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this is g.w. news live from berlin zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe is that his family confirmed that gabi died after a lengthy illness it was 95. for have a look at his complex legacy and ask how people in zimbabwe are remembering him right now also coming up. the german chancellor calls for a quick end to the u.s. china trade dispute during a visit to beijing all of machall making the comments and talks with the chinese from new york just hoping to improve bilateral tars and secure dreams but she's
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under pressure to be tough on change over the treatment of democracy protesters in hong kong. plus 2 long time rivals battling it out in euro qualifying tonight germany take on the netherlands. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us some bob ways former president robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 the news was confirmed by the current president emerson dog walker who mourned him as an icon of liberation mugabe was zimbabwe's 1st post independence leader he held on to power for 37 years but during that time he ruled the country with an iron fist crushing dissent and ushering in an era of economic turmoil until he was forced to resign in 2017 years more.
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robert mugabe's political career began in the 1960 s. with the formation of a radical anti colonialist movement dedicated to fighting white minority rule. after zimbabwe became independent 988 elections were held and robert mugabe's zanu party won by a landslide. gobby became the country's 1st black prime minister striking a turn a free conciliation and forgiveness despite his militant past. but hopes for a peaceful political transition where and for failed. political tensions and violence between mccarthy supporters and political opponents persisted now that government forces were responsible for killing thousands of civilians. from. during the 1980 s.
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and early ninety's mugabe was a welcome guest around the world but by the mid 1990 s. the once venerated freedom fighter was attracting international criticism for his increasingly more to tragic rule. the white farmers were driven from their land by mugabe's supporters. that. dissent was violently quashed and opposition leaders went imitated and beaten. nearby believing the heating if. there will always be the. oval office even in control. but the people of zimbabwe suffered under his rule when mugabe ordered a purge of zimbabwe's slums entire neighborhoods were raised to the ground and up to a 1000000 people made homeless. economically mugabe in ruins involved with
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a country that had once been africa's breadbasket. while his people were starving mugabe celebrated his 91st birthday with a lavish party costing a reported $1000000.00. he once said that only conte could remove him from office but in the end robert mugabe's insatiable will to power proved his undoing. off to firing his followers president amas and to install his wife grace as his 2nd in command the military intervened good money in the finity fucked they placed mcgarvey under house arrest after 37 years in power he was forced to step down. sparking celebrations in the streets of harare.
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that. some especially africa will own and look obvious legacy in the fight against white oppression but many around the world will remember him as the continent's most notorious dictator. let's get more on this now i'm joined by journalist bold holloway he's joining us on the phone from the zimbabwe's capital harare good morning bold house where god is downing received a where you are. it's too early to get the definite response to convert generally to of the population but i just had the national radio stations just starting news about. breaking news but one would live to. assume that given the popularity after the formation of m.d.c.
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in 1990 where most and been centers. dominated by the opposition one would like to assure him that from the evidence centers where the opposition is control he's not going to be remembered. quite strongly in the rural areas particularly musher nowhere province where he's. michael and where we're been where he's almost babies one would like just assume that possibly because of these kids to the family we need he's going to be remembered as a part of being someone who. connection possibly a family connection to the province ok there's going to be a lot of mixed feelings i'm sure in zimbabwe where you are and people there are of
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course part of the celebrations we all remember those many of us at least when gabi was ousted from power november 2017 can you tell us about mugabe's transfer transformation from revolutionary hero for so many to dictate. if you text back specially before the liberation struggle he's history was quite well known is that he was the leader of the zanu p.f. party and even after the independence people saw mugabe is a liberation war in iraq as the founding father of the nation we have the sentiments which have been shared by the many members of the party in the new pm back in the eighty's there was a tragedy is special in much ability province where he's being accused of trying to annihilate the. people from a to 1000000000 from the indian village side we knew him much too much to attack on the area which we called which is
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called india's place. where about most 20000 people from the indian village side with fear to be dead as a result of his attack on them and then eventually in 1909 when the opposition m.d.c. was followed formed mugabe is also known to have has a very negative stance against the rise of the opposition which was led by morgan trying to live. a bold i'm sorry to leave the devil's home away joining us from harare in zimbabwe thanks very much. in other news of this our bilateral relations and mutual trust very high on the agenda during german shells all americans today visit to china earlier today she met with from near likud chong during an official state welcome at the great hall of the people in beijing they're
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expected to be discussing deepening free trade ties between their 2 countries merkel said that the china u.s. trade war is having global consequences and she hopes it can be resolved soon. now leaders of the pro-democracy movement in hong kong of also called on america to show solidarity with their cause while in beijing her spokesman says a meeting with protest leaders is not on the agenda. for more on the chancellor's visit we have in the studio now the w.'s chief political editor michelle a customer and beijing correspondent mathias bolling's are here on a visit from the chinese government good morning to both of you let's start off with this michelle hong kong democracy activists calling for macula take a strong position we have joshua long one of the activists leaders saying you have 1st hand experience the tears of a dictatorial government would you not convey our to man's during your visit.
