at the moment to south africa now with these 5 things that have been killed in dr taha getting migrant workers and foreign owned businesses is the latest outbreak of violence against immigrants in johannesburg and pontiff are trying to that he too wants foreign workers in the country president saddam has condemned the attacks taking to the streets to vent their frustration against foreigners starting on sunday mobs of protesters turned violent
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looting shops and attacking immigrant shopkeepers and workers. police patrolled the city trying to restore calm. they fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters dozens have been arrested since monday. the violence has also spread to the capital pretoria and to the township of alexandra and northeastern johannesburg residents started the work of cleaning up their plundered shops and regional authorities expressed their frustration yes it is important that we strengthen border security team but we can't do so without its own that he saw tend to send a phobia we can't do so we thought be quiet lens and we can do so without i we came in no one to use this in 2 ways what the old sense it's been it's beat president cyril ramaphosa has also condemned the violence migrants from other african countries come to south africa searching for work authorities have not ruled out
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using armed force to stop the protests if the attacks on foreign workers continue to south africa searching for work authorities have not ruled out using armed force to stop the protests if the attacks on foreign workers continue. joining me now from johannesburg correspondent. welcome to sanaa what's the situation like right now have things calmed down a bit. still counting the situation here in johannesburg and in other places we haven't had anything that's an towards especially looking at what we've been seeing in the past days there for now it is calm people going out their businesses through this going to wake and people also moving in town but what we recognize is that when we got into town in the city of johannesburg the shops of foreign nationals are closed because the looters had
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threatened that they're going to come in numbers and it was big to try and loot again because they are saying what in the us had killed 2 of their own people last night but for now it is coming into the center so most is driving this wave of violence. if you speak to most of these people that they will change to that. foreigners are taking their employment unemployment in south africa is very high of a 27 percent or they they say they believe if foreigners go they are going to take over the jobs that the foreigners are waking now some of them are saying before now is up to take in trucks here they are trucks and she has been pretoria and they believe that the foreigners up behind that and some of them will tell you that to most of these foreigners i legally in the country so they want them to go but reports it was rights organizations that came out in a press conference a a yesterday saying no it is the government officials that are speaking and to michael in sentiments and these people are just getting out instructions they
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believe michael should be talkative and this is why it has happened. other countries have also reacted to this once in south africa what have they been saying and doing. this is a big problem for president i'm a poor son who is lost doing number of presidents from africa at the world economic forum in kept town we have heard that in nigeria people started also vandalizing shops that belong south africa shoprite think and. mt in there which is a nitwit company in zambia also we had that there were some attempts to attack a dignitaries from south africa here so it means this country is very angry also with what is happening here and don't understand them because if you go to these places with the looting and vandalization to place it one place you'll find a fleet of 100 cars all bent and set on fire and i spoke to one and they get in a business person who says they put a gun on his head and asked him to head of
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a keys for about a dozen of cars and they just drove them always so you could understand that the nation and their countries are very angry as well as what is happening to their nationals here in south africa did you have the consul into the commando in johannesburg thank you very much. authorities in the bahamas have begun to assess the massive devastation caused by hurricane dorian the full scale of the disaster is only just imagining launched fonts of the islands a flooded and thousands of homes have been completely destroyed at least 7 people dead but authorities expect that figure to rise. of bird's eye view of the ruins left behind in the bahamas. dorian is the strongest storm to hit the island since the beginning of modern weather records act the category 5 hurricane pummeled the region with winds up to 300 kilometers an hour. the red cross says the storm
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has destroyed more than 13000 homes several people have been killed schools more injured. there i don't think my god. this is one of. the countries our cultural minister filmed driving floodwaters in his own house. he said some areas a 7 and the hoff meters under water. so. but most residents don't live in such grand houses many have lost their homes and possibly their lives countless people are still missing. in the mid surface to start tragedy in town itself damage. our mission and focus now. is search and rescue and recovery. meanwhile the u.s. state of florida has been preparing for dorian's arrival people in vulnerable areas
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have been ordered to leave their homes the national guard has been deployed even if the hurricane doesn't end up hitting florida as hard as expected the state's governor has warned the storm shouldn't be underestimated we think this is a much better track that we're looking at 72 hours ago we just asked people to stay safe remain vigilant. but not everyone is taking things a seriously. and some are choosing to remain calm. yeah we're ready for how many years and 57. am ready we're having floods. he's almost a minute to. begin i guess when. afloat. but these images might just instill some respect this is during a scene from the international space station the hurricane has a diameter of some 450 kilometers and hugely unpredictable and destructive force.
