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this is deja vu news live from berlin one of africa's most polarizing leaders robert rudolph has died at the age of 95 for some the former president of zimbabwe was a freedom fighter for others a brutal dictator look at his complex legacy and ask help people in zimbabwe are likely to remember that also coming up. the german chancellor calls for
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a quick end to the u.s. china trade dispute during a visit to beijing. making the comments in talks with the chinese premier and she's hoping to improve bilateral ties and secure in to get amik agreement but she's under pressure to be tough on beijing over the treatment of pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. plus 2 long time rivals who battle it out in euro qualifying tonight germany takes on the netherlands. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 that news was confirmed by current president emerson who mourned him as an icon of liberation were god way was about ways 1st
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post independence leader and held on to power for 37 years but during that time he ruled that country with an iron fist trashing dissent and destroying the economy he was forced to resign by the military in 2017. robert mugabe's political career began in the 1960 s. with the formation of a radical anti colonialist movement dedicated to fighting white minority rule. after zimbabwe became independent in 1800 any actions were held and robert mugabe's son apologies won by a landslide. gobby became the country's 1st black prime minister striking a turn a free conciliation and forgiveness despite his militant past. but hopes for a peaceful political transition when fulfilled. political tensions and violence between mcabee supporters and political opponents persisted haven't government
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forces were responsible for killing thousands of civilians. from. during the 1980 s. and early ninety's mugabe was a welcome guest around the world but by the mid 1990 s. the once venerated freedom fighter was attracting international criticism for his increasingly will to critique rule. the white farmers were driven from their land by mugabe's supporters. that. dissent was violently quashed and opposition leaders when timid aged and beaten. here we live by believing the heating here. there will always be. obama's even public in control. but the people of zimbabwe suffered under
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his rule when mugabe ordered a purge of zimbabwe's slums entire neighborhoods were raised to the ground and up to a 1000000 people made homeless. economically mugabe in ruins involved with a country that had once been africa's breadbasket. while his people were starving mugabe has celebrated his 91st birthday with a lavish party costing a reported $1000000.00. he once said that only conte could remove him from office but in the end robert mugabe's insatiable will to power proved his undoing. off to firing his followers president amas and to install his wife grace as his 2nd in command the military and civilian and good money involved. in a defacto coup they placed mugabe under house arrest after 37 years in power
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he was forced to step down. sparking celebrations in the streets of her are a. town that. some especially in africa will own and look obvious legacy in the fight against white oppression but many around the world will remember him as the continent's most notorious dictator. let's go straight to zimbabwe now for the very latest we're joined by journalist columbus love home guy good morning to you columbus house without his death being received where you are. i think it's too early to leaving. out people. but on social media that mixed feelings some say you know it's gotten some saying for much that has
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gone you know are you with the country or what they feel it is. like what you're reporting thank you saved from being it you know piers you know others are saying you ruined the economy yet nearer to the very economy but when you left. things were things were bad and that's too bad a columbus you mentioned the reactions on social media zimbabwe's current president everson. taking to twitter as well to confirm the garbage that's interesting he writes it is with the utmost sadness that he announces mugabe's passing also calls him an icon of liberation who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people about looking at that do you think god is going to be remembered more as a hero rather than as a dictator. i think to the way you talk to
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i don't. hear oh i don't see him if you look up to him i'm talkin country to get me but it's and without. people other then also who feel you can be a party to come to black rock out because they're no we're not a people like britain to to sort of get out of countries looking for our economy police go if you so. well but really is it you know but at some point there were. people in critics of incident right. i can you give us an idea how we govern is death is likely to affect the country's political situation and stability. i think. if it was harmful girls who were not some of them want to do this. would be. you would. know about.
