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it's the fact that such a small community has managed to preserve its own creole language over 4 centuries and is practically america. who has a traditional valuable ritual where the entire community gathers in the village center for 9 days and nights it's this kind of cohesion and solidarity that helps and brasil you know depending survive as a community despite centuries of persecution poverty and discrimination. today that part and care of us our own are officially recognized minority in colombia. but the trauma of slavery has a lasting legacy. i
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go for the meat out of it but now there are 2 ways of looking at slavery there's the physical manifestation where slaves feel the chains and shackles on their arms and ankles yet this form of slavery has disappeared. i thought i think you are. but not the psychological slavery our minds are still subject to an installation process we still haven't overcome it which is why a lot of descendants of african slaves still tend to deny their roots. in the ending i've got to. tell xander from homeboy referred to slavery as the greatest of all evils which of afflicted mankind . the explorer repeatedly wrote of his disgust at the injustices he saw in the
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colonies to the extent that some of his works ended up being banned there but took the last from boyd stayed true to his conviction that all humans are equally designed to live in freedom. and his famous expedition to the americas alexander from home some explore the river today a biologist there is struggling to preserve the region's bio diversity to mean for the final part about journey in the footsteps of home bolt next time i'm tomorrow today see you then.
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after. the worst march was a fight for survival. but a lie is a call
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a dangerous. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any apocalyptic snyder if you want and probably most of them will come to. the climate exodus. 15 minutes on d w. natural ridges of precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland as i call the ethiopians during the whole of the country has an abundance of. leases it to international giants. the government satirize next private and the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. creation.
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veyron mental destruction starvation. the selling out of a country that donkeys fear. starts september 18th on d. w. . how's it feel of the world. where i come from. oh is that clear to cisco just like this chinese for good measure of where i am it's always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things i need to look different to me now. many of the express as a medical nation that exists to as a part of the long i haven't seen anyone mention it in china that's new i'm not to china people wondering if they're going to take it but if you're having arrived to
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learn that it is this is the job just under my how i see it and why my job because i tried to do it exactly maybe an hour a day. like they moved on into and i want to get up. this is g.w. news live from berlin the end of an era one of africa's most polarizing leaders robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 for some the former president of zimbabwe was a freedom fighter for others
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a brutal dictator look at his complex legacy and ask how people in zimbabwe are likely to remember him also coming up the german shells are calling for a quick end to the u.s. china trade dispute that during a visit to beijing. making the comments he talks with the chinese premier she's hoping to expand trade ties but she's under pressure to be tough on beijing. over the treatment of pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. plus 2 longtime rivals battle it out in the euro qualifying tonight germany take on the netherlands. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us zimbabwe's of former president robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 the news was confirmed by current president
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emerson mulund agua who mourn him as an icon of liberation mugabe was some bob boys 1st posed independence leader and held on to power for 37 years but during that time he ruled the country with an iron fist crushing dissent and destroying the economy he was forced to resign by the military in 2070. robert mugabe's political career began in the 1960 s. with the formation of a radical anti colonialist movement dedicated to fighting white minority rule. to zimbabwe became independent in 1980 actions were held and robert mugabe's son in power formed by a landslide. he became the country's 1st black prime minister striking a turn a free conciliation and forgiveness despite his militant past. but
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hopes for a peaceful political transition one fulfilled. political tensions and violence between mcabee supporters and political opponents persisted our government forces were responsible for killing thousands of civilians. during the 1980 s. and early ninety's mugabi was a welcome guest around the world but by the mid 1990 s. the once venerated freedom fighter was attracting international criticism for his increasingly autocratic rule. that white farmers were driven from their land by mugabe's support has for them. that. descent was violently quashed on opposition leaders when timid aged and beaten. never believing the he she is. there will always be the.
