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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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the as . the but this is the don't you news live from the end to albany or one of africa's most photo rising leaders robots look out there has died at the age of 95 to some d. former president of zimbabwe was a freedom fighter but others a brutal dictator will look at his complex legacy and ask help people in zimbabwe are likely to remember him also coming up. the death toll from hurricane dorian in the bahamas will be staggering the country warns the search and rescue efforts
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gathers pace hundreds possibly thousands of people and missing with tens of thousands more in desperate need of aid. the air. time head of the humphrey glad you could join me zimbabwe's a former president robert mugabe has died at the age of 95 mugabe was zimbabwe's 1st post independence leader and held on to power for nearly 4 decades he ruled with an iron fist crushing dissent and presiding over multiple economic crises and hyperinflation mcgarvey was funny ousted by his own military 2 years ago. and zimbabweans celebrated then but today the current president amisom and god were declared mugabe a national hero the country he says would be in mourning until the former leader was buried. today our country is
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a freak has been since 1800 cents to the 2nd phase is over generation of dedicated victorian nationalists and the freedom fighters predicting the 1960 is included the late committed. a great teacher and a mentor the bitterness of wrong spiros in custody sion and anguish over a bhutto and a bitter war never extinguished. his forgiving in humanity at address that from the current president of zimbabwe amas and magog one joining me now from zimbabwe's capital harare is 10 diabetes he is the vice president of zimbabwe is opposition party and d.c.
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and he served as the country's finance minister from 2009 to 2030 thank you very much for joining us here on the devaney to begin with what is this moment of mugabe's possible mean for the country. once really the close of a chapter in korean the. end. of of our final frontier rigid clearly used 3 in the in the making there everybody got it clearly there was a carrying out of our missionaries emotional fulfilled liberation so that the opponent that i think. no one can take away from him but robert mugabe was also the president of it divided can you kindly give this pick to which he i mean the gross abuse of human rights and you want to keep charging for a period of 58 years you created so much contribution so much friction contradictions which. would lead to
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a fee of $27.00 so you think you think joy will. contribute to everybody that would want to end everything. now from 2009 and till 2013 while part of the opposition you actually worked in a unity government with mugabe as his finance minister we had a picture just that all of that time do you feel in any way responsible for failing to clean up the corruption in the country. no to told remember that. when we were in government we'd see if it was a corps these in government. between the m.d.c. i'm a member of. the if that's it because the mugabe. and we give the m.p.'s the we responsible for stopping lies in the home for growing the economy growth rates of the economy during a lifetime was a ticket in 10 percent and the 2011 the economy grew by 12 percent. the
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type but of course this is time for the big daisy as out of the 20 election in zimbabwe he's with you. today the only thing that will use it is to be mugabe. is that those who took over from him in his going to mind. with that mugabe they have use of human rights i'm talking to you right now people with short cuts of 2128 people at the meeting that people were short of trying to make him by that means that we made with their. own district and so for focus. because we used by the police so this is the you know. it's the one we were absolutely we had agreed. so. what is the big body put in the lead but you're not going to have what
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i believe people in the business or 5 use the national. police what i can i be to vice president all the game always opposition party and d.s.p. thanks for your insight. now to some of the other stories making news around the world pope francis has arrived in madagascar during a tour of east africa in mozambique the pontiff denounced business and political corruption francis said it was paradoxical this so many people live in poverty despite mozambique's abundant natural resources. german chancellor angela merkel has called for a peaceful solution to the months of protests in hong kong merkel has been meeting chinese premier li could china in beijing they also discussed color and the growing trade war between china and the united states well in the bahamas the government
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is warning that the death toll from hurricane dorian will be staggering at least 30 people are confirmed dead and hundreds possibly thousands are missing well dorian has now made landfall in the united states an international humanitarian effort is underway to help those affected in the bahamas the u.n. estimates that 70000 people are in immediate need of 8. under this rubble lie homes oh bless rated life's cut short the extent of hurricane dorian's havoc is slowly beginning to america and so 2 stories of survivors clinging on whatever what one joke to show well once for life well shit well once i got to show. others here are frantically trying to get out of the airport departure lounge is overwhelmed. they told us that the baby is the pregnant people and the elderly people are supposed to be 1st preference i think he's here
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you still have elderly people you're right so it's not. it's not they're not living up to there were. some 70000 people here need water food and medicine or gently they used to refer to as a slice of heaven. the people who call it home fear it's finished they. all take it they get along. none of them all of them are going to make. you know if you think it's about 100 i mean a 100 percent that one thing and all over. the neighboring grand bahama it is every bit as bleak the road to shelter here is littered with tales of hope. and of heartbreak.