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what it down who needs to say ok we should all be. giving go into the prison the kind of one that there really is no one come back. really when you get a young. columbus of whom for us from zimbabwe thank you so very much for that this morning. a check in with smaller news now on bilateral relations and global trade tensions are high on the agenda during german chancellor on him ackles 2 day visit to china earlier today she met with premier league chung during an official welcome at the great hall of the people in beijing now they're expected to discuss deepening trade ties and mackel said as well that the china u.s. trade was having global consequences and he hopes it can be resolved soon leaders
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of hong kong's pro-democracy movement have also called on machall to show solidarity with their cause while in beijing her spokesman though says a meeting with protest leaders is not on the agenda. let's talk more about this now with our chief political editor michelle and with the beijing correspondent is bowling there this ng us right now in berlin good morning to both of you michelle we have hong kong protesters calling for michael's clear and unequivocal support will they get. well marni they probably have it but visibly what they've received so far is america once again and that's no shift in position from the previous day's predating that cold by those protests is the german chancellor to make a statement that she hopes for a peaceful resolution has spoken to people in the room when the kitchen and i'm going to makkah held their press conference and that was also the very beginning.
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how i'm going to mac address this issue she did but i understand that was a very tense moment with particularly. not really wanting to deal with the issue in fact skipping the question until with it with a slight delay in that press conference so cagy it's a very tense issue it's been raised but anybody who expects i'm going to machall to stand up and make a principled statement pro demonstrations in hong kong will be disappointed most likely ok that means the protesters of course mathias when we consider these tensions in the room that michelle mentioned what about china's reaction to the hong kong protests today potentially overshadow this visit. extremely sensitive about criticism from abroad in the hong kong protests specially when britain is concerned or the u.s. for several reasons britain is the former colonial power the u.s. as the main antagonist in other issues that we're going to talk about later i think the trade war namely but any country that issues statements. on hong
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kong will be met with. a sentence that this is china's internal affairs this is exactly what we could young said so it's very sensitive and merkel has choosing to . probably do to say the most she could without. without offending the host ok now in the background is of course as you mentioned in the 2 years the globe. trade tensions u.s. china trade war this meeting comes at a crucial time for the global economy just as economic experts say the german economy is slipping into recession is this 1st signs of certainly that the last place any and the whole of europe wants to find itself is stuck somewhere in the middle as territory for what could become a full blown trade war between the u.s.
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and china and will of course be very sensitive to that for the 3rd time china has become the most important trading partner with 200000000000 worth of trade volume that just put it into perspective the budget is just over 350000000000 euro so china needs germany beneficial to when it comes to questions of technology transfer so both sides have a lot to lose and a lot to gain when they sit down and talk to k. of economic cooperation and see exactly where germany is in the middle because both sides are pulling on germany pulling it to its side germany agrees with china on that it is against trump's policies against drum's strategies tactics the way he behaves on the other hand it has the same issues with china that the u.s. have china is still a very much closed economy it does not give equal access to foreign companies and
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the germans are criticizing this the only difference of the major difference between germany and the u.s. is that germany wants to solve this in a multilateral environment the u.s. goes for a unilateral strategy we have ongoing trade talks we have new ones coming up next week in washington there's a good they're coming up soon could could china make new concessions to end the trade war something a lot of ackles calling for certainly a quick end you know could try. you know back off a little bit and come to some tiny consensus with the us well at the moment it looks that china is hardening this might be a negotiating position you don't negotiate when. your your your your compromise is that what you would be able to do on the table but i think china has also been frustrated with trump's turns and turns around and now is probably just hoping for
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the us elections to solve this problem for the us part. voters to vote trump out of office and restart the talks with a new administration ok we'll have to wait a while for that on the shell of you when you look at the german concerns about china there are very strong concerns about intellectual property in technology. yes and germany has lowered the threshold when the state stuff looking into foreign investments and that was specifically although not officially but it was quite clearly targeted at chinese investments in germany particularly in high tech companies and there's a concern that that. that technology edge that germany has in some areas could be lost and once that is lost from the german side germany will simply no longer be so interesting for the chinese and that's something germany is getting more protective about at the same time he wants to see multinational engagement and here we might
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be seeing a bit more of a new alliance almost certainly common ground between time and germany in opposition to the united states or more multilateral as if michelle it oftener than just buildings or thanks very much for coming in this morning. let's review down some of the other stories making news today the death toll from hurricane dorian will be staggering that according to the bahamas health minister at least 30 people are confirmed dead but thousands are still missing after plowing through the bahamas dorian is now threatening the u.s. state of north carolina bringing to nato some coastal flooding. clashes have broken out in southern mexico between migrants and security forces the migrants from african countries and haiti want users to continue north mexican authorities have stepped up their efforts to restrict migration and migrants passing through mexico on their way to the u.s. border. so dan's newly appointed prime minister abdullah hum da
