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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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and respects. this is do we do is live from berlin a blow to indian attempts to put a rover on the moon engineers at mission control have lost communication with their lunar lander the signal from the chandra on 2 spacecraft disappeared after it enters its final descent to the moon surface also coming up. turkey threatens to pull out of a deal with the e.u. aimed at reducing the flow of migrants president aired on says this country may
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reopen its borders to millions of refugees wanting to go to the e.u. of brussels doesn't provide more support. and the death toll from hurricane dorian in the bahamas will be staggering the country a warrant to search and rescue efforts gather pace hundreds possibly thousands of people are missing with tens of thousands more in desperate need of a. welcome to the program india's space agency says mission control scientists have lost communication with the spacecraft carrying the country's hopes of a successful moon landing and appears the lander was just a short distance from the lunar surface when contact with last prime minister narendra modi joint mission control personnel as the final countdown began the.
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very onto orbiter launched into space in july and has been circling the moon for almost 3 weeks if it lands successfully it will be the 1st craft to land near the lunar south pole an unchartered and unexplored part of the moon is a little bit from those we've got. let's get more on this from barr and gopalaswami he's an honorary senior fellow with the indian political thing tank the observer research foundation he joins us from delhi mr goble as mummy thanks for joining me the loss of context doesn't mean the mission has failed what more do you know well i mean i think that's that's what the official reports president was it stays in on the prime minister said there were damn message saying that you know be courageous and correction congratulated the scientists it doesn't look good. and they realise to wait for the operation where they think to let them out but you but you know this is this is a bold an ambitious project well done and we'll wait for until the final results to
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come out so india was set to become only the 4th country in history to land on the moon just how significant would have be if this mission indeed turned out to have failed also for india's pride. well i mean. by far a very successful agency be stored in a base just space projects do not come back but do not come out do not come without any said by actual the unknown and as far as bones tremendously back from all the said backs that they received in there in the course of their history they're a very resilient organization being in space research organization i would actually rename them as indian space resilient organization you know it's and they should be commended for the resilience and if it it's if museum that it failed and they come back that is and yet it didn't there is no doubt in my mind that they will succeed twice as big when they attempt at the next one. so they're very resilient in the
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execution but why did india want to go to the moon in the 1st place. i mean you know they don't you know the space program started with my 1000000 applications oriented goal which was prep providing a major a communications and launching services the exploration is a natural evolution of something of a space agency where they would want to explore the planetology once they've achieved self-sufficiency and the application on the air the exploration just grew out fs space program it's after all a research organization and you have to fund these kinds of projects better understand your own. planet in a competitive planetology and there are all the spin of benefits and not pursuing these kinds of endurance and that's where that's where a sticker i'm sort of this from. any of the moon mission was approved in 2008 and designs were on the table in a year later but the lander wasn't launched until until lie of this year why have these 10 years of delay. no i mean are the city not qualified as 10
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years of delay i mean it's essentially putting all the chips into play is getting that the property of political approvals getting through all the policy changes and you know getting all that you want to have all the right questions in place before you're from the concord to putting these things up there yes i mean it did not come till quite i can come out of the way that we would want to live by but i think you know that this is passed and believe that this is wrong that they were best positioned for success so 10 years and that then in the scheme of things for an agency like the stroke is pretty quick and pretty efficient. gopalaswami from the observer research foundation in delhi thank you very much for your turkey is increasingly calling into question a 2016 deal with brussels and that reducing the flow of migrants into the e.u. president have tight and on is threatening to quote open the gates to allow syrian
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refugees to leave turkey for western countries if ankara doesn't receive more support for plans to resettle up to a 1000000 refugees in northern syria turkey is warning that in light of the ongoing fighting in syria's rebel stronghold of live it could see even more migrants coming across its border. these people say they're protesting out of anger and despair and without peace and security they will be forced to rush the turkish border hundreds of people from all over at euclid have come to the turkish border to demonstrate after months of airstrikes they say they're desperate which are not all we can take the destruction any longer we want to go to a safe country like turkey. i don't want to build barriers but we won't stay here. we want to go to europe and cause turmoil their. friends the turkish government wants to use to put pressure on the e.u. the situation is threatening to unlock a new wave of refugees heading across turkey for europe similar to the one seen in
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light 2014. and 2016 the e.u. and turkey signed an agreement and could a promise to close its northern border with the e.u. and to take back refugees in return for billions in aid. but president trichet type other one says those funds have not been delivered as promised he threatening to pull out of the deal and reopen the route for refugees to europe. it is the couple that are smuggled in the us we will be forced to open the gates. when we are promised support then we should get it very. sorry the european union says it's already transferred 5600000000 of the 6000000000 euros promised it says the rest will follow soon provided turkey keeps the border closed the world who's a senior opposition figure in turkey has been sentenced to nearly 10 years in
