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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2019 9:15am-9:30am CEST

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final descent to the inside of this. watching his life in berlin coming out next take a dive into the office world. and culture program and remember you can get all the latest headlines around the clock on our website that's on my manuscripts mackinnon thanks so much. is going to. go on that day. you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for minds. of technology. with. the market.
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made in germany. your business magazine d w. hello there and a warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture of this guy german rock fetter and barack features big in the show today as he opens a new exhibition in leipsic and we'll get the lowdown on that and on these other stories. the impact of epic science fiction saga star wars on popular culture still resonates today in france the force is protecting really strong and it's fueling a light saber jubilee trend. and in our series planet berlin we need an
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all of a monk only an ex-pat who's and warming up the german capital with finest kashmir from her homeland. but outside germany people might struggle to understand his significance spot or don't lend him back 73 and still rocking is a living legend in this country he was the 1st guy for instance who dared to make german language rock music and he pioneered a certain political stance unique in its critique of post-war german division well that's why a new exhibition of his art work in lights is a very big deal and he opened it as little only does rocking for world feasts. the. german rock star you don't lyndon bag not even like see could not in
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a packed stadium. stand he's performing at the city's fine art museum he's showcasing his own paintings and other artifacts to document his form of activism against the berlin wall from the 1970 s. onwards the west german artists campaigned against germany's division with the help of songs costumes in pictures the evidence is on display in the like seagate's edition is his way of paying tribute to the city's courageous. citizens he took to the streets for freedom here in 1989. this is where the mass demonstrations against the east german state began for the regime it was the beginning of the end as you are as good as we heard about it and we didn't see the footage until about 3 weeks later in the sense that the protests got bigger and bigger we waited to see if they would continue we crossed our fingers for them and we feared for them. because it was also a very brave and dangerous undertaking. in the 1980 s.
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linda bag when she took the fold increase gemini to better upstate leda every show nikka lyndon banks sent him an electric guitar and in that the jacket reciprocated with his gift. it's now on display in the exhibition. that doesn't make it look good. but in this trademark song when the bank tries to take a subway train from west to east berlin at that time an impossibility. then here it's annoyed east germany's leaders. in the bag were fast the horn ika as head injury and a hard knot that and the singing of the strong disapproval of east germany secret police the stasi. the socialist states harsh treatment of its citizens influenced
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lyndon banks so did the person experience he gathered on a trip that. in 1973 i visited for the 1st time. i met a really nice charming person and one she was the 1st girl i met from east berlin that's making me feel that. good. homes see. suggs. lindenberg was known all over germany in the communist east you couldn't buy his songs easily these german fans would secretly record them when they were played on west german radio stations and copy them for friends. and get with them and they became very popular in the east these pirated cassettes and so i knew i had a lot of friends that. a lot of people who liked it and i wanted to get to know
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them i wanted to go there and take off my glasses and say hello come a little bit closer. lyndon bag was only allowed to perform once in east germany you know the 983 at the palace deputy can beilin but his true fans remained outside to see perform just to hand selected good a card carrying communist. that this was only possible for lyndon bag after the burning wall had fallen as soon as he heard the momentous news he flew straight to belin. i got to berlin very quickly and i had disguised myself a bit no hat but rather some cap and weak painted bit and then i hit the streets and ran around for days on end on them occasionally revealing who i was and they just didn't believe it is this the really just
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a doppelganger they said is it really you and then they thought with got mad 1st the wall falls and then linda back comes by and that was the best party of my life and as. good this is a party months need to. be in which only in the bank exhibition submission turn in the lights that is his personal look at the division of germany a division the artist from the west doggedly falls against with his pictures and his music. and now 2 fighters of a different kind and when he released the 1st of his epic science fiction saga star wars back in 1977 george lucas probably couldn't have imagined that his fictional jet i warriors would actually inspire a new category of sport in france it's now easier than ever to act out your own