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well she has raised the issue she's on the record as saying that she hopes for a peaceful solution that in hong kong so k.t. she's raised it but a meeting certainly is not on the agenda and also that open nessa will not really see an official response something her spokesman said is that that says don't get on that as a matter of principle but clearly that is on her mind and she's raising it but i don't expect to have that meeting with protests is that they so would like to see ok what about china's reaction to the hong kong protests we've seen tear gas rubber bullets could that overshadow the chancers visit well obviously she has to say something because the german audience expect her to say something but china is extremely sensitive on foreign powers. as they call it meddling into china's internal affairs they have an international contract with britain that guarantees
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hong kong's freedoms they don't recognize it's in international affairs they see this as their internal affair and so merkel saying that she hopes for a peaceful solution is about as little as she can say in order not to overshadow this visit you know beijing ok so using the chancellor will stick to a a minimum in terms of what she's going to say well you'll see what she will answer when she will be asked by the press this has been a statement so far so we'll see what happens on that front michelle of this visit comes at a crucial time for germany we have economic leaders and countries sliding into an assertion we saw contraction of economic growth last quarter. is that is that a danger. look it always comes at a crucial time because china for the time is now the most important trading partner for germany trade with some 200000000000 euros just to put it into perspective the german budget is just around 350 so the german chancellor has to
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consider very carefully whether she wants to endanger that trade particularly with the concerns here in europe then that one might get trapped between the looming in the looming trade war between the u.s. and china ok is important to keep the exports moving to this major trading partner than the material there's a large delegations we know business leaders with a chance or in beijing right now can we expect some new trade deals to come out of these 2 days in beijing yes of course we can always part of state visits a lot of business deals scheduled to be closed when a high ranking politician is visiting that's how the chinese. ones this state visits to happen so that's of course what we can see we. have of course some issues in the bilateral trade relations. as the
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u.s. has with china and china is trying to pull germany to this high. in this in this trade war to to maintain a multilateral order as they say however germany is where are you about this so is a skeptical about china's intentions as well so we are not going to see the let's say political deals on trade ok michelle as there's only skepticism about china there's also concern about issues like intellectual property china not investing enough in germany or in some areas investing too much if the threshold whereas the state looks rather carefully. at tinies investments in germany with low it particularly china took over kuka which is the high tech company here dealing with robots that was seen as a bit of a traumatic event here and but the real question is what will happen once germany no longer has that technological edge because that's after all what time is most
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interested in and that's also where the whole intellectual property rights issue comes in but one thing is for sure both sides right now know that they need each other and get it they both need each other germany does have that technological edge right now the ts if you could paint a best picture scenario for us at the end of this 2 day visit what would that be well obviously nothing would be would be done in this 2 day visit that hasn't been prepared before china germany on trying to rebalance their relations in a way that from the german side that germany can maintain this huge export market without giving china too much access too much control of its assets as material has just said so i do not think there will be any substantial. cluess or any substantial deals that will shape the trade relationship further
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but they will for sure they will now be looking at what the u.s. is going to do both sides will they will try to maintain good working relationship mathias ballinger in berlin right now are trying to correspondent from beijing and michel it doesn't thanks very much. let's review down some the other stories that are making the news at this hour the death toll from hurricane dorian will be staggering that's according to hama's health minister at least 30 people are now confirmed dead many more are missing after plowing through the bahamas dorian's now threatening the u.s. states of north and south carolina bring tornadoes and coastal flooding. clashes have broken out in southern mexico between migrants and security forces the migrants mainly from haiti and african countries want visas to continue north mexican authorities have stepped up their efforts to restrict migrants passing through mexico on their way to the u.s. border. sudan's newly appointed prime minister abdullah
