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this is the w. news live from the bahamas real dorian's destruction tens of thousands of people are now in need of immediate humanitarian aid the devastation caused by the picking storm in the history of the islands means it's hard to reach them also on the program the brother of the british prime minister quits the government in a family said joe johnson steps down as an education minister will be parliament he
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sets between family loyalty and the national interest. to many germany jabs for sexually assaulting. children prosecutors say it's one of the most prolific child abuse cases i have ever seen critics want to know how the abuses went undetected for some. pain and i feel we're. only at the cinema but we're dying to consume much culture and art. many of yemen's cultural institutions have been destroyed by the country's ongoing. young people to keep the country alive despite the conflict.
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i'm still gail welcome to the program. millions of people have been evacuated from the southeastern coast of the united states as hurricane dorian approaches even though the storm is losing strength it still has dangerously high winds which are threatening to bring flooding to coastal areas in georgia and north and south carolina dorian left a trail of devastation in the bahamas after lashing the islands for 3 days at least 20 people are dead and it's fear that death toll will rise. in the heart of the hurricane volunteer rescuers struggle to find what they're looking for but then dangling from the attic of a home life trapped by the storm one by one a family emerges from the darkness. and the more fortunate are already returning home to dorian's destruction. the
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island family's house was flooded everything destroyed all they want for to graf's my wife. she said she turned it off she said the window not the front door she said one driver. this was the scene when the island's made their daring escape clutching their most prized possessions. paradise has been pulled arised thousands of homes on abaco island torn apart tossed around as the storm surge locals destroy. my island because everything is gone. no buying no stores. no take at least 4 to 5 years to complete only marsh i don't know how long it takes for the rest of this you know nothing at all everything is gone just body. for
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those left behind in the bahamas back together is expected to cost billions and the government says allies have promised to pay chain i spoke with president donald trump. who has expressed their support and the assistance of the united states of america for the bahamas and time. back at the island family home offers of help been pouring into. this. but so many people. actually no. big 23 people have offered so much. you know we're all wearing the same clothes that we escapist fantasy. so. so it's really good to get support and know that you can rebuild
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a new 2 that after surviving the 2nd strongest hurricane on record he and his family a lucky to be a life. we can get more from journalist to kimberly mullings who joins us from freeport on the ground bahama a welcome kimberly bring us up to date on the rescue and recovery operation it's not like we're having a few technical problems that will see if we can move on and perhaps come back later. the british government says it will comply with the law delaying breck said if the legislation passes parliament members of the upper house the house of lords are due to vote on the bell on friday meanwhile prime minister boris johnson has suffered another major breaks at loss his own brother has become the latest conservative m.p. to stand down joe johnson who campaigned for britain to remain in the european union during the 2016 referendum announced that he would quit as an education
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minister and leave parliament as opponents of a no deal to take control of proceedings are brigadiers outside parliament and growing increasingly frustrated. that pro europeans are out in force and they are a choice. for the moment it looks like the prime minister needs to bow to their will but in a sea of blue e.u. flags outside parliament red prolife signs show that breaks it is 2 are fighting for that. susan nicholson is a retired teacher from yorkshire she has never protested before in her life but now she fears that britain might not leave the e.u. after all but where the silent majority we don't demonstrate we've heard to me didn't expect people to ignore it so that's been a bit of a surprise for us but one upping for a general election because then we convert again and we can get rid of the remain
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m.p.'s who have blocked our leaving and we can have a proper government that gets us out of the. first susan and other great city is leaving the e.u. is more important than anything else they regard brussels as undemocratic and anything short of leaving on the 31st of october as a betrayal of democracy. opinion polls are showing that most people who voted leave in the referendum still want this to be seen through almost at any cost and even with our agreement with the e.u. short term consequences like food shortages rising inflation even job losses don't seem to scare them. but pro e.u. m.p.'s like they're all hobhouse i determined not to let it come to this it's have priority to prevent leaving without a deal and then it should all go back to the people for another referendum people said for a long time of course we're going to have a deal of course is the easiest thing in history everything has turned out entirely
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different from what was promised in 2016 so more than 3 years on definite democracy has to be practiced and the people have to be asked again. day after day susan nicholson comes to parliament to tell a piece that she and her fellow city has have not changed their minds but i think it would be sensible and mature to agree a mutually beneficial trade deal with the unfortunately that isn't going to happen at the moment what they're doing is they're using no deal as a means of continually delaying our departure so that they can then say oh well there's no mandate for. remain as and brett city is both claiming to be the true defenders of democracy and as each side becomes ever more entrenched there is no compromise in sight. top story now which concerns the devastation being wrought across the bahamas. we can join that kimberley
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who's in freeport on the ground and joins us on the phone. bring us up to date on the rescue situation. thank you for having me the rescue situation is. so concerning at this point you know who has and then left they're just trying to bring lily some people people did not get to and it's not like they were deciding anything they just sort of actually for a lot of the water to go down. or see if they did so now they just need to fight and people have lost everything all across the island. it's. find out that after the fact that baffling right now the biggest issue is getting across the red tape that the government is sort of put out to stop people from. organizing let's say personal.