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i have been to see them for. 2 days but you know who are in my house. right now i'm heading to the city of refuge so it wasn't a bomb. everywhere reminders of those who couldn't escape recovery workers measure the cost in bodies a moment's rest interrupted by the discovery of yet another victim little wonder that officials here are preparing for mass casualties. a senior opposition figure in turkey has been sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison for insulting state institutions and the president and spreading terrorist propaganda well the charges against jenin cuffed and stems mainly from twitter posts critical of president wretch of type at a one custom short who has called the trial political show remain free pending appeals. and on our correspondent you told me why i john uncuffed unsure who
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is so important. well she is a very prominent political figure here in istanbul the city of 16000000 people active for many years she is the local chairperson of the c.h.p. here in istanbul that's turkey's largest opposition party and is she is also known as someone who has been trying to reach out to the country's kurdish minority and this is the reason why many see her as a key figure in the election success of the opposition here in istanbul in june let's remember for the 1st time in 25 years an opposition politician won the mayor's ship off istanbul in a controversial rerun of the election here in june his name is a crumb a mama lou this was a serious setback for president add on and his ruling a.k.p. and john uncuffed angelo has been working very closely together with mr iemma lou so now the accusations as you mentioned all based on her social media post suppose
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she wrote between 20122017 she herself has denied the accusations and basically says you know she's a human rights defender and everything she wrote and posted falls within the scope of freedom of expression and this is why she's basically calling this trial a political trial saying this is revenge for the opposition's election victory fear in is stumble across want to honk some sports news now in germany the netherlands face off in a matter of hours and what is the stand out much of this round of the euro 2020 qualifiers germany have already beaten the dutch in this campaign taking 3 vital points in amsterdam the return match night in hamburg is a sellout and little wonder as germany the netherlands share won international football's 5th sister rivalries. well the stadium is in hamburg and that is where we find all the routing from the w. sports as we count down to kickoff good to see you ali now these 2 sides have
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a colorful history as opponents but what makes this game tonight so special. absolutely it's always special much when germany takes on the netherlands and there's a lot at stake in this particular game what with it being a euro 2020 qualifier now if we look at the group that they find they find themselves in group c. the motivations for it seems clear germany have a 100 percent record so far and a win against the netherlands in this game would put them 9 points clear of the team in 3rd place and that's important because the top 2 teams go through to the tournament the netherlands on the other hand have had a bit of a false start so far in this qualifying group and if they lose this much they could actually find themselves 9 points behind not only germany but also northern ireland and they're. needing a big turnaround shall we say in the 2nd half of qualification so there's plenty to get the juices going get this match or the european qualification on the line is
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surely enough motivation one would think for both sides but you did mention briefly this rivalry is it fair to say that these 2 nations haven't always seen eye to eye on the pitch. certainly this this rivalry is the big deal for for both of these teams and in fact one of the most controversial incidents in this rivalry in history took place right here in hamburg out the folds part. back in 1988 at the european championship the netherlands beat germany $21.00 in the semifinal on their way to winning the tournament netherlands coach ronald koeman scored in that game and then after the match swapped jersey shirts with german player all off torn and proceeded to make a gesture with the germany shirt. using it as toilet paper shall we say now i'm not expecting that to happen with you he lives turtleneck tonight but it's certainly a game that still gets the blood. pumping even if the rivalry has cooled a bit in the last 30 years i think the fans will be well up for this one and those
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not so charming tactics aside if we take a look at tonight's game through the lens of the home side what way will we be looking out for from the germans briefly. well i'll certainly be taking a look at the defense i mean when you think back say the world cup in 2014 when germany won the world cup you know you had defenders like. formals and philip all at the peak of their powers that was an incredible defense and nowadays with those guys all gone with both saying and forcibly retired from the national team by. the new guys i've got to kind of step up and there's a big shoes to fill so the likes of nicklaus jonathan because they've got a lot to prove in this game in particular and i think as well it will be interesting to see how much we see of chi hard as a young player a creative player who can unlock defenses he'll face a tough test in another man's defense that includes virgil van dyke and mathias so those are the 2 spots that are we following closely but it should be a real crux of the game all right enjoy only rudy in hamburg thanks
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a lot. business africa with crystal ball i'm having a home free in. africa . carefully. to get.


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