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the at . this is g.w. news live from bali the end of an era one of africa's most polarizing leaders robert mugabe has died at the age of 90 found herself the former president of zimbabwe was a freedom fighter father's a brutal dictator we'll look at his complex legacy and ask how people in zimbabwe are likely to remember him also coming up. the death toll from hurricane dorian in the bahamas will be staggering the country warns the search and rescue efforts gathered pace hundreds possibly thousands of people are missing and tens of thousands more in desperate need of a. life under lockdown in kashmir we have
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a special report from our correspondent on how the communications blackout is impacting medical services a life and death matter for patients in need of urgent care. plus 2 long time rivals battling it out in the euro qualifying rounds tonight germany take on the netherlands we'll go live to the venue. i'm helena home for glad you could join me. zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 nearly 2 years after being forced to resign mugabe was involved ways 1st post independence leader many remember him as the country's liberator but during almost 4 decades in office he ruth zimbabwe with an iron fist crushing dissent and laying waste to the. anomie now in
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a moment we'll hear what life was like and demagogue his regime with africa news and christine one while but 1st this look at his complex legacy. robert mugabe's political career began in the 1960 s. with the formation of a radical anti colonialist movement dedicated to fighting white minority rule. after zimbabwe became independent $988.00 elections were held and robert mugabe zanu apology won by a landslide. gabi became the country's 1st black prime minister striking a turn a free conciliation and forgiveness despite his militant past. but hopes for a peaceful political transition one fulfilled. political tensions and violence between mccarthy supporters and political opponents persisted haven't government
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forces were responsible for killing thousands of civilians. from. during the 1980 s. and early ninety's mugabi was a welcome guest around the world but by the mid 1990 s. the once venerated freedom fighter was attracting international criticism for his increasingly more to tragic rule. the white farmers were driven from their land by mugabe's supporters or the. descent was violently quashed on opposition leaders when timid aged and beaten. but believe me he think yes. there will always be good people obama's even bad to include for all. but the people of zimbabwe suffered under his rule when mugabe ordered
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a purge of zimbabwe's slums entire neighborhoods were raised to the ground and up to a 1000000 people made homeless. economically mugabe in ruins and bob with a country that had once been africa's breadbasket. while his people were starving mugabe has celebrated his 91st birthday with a lavish party costing a reported $1000000.00. he once said that only conte could remove him from office but in the end robert mugabe's insatiable will to power proved his undoing. after firing his followers president amas and to install his wife grace as his 2nd in command the military and civilian and good money in the field in a defacto coup they placed mcgarvey under house arrest after 37 years in power he was forced to step down. sparking celebrations in the streets of harare.
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that. some especially africa will own and look obvious legacy in the fight against white oppression. but many around the world will remember him as the continent's most notorious dictator. and with me in the studio now is our very own christine good to have you with us kristine of course now you are from zimbabwe you were there in harare in your 27 team to cover the ouster of mugabe i just sort of wonder how you feel today as someone who was born in zimbabwe under the rule of mugabe of course he was in power for 37 years what does this mean to you you know i'm struck you know whom i'm mourning today and i'm mourning the way i heard about you know the man who
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liberated people like my parents who gave them the freedoms they had who ensure that they could go to school and get an education some people talk about feeling being proud about being black or a man mourning the the man who i saw and felt percentage from you know when i was reporting in zimbabwe even before the ouster i felt really unsafe i felt scared of being caught doing my job because i knew the brutality of the regime i had heard of people who disappear people who go to jail people get beaten up for you know for showing signs of dissent so for me it's one of those things where i want to embrace everything about this liberate but i happened to have experienced a different look at it the mugabe i soul and i knew was responsible for what for the deaths of thousands of people talking about might have but have been ill and there was a lot going on with the country's economy people were poor and desperate including so my family members who live in this country so. i remember so it's a hard one for me today you point to a very complex legacy would you say that that legacy is also marked by then
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a generational divide massively so most of the people you know this morning my uncle who's in his late sixty's told me all christine this is a dark day for us about way because to him when he talks about the freedom that mugabe gave him you know when he talks about living on the colonial. and i get that and you get the experience the fact that for example in that video when you see all those people celebrating what i mean when i was in zimbabwe the people around me syllabary seeing these people were young people they had only ever known with god as a president they were born in a democratic some way so for them to appreciate being liberated from colonialism is difficult so most of the older people really remember those days of curfews under british rule et cetera being felt felt demeaned and so the liberation that mugabe gave them when he would go and speak eloquently for africans and defend africans and speak at the waist a distance in the way that they can feel proud so yes it is a generational thing but in zimbabwe mosul it's also an urban rural thing in the
