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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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biala guest trend food paunchy managed by truck part. of. this is d w news live from berlin a 12 punch against boris johnson's press of plans the u.k. parliament has passed legislation that would make a no deal breck's it's illegal the prime minister came out fighting but lawmakers have approved the bill which also delays the u.k.'s exit from the european union then they rejected johnson's call for a snap election also coming up. hurricane dorian devastates the bahamas the scale
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of the disaster caused by the monster storm is becoming clearer with tens of thousands of homes destroyed and huge numbers of people without food. and hong kong's controversial extradition bill is no more chief executive terry lamb has said she's withdrawing the bill which sparked months of protests in the territory but it's unclear if this concession will satisfy demonstrators. a 1000000 blue cross welcome to the program the british parliament has rejected prime minister boris johnson's call for a snap election members of parliament also defied him by passing a bill to prevent a no deal breck's it if there's no agreement on how to exit the e.u. by the october 31st deadline. yes more setbacks for british prime minister
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boris johnson parliament voted to pass legislation blocking a no deal breck's it so he called for an early election. to go well this is big in my view and the view of this government there is now be an election on tuesday the 15th of october. and i might be right over gentlemen to respond to decide which of us is probably this is a crucial council on thursday the 17th of october. the leader of the main opposition labor party jeremy called an appeal to lawmakers not to back an early general election before october the 31st the current deadline for britain to leave the e.u. . mr jenner me will be. thank you mr straker payoff of election to die is a bit like the offer of an awful to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of
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a no day old thank. you called and said however that he would back an election once the government took a no deal praxis off the table the moment of truth or. 10 punishments dealt another blow to the prime minister johnson needed when the backing of at least 434 new makers was only 298 in favor of this political gamble on the part if the push prime minister that he can win a general election and see person leave the e.u. at the end of october is still very much up in the air. correspondent barbara hazel has been following events for us at westminster. it's not over of course this raging battle between parliament and the prime minister here and probably meant has as you said now. given him sri defeats in the road for the good things on him and
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basically he should be somewhat punch-drunk them however boris johnson is fighting on and he will be back he will for certain you will certainly try to get him not the procedure going. by was he can sort of initiate a new election felt that he hates only is simple majority bought if we look at the figures tonight this vote in the house of parliament he didn't even have that when just sit in are again. parliamentarians voted only a new election so it is not sure whether he can against the will of so many parliamentarians here pushed this elections through now here are some of the other stories making news around the world italy's prime minister's decepticon today has announced a new cabinet to lead the populist and center left coalition including 5 star
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movement leader loizzo demaio as foreign minister far right leader matteo salvini is replaced as interior minister by technocrats. iran has released 7 crew members of the detained british flags tanker and the state one pair o. the ship was taken over by iran's revolutionary guards in the strait of hormuz in july 2 weeks after britain seized an iranian ship off the coast of the roles are. security has been stepped up in south africa and nigeria after attacks on foreign owned businesses in johannesburg and reprisals carried out against south african stores in nigerian cities with diplomatic tensions increasing nigeria has announced it's boycotting the world economic forum currently meeting in cape town. in hurricane ravaged bahamas authorities and aid organizations have begun the task of clearing debris restoring power and reaching survivors the full extent of the damage and death toll has yet to emerge but hurricane dorian is being described as
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one of the worst in the nation's history the legendary beauty of the bahamas liason tasha's aerial photos show the brutality with which hurrican dorian battered the island chain at least 7 the dead perhaps many more. as climate change transforms our planet hurricanes a becoming more frequent and more powerful winds strong enough to push a boat across the road and destroy the grand bahama international airport. now the focus has turned to finding survivors as. a whole the whole eastern end of the out is so people right now trying to mobilize themselves boats jet skis they have to they can't get there people have been stuck. for days we haven't heard instead it's the wee hours of the morning on monday things are
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pretty bad. people are nothing and i see nothing they left on the bulls and they're back and they're going home to nothing. but the nearby florida volunteers the packing relief supplies hundreds of people have donated goods they feeling lucky to have been spared dorian's full force. pope francis has arrived in mozambique the 1st stop of a 6 day tour that includes madagascar and. natural disasters poverty and conflict are expected to be key themes during the papel visit mozambique is still recovering from a cycloid 6 months ago that was one of the region's worst. our correspondent adrian creation is following the pope's visit. the people of mozambique are looking very much forward to that was itself the pope but here in beirut some residents are disappointed that he's not going to come here and the area around was the region
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most affected by cycling the die in march that killed more than 600 people and left tens of thousands homeless the pope sent a video message saying that although he can't go beyond the capital his heart is reaching out to the whole country he is expected to address the nature of the disaster that happened but also the fragile peace process just last month the government signed historic peace treaty with the former rebel group more but some of their fighters are still refusing to hand in their weapons. hong kong's chief executive kerry lam has bowed to demands of pro-democracy protesters and withdrawn the controversial extradition bill that sparked months of intense street protests in the territory the proposal would have permitted defendants be sent to courts in mainland china for trial citizens for more terrorist lam had already unfolding to clear the controversy of bill is being dead back in june on wednesday
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she made it formal with a televised address. first the government will formally withdrawal the bill in order to fully allay public consensus. the secretary for security will move a motion according to the rules of procedure when the legislative council recent. said she was fully aware of the move would not satisfy everyone and she was right pro-democracy lawmakers responded to her announcement with disbelief. confessions so-called can focus. on the too late but then make a stand. still in hong kong. uses some garden hose to put out. that's not going to be acceptable. and there were more fires in hong kong over the weekend the city saw heavy clashes between protesters and authorities during the 13th consecutive week of protests.
