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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2019 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin tonight one blow after another for britain's prime minister parliament passing legislation that would make a no deal breaks it illegal to prime minister boris johnson coming out fighting but lawmakers have approved a bill that also delayed when the u.k. will leave the european union johnson says all of this will prevent him from
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threatening a new deal where it sits in use negotiations with the european union also coming up hong kong's controversial extradition bill is no more than a televised address to the chief executive kerry lamp so that she is withdrawing the bill which in spork months of violent protests in the territory but will her concession will be enough to appease the demonstrators and the scale of the disaster caused by hurricane dorian in the bahamas is beginning to emerge tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed huge numbers of people are now without food . to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world well the question tonight how long can a prime minister take the punches tonight in london the new prime minister boris johnson
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he has suffered yet another defeat in his battle for brags that lawmakers have passed a bill aimed at stopping a new deal brights it on the 31st of all. tobar and delaying the departure date johnson believes that the bill times his hands in his because she is with the european union so he is seeking a snap general election for october 15th in hopes that it will deliver a majority so that he can then fulfill his promise of leaving the european union with or without a deal at the end of october. or the proposed law now goes to the house of lords for consideration johnson he has slammed what's going on take a listen it is completely impossible for government to function if the house of commons refuses to cost anything but the government the price sounds in my view i do view this government there must now be an election on tuesday the 15th of october. and i might be right all of
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a gentleman to respond to decide which of us guus as prime minister that crucial council on thursday the 17th of october i think it's very sound good in piece of a kid like this but if if i'm still prime and i do i think it's a great dereliction of their democratic duty to speak but if i'm still prime minister off to tuesday the 15th of october then we will leave on the 31st of october when i hired a much better deal our let's take a story now to london our correspondent barbara faisal she is on the story for us tonight i get the need to you barbara so where do we go from now the house of commons has said yes to stopping preventing a new deal departure from the european union what happens next. the house of commons has really given it its best efforts in our ditches sort of save the country as this side of the house behind us says save the country from in
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this odd only charge for exit at the end all fucked over something that was damaged . britain's economy and would damage its standing in europe so they have done their part now the bill goes to the house of lords where funny scenes were seen earlier this evening because some of the honorable ladies and gentlemen there are right sleeping bags it is going to be a whole long slog to push this bill through in the opera chambre because of course divil again be ample resistance from the side of the turns of boris johnson so that is what we'll have now then the queen has to give her official assent and basically via a monday this law could come into force ok so we've got less than a week for all the bad to happen that's one thing that's going on the other that we heard from on the westminster is that the prime minister wants early elections on
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october 15th how likely is it that he's going to get parliament to say yes to them . if boris came out after this 2nd defeat in 2 days if we sort of lump them together it kicking and screaming and he was really in a relatively bad mood really visibly and said i will not do this under no circumstances will i condone this and then he said ok i don't want to lections the country doesn't want elections but we need elections because only the people can decide who is going to sort of take them out of the european union it's up to them to design and so now he's trying to push these selections through in a matter of minutes now we're going to see another vote on the selections and he's going to lose yet another vote that one because he needs a 2 thirds majority and he doesn't even have a simple majority so he is heading for another defeat and then he will have to
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regroup and find different means of forcing the selection is probably not going to be that easy. because the opposition said we're not playing your game we're not stepping into your traps and you're just trying to circumvent this deal that takes no this bill that takes no deal directs it off the table and so the 2 sides are still sort of engaged in warfare and waiting for a mistake the other one might make but. barbara if things go as you're just describing it if the house of lords and the queen say yes to this legislation then there will be no deal breaker and there will be no early elections so this is a huge defeat for the prime minister i mean what recourse does boris johnson have after tonight and next week. i mean it's not quite clear whether boris johnson will sort of purchase this law whether he will honor it he has in
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sydney age in this speech just a little while ago in parliament here and some of his supporters have done that that he might simply ignore it's something that was quite i've heard of it in britain in the pos because people used to relish this play to the rules about boris johnson is throwing everything over and really smashing the old system of rules and traditions here and so if he doesn't do that he's simply been asked for money then of course if haldeman can go to court but how can you force a prime minister to do something it's not that easy the other thing about the elections is he has another possibility to force that there is a different sort of procedure he needs a simple majority for that he will have to come back monday and try again whether the opposition will help him out but nothing is for certain and nothing is for certain and breaks it britain that is for sure barbara based on the story for us tonight in london barbara as always thank you. she is in
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brussels earlier i asked her how widely it is that the european union will see yes to get another extension to britain's departure. should it get to that point where an extension is requested you know you would have to get the majority of the other 27 e.u. leaders to say that they'll grants that and i would have thought that that they would be fairly open to such a suggestion because of course they would like nothing better than for bret's it to be reversed for there to be enough time that perhaps a 2nd vote could be taken that somehow this whole thing could be left behind like a bad dream but the finish prime minister who is currently the president of the european union was speaking to the finnish parliament earlier today and he told them that he didn't think people were really that interested in granting him an extension looking at the chaos that's going on saying that the u.k. has not come with any new proposals on how they would get