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world months of the country that is mugabe stronghold those people most of in a different country to people in the urban areas who say who tweet and put up posts on facebook saying hash tag. compete difference it is a generational divide as you say here in the also the divide and it will be very interesting to see how that legacy is reported in the days and weeks to come christine was a news africa presenter thank you sir very much for your insights on this day. in the bahamas the government is warning that the death toll from hurricane dorian will be staggering at least 30 people are confirmed dead and hundreds possibly thousands all missing and while dorian has now made landfall in the united states an international humanitarian effort is underway to help those affected in the bahamas the u.n. estimates that 70000 people are in immediate need of aid. under this rubble lie holmes oh blessed rated life cut short the extent of hurricane
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dorian's havoc is slowly beginning to america and so 2 stories of survivors clinging on whatever what one joke to show well once for life well shit what once got to show. it's. all those here are frantically trying to get out of the airport departure lounge is overwhelmed. they told us that the d.v.d.'s the frightening people and the elderly people who were supposed to be 1st preference. we have a v.c.r. you still have elderly people you're right so it's not. it's not they're not living up to there were. some 70000 people here need water food and medicine or gently they used to refer to as a slice of heaven. the people who call it home fear it's finished they. all take it they get along with all. many of
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them all of them but a big one. of the loftiest there with about $100.00 i mean a 100 events that thing all over. the neighboring grand bahama it is every bit as bleak the road to shelter here is littered with tales of hope. and of heartbreak. you have been to see them for all this but you know who are in my house right now i'm heading to the city of refuge so keep us in the palm of. everywhere reminders of those who couldn't escape recovery workers measure the cost in bodies a moment's rest interrupted by the discovery of yet another victim little wonder
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that officials here are preparing for mass casualties. a senior opposition figure in turkey has been sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for insulting state institutions and the president and spreading terrorist propaganda now the charges against china and sure no stems it mainly from twitter posts critical of president richard tied at one captain short who has called the trial political show remain free pending appeals. and only our correspondent you hear han told us why accustomed to 2 is so important. well she is a very prominent political figure here in istanbul the city of 60000000 people active for many years she is the local chairperson of the c.h.p. here in istanbul that's turkey's largest opposition party and is she is also known as someone who has been trying to reach out to the country's kaddish minority and
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this is the reason why many see her as a key figure in the election success of the opposition here in istanbul in june let's remember for the 1st time in 25 years and opposition politician won the mayor's ship off istanbul in a controversial rerun of the election here in june his name is a crime this was a serious setback for prison edwin and his ruling a.k.p. and john uncuffed angelo has been working very closely together with mr. so now the accusations as you mentioned all based on her social media postpones she wrote between 20122017 she herself has denied the accusations and basically says you know she's a human rights defender and everything she wrote and posted falls within the scope of freedom of expression and this is why she's basically calling this trial a political trial saying this is revenge for the opposition's election victory here
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in istanbul. our correspondent yahaan there well let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world fortune's opera chamber of a part of it the house of lords has passed a bill to block a no deal bragg's it on the 31st of october is another blow to prime minister boris johnson whose call for elections just before britain is due to name the european union was widely a post from. hong kong police have again fired tear gas and rubber bullets at pro-democracy protesters demonstrated his demonstrations rather have been continuing for 14 weeks and the latest violence comes off the hong kong leader formally withdrew a bill allowing extraditions to mainland china the original trigger for the under arrest. and german chancellor angela merkel has called for a peaceful solution to those hong kong protests merkel has been meeting chinese premier li could chime in beijing they also discussed commerce and the growing
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trade war between china and the us. pope francis has arrived in madagascar during a tour of east africa earlier in mozambique the pontiff denounced business and political corruption francis said it was paradoxical that so many people live in poverty despite mozambique's abundant natural resources. now it's more than a month since india scrapped kashmir special status and impose a security crackdown across the disputed region locals say that the restrictions are jeopardizing life saving medical treatments an engine a in india excuse me or forty's denied this while the w.c. well travelled to in indian administered kashmir to gauge the situation in the hospitals 1st hand. a city under siege. and a hospital struggling to care for thousands despite it. sister was diagnosed with