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prison for insulting state institutions the president of spreading terrorist propaganda the charges against john uncuffed on joe lewis stem mainly from twitter posts critical of president or no one discussed on jolo denounced the trial as political she will remain free pending appeal. w a correspondent julia hahn in istanbul explain why john uncuffed on jolo is so important. well she is a very prominent political figure here in istanbul the city of 16000000 people active for many years she is the local chairperson of the c.h.p. here in istanbul that's turkey's largest opposition party and this she is also known as someone who has been trying to reach out to the country's kurdish minority and this is the reason why many see her as a key figure in the election success of the opposition here in istanbul in june let's remember for the 1st time in 25 years an opposition politician won the
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mayor's ship off istanbul in a controversial rerun of the election here in june his name is a crime this was a serious setback for prison edwin and his ruling a.k.p. and john uncuffed angelo has been working very closely together with mr. so now the accusations as you mentioned all based on her social media pose post she wrote between 20122017 she herself has denied the accusations and basically says you know she's a human rights defender and everything she wrote and posted falls within the scope of freedom of expression and this is why she's basically calling this trial a political trial saying this is revenge for the opposition's election victory here in istanbul. from istanbul there let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world colombia has been hosting a summit to boost protection for the amazon rain forest latin american countries
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that share the amazon discussed measures to preserve the river basin but they clashed over cooperation and sovereignty the meeting was called after a surge in wildfires in the region this year cost of global outcry. britain's upper chamber of parliament the house of lords has passed a bill to block a no deal brokered on october 31st and another blow to prime minister boris johnson the opposition parties have again refused to grant him an early election. pope francis has arrived in madagascar as part of a tour around africa earlier and mozambique the pontiff denounced business and political corruption francis said it was quote paradoxical that so many people live in poverty despite mozambique's abundant natural resources in the bahamas the government is warning that the death toll from hurricane dorian might substantially increase at least 30 people are confirmed dead and hundreds possibly thousands are missing an international humanitarian effort is underway the u.n.
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estimates that 70000 people are in new media need of aid the storm has now made landfall in the united states. under this rubble lie holmes oh blistery to life's cut short the extent of hurricane dorian's havoc is slowly beginning to america and so 2 stories of survivors slinging whatever what one joke to show well once for life well shit well once got to show. others here are frantically trying to get out of the airport departure lounge is overwhelmed. they told us that the baby is the right thing people and elderly people are supposed to be 1st preference. means here we still have elderly people yeah right so it's not. it's not they're not living up to there
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were. some 70000 people here need water food and medicine or gently they used to refer to as a slice of heaven. the people who call it home fear it's finished they. all take it they get along with all. of them all of them running a big. rig up a bit off us there with about a 100 i mean a 100 events that thing and all over. the neighboring grand bahama it is every bit as bleak the road to shelter here is littered with tales of hope. and of heartbreak. you happen to see them for all this money going toward my house my right now i'm heading to the city of park wherever you're so keep us in the palm of. everywhere
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reminders of those who couldn't escape recovery workers measure the cost in bodies a movement risked interrupted by the discovery of yet another victim. to wonder that officials here are preparing from moscow. to football now and the netherlands have embarrassed germany at home by winning 42 in their euro 2020 qualifier. germany and early lead scoring after only 9 minutes but to quite fire dutch goals turned the game on its head in the 2nd half and although toni cole's equalise from the penalty spot for germany the netherlands at the last laugh with daniel milan and georgina vinyl doom scoring twice in the last 10 minutes to make it a rather damning scoreline for us live steam. welcome
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winning football legend diego maradona has agreed to become the new coach of the i love that in his native argentina maradona is considered among the best footballers of all time if the 1st time he's returned to coaching argentina since of disappointing spell in charge of the national team in 2010 are currently bottom of argentina's top division the club welcomed maradona with posts on their twitter page complete with his famous number 10 jersey. and here's a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you for you at this hour indian engineers have lost communication though with their chandra onto a lunar lander the signal from the spacecraft disappeared after it entered its final descent to the moon surface. don't forget you can get the w. news on the go any time just download our free app from google play or the app
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store that gives you full access to the latest news from around the world and push notifications for breaking news but the out you can also send us photos and videos of what's happening where you are. you're watching t w staying tuned for doodling news africa with that unicode junior coming up after just a short break as always you can find the latest headlines around the clock as d.w. dot com for follow us on twitter at units. natural routers. precious resources. down to reporting investment. farmland news because you see your views gringo. the country has no one superpower polices to international trade.
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government or higher taxes and here's the corporations higher profit margin. but not enough.


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