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oval office even in control. but the people of zimbabwe suffered under his rule when mugabe ordered a purge of zimbabwe's slums entire neighborhoods were raised to the ground and up to a 1000000 people made homeless. economically mugabe in ruins and bob with a country that had once been africa's breadbasket. while his people were starving mugabe has celebrated his 91st birthday with a lavish party costing a reported $1000000.00. he once said that only conte could remove him from office but in the end robert mugabe's insatiable will to power proved his undoing. off to firing his followers president amas and to install his wife grace as his 2nd in command the military intervened good money
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involved. in a defacto coup they placed mcgarvey under house arrest after 37 years in power he was forced to step down. sparking celebrations in the streets of her are a. moment. some especially africa will own and look obvious legacy in the fight against white oppression but many around the world will remember him as the continent's most notorious dictator. let's go straight to zimbabwe now and did of your correspondent privilege muslim harry good morning privilege ows the news being received where you are in the town of curried. we're mixed reactions here you know from different generations you have the older
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generations that. weakness is the liberty from the white collar on you know. taking me in as a hero brought independence to the country where we were is look at the younger generation they are remembering him is a man who presided over the down spreading of the economy and he's been the dictatorial. tendencies that he had over the years but offering people i remember seeing him in the lead very. independent to the country. where i am right now i have to be he's. broken way he came from so a lot of people fighting casualty him and they knew him personally and
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most of them are taking him as. is an icon in prison men who liberated them from the shackles of colonialism ok that was certainly a picked up by bob ways a current president that thread emerson mandagi who took to twitter following garbage death he wrote it is a tad more sadness that he now has mugabe's passing but also calls him as you mentioned an icon of liberation who dedicated his life to emancipating and powering the people of the gobby what was behind mugabe's transition from a hero of liberation to a dictator. i think in the is when he went to war with the rest of the group of the nationalists. to fight colonialism they had one call it. wanted the country and also to bring
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back to lake macquarie what was the outlet pool but. when life is this thing think how you and absolute power. i've been reading could have been along the way we because in the early is. the least i read about. me is went by. my in and became one of. the went. back to the very. few people we feel. privileged most fun harry joining us from the town of caribbean zimbabwe privilege thanks very much for that. as for if you now and some of the other stories making news at this hour the death toll from hurricane dorian will be staggering that's according to the bahamas
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health minister at least 30 people are confirmed dead but thousands remain missing now downgraded to a category one storm dorian is threatening the u.s. state of north carolina. pope francis has denounced corruption among political and business leaders in mozambique. at a mass and the capital puto a possum said it was paradoxical a great numbers of people on the east african country live in poverty that despite mozambique's abundant natural resources. sands newly appointed prime minister abdullah home doc has announced his habit it's the 1st since the military ousted president omar al bashir in april that includes 4 women as part of a power sharing agreement between the military and the pro-democracy movement his priorities include tackling the ailing economy and reaching peace with armed groups . the german chancellor all of machall is on
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a state visit to china where bilateral relations and trade are high on the agenda after an official welcome of the great all the people in beijing she met premier the coo. to discuss the ongoing trade war between china and the us miracles of the dispute is having global consequences adding she hopes it can be resolved soon. she also raised the issue of hong kong saying a peaceful solution is needed to the territories pro-democracy protests. let's talk more about this now with our chief political editor michelle in with the beijing correspondent who's bowling ger this ng us right now in berlin good morning to both of you michelle and we have hong kong protesters calling for michael's clear in unequivocal support will they get it. well marmie they probably have it but visibly what they've received so far is america once again and that's no shift in position
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from the previous day's predating that call by those protesting the german chancellor to make a statement that she hopes for a peaceful resolution i have spoken to people in the room wendy kitchen and i'm going to makkah held their press conference and that was also the very beginning. how i'm going to mac address this issue she did but i understand that was a very tense moment with security could chung not really wanting to deal with the issue in fact skipping the question until with a with a slight delay in a press conference so t.v. it's a very tense issue it's been raised but anybody who expects i'm going to michael to stand up and make a principled statement pro demonstrations in hong kong will be disappointed most likely ok that means the protesters of course mathias with when we consider these tensions in the room that michelle mentioned what about china's reaction to the hong kong protests today potentially overshadow. china's extremely sensitive about