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after suggesting city island by a plane by a post whatever it is i think that the government is taxing these private organizations to bring really less unless it's one of their charities and i think there can charities you know charities and organizations the government will then filter who want to get certain things and you know living in my entire life is not always the king sign that everybody will have on get help. i'm so what is the problem with with all these freelancers rescue in charge of all efforts to talk about way. there has been the most help on the island saying more citizens out there doing rescues than and the u.s. coast guard then the government itself interviews you know all across the world where citizens are where the one who hopped on the jet skis to bring in the sick of this all the rescue boats on tuesday see that there were citizens too often in boats to go and rescue their loved ones anything saying you have seen
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a citizen too often in their pickup truck their machine trying to go and collect people that they don't know neighbors and house them through this or that storm you know it came i sleep hard we had when you know we had rain to divide like. the caning here and there and but we also asked a lot of which is an element that we haven't seen before like life threatening flooding surges you had the inland in mosul and fire the city with feeding floodwaters has never happened ever before. differ given for interrupting i know that the time is short but you did this seems to be from what you were saying most of the good that has happened has been people helping each other so while the citizens have been during base what is the government been doing. i don't know i don't know this i you know that we've got other governments other nations reset our
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government say hey you know we want to this was a new building we're going to need. you know failures of dollars to repair island and the money is adding up it is so that we appreciate it but at this point in time. we need really we're running out of water running yourself in crime folks this thing that is getting water we need gas to come to the island people data on the air and some have even come out of left so those are not right now and that you can use gas be able to power you can readers and power power looks like it's going to come up before water where we need water to drink to maintain ourselves but in lovings and freeport gone to the hama we wish you well thank you for joining us. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 10 people have been killed by a car bomb in the afghan capital kabul. shook
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a heavily fortified area near the nato headquarters the taliban says it carried out the attack the militant group 2nd major blast in kabul this week. in japan one person has been killed and dozens injured after a truck collided with a commuter train it's a railway crossing south of tokyo the collision course the 1st 3 trade carriages 2 deep rail truck and then burst into flames and the investigation into the course of the incident has been launched. pro-democracy activists have their protested outside the chancellery and the head of i'm going to americans visit china demonstrators called on the german chancellor to support their stand and to deliver a clear message to the chinese government chancellor merkel is now on the way. pope francis's prays mozambique's president and opposition leader for their courage in signing a lot bochum peace accord a permanent ceasefire was signed last month the part called for mozambicans to use reconciliation hope and sustainable development as weapons of peace. this is
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d.w. news still to come culture at a time of war these are bits of people young and working to sustain the country's cultural life assessable a civil conflict rages around the. head of that is that these new coalition government has been sworn in after a month of political turmoil caused by the collapse of the former populist alliance which is if we can take remains prime minister of a new look at ministration. a swift and surprising end to the most recent government crisis in rome the new cabinet unites the anti establishment find star movement and the center left social democrats in charge of the economy of the deeply indebted country is experienced politician. observers believe he will largely stick to brussels regulations on debt. independent technocrat john
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a lot more j.c. takes over as interior minister succeeding the hardline anti foreign or league leaders. she is expected to take a moderate approach to immigration. we want to bring the country forward for the benefit of all the citizens of italy with all our strength all our ability. and a strong future oriented program with. the new coalition had already cleared the final hurdle on tuesday 4 out of 5 members of the 5 star movement voted for the new governing alliance in an online poll. italy stock markets have been cheering the new government for days but government bond yields have been sinking because of italy's record debt levels. the italian constitution requires the new government to be confirmed in both chambers of parliament next week. i would judge in germany has described to child sex abuse as a monstrous and despicable actually handed down jail terms of essentially
