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do they stand a chance can they save the european idea the 5 minutes on d w. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language but the 1st word emerged in the book. is in germany to learn german why not come with him it's simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy. to see if you look in the bottom drawer would take a v. the cinema goes through a huge revolution the person who should win by consumers everywhere and his
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colleagues in the small village everywhere. pick. this series and make a productions are set to gross billions of dollars but smaller independent movies are disappearing from cinemas. meanwhile more and more online streaming services are being launched find for our attention. squeezed between streaming and blockbusters can traditional cinemas survive. we sent t.w. film a quarter scott roxboro to the venice film festival to find out amid the red carpet glitz and old world charm what the future of cinema looks like.
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well this is the world's oldest film festival but it's on the cutting edge this is where oscar hopeful stars where hollywood matches up with the art house scene i can't think of a better place to look for the future of movie making. what i love that. being a dad almost and knowing how much he likes to lose. he cries easily and i quote for me through what i love about nicole. who's a great dancer and fractures. she's a mother who plays really plays. she gives great presence. nicole and charlie are the perfect couple. or so it seems. but what starts out as a beautiful love affair and bitter divorce scarlett johansson and adam driver are
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both at the top of their game. the venice film festival is living up to its reputation as a bellwether for the oscars netflix productions included. i thought we should talk ok. scenes from a marriage for better and for worse. relationships children the chaos of everyday life stuff everyone can relate to the time when i met with. i was actually going through a divorce and i didn't know. what we were meaning about. the family as an anchor in a turbulent world seems to be a central theme at this year's venice film festival. against the backdrop of glitz and red carpet glamour.
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among the premieres the german film pelican blood. what does it mean to say that someone is evil are you born evil become it can you treat trauma at one point might you just have to give up on someone. a devil child or just a traumatized little girl. you know hawse plays a single mother she already has one adopted child and adopts another. an orphan from bulgaria but she turns out not to be as angelic as she looks. a police horse trainer who has a magic touch with wayward horses because pushed to her limits by right. all. and him in this. is
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a thought. that had no muslim name. motherhood is a nightmare from which there is no escape and the because trapped with a child who becomes increasingly manic destructive and ultimately murderous. an intense film that asks questions with no easy answers should a child be saved at any cost. what if they can't be saved. as me but as the subject of pelting blood they moved me deeply so it's important to me that the audience be left with questions that they leave feeling unsettled. not all of the films in venice are so introspective many are reflections on the state of the world. another focus of this year's festival films based on true stories. meryl streep stars and the laundromat a comedy about the 2016 pandemic paper scandal. that's the story empty shallow know
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the story somebody made and somebody is making money from it maybe lots of people. so on ellen's husband just died in a boating accident determined to get an insurance payout she follows the money and stumbles onto an international tax avoidance and money laundering scheme somebody is making money from it all goes back to this law firm both sides. so what happens next what do we do next we're living in a moment where the news cycle is racing and we're racing to keep up with current events and this is this is an entertaining. flash funny way of telling a very very dark black hearted joke a joke that's being played on all of us people died. and people die still drive global high finance as a farce. when a whistle blower leaks confidential documents the shock waves go round the world.
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even hollywood is affected. that is my money most of the time we don't even know. that. inevitably there are also critical voices in venice where are the female directors the festival's lagging behind when it comes to gender parity just 2 women have films in competition. one of them is high far. from saudi arabia. her film the perfect candidate is about money on a young small town doctor struggling to do her job despite dilapidated conditions and restrictions in a country where older men in particular refuse to be treated by a woman. who my pleasure chip relation with your kids money just make. more news. but have not been well in the overall.
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name is william without the nobody. you are going to be. upset and then it is us that i wanted to be part of the change part of what is happening to contribute to the new generation has so much more opportunities to learn and to grow and to go places. mario runs for office in the municipal election to find convention with the support of her sisters in unheard portrait about empowerment and the change coming about in saudi arabia that's well over the shelf one to talk to you and i think ok . so am i and many of the fact that i disappoint. for one of the airline you intend to she may she said but if you cut it. i tell you can be. willing to come back here but if they don't get my piano just something.