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a deal to get out unprecedented more orderly way he said why would we want to extend this any further so perhaps they really won't be lining up behind a request for an extension yeah and we still don't know what if anything boards johnson would have to present to the european union today. chief breaks that negotiated michel barnier i mean he said that johnson's on void david frost had promised and failed again to deliver any concrete proposals so i mean i'm wondering what what's the mood in brussels with that situation. well michel bonnie says it's in a state of paralysis because the e.u. has said this and you and i brenda talked about this so many times we can replay it the e.u. is waiting for the u.k. to come with some kind of alternative proposals to the withdrawal agreement that was agreed last year and so far that hasn't happened in fact the british government asked for the pace of talks to pick up to start meeting twice a week instead of once a week and the e.u.
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said ok fire where he you know we're all ears today michel barnier said you know what i didn't hear anything new from david frost nothing is moving forward coming from the british side and and having watch what's going on there right now i guess it's not surprising that any clear path forward has not emerged you know you know confusion and paralysis as you said 3 shots in brussels as always terry thank you and here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world italy's prime minister due sepic on has announced a new cabinet to lead a populist and center left coalition including 5 store movement leader the we demaio as the country's foreign minister for right leader tell us how the need has been replaced as interior minister by the technocrat young a lot more gays. security has been stepped up in south africa and nigeria after attacks on foreign owned businesses in johannesburg and reprisals carried out against south african stores in nigeria and cities with diplomatic tensions
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increasing nigeria has announced that it is boycotting the world economic forum that's currently taking place in cape town. iran has released a 7 crew members of a detained a british flagged tanker the stand in peril the ship was taken over by iran's revolutionary guards in the strait of hormuz back in july 2 weeks after britain seized an iranian carrier off the coast of gibraltar. hong kong's chief executive kerry lam has belled to the demands of program ocracy protesters today she withdrew that controversial extradition bill that sparked months of turmoil in the territory the proposal allowed for suspects to be tried in courts in mainland china courts that are run by the communist party. citizens for military lamb had already and fully declared the controversial bill is being dead back in june and on wednesday she made it formal with a televised address. first the government will formally withdrawal the bill
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in order to fully allay public konstanz the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council recently . lamb said she was fully aware that move would not satisfy everyone and she was right pro-democracy lawmakers responded to her announcement with disbelief. carol lam a confession that so-called confession has come to too late but then make a stand. off and we're still in hong kong i should think they should use some garden hose to put out. that's not going to be acceptable. and there were more fires in hong kong over the weekend the city saw heavy clashes between protesters and authorities during the 13th consecutive week
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of protests. demonstrators blocked roads and public transport links to the international airport causing gridlock on routes to and from one of the world's busiest transport hubs. approach democracy activist and somewhat of a spokesman for many of the demonstrators said carrie lamb's announcement was simply an attempt to quell unrest against beijing's growing influence in the region which strongly aware that happens behind beijing government beijing. is just try to stop protests by saying such. withdraw. at that's just the strategy for beijing hope to. huge number of participant protests in the next few weeks one said mainland china was particularly looking to the 1st of october china's national day a day when beijing will want to avoid a repeat of scenes like these. and my colleague gerri john
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joins me now here at the big table she's been following events in hong kong forces good to see you wondering was this do you think the decision of kerry lamb to withdraw this bill or do you think she was ordered to go. or that she had the blessings from beijing to do this i'm sure this is of this is that they have been think very long but the final approval of cos it came from beijing of course they are there to make the announcement makes you look like a puppet which is what the demonstrators that claim to write exactly speaking of demonstrators the prominent pro-democracy activists joshua want he sent an open letter to the german chancellor angela merkel today asking her for help and this is what he wrote. you have 1st hand experience of the terrorise of a dictatorial government we hope that you will express your concern about our catastrophic situation and that you will convey our demands to the chinese
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government during your stay in china. right so he's saying you know what we're dealing with what does he expect from the germans and it's this is actually not the 1st time that hong kong people are trying to appeal to international leaders for help and actually in germany there have been a lot of the phone rallies organized by hong kong people and i'm sure this time long is just pushing for what pushing more go to the base but then of course he is expected to at least choice in the end that. china should not do they still hong kong but. really say anything to. anything so far today right. before that freedom of speech has to be respected in hong kong but then they have been quite quiet. as always we appreciate your reporting thank you. if you are
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a woman in india chances are you do not have a job according to the international charity oxfam only 25 percent of women in the country are employed the reasons for that range from poor access to work opportunities to social pressures to keep women in the home but some women are fighting against the system and these statistics utopias correspondent lisa johns will has their story. i enjoy sewing. she also goes for other people to help support for threatening and single mothers who works as a maid but the 21 year old is not content with the meager income this being she has bigger plans. after finishing a course in sewing technology. she's attending sessions with this due to employ ability so a list oh yes and. an initiative that helps young women like doug and employ.