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assaulting more than 30 children over nearly 20 years some of the victims were toddlers the man carried out the attacks at a camp site near the time of death logged in northwestern germany police are being criticized for failing to intervene so. severe sexual abuse of children and more than $200.00 cases both under and mary were as were found guilty of abusing more than 30 children the main victim and own 8 year old foster child at the sentences are close to the maximum penalty in germany but it's likely the 2 men will never be fully released one of the defense lawyers accepted the verdict. try to get everything in the end it's 13 years plus preventative detention and that was to be expected i've stated at other times if not in this case when he's in for been done for years the authorities received tips about the potential pedophilia of the main
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suspect it was only in october last year that one of the girls' mothers reported the crimes to the police that happened at the campsite where he lived the trial considered one of the biggest cases of sexual abuse in germany cost outrage and raised many questions including how andrea sui was allowed to foster child when he was unemployed and living at a campground and despite the fact that he had been under suspicion of sexual assault the police also came in for criticism after evidence a suitcase full of d.v.d.'s with child pornography and abuse disappeared after the men were arrested it is a protest like this verdict should not mean that the whole story is now all over and done with yes we have gone to they did to 2 principal accused the 2 main perpetrators who did this to the children themselves in the background there are people who could have helped save many children from these experiences one can even
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though the 2 men have been sentenced to 12 and 13 years the court labeled them both dangerous offenders meaning they can be held indefinitely past their sentences. and as you can imagine cultural life in yemen has nearly come to a standstill since the start of the civil war 5 years ago in a place where so many struggle for basics like food housing and health care culture probably doesn't seem all that important however the w.'s afenifere shot at people in the country seeking a semblance of normality through the arts they say culture could lead to less conflict. strolling through crate the story part of aden is not easy for people here most are struggling to survive and young people are fed up with the limited opportunities they have due to the lack of security. they have not an act of. yet so i'm so i'm. living in little and eating some books
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and movie and watching shouldn't be the only museum in town was partially destroyed in the civil war. cultural life in public has already been quite limited in the early nineties when it's time to fundamentalism started looking around if there were war in 2015 things the clicking through. this place right here is just one example. this is the all the cinema in yemen but not much is left of its former glory. why do you think about a. report got a 150 volts of power. and this screen played color and black and white movies. it was beautiful and this perfect. guy said i'd. do i used to be responsible for even theaters he still has a key to show me around for him thinking about life before the war he's paying for
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it quite a nice good part of it. people came with their wives others with their families and you could find a culture. and respect. people were dressed in their best clothes. it is not just because of lack of food that yemenis are dying people saw wither away without access to contra he says i don't let him get done washed out of my. pain and i feel we are the guy you know what i'm only the cinema. but we're dying because cinematograph from a culture of art. invaded from room to thinner and walk out if the cinema still existed i would not. have it. my kind of it would not. but these young people want to revive culture alive in yemen they are rehearsing
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a play to be performed in public for the 1st time in more than 4 years in aden with basics like electricity hard to come by the theater is a way to vent. turn the power on from the other line. is the oh i call beats make my life miserable what nonsense talk just. there are mit believes that art is necessary to channel people's emotions about the difficulties in their lives but is it the right time to talk about art. for sport but that's not true because if everyone stopped doing what they have to do we all sunk in the same situation real life express through art for artists in yemen it's a way to promote dialogue and ultimately peace in their country. so that report was produced by the to be correspondent for the future who joins me now welcome from me
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thank you when we talk about yemen in the news it's usually about the conflict so how common is it to hear about what you might call normal everyday things well let's face it there was obviously a life before the war and there is a very strong culture in this country even though a lot of it when you look at cultural heritage sites for example in santa has been destroyed as as a result of the saudi airstrikes but also as a result of of attacks by the who because of the ongoing conflict but the desire to express yourself through culture to basically interact with other people and talk about that exactly daily life that didn't cease to exist and people that i have met a few seen in this report for example the film director but also the young people on the street they're really craving to find a space where they can express themselves and talk about the state of the struggles because. reproducing those pictures that you have seen obviously all around the world about the famine and about the conflict they say that's very very important to see what's going on but there's much more beyond what's going on in yemen that