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gallstones in february. she has been regularly suffering bouts of been. mistaken i hope it isn't and my sister is supposed to have surgery they told us to come today. when we came here today the doctor told us that the operation theatre is a closed only emergency surgeries will be conducted so it is all there when you are the buzz because been asked to return in 2 weeks to check for a date he is waiting to request if she could just not in earlier. but that looks impossible there are crowds of patients here we being in the hospital part of those to scheduling elective surgeries doctors here have told us off camera that they cannot schedule these studies because certain papers are in standby for any emergencies that might pop up because of the tense situation on the ground. with
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many medical staff under a 0 for emergencies doctors say that only house the usual amount of elective surgeries are taking place. malignant cancers take precedence. doctors say anyone else will have to keep coming back every fortnight to see if the situation has normalized enough for regular operations to resume. a communication blackout imposed by indian authorities has meant that people cannot reach ambulances whatever comedy about the health of hospitalized loved ones. and some people are angry that you may get the medicine but so many agencies did he will my sister is very sick we can even call an ambulance because the phones aren't working i had to bring on a scooter for over 15 kilometers maize and a. limited water to keep going to communication there are no communication channels mobile services are down everything's cut off my brother had an accident and some kind people came to our
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home 25 kilometers away to tell us that's how we found out that i. was writing his motorbike to his hometown in south cost me a heavily restricted area to buy medicines for his uncle he had an accident. passes by found him barely conscious and brought him to the hospital the id card in his pocket help them identify where his family is communication. has been thought to be better. how would help my family know if over a son is dead or alive. no nation in the world no civilized nation in the world no civilized people of the word of. good i have no idea is that a proper destructions of. hossam has been put on the observation for internal bleeding he says his pain is not only physical it is the pain official meetings
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here inexplicably and suddenly cut off from the rest of the world waiting for normalcy. and d.-w. correspondent nima should join as well who sent us that report she's now back in delhi where she joins us from the mission as we just saw there the communications blackout has a serious impact on life there in kashmir and any sign that these restrictions will be lifted soon for a lot of not just yesterday as the believing in the valley be heard that the local administration will be restoring land lines or form lines in the rally the home minister has also said that in an hour the 2 reeks approximately more buying that book should be up and running as about this of course would be a moving decision based on the situation on the ground according to security forces but the destination or more by internet of course does still seem far off the agenda is an army and security briefing while we were in fish meat and the belief
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at least among the security forces is that the last 30 days have been the most peaceful in the valley and this is because of the communications shut down because this provenza rule months from starting locals of course the death star the waves comes in it in such a multi-faceted impact as we saw a new report what else did you experience there. well now many parts of the city were sorely in srinagar which was the capital of the earlier state of jumbo and fishmeal many parts of the city there were restrictions and entering different parts depending on the situation on the ground there because of the communications lock down if an able to shut off look let's assume that winds had broken i would bet they would also restrictions on the media you were prevented from filming in certain major us and security forces which are normally deployed all across the push me rally even and other times they have multiple multiplied manifold since the abrogation off wish me special status so
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every few meters we saw security officers watching closely what the people were doing what the media was doing and i'm wondering what do people tell you about how they see india's decision to remove the territories special status but have enough people are definitely frustrated they're angry but they're also in fear they were afraid to speak their minds in front of cameras and they also feel like they have been cheated of a promise that was made to me when india forced the indian audience to push me 1st a ceded to india they want the special status back but this of course would be a very long shot they are very frustrated by the communications shut down and i joining for a normal c.n.n. respect that they think they have been denied. correspondent michelle gys will thanks for your reporting. president vladimir putin is seeking to boost investment in russia as he meets the leaders of japan and
