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so in your book. did don't use your know how you know. start september 18th on d w. this is t w news live from berlin the death toll will be staggering how much health minister has his country starts cleaning up from hurricane dorian tens of thousands of people need urgent humanitarian aid but one of the bahamas worst natural disasters ever means many are still be on rescuers reach. the british prime minister as minister says he's determined to get the country out of the european
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union by october 31st even if it takes a new election to do it. plus days after germany's far right place 2nd in state elections we take you to the town where every 2nd vote went to them. i'm william glue cruft it's good to have you with us hurricane dorian is taking a nasty swipe at the u.s. southeastern coast bringing floods and tornadoes but the region appears to have escaped the worst it's a different story in the bahamas which was devastated by the excruciatingly slow moving monster storm 23 people are confirmed dead but the country's health minister says the final death toll quote will be staggering. in the heart of the hurricane volunteer rescuers struggle to find what they're looking for but then
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dying from the attic of a home life. trapped by the storm one by one a family emerges from the darkness. and the more fortunate are already returning home to dorian's destruction the island family's house was flooded everything destroyed all they want for to graf's my wife. she said she turned off she said the window not the front door she said one driver. this was the scene when the island's made their daring escape clutching their most prized possessions. powered ice has been pulverized thousands of homes on abaco island torn apart
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tossed to ride the storm surge locals distraught. everything is gone. no buying no stores. no take at least 4 to 5 years to complete only i don't know how long it takes for the rest of. this you know everything is going to body. for those left behind putting the bahamas back together is expected to cost billions and the government says allies have promised to pay chain i spoke with president donald trump who has expressed their support and the assistance of the united states of america for bahamas and time. back at the island family home offers of help have been pouring into. this. but so many people. i don't know.
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thank you 23 people have offered so much. you know we're all wearing the same clothes that we escape this house him. to him so it is really good to get support and know that you can rebuild like a north to that after surviving the 2nd strongest hurricane on record he and his family a lucky to be a life. kimberly mullings is a journalist in freeport on grand bahama short while ago we asked her for an update on the rescue efforts i'm not sure about back to them said when no they're still course canvassing the air police officers and knocking on the person's story you know a lot of people have filed a missing persons report she was supposed to do at this point now they can actually get to the police station because that is under water during this storm so that our
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command and send an e-mail could not work properly here in the bomb which is the national emergency management agency so a lot of those you know we're trying to connect them the best family the best as best we can but wreck you efforts at this point they just need really a lot of them who we will to manage through this or they're like you know it doesn't make sense rescuing. we just need to get a chance to get some water let's just clean up we have all we have our mail those which is coming in from the capital which are transporting people out of the island as long as also they are bringing bringing us some food some water some supplies redcross out on the island to date on the salvation that on the island today are all bombs defense force is the fisting the distribution of those i don't we have a couple international organizations who are actually matched with red tape you know they can't get those in and out of the island right now because the government
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only want to work for the few organizations so you know there's a lot a lot of things going up and down right now raf used to fill in when you link it specially with people who need medical and the clinics they don't have water because we know we don't have water on the island which is of the problem with the clinics the hospital they need water clean water. boris johnson is digging in the british prime minister is insisting the u.k. leave the european union by october 31st he'd rather quote be dead in a ditch than ask the e.u. for another extension now the country's drama has become a family one with his brother joe resigning from the government thursday saying he's leaving politics for good joe johnson had been a campaigner for the u.k. to remain in the e.u. with parliament seeking to block a no deal brags that things look bad for the committed pro brags that prime minister but many british voters are with him in getting out.
