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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2019 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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on the trip i would not have put myself and my parents on that dangerous part of the game to get a flavor of. love and until they had that one little to give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives and get it. you want to know their story for migrants terrified the information for more grants. alone a very warm welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin this week in the u.k. where with so much at stake dagens are already drawn although members of parliament have only just returned from their summer recess the action and intrigue are
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intense in and around the houses of parliament in london prime minister boris johnson appears absolutely determined to push through briggs it most likely a no deal bragg's it at any cost meanwhile the opposition including members of johnson's own conservatives is just as determined to block a chaotic departure from the so who will prevail well the u.k. looks more divided than ever before a number geraghty of scottish voters are it seems firmly opposed to bragg's it all the talk north of the border is of another independence referendum like the one in 2014 focus on europe has been gauging the mood in the capital edinburgh and met with gordon nicholson a man who tailors the ultimate in scottish attire i'm sure you can guess what but 1st some drums. it's show time in edinburgh. the summer performers from around the world flock to the fringe the
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world's largest arts festival. for the scots it's a welcome distraction from their worries about banks it. though politics has a place here too at least as parody. well you know if i'd been there with brett said a long time ago we would have been here europe in the u.k. it would have been separated a long time ago they would have been here. along this the french coast i would've had like you know that's what we look to do look to differ i'd place is still simple. cancer kills maker gordon nicholson breaks it is no laughing matter britain's imminent takes it from the e.u. is already hurting business has saw a complete outfit costs around a $1000.00 pounds but now his clients are hesitant to place orders due to the ongoing uncertainty but killed maker is fed up with britain's politicians he
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believes prime minister barak is johnson's breaks it plans are plunging the u.k. into chaos. leaving the e.u. there is. we don't know what's going to happen we have no idea no deal or treaty is being put in place so we are just hoping that things are going to be ok that's not the way to run a country is the way to run a business for many scots the kilt is an expression of their own identity or even of their own nation membership in a scottish national party has been rising from it and according to a recent poll some 52 percent of scots and now in favor of scottish independence. also sees this as the right move. we have determined nation and we have shown over the years that we are innovative and if we went independent not strength of character and strengths of belief in what we we
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can produce and believe in would certainly take us through the whole site. while many scots are turning their backs on britain this sentiment is especially strong in the scottish capital in the 2014 referendum on scottish independence some 2 thirds of voters in edinburgh voted to stay in the u.k. but since the break said vote the mood has changed dramatically. well educated young people in particular don't want to see their career paths blocked due to brag sit. in the czech republic and recently traveled across europe by train. the british government has let him down. a whole demographic of people are starting to question actually is the way forwards . and especially people. like giving for the future.
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are we stuck with another conservative. vote for. years and. fair. to the u.k. into the e.u. that would be a big mistake at least according to this scottish labor party m.p. . independence at this moment in time is possibly the worst moment you could be contemplating it and it would see it magnify the consequences that we're facing a because of the other fundamental point is what precedent is that that established in terms of being a seceding states and i think that will be a question in a lot of government and governments minds across europe not to mention that the british parliament would have to consent to scotland holding a 2nd referendum on independence.
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the british and scottish government's playing with. andromache has also been rocked by several weeks of demonstrations ahead of show 2 of local elections feel florence's initially responded with massive force and violent detentions although the mood has calmed somewhat in the meantime the demonstrators are calling for opposition candidates to be allowed to stand in the election itself or they were prevented from being put on the ballot and among those taking part in protests is a very different ages as we see now in this report from moscow. maria as mir of a is fearless the 67 year old may have trouble walking but she's still been taken to the streets of moscow with a relative constantine every weekend for nearly 2 months now even after the russian police responded with muscle arrests there's your own look at that.