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the 3 recourse helps women will be on your communication i mean to be in fields resume building and presentation oh. they are the ones that i am determined to work i've had a very difficult life i've had problems with my family and other problems too but i've never accepted defeat i want to help my siblings build their careers if i get a good job my mother doesn't need to work as a maid and other people's homes anymore i know i will succeed. a greater proportion of women in india are pursuing higher education but less than a quarter of doors allegedly to work have jobs or are seeking employment concerns about safety and transport rank high end reasons why families as well as employers do not want women to work. for employers to hiring men is easier if you don't have to worry about letting them off work in time to make it home before dark
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. the yes time to into remember half of pinky commodity travel is nearly 2 hours from her village to get to her new job she comes from limited means as her father is a daily reach laborer she's the 1st woman and her family to have a job in an office the 21 year old had to fight to work as her brother did not want her leaving the house. so that i've struggled a lot i wasn't allowed to work i had problems with the family but i feel very good about my 1st job and learning a lot i'm enjoying it so much having to. think he does have to leave work before her colleagues on some days to make it home before dark. these concerns echo in her neighborhood as well. in the state infamous but it's cute with sex ratio and petri arkell norms. or she's got the uniform when a woman tries to work the family stops or they don't let her progress so they think
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she'll go out she could do anything don't let her out she'll dishonor us they don't trust her. this was me and worry about their safety when they go places will be returned safely will someone harass them on the way will they be in danger we have to worry about all these things. but those fears are not dampening your thoughts on missions she wants to work at a clothing export house and perhaps open her own boutique one day. apocalyptic scenes are emerging in the bahamas as authorities begin assessing the death of. in calls by hurricane dorian the most powerful storm to ever hit the country large areas of the islands have been flooded thousands of homes are now uninhabitable for the main airport was totally destroyed at least 7 people are confirmed dead that figure is expected to rise dorian's has a wall street but it's dangerous winds are now heading for the stage of georgia and north and south carolina but they're pretty bad things are pretty bad rescue
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efforts is still being carried out here on grandmama island been you know doing it in the storm on monday again yesterday even without advance and right now you know a. couple storm winds winds. now we still haven't heard them all settlements. whole the whole eastern end of the out and. so people are right now trying to mobilize and oats chatzky they have they can't get there people have been stuck. for days we haven't heard and stands that wee hours of the morning on monday things are pretty bad. people have nothing and ice and nothing. that was on their back and they go home to nothing. the hospital went and no water. police agent or no water command center and we
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need everything dorian's destruction in the bahamas the rugby world cup begins in japan this month them players are being advised to cover up their tattoos because they're being told that some people associate tattoos with crown others however see the tournament as a chance to break the tattoo taboo. arriving in japan and the world's best rugby players bring with them something that the country isn't much accustomed to their tattoos. they've long been associated with criminality in japan to be inked suggests links with yahoo is a crime syndicates for polynesians tattoos have a very different meaning many new zealand players wear them in tribute to their maori heritage they have some adjusting to do it's funny 1st they were here we went to a gym and we went to cover up so there was a few long sleeve tights cos he's going around but. i think that will just be that
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it will be the norm for the players that are lucky enough to come over here you know we got to speak to valleys. these people have been just notice some local tattoo artists are hoping that with the world cup in town to set in high profile of the art form will help change japanese attitudes for us it's a positive thing rugby players but tattoos are coming to japan so not everyone with tattoos and yes. i think japanese people need to be aware of that. but world rugby has said it would prefer players to bow to custom and cover up and the teams have said they're happy to feel that request if they do so when the tournaments gets underway in 2 weeks time there will be no ink on display after all. greece belongs to one of the oldest one producing regions in the world and it is beginning to feel the heat from climate change rising temperatures of both the