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demonstrators blocked roads and public transport links to the international airport causing gridlock on routes to and from one of the world's busiest transport hubs. a program ocracy activist and somewhat of a spokesman for many of the demonstrators said carrie lamb's announcement was simply an attempt to quell unrest against beijing's growing influence in the region we strongly aware that happens behind beijing government beijing and chinese authorities just try to stop our protests by saying such. withdraw. at that just strategy for beijing hope to. reduce the number of participants. in the next few weeks said mainland china was particularly looking to the 1st of october china's national day
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a day when beijing will want to avoid a repeat of scenes like these. austrian skiing legend marcel has announced his retirement from the sport at a press conference in salzburg there she is widely renowned as the best competitor skier in the world a 30 year old said he wanted to spend more time with his family. the final powerful one of australia's greatest ever sportsman must sell his share retired live on prime time austrian television they even moved an election debate to this such is the esteem in which he is sure is how old he long been contemplating retirement now the time had come. it's not a major surprise anymore today is the day i and my active career as a ski racer. this next step is going to be better and easier for me to me
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here should dominate the slopes for a decade a specialist in the winding world of slalom he won multiple world championships and the overall world cup title a record 8 times all in a row olympic gold eluded him until right until the end to gold simpy chang last year underlining his status as one of the sport's greatest. despite still just being 30 and in good health has just set the rigors of combining skiing with a young family with too much. he make it on. i mean come on i want to play football with my little boy go climbing and i felt this is the time to do these things while i don't have any serious injuries. only. this year's world cup season starts in austria next month but now the home crowd will have to find someone else to cheer. former germany international footballer
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and rael madrid star christophe metz other is being investigated on suspicion of sharing child pornography prosecutors in hamburg confirmed that investigators raided 2 locations relating to the 30 year 38 year old on tuesday that said there was cooperating with the investigation and has not been detained or charged. formally been busy just all kristoffer is back in the public eye and that over how the prosecutor's office he's accused of sharing child pornography with a woman via whatsapp. therefore. the accusation namely the dissemination of child pornography means in this case that photographic material was allegedly shed which depicts sexual acts involving children and children being under 14 years of age the recipient of the pictures informed hamburg police about what she had been sent that soda was then interrogated by investigators at this
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sporting academy may be on his house and his office in later searched and electrical devices confiscated which are now being examined. in order to begin an investigation the prosecutor needs a reasonable suspicion that's the minimum they require whether or not the suspicion is validated in the course of the investigation depends on the prosecutor's evaluation of the evidence material at the moment that's impossible to speculate on . there has been suspended from his job as a football expert for german public broadcaster pending the results of the investigation his management did not respond to requests for comment on the allegations. the german fashion photographer. has died at the age of $74.00 lindbergh was widely credited with inventing the 1980 s. supermodel he was famous for photographing women without heavy makeup and as i got iconic images made household names of models like bambi campbell christy turlington
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and cindy crawford and is survived by his wife and 4 sons. you're watching g.w. news stay tuned with d.w. news africa with any make a junior coming up just after a short break as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock at g.w. dot com or follow us on twitter at. her personally. with wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. truth. because more than football. people say force.
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