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when candidates are barred from elections and basic democratic rights are violated she says you have to protest. football and the arts even if i'm half dead or have to crawl i'll take part in every protest that can prevent the destruction of my country and my people. because that's what i'm seeing here the freeze in the propaganda on television won't stop me. which is not demonstrating maria spends her days lying down the former teacher has rheumatism and as an almost constant pain she stopped watching the state t.v. channels years ago she says because it's all lies she prefers critical online media and opposition bloggers like politician alexei navalny. maria grew up in a politically active family in the soviet union and it's hoped a very different system would replace it but she says the current situation in
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russia is just as repressive as the former regime. i knew well good deal it's cool the government can do whatever it wants with whomever it once it can hit anyone at any time and you haven't you know they can take away your property or even your freedom consequence of it can happen to anyone at all even to those loyal to the government. the because of their in danger of losing custody of their youngest son they've been accused of taking them along to demonstrations many russians are shocked that the government would take such extreme measures. she was the leader of our children very much. and we hope that this case doesn't tear our family apart she did. for a dozen protesters have been taken to court for allegedly inciting mass uprisings protests in recent weeks observers say the state is using the trials as
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a show of strength that means that you can use that you will go many of these trials giving the impression they're not prosecuting with the aim of reaching a verdict that prosecuting just so they can arrest search and interrogate people to intimidate them the rest doesn't matter i guess the russian president vladimir putin defends the harsh methods of police and the courts the comparisons to france and the yellow vests demonstrations to them. so we just we all know how things went with the yellow vests during these demonstrations in france by our estimates 11 people lost their lives we don't want anything like that to happen in the russian capital and we'll make every effort to ensure our domestic situation remains strictly within the framework of the law used shoes. but maria ressa of says the protests were all held within the framework of the law. she always greets the police and special forces that the demonstrations with a smile because she says the russian people must be united not divided she's
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determined to keep fighting for basic democratic rights at all costs. so it's my duty. i feel like a criminal like a sinner if i didn't take to the streets. now they can even load wheelchairs into police cars i don't think i'd survive if i got arrested. but the risk is justified. maria as mayor of the sign says hold violators of the constitution accountable. whenever rights are floated and russia she'd like to see ever more people put their fears aside to take the streets and protest just like her. what a brave woman after all a russian cold just sentenced a protester to 3 years in jail after finding him guilty of using violence against the police officer that's an opposition rally this summer. now on
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a different of the people of poland have been commemorating the outbreak of the 2nd world war that came when germany invaded their country on september the 1st 939 the 1st time the gates of the german aggression with the vest the plants of peninsular in the port city of dunces and the small town of a loan which was struck by a devastating air raid around the hospital now while historians dispute precisely which of the attacks came 1st sophia book is still tormented by memories of that terrible morning 80 years ago. him on his wall huge ripple through thousands of theodore kaczynski remembers it like it was yesterday. when the germans attacked poland she was 11 years old when we got more read at the start and never c.f. my mom told me get up we need to get out and i was in bed in my nightgown that ashtray when suddenly we heard a loud roaring sound the ceiling started to crack the windows were blown out of the
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our bedrooms were near where the 1st bombs were dropped after the bombing. during several waves of attacks dive bombers of the german lift dropped bombs onto the lawn the small town was unprotected defenseless the attack from the skies was a war crime it was a precursor of the nazis goal of total annihilation which characterized the war. the pharmacy run by sophia book a chance because family opposite the church on the market square was completely burned down. sophia's father a polish soldier held onto a few photos they were all that remained was laid on my father had these photos with him while he was in captivity. every sunday he would write a couple of lines on them in this one reads sunday 1939 germany i think of you all the time. that i missed.
