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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2019 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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it will give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there let him get away. i want to know their story in full life verified reliable information for margaret's. drive it the d. w. motor magazine this week we look at an exclusive off road on the new mercedes jean club. a cushy s.u.v. the citroën c 5 and across. and there are snappy comeback falls new focus has changed. the contest turtle animal show for explains that besides its u.v.'s of al compact
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offerings with powerful engines are still quite popular especially the honda civic type and the go to model the v.w. golf another is the ford focus s.t. he thinks it looks quite smart but he wants to know how it drives. so he climbs in behind the steering wheel. presses the stop button and listens to the engine sounds. the hot hatch s.t. version of the focus has been around since 2005 it was even discontinued for a while but resurrected in $22.00 well now ford has rolled out the 3rd generation focus s.t. perhaps hoping it'll pick up on the recent success of its little brother the fiesta . the also a monorail discovers the focus s.t. is in its element. on these winding country roads it hugs the curves nicely
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responds well to the throttle and its manual 6 speed transmission shifts nice and tightly. with all the gears seem to have an even shorter throw than in the latest. launch try to see a future. that also has a lot to do with the adaptive damping and the neck tronic limited slip differential on the front axle and the selection of driving markets. in my experience is the focus s.t. steering as fairly direct so there's good feedback from the road it also has relatively good self unlocking talk which means the steering wheel pulls back to the 12 o'clock position but that's a good thing as it allows the driver to turn the wheel back quicker so we're. working hard on the hood is a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine based on the one powering the old focus r.s. the new focus engine puts out 206 kilowatts and pushes the car to the top speed of
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250 kilometers per hour. in order to 6 the money will accelerate through 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in under 6 seconds and the sound the engine produces is full and satisfying admittedly somewhat artificially synthesized but very distinctive even when heard by a bystander outside when the car flies past. the t. body styling kit sense the estes exterior apart from the regular focus. it includes comet coated front and rear bumpers optional 19 inch alloy. bring out the
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school scott character. agree a spoiler makes for added downforce on the reaction. inside recovery school seats are available on request for ideal support. an electronic break serve over the adaptive main cylinder builds brake pressure more steadily and helps to prevent the fading effect even after repeatedly hitting the brakes hard hat. their focus is the amount of all points out there it's like the more powerful our ass the focus s.t. features launch control but it questions its usefulness predicting that drivers would use it twice and decide they don't really need it but even so he appreciates
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having it. in addition to the gasoline engine tested here a $140.00 kilowatt diesel is available for the s.t. just like its previous sets and the latest s. t. can also be had as a station wagon which starts at 33000 euros in germany. my father emanuel sums up the ford focus s.t. as a really well made hot hatch known as aggressive and purist because the honda civic type part of it also not as white bread is the gold changing i think it's a good mix and so much fun to drive you take it for another spin. not one. of these days almost every want to make has. an s.u.v.
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or 2 in its lineup but real offroad is a still a rare breed one that's been around for a while dismissing the. contest. so that feels like it's gone back in time. you know it's also when dinosaurs roamed the earth. he almost expects to see a trial run in saurus rex passed by. not exactly passed by. he feels like he's sitting inside a dinosaur. that being the mercedes g. class oh yeah he just got me to the newest edition but imagine says it doesn't feel as new as it looks prove there's a god so no i don't. think. technologically speaking it's up to date yet all of its modern driver assists and entertainment systems can't hide its ange. sideman too
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says the g. model dates back to 979 a time when german vehicles didn't offer much in the way of space they were all narrow most shorter and lower than today's models you know the interior was quite roomy for the time. today he notices that it feels pretty cramped mine even though the new model is around 8 centimeters wider than the old 150 for the best lawyer more on the fair thing to me it's up but i was. so space is limited but the vehicle is bound to have other selling points right. i'm gonna spend on the matter says hussein is she has one special talent just watching this. by going just 50 kilometers an hour can make the tires squeal. just the way a porsche $911.00 would when taking the same curve at
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a 100 kilometers per hour i have one that all of these a fog. now that's really something of course the g $500.00 can go faster than 50 kilometers an hour it's $310.00 kilowatt fully to v. a twin turbo charger can accelerate the wall unit on wheels to 210 kilometers per hour and the g. class can go from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in a respectable 5.9 seconds officially fuel consumption is listed as 12 liters per 100 kilometers but that's difficult or downright impossible to achieve in practice . when it's. sitting so high up matches has a great overview of the situation and yet he can barely remember the last time he was in a car with such a huge turning circle. on the bright side he says with this car you can just drive over the curb if you can't turn in time.
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so the g. class isn't a great vehicle for parking carriages. but maybe it's just right for castle do well as. our car test the system is sadie's g classes in the new recognizable and the newest version that won't change that it's boxy shape and angular exterior contours simply make it like no other. though if you take a closer look you can see there are some differences from the previous model. that's a stock. even if many of the stylistic elements remain the same like the upright windshield. the flat. in the distinctive side molding trim
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others have changed there are new bumpers headlights and turn signals the door edges around the shoe you can hear the difference when closing them. the tail lights are flatter and use technology. and masseuses if we go even further back to the yankees and to 979 when i just want to was introduced 4 years ago looked completely different again. practical features instead of smart chrome trim that was an advantage when traveling cross-country as were the 16 inch steel wheels considered quite large back then what hasn't changed over the years the turn signals are still found on the front wings. the spare tire is still mounted on the back.
