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around the world. going to. urgent assistance to. the family starts october on. this is b. w. news live from berlin a widely anticipated prisoner exchange is under way between moscow and kiev among those being transferred is the jailed ukrainian filmmaker at all they said so. also coming up a blow to indian attempts to put a rover on the moon engineers at mission control have lost communication with the lunar lander the signal from the chandrayaan 2 spacecraft dissipate it after it
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entered its final descent to the moon surface. and more than 70000 people are in need of food and water in the bahamas off their homes and communities were completely destroyed by hurricane dorian authorities say the final death toll will be staggering. i manuscripts mckenna thanks so much for joining us a long awaited exchange of prisoners between russia and ukraine is under way now this could be a significant step towards easing relations between the countries and raising chances for resolving the conflict in ukraine's east fighting there between troops and russia backed separatists has killed more than 13000 people since 201435 years. craniums including
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a filmmaker all make sense of and 20 full sail is detained since last year in russia a current being transferred from moscow to kiev. and more on the story when joined by journalist matthew. matthew tell us what's happening right now. well right now we have word that a plane has landed but he's full airport there words earlier has reported that 2 buses left the russian prison where many of the prisoners were being held in wait of the prisoner exchange but right now it's a bit hard to say exactly what's going on as things are developing very quickly unlike last week where there was a false information that the prisoner exchange would take place this week it is indeed taking place we can see given some of the information coming out now in a case now we are actually seeing live pictures from ukraine a wasting of a seat in this prisoner swap to happen not to tell us more about the prisoners on both sides. well the prisoners held by the ukrainian prisoners held in russia
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include director of probably the most famous political prisoner in this entire exchange they also include 24 ukrainian sailors who were captured in november trying to cross between the black and gold seas they also include individuals like who is 19 in 2017 when he was kidnapped by by agents of likely the bellary sin secret secret services in delhi reuss and illegally extradited to russia to stand trial on some very strange terrorism charges on the on the side of prisoners being given back to russia this is a little more complicated there are less well known figures but they include the editor of ria novosti in ukraine a russian news outlet widely regarded as propaganda and he was a he was a dual citizen ukrainian russian he tried to renounce his russian ukrainian citizenship but to avoid charges here on treason he was released a few weeks ago. and now it looks like he will be returning to russia there also
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the other person connected to this is. a a witness and possibly suspect in the downing of malaysian airlines flight 17 in 2014 which killed 298 people he is not being handed over as far as we can see but yesterday a court released him which from prison which likely means he will somehow escape or make it back to the russian backed militant controlled areas ukraine or even across the the russian border. how significant is a swap like this between ukraine and russia. this is a very significant moment because ukraine and russia have not had any kind of prisoner exchange of this side directly between them this size they've had they've had smaller ones and there has been a large prisoner exchange between ukraine and the russian backed fighters in donetsk and lugansk in the eastern part of ukraine but there's been nothing of this
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scope with russia it's important at the same time it doesn't fundamentally alter the nature of the situation between the 2 countries the conflict continues to simmer on a low level and relations remain very poor this isn't likely to improve relations between ukraine and russia or resolve the conflict on its own in the occupied on boss region nothing to play in kiev thanks so much. thank you. ok let's have a look at now some of the other stories making news around the world german chancellor angela merkel has called for the rights and freedoms of hong kong residents to be respected during a visit to china as she made the comments off the meeting with chinese premier cheong in the capital beijing knuckles am's to strengthen business ties with china during her trip. on his visit to madagascar pope francis has denounced the exploitation of the nation's unique natural resources the island nation is the 2nd stop on his 3 nation tour of africa which focuses on climate change poverty
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conflict and corruption the last leg of the pontiffs trip will be nourishes. and wildfires in northeastern australia have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people and destroyed a number of homes with strong winds and dry conditions expected to continue over the coming days the authorities say it could take a week to get the fires under control. now it was an ambitious plan from the very start india wanted to be the 1st country to shed light on the dell site of the moon the chandra 2 mission set out in july to explore the uncharted territory of the luna south pole but shortly before the scheduled touchdown the space center in bangalore lost contact with the land and right now mission control is trying to figure out whether the spacecraft crashed or whether it landed while no one was watching. devastation at india's space agency as the
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scientists news contact to the chandrayaan 2 only seconds before its landing the spacecraft was meant to become the 1st ever to touch down on the unexplored south pole of the moon indian prime minister in the round ramadi came to see the landing from the control room later the phone come solitary worse as he addressed the nation. through arts. that and out of the nation by the way we read our way. in is sold out or 3 inserted t.v. recovered a sign piece who heard embark. on one of the morse ambitious mission of our space program. vic game very close but. we really need to cover more ground on. the landing of