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among the a list stars defying the sweltering temperatures to hit town brad pitt besieged as usual by fans and for talk to 1st in ad astra he plays major roy mcbride a fearless space cowboy and lonely traveler to the final frontier traumatized by the loss of his father a famous astronaut it's a cross between an action movie and a psychological drama. it was a constant effort just to try to maintain this balance in trying to keep this this this story unfolding in a in a very subtle delicate way. roy ascent on a mission to neptune to find just missing father is just major on the bright. and attempting to reach dr clifford mcbride. this is dr mcbirnie seem. to not like she. family drama even in outer space the 200-1000 venice
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film festival entries range from the existential to the political and back again. is an old cinematic master who's influence a generation of filmmakers the crazy spaniard known for his flamboyant technicolor dramas has already had a huge influence on the future of cinema but he's not done yet. in nailing the good online is a really important prize. he. and since it involves venice. the place where i was actually born as a director. for me it's a very special emotion we. want to give me a little boy oh boy. if you talk about david and 988 our motives are submitted this tumultuous comedy to the venice festival that didn't win him
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a prize but praise and encouragement just what an aspiring filmmaker needs. in 2019 the festival paid tribute to the director and his life's work pedro almodovar is an icon for the last 30 years he's shaped european cinema like no other. missi into boco i feel a little great is in fact 31 years later they're giving me the golden lion for the film i did in 88 and i'd really like to believe that it's a random act of poetic justice. motive are tends to ensure that the characters in his films get justice even when the world around them is usually unjust. and the elements i was born in the law mention region here and it's a very conservative preachers it's about i mean you could almost say calvinist.
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there was very little color even in the clothing people wore and. it's a very dry region. and i thought that this aridity was very beautiful to contemplate. but it was the exact opposite of the way i felt. cynthia cynthia because what you like to do that is. most of our stillness are full of power color and life like the people whose stories he tells. they're often outsiders in society but they're always strong and charming individuals with all their weaknesses obsessions and passions. the golden lion for his life's work also honors the great character was created by our most of our for some actors they were stepping stones on their path to hollywood such as penelope cruz. the fellas that. sort of intimate another who is actually like us and hide behind
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a pretty. pretty busy. commercial. motiv are skillfully links different genres citing classics like those of alfred hitchcock. he tweaks and perfects the characters to suit his actors and works with that continuously. like antonio banderas now a hollywood star he was one of the motive ares discoveries in his latest film pain and glory the director gave him the lead role. in the reading not just. pain and glory are 2 words which are very difficult for me. on the one hand i tried not to complain too much about pain during the production of the film. and as for glory i
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try not to show off about it some sort of but i can't really deal with either of them. on your top. going to my side or. an aging film director suffering from the creative block due to ill health ponders his life as an artist. and if it's like playing a character that he's actually. the more i can tell you to do in the shooting of the movie. as we were going i met he was actually see me talking. you know. after conciliation with his best day he was very happy i. have here are happy when we finished the movie i saw that the happiest. that i have seen in 40. 2 years that we know it.
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was. really and affectionately most of our connects the dots from the childhood deprived conditions to the extravagant life of an artist. good at the. to me when i see that. pedro almodovar was honored for his life's work in venice hopefully that will include more masterpieces in the years to come. was. most of our has something to say to people who like to watch movies on these things instead of in the cinema a film should be seen on a screen that's at least as big as the butt on the seat of a person watching it but smartphones and streaming are transforming the film industry the winds are blurring between movies and t.v. between t.v. and streaming so is cinema dead or are netflix and co just what's needed to draw
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new wife into a century old art form. nowadays what it says tend to enjoy films from the comfort of their homes rather than the cinema. netflix amazon prime disney and apple are coming soon streaming services on. the internet has killed a video rental store is it about to kill the movie theater to. media expert. says that streaming services with their vast array of choices do indeed pose a threat to old school cinemas. korean film talk netflix it for filmmaking might benefit from netflix but cinema star come for the streaming you know has entered the arena to battle it out with cinemas for the cultural of germany over a film also on the. hour we have banned cinemas there was magical places where the
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lights go out and we settle down in the darkness to be transported to another world . no we're not says christiane boyer the head of a.g. kino an association of art house cinema is. to mystic he points out that cinema audience numbers are actually growing fred a year and it's a different way of seeing a felt and of calls at large not just because of the big screen under stuff torre not because of stated the art technology that we don't all have in our living room seattle and but because you're engaging with the media and the other people you're watching with it the in north medina's been flame fell in yet an increasing number of film directors not opting to work with netflix they enjoy the freedom it gives them this streaming giants reportedly put $200000000.00 into martin scorsese's new gangsta me be the i wish mind and gave him full creative control jury sure going are now free did there's 7 government drew trying a polish tam what have you name me to do
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a movie lp there for its lead and netflix leans back and says hey we trust you go for it we've got your back with the result will be great pop the less we had her fear the better of the results of it that's how it works with any art form when there are a vested interests be they financial political or studio interests then it will effect the product at all it's for and none 6 awful these days the streaming services industry is worth billions but many i worried don't only one company can winner the streaming morse and the results would be a monopoly been in the future as there might just be a few companies imposing rules at film festivals are actually dictating terms to states doesn't sit what's at stake here is diversity of opinion and we need to keep a close eye on these developments was to many years now film festival is half been debating with iran not to screen movies made by streaming media services net flix