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the pro europeans are out in force and they are rejoined seeing. for the moment it looks like the prime minister needs to bow to their will but in a sea of blue you flags outside parliament red prolife signs show that greg city is too are fighting for that cause susan nicholson as a retired teacher for yorkshire she has never protested before in her life but now she fears that britain might not leave the e.u. after all but where the silent majority we don't demonstrate we've heard to me didn't expect people to ignore out for it so that's been a bit of a surprise for us but what hoping for a general election because then we can vote again and we can get rid of the remain m.p.'s who have blocked our leaving and we can have a proper government that gets us out of the. first susan and other great city is leaving the e.u. is more important than anything else they regard brussels as undemocratic and
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anything short of leaving on the 31st of october as a betrayal of democracy. opinion polls are showing that most people who voted leave in the referendum still want us to be seen through almost at any cost and even with our agreement with the e.u. short term consequences like food shortages rising inflation even job losses don't seem to scare them. but pro e.u. m.p.'s like vera hobhouse i did tell men not to let it come to this it's have priority to prevent leaving without a deal and then it should all go back to the people for another referendum people said for a long time of course we're going to have a deal of course is the easiest thing in history everything has turned out entirely different from what was promised in 2016 so more than 3 years on definitely a democracy has to be practiced and the people have to be asked again. day off today susan nicholson comes to paula meant to tell a peace that she and her fellow city is have not changed their minds but i think it
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would be sensible and mature to agree a mutually beneficial trade deal with the unfortunately that isn't going to happen at the moment what they're doing is they using no deal as a means of continually delaying our departure so that they can then say oh well there's no mandate for a rainy day still. remain as and brett see it is both claiming to be the true defenders of democracy is that as each side becomes ever more entrenched there is no compromise in sight of this. or are. here some other stories making news around the world floods have killed at least 42 people in asia where high water levels in the river are to blame for india dating the capital niamey tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes . on a visit to mozambique pope francis has praised the country's president and
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opposition leader's courage in signing a landmark peace accord last month the pope called on mozambicans to use reconciliation hope and sustainable development as quote weapons of peace. italy's new government coalition has been sworn in after a month of political turmoil caused by the collapse of the populist coalition prime minister 70 conte will leave the new government that brings together the center left democrats the populist 5 star movement and the leftist free and equal party. 11 more women have accused opera legend placido domingo of sexual harassment allegations come after a number of women went public with allegations against the spanish tenor in august domingo has issued a statement disputing the allegations but provided no specifics. to.
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a new poll shows that most germans want chance there are going to medicals coalition of conservatives and social democrats to see out its current term ending in 202161 percent of those surveyed want the grand coalition to stick together at the national level despite both parties losing ground in recent state and european parliament elections the poll follows last weekend's state elections in eastern germany in which the far right term alternative for germany party placed 2nd g w political correspondent kate brady visited a town where support for the f.t. is especially high and brings us this report it doesn't get more east than this over there is poland and over here where the most eastham point in germany in one hour but this tiny borough in the eastern state of saxony has become known for something else in the past week no of the insects and a has so many voices for the f.t.
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. almost half of nizar hour voted for the far right if day less than 2000 people live here for most of them life is good unemployment is relatively low there are however problems which affect much of rural germany borgia crime a lack of doctors and teachers night i was met was shocked by the extent of the f.t. success she says that the party has fed off one main fear migration despite there being 0 migrants in the borough you live on the gold it's not people go to nearby gurlitz or dresden or other cities and in parks they only see migrants on the streets which of course is exaggerated. and then this of radicals among the migrants and they say we don't want that here and. the rhetoric coming from the extreme right faction within the f.d.a. doesn't seem to deter voters here either. you know my own feel of it i think many of the voters just aren't aware of it. they don't really concern themselves
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with these proposing let alone read the party manifesto then they'd see what direction this is going and done will do much more narcan. i've spoken to several people here in ny now over the last couple of hours none of them really wanting to stand in front of the camera and any f.t. voters i've met said that they don't like how they're presented in the media saying that they're presented as neo nazis or right wing extremists but interestingly 2 words kept coming up migration in order one woman told me order needs to be restored to germany and she believes the f.d.a. is the party to do that before we leave we need one they have to be voter who previously voted for angle america's conservative c.d.u. he feels the rural east was left behind after german reunification. do you know much if. they stopped caring about so long ago. in the fog or steve germany here.
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is the you know it's a bomb and after that there's nothing. f.t.v. say the party has given them a platform to add their grievances and fia's but for the 50 percent who didn't fight for the far right party the f.t. is anything but the solution to night alice problems. new zealand's winter games feature events that are definitely not for the fainthearted like free right skiing free ride skier jenny simmons got into trouble when her right skis struck a rock and dislodged to her disbelief the 20 year old u.s. star survived the tumble without serious injury she walked away placing 8 calling the fall a quote big gnarly crash don't forget you can turn to d.w. news any time just download our free app from google play or the apple app store that gives you full access to the latest news from around the world and push
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notifications for breaking news with the app you can send us photos and videos of what's happening where you are. you're watching t.w. news stay tuned for d w news africa with eddie mike a junior coming up after just a short break as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock at g.w. dot com or follow us at definitions. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds.


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