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the spacecraft was also broadcast live on television across the country tensions were running high ahead of the event that chandra on 2 was successfully launched in july after a previous attempt was called off due to technical problems. chandrayaan which means moon craft in ancient sanskrit spent the last few weeks traveling to what's the south side of the moon. on monday the landing robot vic rum separated from the craft ahead of its planned touchdown it was supposed to measure the surface and locate water deposits india would have been only the 4th country in the world to achieve a controlled soft landing its previous mission in 2008 and it with the spacecraft probe intentionally crashing into the moon for now india's invitations to become a global space superpower appear to have suffered
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a setback but scientists hope to get the communication to the spacecraft back up and find out what happened and we're joined now by correspondent nimish a jeyes while the mission the loss of contact doesn't mean the mission has failed does it do we have any more information. well that's right and now the loss of contact is with the landowner and the rover the all but the 3rd part of the mission is still up and running it will continue all but during the morning for the next year and taking photographs of the lunar surface ecology scene of these and that of course the land and global voyage important because it would have made india just the 4th country after the us russia and china now to successfully soft land on the surface of the moon and explore the sudden fall off the lunar surface so this of course has been a disappointment scientists continue to try to establish contact and also to find out and analyze the data to find out what exactly happened right when the lander
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was supposed to touch the lunar surface as you said india was set to become only the 4th country in history to land on noon just how significant would it be if this mission indeed turns out to fail also from an emotional point of view say to india . well and that's definitely significant there was a lot of hopes pegged to this mission and i don't just speak of the scientific community it had also inspired just the billions in the country schoolchildren as well there were many projects the launch was who watched very closely but after the destroyed the space organization lost contact with the land there was also an outpouring of support not just by the prime minister but by many other people on social media as well india was of course trying to establish itself as an important player in the space tourist but critics off the current government have also said
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that this was simply another way to distract from the larger problem is that india's piecing with the struggling economy falling g.d.p. numbers job losses and of course the conflict in the den situation and so focus will be brought back to these aspects now that the focus will shift from the more mission now if this does work out what will happen next is in the render modi's certainly has some ambitious plans doesn't mean. that's right on and just if this mission is a failure or if it works how it will not dampen india's space ambitions in any way is through the space organization was originally mandated to make me to a logical prediction to help agriculture out which it has done but now it wants to take the next big step forward there's already been a successful mars mission there's been a successful mission in the past and india and the prime minister called them to put a man on the morning by 2022 missions also planned to be you know it's as well as
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the sun so it's true we continue striving on and it seems to have the full support of the government from the looks of it from the response it does have from the government today all right and we should join as well from delhi thanks so much. now hurrican dorian is speeding towards canada after making landfall in the us states of north and south carolina full cost is expected to bring her. winds to parts of nova scotia late on saturday it's already left a trail of devastation in the bahamas thousands of people that have been fleeing the islands by boat plane and cruise ship to escape the catastrophic off the mouth of the storm the death toll is now at $43.00 but it's expected to grow significantly. in shock and in pain people on the bahamas are desperately trying to leave the islands ravaged by hurricane dorian. for many the meager possessions they're carrying are all they have left. you know our no power over our own. mind
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it's 5 everything we have everything is damage everyone trying their best but it seemed they were going to ruin a good enough job to go after a few people just to please the board for no one any of them would screw with. the people who once called this shanty town home are among the most desperate of dorian's victims. national and international aid organizations have begun moving in to airlift the injured to to hospitals and bring food water and other staples to those who have no means to leave. but the widespread destruction poses for medical logistical challenges to teams scrambling to distribute supplies. in the u.s. dorian made landfall as a category one storm hitting the coast of north carolina with battering waves storm surge and heavy rain caused extensive flooding powerful winds and
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a series of tornadoes ripped the roofs off houses and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. dorian has lost a little steam as it barrels on toward eastern canada packing sustained winds of up to 145 kilometers an hour it's forecast to touch down in nova scotia later on saturday. football now in the netherlands have managed to embarrass germany at home by winning $42.00 in the year or 2020 qualifier so they gave germany an early lead scoring after only 9 minutes but 2 quick fire dutch goals turned the game on its head in the 2nd half and although toni kroos they equalised from the penalty spot of germany the netherlands had the last laugh they scored twice in the last 10 minutes and they did are all the damning scoreline for us he moves team he doesn't use any moody course up with dutch star virgil's sunday night after the win well you know it's always a special game but for us it was very important to get the. points that we were
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very confident that it was it could happen and you have to play almost a perfect game for it because they are very good but i think we did you know we especially the 2nd object with a month on the pressure put them in difficult situations. in what. is life from the coming up next that we can reports says thanks staking so that each time remember you can get all the latest headlines around the clock on our website nasty to dot com i'm ending his mackinnon in berlin thanks for watching. with him how to be good go soccer's one lions how you know if i had known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on the.


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