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has announced his cabinet it's the 1st since military ousted president omar al bashir in april and includes 4 women and as part of a power sharing agreement between the military and the pro-democracy movement m docs artie's include tackling the ailing economy and reaching a peace accord with armed groups. while last weekend's 2 regional elections in eastern germany the country's mainstream parties managed to hold on to power but only just the far right if the the alternative for germany made large gains emerging as the 2nd most powerful party in both brandenburg and saxony now observers say this underscores an increasing political polarization in the country in the 1st opinion polls and so as elections germans were asked what issues they're most worried about now 1st places the concern that german society is drifting apart 83 percent say they were worried about
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a divided society 2nd place is climate change 76 percent saying they're concerned that climate change will destroy their livelihoods and 52 percent a word about a growing influence of islam in germany. let's cross now to our parliamentary studio where do you have yours hans bronson standing by for us to date you what's surprising about these results is the high number of people 83 percent worried about social cohesion in germany was behind those fears well we must say that 8080 percent includes obviously people from all parts of the political spectrum and what's behind that is that we have seen a development in germany in recent years that the center of the centrist political parties the parties that in fact are in government in germany that's the conservatives of i'm going to knuckle under social democrats have been losing grown . steadily over the years while the more they fling parties such as the greens on
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the one hand have been gaining on the other hand as we've just seen in these regional elections this past weekend the far right alternative for germany has being gaining ground so the ends of the political spectrum on both sides are getting stronger the center is getting weaker as it were and so there is a watery amongst voters from all spots of the political spectrum that things are going to drift apart even for the ok now i'm in for test also as germans about chancellor merkel's grand coalition as it's called between her conservatives and the social democrats now 3 quarters agree that the government's promising a lot but that it doesn't deliver very much satisfaction with the government definitely looks different that's for sure but nevertheless 61 percent of respondents want the coalition between the conservatives and the s.p.d. to govern in till the next regular elections there are 2021 chance for michael
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remains highly respected in germany 58 percent of respondents agreeing that she is the main reason that germany is doing quite well despite all the crisis in the world right now but a significantly large number 40 percent disagree with that. oncet is a real paradox here isn't that so many germans trust the chancellor but a large group 40 percent are not satisfied with their government as a whole well yes that is another reflection of this drifting apart of the political spectrum there is a strong supporter of them knocking on the one hand but they are many people to criticize have both on the left and on the ride at the same time everyone wants this ability that we have at the moment and that we see guaranteed that they are the better to see guaranteed by i'm good i'm not going to continue as long as possible this current coalition government is very shaky i'm going to not go has said she is not standing for reelection at the next election so she's on the way all of her political party is looking for
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a new direction her successor as party leader has not really established herself very strongly yet at the same time the social democrats the other big party in the government also looking for new leadership so there's a lot of uncertainty about how these policies are going to continue in the future and so voters are hoping that in that context there's some stability still got on t.v. by the government continuing even though the dissatisfaction about the government is very widespread ok hans and the uncertainty you mentioned underscores the importance of our next question every month germans are asked which party they would vote for if the general election were to take place this following sunday now the governing c.d.u. c.s.u. that's on 27 percent their turn coalition partner the s.p.d. said 14 percent now above them is the far right a.f.d. with 15 percent the business friendly f.d.p. it's at 7 as is the left party also some of the greens are on 23 percent now that's
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down 3 points compared to last month's. once the greens have been continuing to lose ground every month recently has their popularity when you look at their percentages down 3 percent from august how they topped out with the electorate i think you could say that there is some sort of pique that has been reached there but at the same time you have to say that the rise of the greens in recent months has been absolutely spectacular so much so that the green party themselves are scrambling to find enough personnel to find enough people to actually respond to that they have had a huge number of extra members that have joined the party in recent months and obviously the issues the climate change issues remind very much at the top of the agenda at the same time we have seen in these results that the governing parties the conservatives and the social democrats seem to be at the moment also