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quantity and the quality of grapes and those whose livelihoods depend on been years they're having to adapt. as it has been for millennia greek wine is all about the quality of the grips being picked as well as being a tourist hot spot the island of santorini is known for its wine more than 10 percent of its surface is covered in vineyards. century wines are prize for their sharpness and high acidity but as the summer's changed so does the island's grips the slightest increase in temperature has an impact on both vineyard yields and on great quality. it's the 2nd part that most worries santorini wine makers such as those at the hot seat dockets winery. the mason i may say would have us in the thirty's in the actual vines will certainly continue to exist these can even in the most difficult areas people saw that would all the quantity of grapes will
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decrease. and the quality will change as well yes given moment obama not only can do since we can't do much against climate change is to gradually change some of the techniques that we employ actually got here but i want us these i think in the form irrigation projects and protection against sunburn for grips are among the changes she believes will be necessary to keep centering the scripts as they are but the need to act fast the island's wine makers say that compared with 30 years ago the grip harvest now starts 2 weeks earlier petros crucis from the venice santos winery believes the island's wine makers and vineyard owners need to work together to keep the sector alive. you know almost sort of the role of see with the way we deal with the environment in the vineyard in particular easily and is certainly very important here in the on. the museum of the because i think we are at
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a turning point but the wine makers and the vineyard owners will need to come together in the next 3 years we need to identify the most important factors that are required for us to keep going because some of the key but i would this is the end of what is a mess and he's from if the economy visitors to santa rainy can still some pull that last or 2 of the islands famous wine whilst enjoying the remarkable views of the surrounding gnc. but the heat is on for an industry determined not to let the sun go down on us. over the work of the artist banksy is famous for suddenly appearing from nowhere but in the french capital paris it's the opposite deja vu in reverse thanks these works are vanishing as mysteriously as they appear and are collectors they've paid more than a 1000000 euro's for his words but someone has decided that it's cheaper to steal than to bid and then all. rid it from the car park
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sign that held it the stand sliver rat wearing a mask holding a knife it was not part of the museum's collection but the head of the pompidou center is worried that the work could end up in private hands. overwhelms me a little better to see that this work which is intended for sharing has been story . the stencil 1st appeared in june last year security guards successfully stopped to previous attempt to steal the graffiti but not this time. it's crucial corsica. he said it was a difficult there from the technical conditions and the height of the panel means they had to use tools or a grinder or something to steal it but it's something that's been very calculated very compared and i'm now wondering if there aren't specialists now in this kind of theft those are all those with all the work. and the specialists are thieves have been busy a few streets away and now the banksy mural is now missing from the wall it had
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been spray painted on. as his bank sees tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in paris 4 years ago it was on one of the fire doors of the concert hall where 90 people died. with 2 banksy auctions coming up this month it's a series of mysterious crimes that has the police and the art world setting for clues . they're watching the news after a short break back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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small consumer big changes. people making it possible to go africa. fantastic right. as they set out to say
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fan violence. to learn from one. other and work together for the church. see for yourself cooking for. w. . natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment in. foreign land has been called ethiopia is a great goal to the country has an abundant supply places it took international china the government is after high export revenues to the british high profit margins. and not everyone benefits from the booming business. would give when i saw the algos are clearing the land i was devastated can you give me to how could they bulldoze the land without my permission in the way i knew it belonged i mean
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a woman. expropriation. financial destruction of starvation. the price of the government and to bring. the selling out of our country. dead donkey sphere no hyenas. start september 18th on d w the. in today's 3 strikes against the u.k. prime minister in the battle over bricks it parliament passing legislation asking the european union to delay the start of brakes it again until next year and lawmakers putting into motion a bill that makes a new deal breakers it illegal prime minister boris johnson angry and demanding an early election for mid october but tonight it's
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a prime minister's wish that parliament is not willing to grant i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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