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also need to be told as a story they say because otherwise the only thing that is coming out of this country is the conflict with no solution inside for them so they feel as very proud yemenis that there must be more than just the coverage of the conflict and at 1st i was a little bit myself a question in that situation because as we say the milly. people at the brink of starvation why would culture be important but talking to these people on the ground there realize culture is life to them it is something where you need to go out you need to be on the street you need to talk to other people because i suppose then the base wall that goes on that becomes normal normal life goes on exactly normal life goes on it depends also of course where you live in yemen if it is a city you still have some basic access to things arise if you are in regional parts of yemen it's even harsher to have access to medical aid to have access to food and
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all of these things but yes why these daily things are going on while daily life goes on the desire to basic desire of human beings which is as i mentioned to to talk about the situation on the ground is not going to cease to exist to criticize the situation that they go through and this is the difficult part here how do you criticize in disc a optics situation in yemen where it's different entities are at war with each other basically and they are competing interests how do you criticize through a theater play through a movie without putting yourself in danger and as a result there were no public performances almost no public performances since the war began in yemen in 2014 and so how do the various sources then regard the sorts of cultural expressions as a result that you can't really define who is the local authority especially especially in aden because when you go through different checkpoints you really realize there are so many different elements at play who are controlling this city you wonder actually yes is it relevant to them at all i would rather say as i say
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it is dangerous to express yourself yes because you could definitely find yourself in a situation that jihadi strike and actually attack one of these live performances as a result for example on that i've met v.f. seen in this report was rehearsing a play was going to perform display actually today an aide and he told me on the phone just before he. he's going to try and perform you know wedding hall to try to make sure that these people even though it's public but not as public to make sure you protect the people while at the same time you want to mabel that they just have a call even think we're going to be tutored to get in there and just bring us a nother side of what's going on in yemen and finish up thank you. austrian skiing legend marcel here has announced his retirement bringing a lustrous korea to an end is considered the best competition in the world in the overall world cup title record 8 times and is a multiple world and elaborate champion the 1st year old said he wanted to spend
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more time with his father. when while new zealand's winter games features a few events that are definitely not for the fainthearted like the free ride skiing events you're about to see american scared jenny simons coming down this mountain when famed sco i've been wrong tumble off the tumble it looks like a hollywood stunt gone wrong but somehow the 20 year old survives without serious injuries as he finished 8th on the day but gets top marks for just being able to walk away. so now this began as a dispute between neighbors but soon became a battle for the soul of a nation and fronts a rooster has ruffled feathers after winning a court battle allowing it to keep on crying morris who move summer southwest and on up all or all was accused of noise pollution by retired couple who own a home a home in a box the judge found the rooster and the rooster had the right to crow in his
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rural habitat retirees must also paid maurice's owners 1000 euros in damages. up next here on b.w. news asia hong kong pro-democracy activists have asked for support from taiwan but the audience government is already on their side so why the interest in hong kong protests. grass project will have that story. in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the out of the day. take
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food personally with the wonderful people and stories that made him so special. for truth.
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play a meal and i'm getting the brand new w. finest books it's personal device it's about topics that affect a whole lot of solutions to climate change and the turn of. the briefing check out books. such. this is. coming up. get support taiwan protest leaders have a beautiful shot of gratitude for what they're called but it hasn't exactly been. watching developments in hong kong so give these our correspondent office some. life. it's been.


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