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has announced his cabinet this is the 1st since the military ousted president omar al bashir in april that includes 4 women and as part of a power sharing agreement between the military and the pro-democracy movement on the oxford artes to tackling the economy and reaching peace with armed groups. this is deja vu news live from berlin still to come the british prime minister is insisting the u.k. leave the european union by october 31st and says he quote rather be dead in a ditch the nasty you for another there's. this cross now to our parliamentary studio where did ever use hans brought to stand by for us to date you what's surprising about these results is the high number of people 83 percent worried about social cohesion in germany was behind those fears. well we must say that the 8080 odd percent includes obviously people from all parts of the political spectrum
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and what's behind that is that we have seen a development in germany in recent years that the central centrist political parties the parties that in fact are in government in germany that's the conservatives of i'm going to knuckle under social democrats have been losing grown . steadily over the years the more they fling parties such as the greens on the one hand have been gaining on the other hand as we've just seen in these regional elections this past weekend the far right alternative for germany has being gaining ground so the ends of the political spectrum on both sides are getting stronger the center is getting weaker as it were and so there is a watery amongst. all spots of the political spectrum that things are going to drift apart even for the ok now i'm in for test also as germans about chancellor merkel's grand coalition as it's called between her conservatives and the social democrats now 3 quarters agree that the government's promising
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a lot but that it doesn't deliver very much satisfaction with the government definitely looks different that's for sure but nevertheless 61 percent of respondents want the coalition between the conservatives and the s.p.d. to govern in till the next regular elections are 2021 now chancellor merkel remains highly respected in germany 58 percent of respondents agreeing that she is the main reason that germany is doing quite well despite all the crisis in the world right now but a significantly large number 40 percent disagree with that on says a real paradox here isn't that so many germans trust the chancellor but a large group 40 percent are not satisfied with her government as a whole. well yes that is another reflection of this the drifting apart of the political spectrum is a strong supporter of the knock on the one hand but they are many people that criticize have both on the left and on the right at the same time everyone wants this ability that we have at the moment and that we see guaranteed that they need
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to vote to see guaranteed by i'm going to continue as long as possible this current coalition government is very shaky i'm going to i'm not one has said she is not standing for reelection at the next election so she's on the way all to political party is looking for a new direction in her success as party leader has not really established herself very strongly yet at the same time the social democrats the other big policy in the government also looking for new leadership so there's a lot of uncertainty about how these policies are going to continue in the future and so voters are hoping that in that context there's some stability still got on t.v. by the government continuing even though the dissatisfaction about the government is very widespread ok hans and the uncertainty you mentioned underscores the importance of our next question every month germans are asked which party they would vote for if the general election were to take place this following sunday now
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the governing c.d.u. c.s.u. that's on 27 percent return coalition partner the s.p.d. said 14 percent now above them is the far right a f d with 15 percent the business friendly f.t.p. it's at 7 as is the left party also some of the greens are on 23 percent now that's down 3 points compared to last month the greens have been continuing to lose ground every month recently has their popularity when you look at their percentages down 3 percent from august have they topped out with the electorate. i think you could say that there is some sort of peak that has been reached there but at the same time you have to say that the rise of the greens in recent months has been absolutely spectacular so much so that the green party themselves are scrambling to find enough personnel to find enough people to actually respond to that they have had
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a huge number of extra members that have joined the party in recent months and obviously the issues the climate change issues remind very much at the top of the agenda at the same time we have seen in these results that the governing parties the conservatives and the social democrats seem to be at the moment also consolo dating their positional slide gains on their part and many of these changes all of a city still within the kind of margin of error of such such surveys but i think what we see is a kind of stabilisation of the political landscape at the moment but stabilized with a far with a wide spread between left and right ok thanks so much for breaking down the numbers for us this morning hans braun for us there well we're going as much into the united kingdom now where boris johnson is digging in the british prime minister's insisting the u.k. leave the european union by october 31st he'd rather quote be dead in
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a ditch than ask brussels for another extension while now the country's drama has become a family one as well with his brother joe resigning from his government saying he's leaving politics for good joe johnson who had been a campaigner for the u.k. to remain in the. well was parliament seeking to block a new deal bracks a prime minister has little room to maneuver but many british voters are with him in wanting to get out of the. the pro europeans are out in force and they are a choice. for the moment it looks like the prime minister needs to bow to their will but in a sea of blue you flags outside parliament read prolife signs show that greg city is too are fighting for that cause susan nicholson is a retired teacher for yorkshire she has never protested before in our life but now
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she fears that britain might not leave the e.u. after all but where the silent majority we don't demonstrate we've heard to me didn't expect people to ignore our so that's been a bit of a surprise for us but one upping for a general election because then we convert again and we can get rid of the remain m.p.'s who have blocked our leaving and we can have a proper government that gets us out of the. post susan and other breaks it is leaving the e.u. is more important than anything else they regard brussels as undemocratic and anything short of leaving on the 31st of october as a betrayal of democracy. opinion polls are showing that most people who voted leave in the referendum still want us to be seen through almost at any cost and even with our agreement with the e.u. short term consequences like food shortages rising inflation even job losses don't seem to scare them. but pro e.u.