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there monday. this is both of these cars belong to a christian. so there's this wonderful castle where we've been invited today. after the 2 men say hello general concepts things straight he says and under the cars belong to him that does host weddings or counseling likes to greet their guests and so they happy masses is here with a nice altar. much as comments that a castle in the g. class and exactly things you need in daily life. is this person christian says he stayed true to the g. class because he likes that. he uses the old regime model to take guests hunting and this want to drive wedding guests home. anything that's what matters imagines getting into the g. class in a flowing down would be a tight squeeze. christian admits there's not as much room as you think so he hopes the new version will offer much more space.
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to think ocean finds it a little cramped. so those matters even though he's in shorter than christie i don't know if you can know. things the designers should sacrifice a bit of cargo space to give passengers more leg room. glasses agrees but he says at least they have the right seat belts. and found that is what he really doesn't like these air vents he thinks they're round shape contradicts that is a shop she recalls entire concept out towards going with uniform on christian suggest they sit up front and test things out matters even lets him drive. in the woods it quickly becomes clear that the g. class is much more than a trendy as you reach for hauling groceries though the christian gives it a real workout in rugged terrain the vehicle takes everything in its stride. there christiane just ask question what he thinks. the biggest thrills
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and also the technological masterpiece that. if we like the business such a big difference to what it has now come for life there's no comparison christian says it drives like a dream no bumps nothing in absorbs the part of a stick. but what good is that if the vehicle is seldom or never used to offload due to its high price or the fear of scratches and scrapes. with allan fels castle disappearing in the mirror behind him mattis delivers his verdict was coming because he says you can understand christians enthusiasm from the. the same class really is a great vehicle for driving road. really wasn't driving slowly yet matus didn't feel like you know about any potholes or sticks and stones on the ground. but you also did notice that the front rigid axle has been replaced
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by independent suspension though in terms of off road capability the g. class still has 3 differential locks. so it's a great off road up. but says mrs g. class is also a great gas guzzler so don't expect too much official fuel consumption and even though it's got more margin here it is still a tight fit. plus the vehicle is incredibly hard to maneuver matthew says lots of vehicles can do what the g. class can and do it better. the only thing they don't have is the culture. so much as advises buyers to look beyond the hype that purchasing a new vehicle. i would. quit fucked off.
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and today car tester in a scooter is trying out a new model in the s.u.v. segment the citroën c 5 aircraft available in germany since early 2019. its main selling points would seem to be design and comfort. it's marketed in one or 2 countries and it is wants to find out how it hopes to win the car buyers hearts. up to treat a sci fi there cross possesses on the features of an s.u.v. such as the wide skirts and the rounded flowing contours as major design elements. and more than of course that you know this points out a unique design feature. the front is the split grow the upper part includes the daytime running lights and turn signals while down below the headlights. got an indentation to accommodate citron double chevron logo. bumper inserts
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and bumps in different colors going to. happen looking at the sea far from the side it is almost since the roof is floating above the body and window other carmakers have been playing with this effect as well it's achieved by making the glossy black which also seems to stretch the body out but on the c. 5 across the black roof and set off from the body when i see shapes chrome trim this pick up does and the 4 apps that. highlight it the rear is the smart design of the l e v tail lights with the 3 d. effect. the 1st thing is sees when she climbs into the c. 5 across is the super. that's a decisive factor in making this and so comfortable.
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it is especially like the combination of materials gives the interior both a high quality and a stylishly modern look the only part she doesn't like that much all the while the charging pads for smart for us to her they look as if the designers had lost their aspiration. she would have liked a nice covering. the driving modes of nearby and if you compare them how charging had seen a little slap dash or. bunch of the top rating to the illuminated storage compartment in the center console it accommodates even big water bottles. the modern design of the. as a digital cockpit able to display a diversity of information. for an especially comfortable ride citron is equipped all european versions of the c.