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this and. at that point he wasn't sure if i was still alive. one of these photos showing her brother in front of the hospital became a symbol for this suffering they endured. sophia shows us the road where the photo was taken the clinic was attacked 1st a violation of the geneva convention. it had dramatic consequences for the survivors of the air raid ready ready ready. dr mariano was 5 years of age when the war started. later he examined the survivors for long term psychological effects of the war. that's a vanity. i was part of a committee for disabled persons there i kept examining people who were a consequence of their experiences during the air raid in russian. now they were
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unable to work. in the room. after the war the suffering of the citizens was not addressed by the communist government for decades the german attack undone sic was officially recognized as the start of the 2nd world war but it was another witness of the attack on. a nick who pointed out that the bombing of the small town actually marked the start of the war he was 4 years old when he saw. later he studied history and as a historian pressed for the acknowledgement of the suffering of the on. the polish army's leadership once answered a letter of mine saying that it's not possible as the vista plot is a symbol for the start of the war too because of the polish soldiers bravery you father. the tragedy of feeling hardly suffice to instill
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a sense of patriotism in the young generation. for the 80th anniversary of world war 2 is outbreak the city museum in vienna is opening a new and larger exhibition. people in poland government and especially historians polish german are revealing more and more details that president of the. german major general. was responsible for the attack he had previously ordered the bombing of spain by dive bombers of the condor legion well danika became a world renowned symbol of civilian suffering he alone is still looking for its place mari and hopes for reconciliation between the poles and germans. today the germans are completely different people than back. different
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to. now we've got the e.u. . we're all in the same union now. we're going in the right direction to ensure peace. moves. at 91 years of age sophia book a chance got continues to work in her son's pharmacy. she still has trouble dealing with the past. us the germans about this they reply that wasn't us the nazis did that. but where did the nazis come from from germany. and if you ask me whether or not i can forgive you know i'm trying but i don't believe the germans. what if this were to happen here all over again. 80 years after the start of the 2nd world war many poles feel that the air raid on and germany is attack on their
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country has still not been suitably dealt with in german polish relations. now think of italy and you might culture up images of extended families joyously eating and celebrating together with lots of bamby the children the focus of attention that that is all sadly a thing of the past today's italy is a chronically aging society with a plummeting birth rate that is among the lowest in the world in the plot so keiji a new government might soon take up office the 66 then almost 74 years but women like louise as there are much a have little hope saying that down the years it's elisa thora these have broken all the promises they've made so mothers and families. she's the apple of louise's eyes one year old livia who she affectionately calls the bit about his her only grandchild every year her family spends the hot summer weeks at the seaside
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just outside rome no no no we misses the lively sound of children and extended families playing and relaxing used to be so common in italy i mean. what do we sacrifice so much for. so it's all pointless if there are no children or grandchildren to pass it on to. italy's demographics have changed for years the birth rate here has been one of the lowest in europe none of the easy even counts are self lucky to have one granddaughter her daughter said he was 39 years old when livia was born. so the who works at an airport thinks the lack of children can be blamed on politicians she says no government in the last 20 years has prioritized modern family policies to support working mothers at one of the as each of these there are no structures in place so if i had a nursery at the airport in rome or i could bring my child during working hours could not have gone back to work
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a day after giving birth 7 i would doubt it but i couldn't order postle the weser things her children aren't determined enough like many young italian she says spend that they're afraid to take their lives into their own hands her son enrico works in a pharmacy he doesn't have a family of his own. nor my children's generation has no more real prospects and they have no convincing vision for the future. and not just because there's less work now a days a not just because the state is making life harder young italians of lost the will power the it used to be so characteristic in this country the i want to much impure back in their day louisa loves the watching movies from or childhood when children were still a priority for many a towering ons and everything seemed to be looking up with there were to then 7 achieve what i still remember how my aunt's used to look at us how they would huggers children tightly love does in the gave us the feeling that through us life
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was beginning once again so what's gone wrong in adelaide sociologist say that during the last 2 decades generations they are have swapped or olds she see for jumped on to from was you know on me today the young they don't support the old here ready is the other way around that grandparents part on house as our property turner kids or pay their grandchildren's nasseri costs with their pensions diety he board a good long alyse on average it tell you and women or 33 when make give birth bats older than n. any other european country both men and women often don't view children as a blessing anymore they see them as a burden let me that you into the beefy she with taxes and expenses life is complicated enough we in the few free our as you have left every day you have to spend time recovery or thinkin of your own needs a little few going out with friends cutting on kids puts an end to all that little bit i meet their pure but the we says son and rico likes being an uncle and visits