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m.p.'s like barrow hobhouse i determined not to let it come to this it's happy to prevent leaving without a deal and then it should all go back to the people for another referendum people said for a long time of course we're going to have a deal of course is the easiest thing in history everything has turned out entirely different from what was promised in 2016 so more than 3 years on definitely democracy has to be practiced and the people have to be asked again. day after day susan nicholson comes to palm and to tell of a piece that she and her fellow city is have not changed their minds but i think it would be sensible and mature to agree a mutually beneficial trade deal with the unfortunately that isn't going to happen at the moment what they're doing is they using no deal as a means of continually delaying our departure so that they can then say oh well there's no mandate for it. remain us and breck's it is both claiming to be the
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true defenders of democracy and as each side becomes ever more entrenched there is no compromise in sight. we have some sports and it is these stand out match of the euro qualifiers tonight 2 of europe's most talented football teams and longtime rivals will face off germany's hosting the netherlands and. germany has played up his young teams closeness ahead of their match record netherlands always byron's me on the correct score out injured has been a break in the chain. this is shocking but by the human mind it's a real shame i know from experience that there was a bit of a break for the team in 2010 that they need to play with more or less with same starting line up all. over 8 or 10 or 12 matches speed is a lot without too many changes that he freak for end all and get. dutch courage
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ronald koeman seems to have no problem switching up his young site and his 10 matches in charge he's never named the same line up in 2 consecutive games like germany the netherlands also emerging from a difficult patch there's a dot in germany a sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker and that also has to do with the quality of the rival that little going to call the guys from that day just on that. these 2 great rivals should fight it out for top spot in group c. germany have the upper hand thanks to a 32 win earlier this year an absolute am the last time they lost at home to the dutch was on the way back in 2002. let's get you a quick reminder now of our top stories at this hour robert mugabe zimbabwe's 1st post in the pennant leader has died at the age of 95 was being treated in singapore for an undisclosed. gobby held power in zimbabwe from the end of white minority
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rule in $1000.00 even the untold resigning under pressure from the military and 2017. and german chancellor angela merkel says she's hoping for a swift resolution to the china u.s. trade dispute she made that comment while holding talks with the chinese premier and beijing's you also raised the issue of hong kong saying a peaceful solution is needed to the territory's pro-democracy protests. have you news live from berlin from all of us here thanks for being with us quadriga is up next.
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the but. i'm going to. be good international tuckshop for journalists to discuss the topic of the. decisive showdown over her exit this week as the tories dealt their own prime
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minister 1st defeat could a last minute revolt save the u.k. from a no deal breaker set and perhaps topple boris johnson to find out about. quadriga next d.w. . colleagues on the phone more of our series on tomorrow today we want to seen what he saw to experience what drove a journey through latin america following in the footsteps of the great scientists the. next. combination of being in the us in colombia tracing the history of the slaves. to normative in $16.00.
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earth home to millions of species the home worth saving. googling geos tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google audience the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. hello and welcome to quadriga a decisive showdown over blacks at this week as members of the conservative party deserted their prime minister dealing him a harsh defeat that deprived him of his parliamentary majority against boris johnson's will some members of his party voted for
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a bill to stop his do or die pledge to leave the e.u. at the end of october with or if necessary without a negotiated deal with brussels.


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