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originals for example didn't gets a cinema really use for only in selected faces i'm for short period of times greek born french director called on i didn't venice phrase contribution to contemporary cinema reservations about streaming platforms. latency more than just everywhere and his calls in the small village everywhere with brains and the money which before it was the boston for the other head says it believes it exists but with the the movies and food in the books and those in the limo who don't listen and for more than small these people have seen them what it was a dozen they go to for other things. the streaming platforms and there were a lot about us then there will be watching and for how long they know what's popular now what will have lasting popularity and what will attract new subscribers i make use of algorithms to decide what to show viewers. mexican director. as
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in yeah he too is among those who are concerned about this development. that's a think of a risk is they'll go ok lots of people who watch netflix like certain actors certain subjects certain directors so they're the ones will get funded and others who attract fewer viewers will gradually disappear because it's all about reaching the biggest audience as possible. and audiences keep watching. the brave new world of entertainment is just so comfortable and convenient. you can hit the pause button whenever you feel like it take a break and top up your drink. how can the movie theaters compete. well with the latest in a 48. animals with 40 x. technology use moving seats all scented and to provide an old mentor to experienced
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it might work with stephen king's it chapter 2 but it's unlikely to add much to an art house film sharing the experience is apparently crucial to the concept. it's about experiencing a movie in a very immediate way. more if you're in a group but it's also about the group's reaction you know what did you make of it and wonder what did you like about it and. we needed more of we romanticize the idea of cinema as a place to talk about film it never was we might discuss movies with our friends but in my old life no one's ever come up to me in a cinema and said i don't know you but let's discuss the film we just saw the. discussion the film now takes place on social media and fun sides. but that doesn't mean it's any less impassioned. in 1917 friends kaftan wrote in his diary when to the movies. these days
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a film might still make as we we just probably won't have gone to the movies to see him. there's one film in venice the best can buy the personal drama of in the cinema with the spectacle of blockbuster movies it took an iconic character from a comic book and turned him into an antihero for archives my personal favorite in venice this year the joker. joe who. sticks. the joker we love to hate the original comic book figure and batman's nemesis an arch enemy the ultimate philip. you know from the top. brilliantly embodied by heath ledger in the 2008 movie the dark knight. in his latest incarnation he's very different a broken man as much a victim as
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a perpetrator psychologically damaged reminiscent of taxi drivers travis bickle one of robert de niro's most iconic roles. i'm our. director todd phillips best known for the hangover trilogy. into venice with his star walking phoenix. both were in high spirits confident that with joker they have an ace up their sleeves. face a guy who searching for a dennehy i think he becomes mistakenly symbol and really what he was looking for is adulation he was never looking for the world to burn this joker. arthur flick has a condition he bursts into cackles of laughter usually at inappropriate moments he's heavily medicated i want to be stand up comedian he can't keep it together on stage it always bombs he's a loser. i didn't refer to any customer relations of the carer.
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it was just something that felt like it was our creation some ways and the think that's what was really important for me is the key to it. it's an inspired reinvention of the villain purpose even heath ledger's character pales in comparison to joaquin phoenix's joker. he lost $24.00 kilos to play the part of the underdog turned angel a vengeance. and just. got the bosses where. everyone laughed at me on no one well now you're saying that you have. suddenly this mentally ill freakish figure has followers a parable for our time in ne case again there were there were more things than just societies indifference toward him that made him and turned him into the joker there
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was this narcissism in arthur and this need to be applauded and looked up and you know. todd phillips joker surpasses expectations it's a blockbuster with us. all of an independent film a definite oscar contender garden news. is a joke to you but. a memory one small thing yeah where you bring me a. community juice muse joker. the . joker shows cinemark and still combined spectacle and substance the hollywood and art house traditions the old ways of making movies are being disrupted but filmmakers are finding new ways to tell their stories and get them seen on screens both big and small from what i've seen in venice this year i'm pretty optimistic
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about the future of set up so as joker says put on a happy. as
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so as europe the european idea is in crisis. if it's to have a future it will mean champions young champions meet foreign journalists who are country. they say are fighting for the dream of which.
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they stand a chance or can they save the european idea. minutes on d w. natural riches of precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland that's because ethiopia is a gringo in the country has an abundance of. leases it to international giants. government jobs after high extra years of the corporation's high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. exploration. vironment of destruction starvation.
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the selling out of a country don't feel. starts september 18th on d.w. . luna the something types are in fires came to jurors are still. with anyone other i killed many civilians in international coming including my father why the hell i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself lactase to call it but suddenly life became mellish took outside . providing insights global news that matters d. w. me for mines. the quiet melody rizzo's michael white of the. games resonate with in its soul. the mind and the music. tovan 1st 12019 from september 6th
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to september 29th. this is the w. news live from ballet a widely anticipated prisoner exchange has taken place between russia and ukraine there were emotional scenes as families were degree united at adults in moscow and kiev also coming up at a blow to indian attempts to put a rove up on the moon engineers in mission control has lost communication with
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a lunar lander a signal from the chandrayaan team spacecraft disappear after it ended its final descent to them in the south.


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