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his sister a nice whenever possible family is important to a but he doesn't want children of his own instead the 42 year old pops and for munch at his mom's house every day just before starting his shift but i can't really see either my son or my daughter realizing their dreams so they know went to university but what does she have now a badly paying job at an airline i had to support her financially for many years. that the irish married now. and enrico get nothing i had a different future in mind for him to be needed so. disappointed in italy a country that's gone through 66 governments and 74 years she says all they did was produce crisis after crisis and have done little for the country's future and the future of her children and her beloved grandchild. now it's shocking to know that
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many species of wild bees along with a wide range of other insects are increasingly facing extinction well in a bid to tackle the problem people in the dutch city of interest have come up with a great idea transforming bus stops into big stop so what's it all about well with the help of one of your interests been stop we've been finding out. ready lately a constant never has been rising as a gardener. his real job is to maintain bus stops in the city who trashed but now he's a big stop people here to. offer jets of finish out to let the matter in and then they'll be able to grow some more. of it of art of what's. the 6 square metre rooftop is covered with cedar make it a very hardy perennial also known as gold most stonecrop almost pepper it can survive on very little water even in the hottest summer and freezing temperatures
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in winter don't kill it either the roof has been turned into a small island of grain in a city that attracts a range of insects. new year's eve as you can see here the wasp is just rely on a 1st date on the a 4 by. maintaining a bushel to cost about 2000 euros a year 200 more with greenery added on top so increase of around 10 percent but who try to get something in return for stop the boredom for the a funny part of plants absorb a particular matter. uphill and because they keep blooming from around april to september they also provide food for babies and other insects for. the debate and other exactly. green huffy and intelligent that entrenched self confident slogan and the city council clearly takes it seriously its given $316.00 by shelters green roofs transforming them into b. stops. and the locals are happy with the
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results. so it's a good idea to use public space so effectively for the environment. that the demand has to make people more environmentally conscious and to understand how small steps can contribute to change things very sobering if it's a no it's a nice initiative it looks good and promotes biodiversity. status that's positive. in july when the gold nor stone crop was in bloom images of the bus shelters were a hit on instagram and that inspired others to follow entrenched lead the city has now received inquiries from all over the world from australia to mexico to crank. the city council is proud to train it is becoming a role model for other urban centers and is already thinking about greening up other public spaces. for major or we set aside a little funding to help private citizens and companies plant they spaces folks can
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also join together with their neighbors and make it a collaborative effort. the maintenance team travels from one bus stop to the next in an eco friendly electric vehicle. the costs of tending the greenery are covered by avenues and haven't been added to the prices of tickets. and passengers don't have to worry about getting stung the bees buzz about and the people wait below. me the saw from what i've never been stung i let them to get on with it i do my thing here and they do that by day and somehow we work together you know to be yourselves all about bites fissionables. picture shows that sometimes a small idea can have big impact. great stuff and you could almost call those bus stops stops and it all once again just goes to show that greening our cities can be so simple we really should be
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doing more of it that's all from focus on europe this time around thanks so much for joining us to come back next time and until then bye bye truth.
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center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week outside the capital hard paying is cho she was seeking the nomination of probation fozzy the kuomintang as china pushes with increasing urgency for me unification and a time when east continue to reject it paula and she's party to
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a conflict so for him it doubly so for. his style his fun mistake of. his cheeks or. peter lynch bad one of the world's most famous fashion photographer. nobody could car train women quite like am. playing in memory of peter earnest battles of the brutal. d.w. . boy. boy. how's it feel of the world. where i come from but over that to get to cisco it's just like those chinese fluids that's measurable where i am always reminds me of
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home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back and i see things that lead to the difference between now and then of course a process going to go nations that exist as a part of the world haven't been implemented in china that's new but i'm not a child it's people wondering if they're going to say to me that if you don't have the right to learn a whole that is this is their job a job that as a mom how i see it and that's why i love my job because i tired to do it except it is an hour a day in my name of the uninsured and i work at it up you. 2
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lou. this is news line from berlin a new government prepares to take charge in italy promising a new direction for the country the coalition unites 2 parties that were once rivals the anti-establishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party what are its chances of survival. also coming up growing turmoil in britain as lawmakers prime minister boris johnson more flow blocking his hard line breaks at
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times and voting against his calls for a snap election. probe my goodness not a bad.


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