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consolidating their positions slide gains on their part many of these changes all the asli still within the kind of margin of error of such such surveys but i think what we see is a kind of stabilization of the political landscape at the moment but stabilized with a far with a wide spread between left and right ok thanks so much for breaking down the numbers for us this morning hans brown for us there. the relations between russia and europe continue to be frosty with sanctions dog place of the conflict in ukraine of course on resolve now as a result moscow has been looking continually to the east for new friends but there are 2 history and sometimes good in the way. russia india and japan that the east an economic forum. this judo tournament is entertainment for the world leaders here but one of the key discussions at the summit is how to end
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a territorial dispute between japan and russia which began in 1905 there were a couple 3 letters concluded a peace treaty and unleashed in one fell swoop a few limited potential that the people of our 2 countries hold on but with an organ a link between japan and russia would transform the entire region and it would change the world significantly. putin himself a well known practitioner of judo refused to commit to that. but with india's new render modi offering to invest $1000000000.00 in russia that search for new friends is going well. and stuff your president might call recently said the leadership of the west is ending. and i cannot imagine an effective international organization that works without india or china skitter it's certainly a narrative that russia wants to push and despite historic disputes with japan the
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2 countries a strengthening their economic ties while they may have their disagreements behind closed doors. in public they're currently on the same side. it is the standout match of the euro qualifiers start 2 of europe's most owls and football teams and long time rivals face off germany is hosting the netherlands in hamburg. germany coach has played up his young team's closeness ahead of their match with the netherlands who is byron's liana gorecki are out injured has been a break in the chain is shoddy but by the human mind it's a real shame and i know from experience that there was a bit of a break for the team in 2010 that they need to play with more less with same starting line up. over $810.00 or 12 matches.
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without too many changes that he freely for in the own good. dutch courage ronald koeman seems to have no problem switching up his young site and his 10 matches in charge he's never named the same line up in 2 consecutive games like germany the netherlands also emerging from a difficult patch. in germany are sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker and that also has to do with the quality of the rival that little going to call it guys from just on that these 2 great rivals should fight it out for top spot in group c. germany have the upper hand thanks to a 32 win earlier this year an absolute damn the last time they lost at home to the dutch it was all the way back in 2002. this is deja vu news these are top stories robert mugabe zimbabwe's 1st post independence leader has died at the age of 95 was being treated in singapore for an undisclosed they'll. be held power in
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zimbabwe from the end of white minority rule in 1980 until resigning under pressure from the notary 20. german chancellor angela merkel has been holding talks with the chinese premier league has shown in beijing the 2 leaders discussed commerce and it's the growing trade war between china and the u.s. ackles raised the issue of hong kong saying there needs to be a peaceful solution to the territory's pro-democracy protests. the death toll from hurricane dorian will be staggering according to the bahamas health minister least 30 people confirmed dead thousands are still missing dorian has also grazed the us states of north carolina and south carolina bring turn a dose in coastal flooding. clashes have broken out in southern mexico between migrants and security forces the migrants from haiti and african countries want visas to continue north mexican authorities are stepped up
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their efforts to restrict migrants passing through mexico on their way to the u.s. . this is the w. news live from berlin you can always find the latest at the w dot com com or at our twitter thanks so much for being here are.
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going to bring good international tuckshop who are journalists to discuss the topic of. decisive showdown over exit this week as the tories step up their own prime minister push to defeat could last may be able to play in the u.k. from a no deal brown said and perhaps topple boris johnson to find out what. quadriga 60 minutes on t w.
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m is ken that's why we're not tarred and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore he wasn't back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliance of the what's your story. ready ready on what numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor another yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. such. a journey back to the roots which again
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a minimum of the. shah's family from somalia live around the world and i'm one of them needed urgent assistance. the family starts october any on d w. german chancellor angela merkel puts pressure on china and the united states to solve a trade war taking a different strategy for the u.s. president wants american businesses to pull out she welcomes all chinese companies to invest in germany is that the right approach a la skull correspondence in beijing and frankfurt.


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