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news from the world of sport and the rugby was calm begins in japan this month and players have been advised to cover up their tattoos that's because in japan tattoos seen as being linked to crime but some of the country of the tournament is a chance to break the tattoo taboo arriving in japan the world's best rugby players bring with them something that the country isn't much accustomed to their tattoos they've long been associated with criminality in japan to be inked suggests links with yahoo's a crime syndicates for polynesians tattoos have a very different meaning many new zealand players wear them in tribute to their maori heritage they have some adjusting to do it's funny 1st they were here we went with them and we wanted to cover up so there was a few long sleeve tight cos he's going around but. i think that will just be that
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it will be the norm for the players that are lucky enough to come over here you know we've got to speak to varies. people have been just notice some local tattoo artists are hoping that with the world cup in town for certain high profile of the art form will help change japanese attitudes. it's a positive thing rugby players with tattoos are coming to japan everyone with tattoos and. i think japanese people need to be aware of that. but world rugby has said it would prefer players to bow to custom and cover up and the teams have said they're happy to feel that request if they do so when the tournament gets underway in 2 weeks' time there will be no display after all. to tennis on the u.s. open roger federer is out after grigor dimitrov beats him in 5 sets to finance
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federer was leading the match 2 sets to one but the 32 needed a medical timeout and never returned to form or so in the semifinals. who made light work of the pool and wang chung to win in straight sets the victory was william hung the twin of the tournament she's only the 2nd player to achieve that milestone. former german international football and the valid madrid star christoph metzelder is being investigated on suspicion of sharing child pornography prosecutors in hamburg have confirmed that investigators raided 2 locations on tuesday and confiscated electronic devices belonging to the 38 year old the reads was prompted by information from a woman with whom metzelder had once a legendary had a relationship she claims she had been sent images of child abuse via a messenger service that is cooperating with the investigation and has not been
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detained or charged. cutter has unveiled its logo for the 2022 was with the design projected onto landmarks across the globe the stylized arabic white shawl in a figure of 8 pattern was projected on to qatar's national archives building at exactly 2022 local time the images also beamed out at times square new york london's leicester square and in recent told them and host cities moscow johannesburg and sao paolo. funny the work of the artist banksy is famous for suddenly appearing from nowhere but in the french capital paris it's the opposite his works are vanishing as mysteriously as they appear banks's work is known for its black humor and social criticism and ask alexis have paid more than a 1000000 euros for it but someone's decided it's cheaper to steal and to bid at an
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auction. rate from the car park sign that held it the stand sliver wrapped wearing a mosque holding a knife it was not part of the museum's collection but the head of the pump to center is worried that the work could end up in private hands. overwhelms me a little bit just to see that this work which is intended for shearing has been stalled. the stansell 1st appeared in june last year security guards successfully stopped the previous attempt to steal the graffiti but not this time. scooter corsica. it was a difficult there from the technical conditions and the height of the panel means they had to use tools or a grinder or something to steal it but it's something that's been very calculated very compared and i'm now wondering if there aren't specialists now in this kind of theft to sort all of this with all the work. and the specialists are thieves have
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been busy a few streets away and now the banksy mural is now missing from the wall it had been spray painted on. as his bank sees tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in paris 4 years ago it was on one of the fire doors of the concert hall where 90 people died. with 2 banksy auctions coming up this month it's a series of mysterious crimes that has the police and the art world searching for clues. there was in the deadly news we return to hong kong in the news asia which is coming up next. congo's lead over joe's an exhibition billed that spock months of protests but is it too little too late to return calm to the streets. and how to
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close the india's gender gap when it comes to jobs we look at efforts to get more women into the workforce. that's coming up on and. up next a new round but there's lots more on the web sites dot com you can also follow us on twitter as well as on facebook i'm at that she must thank you very much for company and see you tomorrow.
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to be that way. how do it in space is netflix and clusters employ digital technology in a shared environment. see the workplace come to future
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office 4.0 on. made in germany in 60 minutes g.w. . literature invites us to see people in particular. i like to see as the kids. growing up. might object to what. you do the books on you to. education is not only forte and glamour and education is foreign policy time saw that in coming 1015 years the war little think about how true in colcord the values of tolerance lose your understanding these things cannot be ignored for have a because the fundamentalist forces and the fanatic forces are also acting very
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deeply and intensely and they cannot undermine their power their power of communication their power of technology ordinary people must not modernise support them must not socialism or that the international community has to invest more on the education which can prevent young people to enter into the trap of far ahead of the forces. that. this is due to have the news or show coming up and the battle leader also has an olive branch on tongues chief executive agrees to withdraw an extradition built that sparked months of protest but when it took on come to the city streets also coming up. how to get more indian women into the workforce but only one in small women in a paint job we look at efforts to close the country's gaping gender gap. and
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c.d.'s in the scrum as the rugby world cup heads to japan.


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