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india today at an economic forum in vladivostok sanctions imposed by the e.u. and the u.s. after the russian annexation of crimea mean that moscow is looking to the east to find new friends. russia india and japan at the eastern economic forum. this judo tournament is entertainment for the world leaders here but one of the key discussions at the summit is how to end a territorial dispute between japan and russia which began in 1905 there were a couple 3 letters concluded a peace treaty and unleashed in one fell swoop the limited potential that the people about to contribute homeward bound up with an order in a link between japan and russia would transform the entire region a guy or it would change the world significantly. putin himself a well known practitioner of judo refused to commit to that. but with
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india's new render modi offering to invest $1000000000.00 in russia that search for new friends is going well. look michael. president of macro recently said the leadership of the west is ending. and i cannot imagine an effective international organization that works without india or china if you skitter it's certainly a narrative that russia wants to push and despite historic disputes with japan the 2 countries a strengthening their economic ties while they may have their disagreements behind closed doors. in public they're currently on the same side. germany and the netherlands face off in a matter of hours in what is the standout match up of this round of the euro 2020 qualifiers now and germany have already beaten the dutch in this campaign taking 3 vital points in amsterdam the return match tonight in hamburg well it's a sellout
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a little wonder as germany and then evans share one of the international football's rivalries. well the stadium is in hamburg and that is where we find all the muti from the w. sports as we count down to kickoff good to see you ali now these 2 sides have a colorful history as opponents but what makes this game tonight so special. absolutely it's always special much when germany takes on the netherlands and there's a lot at stake in this particular game what with it being a euro 2020 qualifier now if we look at the group that they find them find themselves in group c. the motivations for it seem clear germany have a 100 percent record so far and a win against the netherlands in this game would put the 9 points clear of the team in 3rd place and that's important because the top 2 teams go through to the tournament the netherlands on the other hand have had a bit of
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a false start so far in this qualifying group and if they lose this match they could actually find themselves 9 points behind not only germany but also northern ireland in their world needing a big turnaround shall we say in the in the 2nd half of qualification so there's plenty to get the juices going at this match where the european qualification on the line is surely enough motivation one would think for both sides but you did mention briefly this rivalry is it fair to say that these 2 nations haven't always seen eye to eye on the pitch. certainly this this rivalry is the big deal for for both of these teams and in fact one of the most controversial incidents in this rivalry in history took place right here in hamburg out the faults part. back in 1988 at the european championship the netherlands beat germany $21.00 in the semifinal on their way to winning the tournament netherlands coach ronald koeman scored in that game and then after the match swapped jersey shirts with german player all off torn and proceeded to make
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a gesture with the germany shirt. using it as toilet paper shall we say now i'm not expecting that to happen with yogi lives turtleneck tonight but it's certainly a game that still gets the blood. even if the rivalry has cooled a bit in the last 30 years i think the fans will be well up for this one and those not so charming tactics aside if we take a look at tonight's game through the lens of the home side what we will we be looking out for from the germans briefly. well i'll certainly be taking a look at the defense i mean when you think back say the world cup in 2014 when germany won the world cup you know you had defenders like you're on board saying not so mills and philip all at the peak of their powers that was an incredible defense and nowadays with those guys all gone with both saying and forcibly retired from the national team by. the new guys have got to kind of step up and there's a big shoes to fill so the likes of nicklaus jonathan tar and they've got a lot to prove in this game in particular and i think as well it will be
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interesting to see how much we see of chi hard as a young player a creative player who can unlock defenses he'll face a tough test in another man's defense that includes virgil van dyke and mathias de leaked so those are the 2 spots that are we following closely but it should be a real crux of the game all right enjoy only rudi in hamburg thanks a lot. and finally some sad news they made headlines it ignited hope around the wall but it was a gay penguins who adopted an eggshell skipper and painted have spent weeks taking turns to prove the a quick had been abandoned by a female penguin but now there's who has announced the despite the couple's best efforts the egg has failed to hatch the zoo says it is up to mystic the skipper will get another shot at parenthood in the future. all right coming up on d w news asia german chancellor angela merkel is in china on her 12 visit as nida
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we'll look at how she's balancing trade expectations with human rights concerns. about a more coming up with their strategy on d w news asia on how to humphrey see you soon.
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selling out of our country. don't tease fear no he knows. start september 18th on d w. this is the tough good news a shot coming up is germany choosing trade all human rights in its relations with china. that's the 200000000000 euro question i'm going to marco is visiting germany's largest trading partner and she says dialogue can result the deadlock in hong kong we lost protest organizers what they think also coming up.


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