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criticism from abroad in the hong kong protests specially when britain is concerned or the u.s. for several reasons britain as the former colonial power the u.s. as the main antagonist in other issues that we're going to talk about later i think it's a trade war namely but any country that issues statements. on hong kong will be met with. this and said this is china's internal affairs this is exactly what we could chang said so it's very sensitive and merkel has to choose. probably. to try to save the most she could without which. without offending the host this meeting comes at a crucial time for the global economy just as economic experts say the german economy is slipping into recession. it's those 1st signs of certainty that the last
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place germany and the whole of europe wants to find itself is stuck somewhere in the middle. territory for what could become a full blown trade war between the us and china and i'm glad michael will of course be very sensitive to that for the 3rd time china has become the most important trading partner with 200000000000 worth of trade value and just put it into perspective the term budget is just over 350000000000 euro so. when it comes to questions of technology transfer so both sides have a. lot to gain when they sit down and talk to the over economic corporation michel or to the u.s. buildings or thanks very much for coming in this morning we have some sports now and it is the standout match of the euro qualifiers tonight 2 of europe's most talented football teams longtime rivals will be facing off germany is hosting the
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netherlands and hamburg germany coach played up his young teams closeness ahead of their match richard netherlands. gorecki are out injured has been a break in the chain. it's shoddy but by the human mind it's the real shame and i know from experience that there was a bit of a break for the team in 2010 that they need to play with more or less with same starting line up. over $810.00 or 12 matches. without too many changes that he freely for end of all and give dutch courage ronald koeman seems to have no problem switching up his young site and his 10 matches in charge he's never named the same lineup in 2 consecutive games like germany the netherlands also emerging from a difficult patch. in germany are sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker and that also has to do with the quality of the rival that little going to call the guys
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from dictator still nothing. these 2 great rivals should fight it out for top spot in group c. germany have the upper hand thanks to a 32 win earlier this year an absolute am the last time they lost at home to the dutch was all the way back in 2000 and say. well up next we have a look at climate change and mass migration and it appears dr elm don't forget as well you can always get more on these and other stories that our web site e.w. dot com for me brian thomas and the entire team thanks so much for joining us sumi will be with you at the top of the hour have a great weekend. my own male and i gave him the brand new delusions one of those pokes his personal
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devices to the top they still affect us all water pollution climate change and the return of. the only reasons check out. that the world has changed weather is getting more extreme. and there.
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to day be a struggling minute talking with people in the mood in the me and then a talking up of people in the billions the. drought floods hurricanes vast areas are being devastated by environmental catastrophe how many people will be forced to leave their homes by the mid century not due to conflict in war but due to climate change we appear to be on the path to a troubling future. move . away.
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from mr hill region to southeast asia from the pacific to the caribbean some people are fleeing rising waters others drought. the world's population began to soar about 200 years ago soon it will top $10000000000.00 greenhouse gases are rising apace the resulting warming of the earth's atmosphere is wreaking havoc on the climate humankind which is responsible for this warming is becoming its victim more and more people are forced to leave their homes. inequality is being exacerbated by climate change wealthy industrialized nations are polluting our air while the main victims live in the global south for example in indonesia. pontypool hadia which means happy peach lives on the indian ocean due to rising seas. heavy
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rainfall the village is sinking into the sea. the flooding continues even now during dry season. the local primary school is damp and smells of rot parents say conditions are intolerable and more than half the children have been taken out of school. teachers in primary grades. he attended the school himself and is determined to persevered. his classroom flooded for the 1st time in 2013. 1 banana conditions here are very very difficult for us we often have to send the children home when the classrooms bloody the children sit with their legs in water
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. regular instruction has become impossible the children are falling behind within the next 5 or 6 years rahmatullah believes the school will be submerged. it will be abandoned along with the village. what will it look like here 3 decades from now in the year 2050. there will be the most extreme conditions of forward with our 17000 islands little of.


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