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star wars fantasies ever since lightsaber dueling was officially recognized by the french fencing federation. this is no scene from star wars it's a real life light saber dual. in this game in france antone local court takes on the role of a master of the dark side from the star wars side. this is the star wars event as a boy i always dreamt about star wars and playing with light sabers like in the movies no matter how old you are you can still have fun with it like in the movies is a competition. lightsaber fencing inspired by the star wars franchise created by american director george lucas is a new trend in france and sony local is tipped here as the favorite. he won the previous 2 national championships this time he's going up against nearly 40
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competitors from all over france for the time to win the fencer has to lead for 3 minutes straight or score 15 points i touched of the head is worth 5 point one to the legs 3 in may 28th the french fencing federation the only one in the world to do so officially recognized lightsaber doing. we're always looking for something to attract young people any game from the star wars universe does that. we adapted it to fencing. this is how the favorite practices of i'm all for this movie is just for looks or to scare your opponent onto the local call tries to inspire others with his love for lightsaber fencing as a coach his club is one of over 90 across france with a total of some 2000 people fencing with lightsabers. this time i'm tony look at brought home silver but for most of the lightsaber community it's not about the
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medals it's about infecting others with their passion just like with the original star wars be. amazing stuff well finally in planet berlin we need foreigners who settled in berlin and started a successful business and sovereigns or basel vanny hails from golyer where she grew up amidst herds of kashmir goats now she makes a living weaving the world's softest wool into berlin's funky fashions. verney came to berlin from mongolia 3 years ago and now she runs a clothing store in the district of prince laberge. since 2016 she and german designer kathleen hogg have been selling fashions made
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from the finest kashmir on the label kashmir sisters. the collections are just the thing for people who love to wear natural fibers. of ernie having their own store in berlin is a dream come true. berlin is a fashion city. and there are a lot of studios here these young people who are passionate about clothes your concept later you can also run around with 2 different shoes on here it's a cool fashion city colorful multicultural with a bit of everything and i just want to be part of it. the world for these kashmir cardigans pullovers and scarves comes from the home and the mongolia. she and her business partner travel there twice a year. in mongolia kushner goats wonder. even a winter when temperatures fall below minus 40 degrees celsius. so they grow
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a soft undercoat which is then condo by her and then spring. up that was the kashmir is washed and processed may have been you could crush me my connection to kashmir is through my homeland of mongolia that's where i'm from and if you can after my car up there with my grandma and a little here and with goats you know. this is mine and that is my connection to nature and the country it's always with me in my heart. between the customer sisters' is a clear division of labor. of irony is responsible for the war production among and sales in berlin. while cuddling haga designs the collection is on. the phone he has lived in berlin since 2016. each been canceled i know only if i mean i came here all alone without any family and sometimes i had awful nights full
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of the worries but i opened myself up to the world to western culture that i've managed quite well. in the meantime she has some favorite haunts in the capital one as markets hall 9 in berlin is quite sober district she loved the international merchants who often make the products themselves that reminds her of mongolia. this was for years just on. anything fresh i like to eat pastor because we make our own noodles at home just like the italian stand that's what it. is called the afghan i also like to buy bread here because it's also homemade that's why i love it here. in the shop a lot is also made by her and in order to cater to the cost of this wishes. if most again. i want to give birth when there's something special. the great material kashmir from mongolia was the most. in that way sirens all because of
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ernie always carries a piece of her homeland with her. it's a very personal homage to berlin. and good to know about when we get hit if those subzero temperatures well that's all for now so just stay warm over the weekend and until we meet again all of us. in good shape from the moment of fertilization to the big day today we're going to look months at leat 1st if you shut proper nutrition prenatal screening and deciding how do i want to bring this child into the world more on these topics on the. next.
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take personally. with a little bit wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true for. pick up more than football online. welcome to in good shape on t.w. here's your host dr taught from the moment of fertilization until the big day today we're going to look at the 9 months that need to.


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