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5 air cross with advanced comfort suspension additional hydraulic stops allow for better absorption of jolts unlike the purely mechanical stops they also prevent excessive rebound. we tried out the more powerful of the 2 available gasoline engines with an alfa 133 kilowatts coupled with an 8 speed automatic transmission it allows the car to go from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in a 42 seconds with the highest trim the shine and cross sells for just under $37000.00 euros in germany the base version starts at around $23000.00 euro's. finished finds the steering giving her a good control of the car added to the normal driving mode is the eco mode for more fuel efficient driving. in the sport mode the car down shifts on
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a lighter throttle and holds the lower gears much longer. but on the whole i wouldn't say the sport mode goes all that well with a suspension set primarily for comfort person she prefers the normal load that apps that that's where everything comes together in harmony and 8 gears should smoothly and the cars $133.00 cuter wants to opt out use the flat because the cost of this would. only add up myself in his returns to the design pointing out a funny presentation of the speedometer. it was. like a timeline. in the fight. and this is amused by this and says it is one more expression of citron ambition to reinterpret redesign everything. it may just be
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a gimmick but it certainly grabs our attention. the u.s. doesn't see this s.u.v. navigating the forests and meadows the name across tends to suggest it was made to float above like a cloud and in fact it does the comfortable seats and suspension add up to a highly pleasant ride on journeys and short. and indeed the sci fi there cross does not come with all wheel drive but starting in late 2019 will be available in a plug in hybrid. a beautiful blast from the past and an extremely rare one at that. is driving a piece of automotive history the porsche name is displayed proudly at the back but this car was built into switzerland not importers hometown of stuttgart.
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the. coast of explains that when the auto industry was in its infancy cars were made by hand the big manufacturers only provided the shut the engine and the fittings customers had to water the body individually from a coachmaker. by the 1950 s. this practice was rare but the beutler firm from switzerland continue to do excellent body work. one example is this wonderful cooper and 957 volkswagen porsche 696 anyone. else than football player had already established contact supporter back in one. in 486 of the very 1st porsche 356 is had bodies made by the bottle brothers including the oldest series production porsche still in existence car numbers 003 but the coach makers had aspirations of their own. as an elegant if you play with 4 seats and superior
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engineering that drives like a sports car impossible. no civil rights point if they acquired the shattering of a v.w. bug and began to hammer out a suitable body and this was the fruits of their labor the porsche pointless 696 a real like catcher. the body of the porsche 606 was made entirely of our mini in this particular ford or coupe a was fitted with an engine that normally powered porsche sports cars the other boys and 6 is used to reliable and cheaper mass production engine produced by france market. most players were powered by the v.w. beetle engine explains christophe with a johnson compressor providing extra performance but that wasn't enough and this car's 1st hear that sound. that's
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a porsche or engineering in the back crystal says a 4 cylinder boxer engine generated $75.00 horsepower and pushed the coup plate to a top speed of 165 kilometers an hour but just the thing for those looking to live life in the fast lane in the late fifty's. though it's a product of the 1950 s. the boy coolly understated but then the swiss do like to remain neutral the only extravagant feature is the merc radiator grille because in fact this car's engine is in the rear. of the interiors monochrome color scheme looks smart with a radio. from black and high quality leather upholstery the border portion was both luxurious and suitable for everyday use. the trunk at the front can hold quite a lot more than just the gulf bag. points here and here at the back is the
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legendary porsche boxster engine from the 356 its twin zammit carburetors allowed to generate some 25 horsepower this engine alone cost 3600 swiss francs more than the standard v.w. one crystal says it's worth every song to. flitting between the classy old resort towns of the island of the boiler pusher is really in its element because in its day only the rich can afford to own one. fast because of says in 157 this could play so for almost 20000 swiss francs as much as 4 standard beatles but exclusivity has its price and the swiss could afford the better things in life. still switzerland is a small countries are just 4 of these companies were ever solved. beutler kept the faith one for himself and drove it until the 1990 s. . there was this in the last thing they are. just 5 of these upscale
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cars were ever built using engineering borrowed from porsche and false flag and and a hand how my body from a small swiss coach maker so can the boys who play really qualify as a milestone in automotive history. you could put up the border brothers with the 1st in europe to make a 4 seater sports could play with outstanding driving characteristics it will be many years until cars like the v.w. sirocco comprehend opel manta introduced the idea to the masses so for that reason christophe it feels the funks flag and porsche beutler is definitely an automotive . and the boys like to play is also one of the most beautiful cars of a minute what a shame that the tradition of making comedies by hand is slowly but surely dying out.
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it's a classic among germany 50 trips to frankfurt but it's exciting contrasts from the skyline to be all selling the severn cars 1st. the fighter called every voice said i am here to try to night life in the station district. 13 on. time.
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someone says it is a 1000000 tons of explosives and ammunition and chemical weapons mine in the waters of germany's. 2 world wars this huge arsenal is becoming increasingly dangerous. urgent action is needed. bombs in the city in 75 minutes on d w. o quiet melody rizzo's michael lighten the mood. and ensued repeat reasoning with an it saw. the light and the music. ain't open 1st one in 2019 from september 6th to september 29th.
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natural riches and one of the precious resources. and a room warning investment. of farmland has been called the ethiopians and grim goal to the country has an abundance of caution and leases it to international hammer from china the. government is after high export revenues and the corporations high profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. expression environmental destruction and starvation. the crisis from government and corporate. don't know how you. start september 18th on d w.
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business day w.'s line from berlin a blow to indian attempts to put a rover on the moon engineers at mission control have lost common occasion with their lunar lander the signal from the chandrayaan 2 spacecraft disappeared after it entered its final descent to the moon surface also coming up. hong kong's freedoms must be guaranteed that's.


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